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Get the concise and complete homeopathy product list of Dr.Willmar Schwabe Arzneimittel, the oldest and most venerated German homeopathic brand and leading manufacturer of natural medicines in the world. Schwabe is also the global leader in Phytomedicines (A new science that publishes innovative studies on safety, efficacy, quality and mechanisms of action of specified plant extracts, phyto-pharmaceuticals and their isolated constituents)

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The Indian arm of this brand is called Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd., or simply Schwabe India or WSI . It was incorporated in 1994 and started production in 1997 to provide high quality of homeopathic medicines at affordable Indian cost. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, located at Noida in Uttar Pradesh brings the 136 year old tradition of Schwabe excellence to India. For the first time get the Schwabe medicine list in Hindi

Schwabe’s Homeopathic remedies offers a range of medicines in Alpha Range (for common day to day problems), Kindi range (Homeopathic medicine exclusively for children), Pentarkan Range (for complex problems), Topi Range (Creams and Gel for skin and other ailments), 1x Tablet range (for lifestyle ailments) and other Specialties range

Dr. Willmar Schwabe also manufactures  Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Trituration Tablets (LATT)

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In this blog article we bring you the complete list of Willmar Schwabe homeopathic medicines listed by category with links to our official store where you can check out using convenient payment options

Alpha range – Schwabe Homeopathic medicines for common daily problems

Schwabe Alpha Medicine List

Product name


Size MRP
Schwabe Alpha Acid Tablets indicated for hyper-acidity and heartburn associated with indigestion, flatulence, gastritis and gastric ulcer. Acidity treatment. 20gms 95
Schwabe Alpha CC tablets indicated for acute and chronic cough, catarrhal influenza (dry cough stage, as well as expectoration stage), irritative and spasmodic cough. 20gms 95
Schwabe Alpha-CF tablets indicated to treat symptoms of coryza (common cold) and flu (influenza), associated headache and body ache 20gms 95
Schwabe Alpha DP tablets for Digestive problems. Indicated for Gastro- intestinal disorders, nausea due to overeating or caused by exotic or unusual food, diarrhea in adults and children of six years and older. Specially suited for gastro intestinal disorders during travels. 20gms 95
Schwabe Alpha HA drops indicated for headache due to causes like cold, over-exertion, tension, stress, sun, psychological and emotional factors. It is not a general analgesic but acts as curative in reversing curable type headaches 30ml 95
Schwabe Alpha-Mp Tablets for muscular pain. It is indicated for tearing pains in tendons and ligaments, aching limbs, pain in back, neck and chest 20gms 90
Schwabe Alpha MS Tablets for motion sickness and associated symptoms like nausea, vomiting, vertigo, headache, sweating etc 20gms 95
Schwabe Alpha-NC Tablets indicated for Nasal congestion and associated symptoms such as stuffiness of nostrils, coryza, headache, Sneezing, rawness of nostril, blowing of nose frequently. 20gms 95
Schwabe Alpha RC Tablets indicated for catarrh of the upper respiratory tract due to cold and flu and associated complaints like malaise, headache, body ache and mild cough. Feeling of obstructed chest, breathlessness, sore chest 20gms 95
Schwabe Alpha SH Tablets indicated for Sinus headache, acute or chronic sinusitis, earache due to sinusitis, sore throat, enlarged tonsils, rhinitis. 20gms 95
Schwabe Alpha-Tons tablets indicated medicine for chronic and acute inflammation of tonsils, tonsillitis, throat pain, inflammation of pharynx 20gms 95
Schwabe Alpha -TS Drops indicated for excitation and sleep disturbance (difficulty in falling asleep or to sleep through), sleeplessness, harmless soporific, sedative action, REM sleep phase disturbed. 30ml 95
Schwabe Alpha-WD Tablets indicated for hypersensitivity to allergens, micro-organisms, protiens and exposure to cold and proneness to diseases. increases body resistance power (immune stimulation) 30ml 86
Schwabe Alpha Coff syrup indicated for acute and chronic bronchitis, dry cough stage, as well as expectoration stage of cold and influenza, irritative and spasmodic cough. Tickling in throat, coryza with cough, hoarseness, whooping cough, profuse mucous,dyspnoea. Free of side effects. 100ml 85
Schwabe Alpha-Liv syrup indicated for slow liver functions, acts on fatty liver, provides supportive treatment of hepatocellular jaundice. It is also indicated for toxic liver damage, constipation with liver disorder 100ml 86

Kindi range – Schwabe homeopathic medicine for children

Schwabe Kindi Medicine List

Product name


Size MRP
Schwabe Anekind Schwabe Anekind is indicated for anemia, it restores the iron level in blood and stimulates blood circulation. It restores iron level in blood and helps quickly recover from illness  due to its reconstituent properties 10gms
Schwabe Calciokind Tablets Schwabe Calciokind stimulates calcium absorption in the body. It improves the metabolism of calcium and consequently reinforces the immune response. Also, this medicine has a favorable influence on the development of the bones, teeth and growth of the child. 10gms 95
Schwabe Chamodent tablets commonly indicated for teething problems in infants and children, it has key ingredients like chamomilla, belladonna etc that acts on teething pains, restlessness, irritated, crying continuously and sleeps badly 10gms 95
Schwabe Colikind pills indicated for abdominal colic (stomach ache), symptoms are  painful distention (enlarged, swollen from internal pressure), flatulence (accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal), acidity, irritability etc. Regulates digestion, has anti-spasmodic action 10gms 95
Schwabe Enukind globules indicated to treat nocturnal enuresis (Bed wetting), has regulatory effect on sphincter muscles and psychosomatic sphere to control unexpected micturation (uncontrolled urination) 30gms 95
Schwabe Kindigest Globules indicated for prompt and effective relief from digestion problem in children and restores normal appetite. It effectively relieves burning pain in the stomach which may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting and diarrhea.  Safe and free of any side effects. 10gms 90
Schwabe Kindival globules indicated for sleep disorders and hyperactivity in children. Acts as a homeopathic tranquilizer, has calming effect and favors sleep without any side effects. Does not form habit, non toxic. 10gms 90
Schwabe Luffakind tablets for symptoms of allergic rhinitis indicated for  allergic rhinitis and pollinosis (hay fever), has active herbal ingredients that bring in immediate improvement (in >90% cases) without side effects, improves immunity in long run. Preventive therapy before polinization period. 10gms 95
Schwabe Munostim globules indicated for immune stimulation and prevention of seasonal problems of children(increases resistance). Can be used together with other specific medicines against cold, flu and against allergies. 10gms 95
Schwabe Nisikind globules Schwabe Nisikind globules is indicated for cold associated with cough, shortness of breath, hoarseness, muscle pain and fever. Acts on respiratory system, reduces cough attack, sneezing, headache etc 10gms 95
Schwabe Rinikind globules is indicated for rhinitis in children where nasal passages are full of mucous making respiration difficult. It also provides fast relief in cases of sniffles of infants, suffocative cough, dry coryza. 10gms 95
Schwabe Tussikind tablets indicated for bronchial catarrh (excessive discharge or build-up of mucus in lungs), chronic and acute wheeze. It is also indicated to treat initial symptoms of the whooping cough and irritable cough. 30ml 65


Pentarkan range – Schwabe homeopathic medicines for complex problems

Schwabe Pentarkan Medicine List

Product name


Size MRP
Schwabe Aconitum Pentarkan Tablets indicated for symptoms of inflammatory fevers, common cold, fever with burning skin, fever with hard pulse, high fever with red face, restlessness,  headache due to cold, otitis media (inflammation of ear) 20gms 136
Schwabe Aesculus Pentarkan drops  Indicated for Hemorrhoids (piles), Varicosis. Aesculus pentarkan acts on the veins (varicose veins) and lower bowels, venous stasis, pelvis and portal congestion. Free of side effects, not indicated for children 20gms 140
Schwabe Agnus Castus Pentarkan tablets for irregularity of the menstrual cycles (strength, rhythm and duration). Agnus castus pentarkan has a regulating effect on the hormonal functions of the female sexual organs, normalizes menstruation, addresses complaints of premenstrual syndrome 20gms 140
Schwabe Berberis Pentarkan tablets indicated for Uric acid diathesis (hyperuricaemia) and gout. It helps to maintain proper pH of the urine and reduces the risk of formation of kidney stones (renal calculi). No side effects 20gms 140
Schwabe Carduus Marianus Pentarkan tablets for treatment of chronic disease of liver such as fatty degeneration of the liver or as supportive therapy in hepatopathia, liver disorder due to Ascitis, Congestion of portal veins, Gastralgia, Chronic jaundice,  alcoholic Liver , liver enlargement, Liver pain, general regurgitation 20gms 140
Schwabe Crataegus Pentarkan Tablets Strengthens the heart in different diseases and generally in old age, it improves circulation in the heart (coronary insufficiency) and cardiac weakness. No side effects. 20gms 140
Schwabe Graphites Pentarkan is indicated for dry eczema, itching, cracking and thickening of skin. Contains sulphur well known for its antipsoric and deep action. 20gms 140
Schwabe Grindelia Pentarkan tablets symptoms of mild bronchial asthma can be controlled by Grindelia Pentarkan. Helps decongest, relieves oppression of chest, incessant cough, coryza, nausea etc. For children under 6 years, this medicine should be used under medical advice and supervision 20gms 140
Schwabe Hepar Sulphuris Pentarkan tablets indicated for chronic purulent skin condition, Acne vulgaris. This combination of 5 drugs is effective in cases of acne, boils, helps heal abscess and lowers formation of pus by eliminating infection 20gms 140
Schwabe Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan tablets  acts on functional dysmenorrhoea (painful menstrual bleeding) accompanied by premenstrual symptoms like abdominal & back pain, cramps, nervous irritability etc. Free of side effects 20gms 140
Schwabe Millefolium Pentrakan proven formulation of 3 homeopathic ingredients to treat  menorrhagia (prolonged menstruation), hypermenorrhoea (excessive uterine bleeding). No side effects or contra indications. 20gms 140
Schwabe Sabal Pentarkan drops addresses problems in emptying bladder (micturation disturbances) due to prostatic enlargement and acute urinary tract infection such as cystitis in women. Contains alcohol, no side effects 20gms 140
Schwabe Senega Pentarkan indicated for chronic respiratory tract irritation and persistent unproductive (dry) cough, chronic bronchitis. Free of side effects 20gms 140
Silicea Pentarkan Tablets improves functioning of the connective tissues, wound healing, hair and nail growth problems, cellulitis, distention marks after child birth. Indicated for improper growth of Hair, strengthens hair roots 20gms 140
Schwabe Viscum Pentarkan drops treats mild to moderate form of  high blood pressure, hypertension by exerting a regulating influence on the arterial blood flow. Has a calming effect on palpitation and accelerated pulse 30ml 140


Topi range – Schwabe homeopathic Creams & Gel for daily Skin and other ailments

Schwabe Topi Medicine List

Product name


Size MRP
Schwabe Topi Aesculus cream Schwabe Topi Aesculus cream acts as supportive treatment of haemorrhoids (piles). It treats shooting and sharp pain in back and rectum. It is suitable in both bleeding and the non bleeding piles. 25gms 60
Schwabe Topi Arnica Cream indicated for muscle pain and soreness caused by physical overuse. Muscle pain caused by traumatic injuries, bruises, contusions and sprains. It relieves pain and accelerates healing process, reduces swelling and hemorrhages by improving local circulation 25gms 60
Schwabe Topi Berberis Cream indicated for dry forms of skin diseases such ad psoriasis and also in acne. Clinical studies have shown that in most patients symptoms improve significantly and in some cases psoriasis lesions disappeared completely. Results: Success rate >80% and tolerability very good 25gms 60
Schwabe Topi Cantharis cream Schwabe Topi Cantharis Cream is indicated for first-degree burns, Sun-burns and associated complaints like burning pain. Cantharidin is the active substance of the dried bodies of a blister beetle known for centuries as Spanish fly (aphrodisiac). Medically used for the topical treatment of warts and mollusca contagiosum. 25gms 60
Schwabe Topi Graphites cream indicated for Dry eczema, rawness in bends of limbs, groins, neck and behind ears, bleeding, cracked and painful nipples, and early stages of keloid and fibromas. Also gives good results in fungal infection of nails 25gms 60
Schwabe Topi Heal Cream indicated for wounds, cuts, sore nipples, nappy rash, prevention of varicose, ulcers and bed-sores, boils and carbuncles. Contains Echinacea, Calendula and Millefolium  known for their wound healing, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties 25gms 60
Schwabe Topi MP Gel indicated for rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, Sciatica, lumber-spondylosis and cervical spondylosis. It has key ingredients like symphytum officinale, rhus toxicodendron (poison ivy) & Ledum palustre known for pain killing, hyperemic, anti-inflammatory effect 25gms 60
Schwabe Topi Sulphur Cream indicated for Acne, Seborrheic conditions, Scabies, Dermatomycoses and itching. Topi sulphur cream is a antimicrobial cream that reduces itching, relieves pain, exerts mild anti-fungal and anti-parasitic effect. It also acts as keratolytic and mild antiseptic. 25gms 60
Schwabe Topi Thuja Cream indicated for the external treatment of warts including excrescences (Abnormal outgrowths), Condylomata (Viral warts including genital warts). Contains Thuja Occidentalis (10% of tincture) which has volatile oil with 60% thujone, flavinoids, wax, mucilage and tannins which have specific anti-bacterial and anti-viral actions. 25gms 60


1x Tablets range – Schwabe homeopathic medicines for Lifestyle ailments

Schwabe 1X Tablets List

Product name


Size MRP
Schwabe Azadirachta 1X Tablet homeopathic detoxifier medicine (also for skin). Indicated for detoxification in diseases related to skin, respiratory system, gastro-intestinal system. Clinically used for impurities of blood and recommended for skin diseases, boils, ulcers, eczema, scabies, pityriasis (hypo-pigmentation of skin and face) 20gms 145
Schwabe bacopa monnieri  1X tablets indicated as brain tonic. For absent mindedness, short and weak memory, also useful for depression in students. This nervine tonic has free sterols, saponins linked to neuro pharmacological effects, cognition facilitation. Clinically well established in Indian medicine. 20gms 100
Schwabe Daphne Indica 1X tablets It is indicated for tobacco de-addiction and the related symptoms like nicotine craving. It acts on tissues, bones, muscles and skins. It also helps in elimination of fetid breath, offensive urine, and sweat. Useful for smoking cessation as in anti smoking complex (reported by University of Johannesburg). No contra indications 20gms 280
Schwabe Echinacea Angustifolia 1X tablets indicated as immunity booster,  stimulates the activity of macrophages (immune cells), can be used as supplement in anti cancer treatment during chemotherapy. No side effects, avoid during pregnancy. 20gms 280
Schwabe Ginseng 1X Tablets indicated for lowering stress both mental and physical, Improving endocrine secretion and in improving physical performance, Improvement of immune function, Lowering of lipids, glucose, in non-insulin dependent diabetics, normalization of blood pressure of non specific origin. 20gms 280
Schwabe Glycyrrhiza Gglabra 1x tablets indicated for irritating Cough with Wheeze-antitussive, sore throat, Cold, Cough and Catarrh. Glycyrrhiza glabra is a proven homoeopathic medicine, largely used as mother tincture, or 1x. Empirically used as anti-inflammatory and expectorant. It is a immuno stimulant, as per hepato studies and also inhibits growth of prostate cancer. 20gms 145
Schwabe Hypericum Perforatum 1x Tablets a nerve healer, good for nerve injuries, traumas, has a tranquilizing effect on depression, for hyperhydrosis and nervousness. Hypericum is a drug delicately linked to nerve injuries, pain and subsequent effects like anxiety, neuralgia, neuritis, cramps traumatic or systemic, hyperhydrosis and nervousness. Indicated for mild to moderate depression and has a tranquilizing effect 20gms 145
Schwabe Quercus Robur 1x Tablets indicated for alcohol de-addiction, it addresses symptoms like craving for alcohol, giddiness, swelling and pain in spleen. Its chief actions are on alcoholism, constipation, diarrhea, giddiness, gout, depressive nervous state, drunken feeling in head, tacitum state 20gms 280
Schwabe Rauvolfia Serpentina 1x tablets indicated for high blood pressure and associated symptoms like irregular beats, increased emotional excitability, irritability and restlessness. Its root contains alkaloids like reserpine which is known as hypotensive and neuro depressive. Highly recommend for treating hypertension without marked atheromatous changes in vessels. 20gms 145
Schwabe Syzygium jambolanum 1x tablets indicated for increased amount of sugar in the blood and urine, Symptoms of diabetes mellitus such as increased appetite, Increased thirst, Increased urination, Weakness or fatigue, and diabetic ulcer. Syzygium jambolanum is most often used drug for type 2 diabetes, it has an effect of lowering blood sugar almost immediately. Clinically proven for its antihyperglycemic activity and its influence on carbohydrates and lipin metabolisms. 20gms 145


Schwabe other Speciality range – homeopathic medicines for better quality of life

Schwabe other Specialities products List

Product name


Size MRP
Schwabe Alfalfa Tonic – family health tonic provides amino acids, minerals and potent herbal ingredients to stimulate general physical and mental activity and promote well being Helps in quick recovery from illness, eliminates fatigue, aids proper digestion. Health tonic for general weakness, lack of appetite, tension, stress and sleep disorders in diabetic patients. 100 ML 95
Schwabe Alfalfa Tonic (for children) in syrup base. Specially formulated for Kids homeopathic food supplements that provides natural minerals, natural amino acids and other potent herbal ingredients that stimulate general mental and physical health. It supports regenerative process in all the stages of diseases. It also eliminates fatigue symptoms and increases appetite. It improves digestive functions and treats stomach complaints. It is indicated to treat stress, irritability, anemia (iron deficiency) and nervous tensions in juveniles. 100 ML 99
Schwabe Alfalfa Tonic (Sugar free) – for Diabetics Re-energizing supplement for the diabetic and aged (senior) citizen. Complete health tonic for both sexes during weakness, recovery from illness, stress, tension and sleep disorders. Remarkable improvements in cases of anemia. Non toxic, has corrective action on body functions. 100 ML 99
Schwabe Angioton drops – Low BP, hypotension, heart disease indicated for low blood pressure, symptoms include cold extremities, sweating, dizziness, circulatory collapse and blurred vision. Helpful in cases of circulatory debility due to orthostatic circulatory problem, exhaustive illness operation or immobilization 30 ML 140
Schwabe Damiaplant drops for male impotence Best selling medicine for erectile dysfunction in men. Indicated for sexual weakness, loss of libido (sex drive), premature ejaculation (early discharge). Damiaplant is a formulation of 5 herbal homeopathic remedies well known for its beneficial action in restoring manhood capacity and in cases of anxiety, depression & fatigue. 30 ML 65
Schwabe Essentia Aurea drops (Gold drops) for symptoms of heart problems Indicated for heart problems, depression induced cardiac ailments. It has key ingredients like crataegus oxyacantha, aurum muriaticum etc that acts on cardiac weakness and stenocardia (severe constricting pain or feeling of pressure in chest). It is also indicated for hypertension and dysrhythmia (abnormality in heart rhythm). Has a carditonic action 30 ML 155
Schwabe Essentia Infantia tablets – for bone & teeth development in infants and children promotes healthy growth, strengthens bones and teeth, Stimulates absorption of Calcium, Iron and Phosphorus. Effectively takes care of tardy dentition, promotes bone growth, regulates metabolism in anemic children, improves hemoglobin content. Also takes care of flatulence, colic pain and diarrhea in children. 20gms 85
Schwabe Klimaktolan tablets for symptoms of early menopause Commonly indicated for symptoms of menopause (end of fertility in women) like hot flushes,  depression etc. It has key ingredients like cimicifuga racemosa, sepia officinalis, ignatia amara, Sanguinaria Can that acts on menopausal symptoms like cardiac palpitation (irregular heart beat),  dizziness, restlessness, pruritus (severe itching of the skin), perspiration attacks and sleep disorders. 40 tablets 110
Schwabe Phytolacca Berry tablets for obesity and overweight treatment It helps regulation of fat metabolism. It reduces obesity and maintains weight without weakness. An obese person can lose upto 5 kg  in weight in 1-2 months with phytolacca berry tablets depending of food restriction on long term basis. On the whole slim body effect is achieved without any side effects. 20 GM 135
Schwabe Thyroidinum 3X tablets for symptoms of thyroid problem indicated for common symptoms of thyroid problem (hypothyroidism) include fatigue, weakness, constipation, cold intolerance, depression, weight change, menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding), bradycardia (slow heart rate), anemia (iron deficiency) etc. . It is also beneficial in migraine in which there is insufficiency of the thyroid gland. Useful in goitre, free of side effects. 30ml 144

Schwabe Bioplasgens/Biocombinations range and Five Phos

A combination of vital cell salts based on tissue affinity and symptoms, for specific condition like cough, fever, constipation, diarrhea, tonsillitis etc

Schwabe Bioplasgen/Bio-Combination list & Five phos

Product name


Size MRP
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 1 Anaemia tablets indicated for lack of blood due to indigestible food and unhealthy food habits. Continuous loss of blood from any part of the body.  Cerebral and spinal anemia. A general wasting of the tissues  waxy appearance of the skin: chlorosis  palpitation  tremor and weakness. Anaemia of the brain from prolonged mental strain. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 2 Asthma tablets indicated for nervous asthma accompanied by cough,  gasping  irregular pulse. Asthma with troublesome flatulence or spasms convulsive tickling cough. Bronchial asthma with yellow sputum  worse in the evening and in warm rooms better in cool air. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 3 Colic tablets indicated for Colic in infants that cause them to draw up their legs  especially during teething. Colic in children and adults from blockage of the intestines caused by flatulence or constipation with formation of gas. Spasmodic pains causing the patient to double up. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 4 Constipation tablets indicated for bowels constipated without apparent cause  liver torpid stools dry hard and black  dull headache foul breath and bad taste in mouth  tongue coated. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 5 Coryza tablets indicated for Pain in the head sneezing  continuous thick white discharge from the nose or discharge from the bronchial tubes due to irritation and severe inflammation of the mucous membranes. Fever  white or grey coated tongue. Traditionally used as supportive treatment in coryza (common cold). 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Bio combination No.6 Cough, Cold and Catarrh tablets indicated for cold in head, acute catarrh (congestion), rattling hollow cough, rhinitis, painful respiration, pain in chest and bronchitis. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 7 Diabetes tablets indicated for increased micturition, pain in calves, thirst, dry lips, sleeplessness, nervous prostration. In chronic cases with liver disorders, recommended as a remedy to support the assimilating the glucose and improve patients state of health. Kidney and Nerve function impaired by diabetes are improved. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 8 Diarrohoea tablets indicated for thin watery stools with undigested food, thirst  caused by fatty or too rich food. White coated tongue. Prostration. Recommended in convalescence. Traditionally used as supportive treatment in diarrhoea. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 9 Dysentery tablets dysentery (loose motions). Pain when stool begins to pass, contains mucous and blood. There is a constant urge to empty bowels 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 10 Enlarged Tonsils tablets indicated for Fever, feelings of exhaustion, pains in the back and limbs, throat lined with a white coating. Tonsils swollen. Tongue coated, bad breath, no appetite. Traditionally used as supportive treatment in enlarged tonsils. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 11 Fever tablets indicated for all kinds of fever and chills, good during initial stages of inflammatory disease. In rapid and sudden swelling as well as pneumonia. Pleurisy and other inflammatory disorders where pus formation is common. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen Biocombination No. 12 Headache Tablets very effective in cases of headache that is often accompanied in tension and anxiety states, nervousness, sleeplessness, liver complaints, and indigestion 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 13 Leucorrhoea tablets Indicated for all forms of leucorrhoea during puberty pregnancy and in the climacteric states of general weakness and hysteria. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 14 Measles tablets indicated for Sneezing and thin discharge from nose, watery eyes,  fever. Assists in all stages of the measles disease. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 15 Menstrual Trouble tablets Indicated for Menses painful and irregular, scanty and late in young women. Menses early, long-lasting and profuse (heavy) in middle-aged women. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 16 Nervous Exhaustion tablets Indicated for Nervous exhaustion and fatigue of any cause, Sleeplessness. General weakness of the heart, stomach and nervous system. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 17 Piles tablets Indicated for haemorrhoidal knots, all kinds of piles. External piles with stinging pains. Bleeding piles with or without pain. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 18 Pyorrhoea tablets Indicated for Pus in the gums, foul breath. Gums are spongy swollen and inflamed they bleed easlily. Traditionally used as supportive treatment in pyorrhoea/gingival inflammation. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 19 Rheumatism tablets Indicated for shooting and stabbing pains in the joints of legs or arms worse at night. Fever, lumbago, sciatica, muscular rheumatism. Traditionally used as supportive treatment in rheumatism. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 20 Skin Diseases tablets Indicated for Scurfy eruptions on the scalp and faces of children, eczemas due to uterine disorders, acne, pemphigus, herpes, erysipelas, crusta lactea (cradle cap) and similar eruptive diseases. Traditionally used as supportive treatment in skin disease. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 21 Teething Troubles tablets Indicated for Teething Troubles. Children constantly cry, are obstinate and naughty during the teething period. These tablets allow infants to cut their teeth quickly and easily by supplying them with important salts. Improves appetite and promotes digestion. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 22 Scrofula Tablets indicated for both dry and suppurating scrofulous abscesses. Almost all symptoms of the scrofula disease are covered. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Bio combination No. 23 Toothache Tablets is indicated for rheumatic toothache,  is a homeopathic medicine useful for tooth pain 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Bio combination No. 24, Minerals and Brain Tablets indicated for general debility and exhaustion with a lack of vitality. A general tonic for all chronic wasting diseases, anemia in rapidly growing adolescents. Recommended for women who have been weakened by frequent childbearing. Traditionally used as supportive treatment for the relief of symptoms associated with neurological (nerve and brain) disorders. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Bio combination No. 25 Acidity, Flatulence and indigestion Tablets For acidity with flatulence and Indigestion, Gastric disturbances acidity, flatulence dyspepsia, acid sour risings, feeling of weight in abdomen, bilious vomiting, flatulent colics, headache and jaundice. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Bio combination No. 26 Easy Parturition Tablets indicated during pregnancy,  these Tablets will greatly relieve labour pains. They also promote the mother’s general state of health and assistance in the development and health of the child. They may also prevent miscarriage. Traditionally used to support childbirth. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Bio combination No. 27 Lack of Vitality Tablets indicated for lack of vitality, debility, trembling and weakness. Traditionally used to improve sexual neurasthenia. 20gms 70
Schwabe Bioplasgen/Bio combination No. 28 Health Promotion Tablets Health Promotion Tablet contains the twelve Tissue Remedies found in the human organism. They are of great help for those suffering from consumption and other debilitating diseases  in convalescence from fever  pneumonia  diarrhea etc.  as they help strengthen the system by supplying tissue with essential nutrients. Debilitated and elderly people can take them as a tonic after meals. Continuous use of these Tablets will prevent disease 20gms 70
Schwabe Five Phos Tablets Schwabe five Phos tablets is indicated for fatigue from doing mental work, irratiablity, anxiety neurosis, nervous sleeplessness, depression, congestive headaches accompanied by migraine like conditions, pulsating headache with flushing of face , nervous exhaustion, weakness & headache in children


Schwabe Biochemics – manufactured with know-how & tradition since years

Biochemics are also known as tissue salts or cell salts and are recommended in low decimal potencies for correcting deficiencies at cell level, They are made of lactose (milk sugar) and are chew able.

Schwabe Biochemic Tablets List

Product name


Size MRP
Schwabe Calcarea Flourica (calcarea flouride) Schwabe Calcarea Flourica (calcarea flouride) is indicated for connective tissue, tooth enamel, bone surfaces 25gms 70
Schwabe Calcarea Phosphorica (Calcium Phosphate) Tablets Schwabe Calcarea Phosphorica (Calcium Phosphate) Tablets is indicated for bone problems and teething complaints in children Bone problems, Weak digestion, Teething complaints, Poor nutrition, Poor circulation, Cold hands and feet. 25gms 70
Schwabe Calcarea Sulphurica (calcium sulphate) Schwabe Calcarea Sulphurica (calcium sulphate) id indicated for skin eruptions, boils, pimples and eczema. Swollen and tender gums that bleed easily. 25gms 70
Schwabe Ferrum Phosphoricum (Ferroso-ferric Phosphate) Schwabe Ferrum Phosphoricum (Ferroso-ferric Phosphate) is indicated for aneamia, fever and inflammation. 25gms 70
Schwabe Kali Muriaticum (potassium sulphate) Schwabe kali muriaticum (potassium sulphate) is indicated for catarrh, stuffy head, colds. Croup, eczema and difficulty in digesting fatty or rich foods. 25gms 70
Schwabe Kali Phosphoricum (magnesium Phosphate) Schwabe Kali Phosphoricum (magnesium Phosphate) is indicated for nerve remedy, mental fatigue, depression, insomnia, muscles and nerve, weakness and nervous indigestion. 25gms 70
Schwabe Kali Sulphuricum (Potassium Sulphate) Schwabe Kali Sulphuricum (Potassium Sulphate) is indicated for eczema, dandruff, itchy, scaly skin and shifting pains in legs. 25gms 70
Schwabe Magnesium Phosphoricum (magnesium phosphate) Schwabe Magnesium Phosphoricum (Magnesium Phosphate) is indicated for spasms and cramps, shooting, boring and craming pains, headache, neuralgia, menstrual pain and flatulence. 25gms 70
Schwabe Natrum Muriaticum (sodium phosphate) Schwabe Natrum Muriaticum (sodium phosphate) is indicated for cold with running watery discharge or dry, stuffy nose, loss of smell and taste, constipation with hard, dry stools, watery diarrhoea, constipation alternating with diarrhoea. 25gms 70
Schwabe Natrum Phosphoricum (Sodium Phosphate) Schwabe Natrum Phosphoricum (Sodium Phosphate) is indicated for excess acidity, heartburn, dyspepsia, indigestion from fatty food, dizziness and dull or full feeling in head. 25gms 70
Schwabe Natrum Sulphuricum (Sodium sulphate) Schwabe Natrum Sulphuricum (Sodium sulphate) is indicated for water retention-oedema of the feet, flusymptoms, biliousness and acid indigestion. 25gms 70
Schwabe Silicea (Silica) Schwabe Silicea (Silica) is indicated for poor assimilation of food, acne, boils, brittle nails, weak memory and excessive perspiration with offensive odour. 25gms 70

Schwabe German medicines (Imported) range

Schwabe German Products List

Product name


Size MRP
Schwabe German Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops Schwabe Cineraria Maritima Eye Drop is indicated for Cataract, corneal opacities and serious eye problems. 10ml 190
Schwabe  German Cineraria Maritima D2 Eye Drops Schwabe German Cineraria Maritima D2 Eye Drops  is indicated for Computer vision syndrome, mild conjunctivitis, mild injuries to the eyes, blepharitis, overstrained eyes. 10ml 145
Schwabe German Biofungin Tonic Schwabe German Biofungin Tonic is a great tasting restorative tonic used for convalescence, lack of appetite, anaemia and conditions of fatigue Homeopathic medicine for anaemia and exhaustion. 250ml 695
Schwabe German Calcarea phosphorica 6x Tablets Schwabe German Calcarea phosphorica 6x tablets for healthy bones and teething problems.
Schwabe German Damiaplant Drops Schwabe German Damiaplant Drops is indicated for insufficient libido (sexual drive), impotence, neurasthenia (sexual weakness), nervous exhaustion, all types of conditions involving weakness. 20ml 450
Schwabe German Essentia Aurea drops (Gold drops) Schwabe German Essentia Aurea drops (Gold drops) is indicated for heart problems through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key ingredients like crataegus oxyacantha, aurum muriaticum etc that acts on cardiac weakness and stenocardia (severe constricting pain or feeling of pressure in chest). It is also indicated for hypertension and dysrhythmia (abnormality in a physiological rhythm). 30ml 155
Schwabe German Bryorheum Drops Schwabe German Bryorheum Drops indicated for the releif of rheumatic disorders, such as redness, stiffness and or swelling of the joints and pain in muscles and joints. 20ml 350
Schwabe German  Tonsiotren Tablets Schwabe German Tonsiotren Tablets are indicated for acute inflammation of the tonsils Chronic inflammation of the tonsils, inflammation of accessory sinuses of the nose. 20gms 306
Schwabe German Gastrobin Drops Schwabe German Gastrobin Drops are indicated for hyperacidity, heartburn, inflammatory gastric complaints, nervously irritable stomach. 20ml 190
Schwabe German Alfalfa Tonic Schwabe German Alfalfa Health & Tonic is indicated for entire family for wholesome nutrition and meet all your dietary supplement needs. 100ml 335
Schwabe German Enuroplant Drops Schwabe German Enuroplant Drops are indicated to relieve the symptoms of cystitis ans related pain and frequent urination. 20ml 375
Schwabe German  Mullein Oil Schwabe German  Mullein Oil  are indicated for earaches, defective hearing, tinnitus, hardened cerumen plug. 20ml 350


Boericke & Tafel Homeopathy Products List

International quality body care range of products  from Nature’s way products, Inc USA. B&T Brand established in 1835

B&T Body Care Range

Product name


Size MRP
Schwabe B&T Skin care Bathing Soap Schwabe B&T Skin care Bathing Soap is indicated to repairs damaged skin, clears scars, excellent wound healing property. 75gms 50
Schwabe B&T Refreshing Cool bathing soap Schwabe B&T Refreshing Cool bathing soap with the goodness of Mentha. B&T refreshing cool bathing bar is a formula specially developed for keeping the skin healthy &provide refreshing and cool sensations.It is especially beneficial in prickly heat. 75gms 50
Schwabe B&T Arnica shampoo – natural remedies for hair loss Schwabe B&T Arnica shampoo – natural remedies for hair loss is indicated to improve 250ml 145
Schwabe B&T Hair growth oil – natural remedies for hair loss Schwabe B&T Hair growth oil – natural remedies for hair loss is indicated for improves hair growth, prevents hair fall and premature graying, non sticky and makes hair soft, repairs damaged hair due to pollution/heat/dyes. 200ml 140
Schwabe B&T Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Schwabe B&T Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is indicated for powerful formula, helps to treat Dandruff, controls itching and flaking on regular use, promotes healthy scalp and healthy hair. 150ml 110
Schwabe B&T Anti-Dandruff Oil Schwabe B&T Anti-Dandruff Oil is indicated to controls itching and flaking on regular use, powerful formula, helps to treat Dandruff. 150ml 112
Schwabe B&T Calendula and Aloe Vera Multi Purpose Cream Schwabe B&T Calendula and Aloe Vera Multi Purpose Cream is indicated for dryness odf skin, face and body massage, local dressing agent for minor nips and cuts, skin blemishes and dark spots, sore nipples, nappy rashes. 100ml 90


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