Schwabe Alpha-NC Tablets Homeopathy medicine for Nasal Congestion

Schwabe Alpha-NC Tablets for nasal congestion, inflammation of mucous membranes watery coryza, stuffiness of paranasal sinuses

Schwabe Alpha-NC Tablets is a German homeopathic medicine for Nasal congestion and associated symptoms such as headache. Its unique ingredients have a specific action on inflammation of mucous membranes, watery coryza, stuffiness of paranasal sinuses

Introduction: Nasal congestion is a symptom common to many diseases like allergic disorders, rhinitis, influenza, simple cold or environment related pollution, or infection of upper respiratory tract. Relief from nasal congestion can be obtained independent of the different phases of curs of the disease related to it. However, it is observed that in managing relief the cure is indirectly a concomitant effect. the formulation which has been found acceptable internationally takes care of the causative factors.

INGREDIENTS: Each Tablet Of 250Mg Alpha-NC Contains: Hydrastis Canadensis 3×25 Mg; Echinacea Angustifolia 1x 25Mg; Cinnabaris 8x25Mg; Kalium Bichromicum 4x25Mg; Baryta Muriatica 3x 25Mg; Excipients Q.S. To Make 250Mg.

Mode of actions of individual ingredients in Schwabe Alpha-NC Tablets
Hydrastis canadensis: It is effective for all kinds of mucous membrane inflammations, watery coryza, excoriating with burning, smarting and rawness in nose, throat & chest. Its discharges are scanty indoors and profuse outdoors. Sneezings, dull frontal headache, tickling in nostril with constant discharge of thick, white, tenacious mucus are also covered.
Echinacea angustifolia: It covers stuffiness of nostrils with mucus in nares and pharynx with feeling of fullness, obliged to blow nose, but does not relieve. Rewness and soreness of nostril, sensitive to cold, which comes as a flow of mucus and blood. Headache over eyes with sneezing are also relieved. Echinacea builds up immune defense mechanism and over the period repeated attacks are lowered or eliminated.
Cinnabaris: It has an action on upper respiratory tract. It rapidly liquefies the blocked secretion in the nose and para-nasal sinuses. It covers violent fluent coryza, lameness of things and aching in the small of the back, lumps of dirty yellow mucus are discharged. Pressing sensation at the base of the nose, and the pain spreads to the nasal root and over the temples to the ear.
Kalium bichromicum: Affinity of this drug is the mucous membrane of air passages. It covers coryza with obstruction of nose, violent sneezing in the morning, thick, ropy, greenish yellow discharge which blocked in the nose and lowers olfactory sensation. Pressure and sticking pain ar root of nose with inflammation of frontal sinuses, and postnasal dropping, are covered. Condition deteriorates in hot weather and morning cold. Condition improves with movement and activity.
Baryta muriatica: It has a great organotropic relationship of the nasal-throat region. Brings down the swelling of the mucous membranes and allows the secretion to flow. Symptoms are headache, giddiness, and humming in the ear. The tonsil, salivary and ear glands are swollen. Conditions are worse in cold and damp weather.

DOSAGE: Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 1 to 2 tablets 3 times daily. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.

SIZE: 40 tablets in blister pack of 4*10

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