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Buy quality homeopathic bottle products in glass, plastic, dropper etc, phials and vials for safe dispensing of medicines. Get the best listings from well known manufacturers, wholesalers and shop at India’s No.1 online store for homeopathy medicines.

About Homeopathic Packaging materials

The general rules for preservation and dispensing of Homeopathic remedies is covered in the monographs of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India and other Pharmacopoeias.  Glass bottles and vials and nowadays homeo plastic bottles are the options in which homeopathic remedies are delivered to the patient by the homeopath . These comes in various sizes and colors in which homeopathic medicines are dispensed starting from 1 dram vials up to 500ml bottles . Apart from homeopathy these are also used in Aromatherapy, Herbal Liquid dispensing or pharmaceutical use.

One comes across many suppliers claiming high quality produces of Amber & Blue Glass Dropper, Screw Cap bottles, Jars etc. However you should be diligent in selecting the right supplier lest you end up your precious homeopathic remedy in a poor quality contaminating container! Remember even though a minute portion of the remedy is left in your bottles or vials, this small amount of remedy can have a large healing effect. We take online orders for all your homeopathy packaging materials (medicine containers) like Phials, Vials, Bottles etc and ship all across India. We also ship to US, UK and all other countries through expedited international shipping

Did you Know?

On homeopathy plastic colored vials, the number indicates the number of times the product has been diluted.  The letter is the dilution rate

A 2 Dram Vial  contains about 160 pellets  which is  more than enough doses to treat any acute condition.

1 Ounce (25 Gms) Liquid  bottles comes in a non-reactive dropper top meant for easy dropping under the tongue.


Guidelines for Homeopathic packing materials

  • Hard glass bottles like Pyrex, or other anti-corrosive glass bottles with glass stoppers  are recommended for corrosive substances, such as acids or alkalies (caustic preparations).
  • Homeopaths avoid blue colored containers since it is believed that blue color has an adverse effect on medicines that may be injurious
  • All homeopathic containers  with the medicinal substances must be stored away from dust, smoke, moisture, odors, damp places, strong light etc. Amber bottles are often used to reduce exposure to light
  • Since animals and animal products decompose very quickly, they should be used immediate after collections and not stored over time
  • Strong smelling drugs, such as Camphor, Iodine, Asafoetida, Kreosote, Terebinthinae, Moschus, oleum etc. should be kept isolated in tightly closed bottles.
  • For preserving potentized medicines colored bottles should be avoided

Doctors – having trouble finding replacement bottles to share your remedies to patients?

Where to get the empty bottle(s) to put the remedy into and share with others that is safe and reliable?

You can rely on us for all your requirements from leading homeopathic bottle manufacturers. Buy best quality Homeo bottles, Vials, Phials at India’s top online homeopathy medicine store. We also supply spirits rectified and rectified spirits which you need for preparing homeopathy medicines in different sizes

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers – you can get in touch with us for your business listings and sell your products to our wide audience in India and abroad. We will however verify & test your products for quality and durability before listing.

Homeopathic packing materials list with details

homeopathic round amber glass liquid bottles, homeopathy packaging materials

Amber Liquid Bottles

homeopathy packaging materials, Glass Bottle with Cork
Glass Bottle with Cork
Glass Liquid Dropper Bottles with Screw Cap
Glass Liquid Dropper Bottles with Screw Cap

Homeo Glass Phials

Homeo Glass Phial name Item Code Size Packing Price (Rs)
Glass Bottle with Cork 

HG02 1 Dram 144 400/-
HG03 2 Dram 144 460/-
Homeo Glass Phial name Item Code Size Packing Price (Rs.)
Glass Bottle Dropper with Screw cap 

HG05 1 Dram 144 440/-
HG06 2 Dram 144 480/-
Homeo Glass Phial name Item Code Size Packing Price (Rs.)
Amber Glass Liquid Dropper Bottles 

HG08 15 ML 50 350/-
HG09 30 ML 50 480/-
HG10 60 ML 50 520/-
HG11 100 ML 50 700/-
Plastic pills bottles semi transparent, homeopathy packaging materials
Plastic pills bottles semi transparent
Plastic Pills Bottles Opaque super (Packing 100)
Plastic Pills Bottles Opaque super

Plastic Pills bottles

Plastic Pills bottles Item Code Size Packing Price (Rs.)
Plastic Pills Bottles Opaque

PB01 1/2 Dram 100 125/-
PB02 1 Dram 100 140/-
PB03 2 Dram 100 175/-
PB04 4 Dram 100 550/-
PB05 5 Dram 100 620/-
Plastic Pills bottles Item Code Size Packing MRP
Plastic Pills Bottles Semi Transparent

PB06 1/2 Dram 100 170/-
PB07 1 Dram 100 210/-
PB08 2 Dram 100 320/-
PB09 4 Dram 100 540/-
PB10 5 Dram 100 660/-
Liquid dropper bottles super deluxe, homeopathy packaging materials
Liquid dropper bottles Super Deluxe
Plastic Liquid Dropper Double Cap Bottles - 100 Packing
Plastic Liquid Dropper Double Cap Bottles

Liquid dropper bottles

Liquid dropper bottles Item Code Size Packing MRP
Plastic Liquid dropper bottles

LB02 5 ML 100 320/-
LB03 10 ML 100 390/-
LB04 15 ML 100 395/-
LB05 30 ML 100 465/-
LB06 60 ML 100 900/-
LB07 100 ML 100 1200/-
Plastic Liquid Dropper Double Cap

LD02 15ML 100 550/-
LD03 30ML 100 590/-

Globules are also called by other names such as  pellets, pillules or pills, non medicated granules etc. These come in different sizes and vary between (2.0 mm to 3.5 mm diameter) in solid solid round shape. Usually these globules are comprised of approximately 80% sucrose combined with 20% lactose. Less commonly the globules are made of 100% sucrose. The globules we supply is made from Pure Cane Sugar and brought to you by Medilife Impex (from the family of HV and Carmino). Homeopaths prefer that, as a matter of hygiene, you avoid handling the globules i.e, you put them in the bottle cap and directly put in the mouth. This handling, however, will not spoil the dose but chances are you get a little dose of the remedy yourself  due to absorptionGlobules


Features Complies with Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia(HPI),  Globules manufactured under Homeopathic Drug License.
Sulphur less – Neutral . The sugar for  non medicated sugar globules is refined by Defeco Re-melt Phospho-Floatation Process. By this process the sugar manufactured is sulphur less & is of international grade.
High absorption capacity This ensures that the impregnation of homeopathy medicine is total and therefore the dosing effective
Sparkling brilliant white in colour
Long shelf life
Uniform shape and size – Easy to fill and administer as per doctors prescription
Sizes The Globules are available in following sizes:-No.: 10/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/60
Packing Size & Rate 450Gms -Rs.110 , Size 1KG -Rs.220.

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