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Why online doctor consultation?

The way traditional service was delivered has evolved today with advent of technology. Just like net-banking and mobile banking made bank visits irrelevant, telemedicine makes your doctor visits redundant. It allows you easy virtual visits with a doctor via emails, phone, video, or other devices.  If you are wondering whether it’s worthwhile? just consider this; Scientific American reported a recent study in the archives of Internal Medicine suggesting that for certain routine illnesses, at least, “seeing” a doctor online could be just as effective as seeing a doctor in person. As per a review of 40,000 cases in Health Affairs, it was found that the online clinic in US reduced costs by $88 per virtual visit compared with the traditional office visit besides saving patients time and inconvenience. The quality of the treatment and results made 98 %of patients gave the virtual visit a “would recommend” rating.

How online homeopathy consultation works?

Our service allows anyone in India or around the world to pay Rs.750 or $33 respectively and book a consultation with a licensed homeopathy doctor, via a audio-video call from their mobile phone, laptop, or any web-enabled device. You don’t have to fret about how you’re going to get to the clinic, or who is going to watch your work or children or pets while you’re out of the house or office.

The process is quite simple; you book an available slot from our doctor calendar for online consultation by paying the  requisite fee. After booking we send you a detailed questionnaire to your registered mail address. You have to mandatorily fill the questionnaire (download a copy here) and send it to us before the appointment due date

Why force me to fill a Questionnaire?  Please remember homeopathy is about ‘personalised healthcare‘ which means the doctors has to know you fully. This holistic approach is to understand the patient in-depth through a detailed case taking, it helps create a profile at his/her physical, mental, social and spiritual level. The doctor arrives at a constitutional remedy at a later stage with this first step. Please remember a classical homeopath is trained to collect and analyze physiological, pathological and psychological state of the patient’s health. This is achieved by this questionnaire with investigative questions and answers. This is in addition to the 10-15 minutes the doctor spends and interacts with you during the online meeting

Homeopathic doctors identify about 57 different patient profile based on the various parameters. The determination of the correct profile of the patient based on the physical, emotional, and other symptoms will help them determine the sequence and strength of the homeopathic formulas that needs to be administered and dosage for the specific patient

After the consultation the doctor will provide you with a prescription and medication list that can be door delivered to you. If your condition is serious, or further physical examination is required, our doctors will tell you what to do to get appropriate care.


Tips to get the best out of your online homeopathy doctor consultation

Before Appointment with the doctor

  1. Ensure you do ‘homework’ thoroughly before booking the online appointment! In order to make the best use of your doctor’s time, you need to ‘prepare’ for the meeting in the same way you prepared for a school examination. If you are organized, you will be able to make efficient use of the doctor’s time and also result in better medical care because you help him in arriving at correct diagnosis.
  2. Makes sure you have submitted all your medical records with you, and answered the vital questions to which he/she needs answers (Questionnaire). Makes sure you have submitted all your medical records with you, and answered the vital questions to which he needs answers (Questionnaire). It is best to mention any previous illnesses, even if they seem to you to be unrelated. There is no need to be shy or embarrassed about sensitive subjects such as sexual problems or sexually transmitted diseases (STD) as far as your doctor is concerned.
  3. Provide a full description of your symptoms. If you have pain, for example, it helps to inform the doctor just how long you had the pain, what it feels like, its location, whether pain radiates anywhere else, what makes it better or worse, whether there are any other symptoms accompanying it (such as nausea), and whether you have ever had a similar pain in the past
  4. List all the symptoms you have noted in a chronological order, starting from the time when you first noted that something was amiss. It will be good  to record the factors that make your symptoms better, and those that make them worse, since it provides very useful medical clues Along with this make a list of all the medications you are taking, both prescription and non-prescription.
  5. It helps to set your appointment on Google or mobile Calendar and keep a reminder. You may forget it  but these schedulers will be around to remind you

On the date of appointment

  1. Log on to your appointment on time, if you are online in advance it helps you open the scheduled mail record and click on the online doctor appointment link dot on time instead of last minute scampering. If you are in a different time zone, please note the IST (Indian Standard Time, +05:30 GMT) indicated in our intimation to you and schedule yourself accordingly.  If there is a large time zone difference we will schedule the ‘best fit’ slot that may be suitable to you and the doctor.
  2. Ensure you’re in a quiet space with a stable internet connection so the doctor will be able to see and hear you effectively. If the disturbance in the connection or in your surrounding is high the consultation will face hiccups. In telemedicine it is important that lighting, angle of the camera and background are proper. And of course it almost goes without saying: turn off the TV.
  3. Try to explain what’s bothering you  which means express your anxieties and fears clearly. Be truthful and honest in your answers. Remember the doctor is not a mind-reader and you must tell him everything you know, think, and feel about your problem if you want an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment plan
  4. Avoid: Don’t open multi tabs on your browser like chats (whatsapp), distractions like facebook etc . You can avoid distraction from electronic sources by closing excess windows on your computer that aren’t directly connected to the work at hand, silencing or shutting off news alerts and other pop-ups. If you have a delivery coming, consider leaving a note at the door with instructions about where to leave the package to avoid interruptions during online doctor consultation. The same applies to well-meaning friends or neighbors, family members at home or even pets!

After the appointment

  1. The actual work at your end begins after the consultation. You will need to make changes in your lifestyle, diet plans, posture etc as suggested (if any) by the doctor and start your medications. Without delay or procrastination go to the chemist and present your prescription. Our doctors will present you with a prescription typed on their letterhead, no guesswork with handwriting or pharmacist refusing it for lack of clarity. Remember we are always around to help you with your prescribed homeopathy medicines. No concerns of unavailability of the right brand, potency or size. We door deliver medicines all over the world. You get doctors & medicines sans borders or frontiers at homeomart
  2. If there is a scheduled follow-up to this meeting, then ensure you follow the same steps as above


Know more about homeopathic  treatment here – Your Essential Guide to Homeopathic Treatment and Remedy Selection

Best homeopathy doctor profiles for online consultation

Doctor Name

 Dr. Nancy Malik, B.H.M.S

 top homeopathy doctor online
Brief Dr. Nancy is leading credentialed Medical Professional, a specialist with a national clientele and a practice spanning 15+ years in the medical healthcare industry. She has a wide experience of treating large variety of medical disorders, both acute and chronic. She is skilled in developing and administering master treatment plans

Clinical experience: 13+ years

Services: Consultation, Prescription, Medication, Pharmacy, First aid, Pre-employment check-up, BP measurement

Skills: Skin diseases, Respiratory troubles, Obesity, Hair fall.

Awards: she was nominated for ‘Bharat jyoti award 2008’ by India international friendship society, Delhi. She is a distinguished blog writer on Homeopathy topics and commands a global fan base.

She is a prolific blog writer and acknowledged expert on the subject. She writes regularly on various health topic and has readers all over the globe

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Doctor Name

Dr. P. S. Tiwari

 best homeopathy doctor online
  • A trusted, patient focused and experienced doctor with a long history of serving patients by successfully diagnosing, treating and also managing their illnesses and diseases having rich experience of 36+ years.
  • Specialist in treating chronic & acute cases.
  • Over 514,000 subscribers to his online treatment channel (Youtube) from around the world
Specialties  D.M.S [Cal], 20+ Years of Clinical experience. Specializes in Psoriasis, Eczema, Gastritis, Ringworm, Hair fall etc
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Doctor Name

 Dr. Inkita Thawani

 Gold medalist homeopath online
About Dr.Inkita Bhushan Thawani is a University topper in BHMS and winner of Dr.Malati Allen noble award winner in 2013. Apart from B.H.M. S she holds two degrees in diet & nutrition.Has extensive clinical experience and worked in three hospitals (Sainath Hospital Bopal, Sanjivani Hospital Vastrapur, Laxmi Hospital, Vadaj).
Specialties She specializes in treatment of Allergies, Hair fall, Skin diseases and dietary imbalances. Adopts a holistic approach and cured patients with chronic diseases like Psoriasis, Allergic Rhinitis, different types of Allergy, Asthma, hair problems like Alopecia. Prepares diet charts for her weight loss patients and supplement the treatment with supportive homeopathic medicines
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Doctor Name

Dr.Rukmani Choudhary

Dr Rukmani Homeopathic Doctor Online for consultation
About Dr.Rukmani Choudhary is a Homeopathic & Medical Aesthetic Professional (Accredited to Homeopathic & Medical Aesthetic Council)

A Registered Homeopathic Physician (Board of Homeopathic System of Medicine, Delhi, INDIA).

A Certified Medical Aesthetic Physician

Specialities Focused On Lifestyle, Stress & Personal appearance (image)
(Aesthetic Appearance)-Best Available Treatments, Since 2012 in Rohini New Delhi, India, 7 yrs Expertise in providing Individual Treatment – Homeopathic & Medical Aesthetic.
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