Buy Homeopathy in Bulk Online. Get Wholesale Supplies at best deal

Are you a doctor or a pharmacist looking for a wholesaler Homeopathic medicine supplier? Or simply a retailer looking to buy homeopathy in bulk, we offer a large portfolio of best homeopathic brands and supplies under one roof. Get quantity discounts and reliable services at India’s No.1 Online store.

Why buy bulk at Homeomart?

  • When it comes to buying specific items like homeopathy medicines in large quantities,  go only to the experts! As a leading supplier in the market we offer you all homeopathic brands under one roof. So you get the widest choice of products in various sizes, potencies and packing in one place. No one else offer you a wider choice, that’s our Guarantee!
  • Homeomart is India’s choice for homeopathic medicines online, both retail and wholesale. We offer the best deals, quick turnaround time and reliable supplies at your doorsteps. We understand that not only price but time is of essence to you
  • We offer a choice of convenient order options – by mail, telephone or even whatsapp apart from registering on our B2B portal (coming soon) where you can simply select the products on our site and check out conveniently with great discounted prices
  • Our customers find us a great site to buy wholesale medicines online in India. Why? Because we offer all leading suppliers under one roof, provide you a composite quotation for your bulk order and quick and easy checkout options. Unlike other bulk suppliers we only focus on homeopathy.
  • We offer worldwide services through our exclusive tie-ups with International logistics partners.  So you can buy wholesale medicines in homeopathy and get the best services in global trade. No middlemen, unverified business directory of suppliers or checking in different B2B marketplaces.  We save you all the research on products and reliable suppliers for best services in your cross border transactions

wholesale medical supplies bulk pharmaceutical exports

Features of our bulk buy services

  1. Prices that are cheaper by at least 20%-25% going upto 50% or more in certain cases
  2. Request to get best quotation; we offer you easy tools to send us your requirement online and we respond in quick time.
  3. Choice of shipping options, you can opt for economy shipping, shop n ship or expedited delivery depending on the choice of your budget and time
  4. We offer you a homeopathy specific catalog that offer A to Z which means you can select anything ranging from Mother Tinctures , Dilutions, Triturations, Single Remedies, Bio-chemics, Patents, Bio-Combinations, Triaturations, Nosodes, Sarcodes, Rare Mother Tinctures,  Bach flower remedies, Homeo Cosmetics (homeopathic Hair Care, Skin Care), Homeo neutraceuticals (Homeopathic Tonics, Malts, Health Supplements), Globules, Pure HMS Lactose, Homeo Phials, Homeo Pills Bottles, Homeo Dropper bottles, Homeopathic Books, Homeo Guides, Homeopathic Kits
  5. Our bulk supplies also includes manufacturing homeopathy medicines to your specification (formulation) from GMP (General manufacturing practices) manufacturing facility that conforms to country specific homeopathic pharmacopoeia. Product label and carton designing and final packaging can also be done to your requirements

5 good reasons to buying in bulk with us

Not a marketplace We are not aggregators who rely on other suppliers to do the parceling & shipping to you. We don’t list suppliers and take commission on leads, we offer you the complete service, cutting out all the multiple layers. Isn’t it great to deal with just one party?
Verified Brands & Manufacturers some of the best homeopathic manufacturers are not visible on online searches. Google or for that matter other search engines will not help you to reach to them. We will
Support Do you have a festering doubt or a not so easy question? Our friendly support staff will be glad to help you out.  You can drop us a mail with your queries and expect a response that is straight and to the point. We also have phone and chat support for real time assistance. We believe these are small steps to make your more at ease while doing business with us.
Dropship Want a supplier who will dropship for you? We ensure that you do not lose on your sale.
Research If you are a retailer or online seller you could spend too long finding a supplier and a product, and you may miss out on weeks or months of potential income. If you need information about  potential sourcing of raw material , contract manufacturing or a private label we will be glad to extend a helping hand

Other Bulk Medicine Supplies

We also undertake wholesale medicine supplies in allopathy, ayurvedic, naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and other natural therapies from reputed Indian drug manufacturers.

You can also conveniently order wholesale homeopathic medicines by Phone or Whatsapp (#9686858499) or simply mail us at

Or fill up Online Order Form below


If you have any question about Wholesale Homeopathic medicine supplies or want to partner with us in your location, send us your you profile details with your ability to invest in Business. We will respond

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18 thoughts on “Buy Homeopathy in Bulk Online. Get Wholesale Supplies at best deal”

  1. I am a registered practioner in Canada. I want to order homeopathic medicines and supplies. Please advise.

  2. So that I know how much to order – how much liquid remedy would I need to make 1 llitre of dispensing remedy – I ahve a customer who wants a larger quantity of liquid Arnica 30C and other remedies to bottle himself for his family to use – and is worried that Covid may make gettign remedies harder – I make 30ml/50ml of liquid dispensing remedies all the time but not the larger amounts like a litre or 2 litres and am worried I might not put right amount in – and also that I wont order enough as he has other friends who may ask for the same? Hoping you can help me

    1. The largest packing of homeopathic medicines available for retail in India is POUND packing (450/500ml). You can order that

  3. मै एक होलसेल विक्रेता बनना चाहता हु इसके लिए दवा कहाँ से मिलेगा कंपनी से मुझे क्या फायदा मिलेगा इसका मार्गदर्शन करे

      1. i am from Pakistan . i want homeopathic medicines in semi bulk quantity.
        1.abroma augusta q wsi 10 bottles of 100ml
        2.cephalandra q wsi 10 bottles of 100 ml
        3.gymnema q wsi 10 bottles of 100 ml
        4.gymnema q wsi 10 bottles of 100ml
        5.arjuna q wsi 20 bottles of 100ml
        6.ashwagandha q wsi 20 bottles of 100ml
        7.jaborandi q wsi 10 bottles of 100ml
        8.pituitary gland 3x wsi tablets 10 pack
        9.syzium jambolanum q wsi 20 bottles of 100ml
        10. testis siccati 3x tablets dr reckeweg 27 bottles

        first of all calculate the shipping charges of the above mentioned order

        my email addrr

      2. Thank you for your order, however there are no courier services from India to Pakistan currently. We will inform you once it resumes

  4. I have authorized wholesale licence and we are planing to start wholesale supplies in our location.
    can get best deal for purchase medicine here.

      1. Am homeo Doctor based in Pakistan Islamabad . Wanted to buy homeo medicens

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