Dr.Reckeweg Medicines Clinical Repertory Index

Dr. Reckeweg Homeopathy Medicine Online Index of Medicines for look up

This clinical repertory index is intended to provide you quick and easy reference for Dr.Reckeweg homeopathic products. This look-up helps to identify Reckeweg medicines by symptoms or indications and supplements the complete list of Dr.Reckeweg Specialities (R1 to R89) listed on our site for complete information.

Symptoms Recommended Reckeweg Drops
Abscesses (Pus) Dr.Reckeweg R1
Adams Stoke’s Syndrome (cardiac arrhythmia, bradycardia) Dr.Reckeweg R66 Dr.Reckeweg R52
Adenoids Dr.Reckeweg R1
Adiposity (Overweight) Dr.Reckeweg R59 Dr.Reckeweg R19 Dr.Reckeweg R20
Adnexitis (inflammation of adnexa (as of the uterus) Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R38 Dr.Reckeweg R39
Acne vulgaris Dr.Reckeweg R53
Acroparaesthesia (tingling, prickling, burning, or numb feeling in the hands or feet) Dr.Reckeweg R60 Dr.Reckeweg R63
Albuminuria (excess of protein in the urine) Dr.Reckeweg R64
Allergies Dr.Reckeweg R23
Anemia Dr.Reckeweg R31 Alfalfa Tonic
Anal eczema Dr.Reckeweg R13
Anal fissures Dr.Reckeweg R13
Angina pectoris (chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart) Dr.Reckeweg R2 Dr.Reckeweg R3 Dr.Reckeweg R66
Ankylosing spondylitis Dr.Reckeweg R11
Aortalgia (Heart ailment) Dr.Reckeweg R2
Aortic sclerosis (Hardening of main artery of Heart) Dr.Reckeweg R12
Aphonia (disease of or damage to the larynx) Dr.Reckeweg R45
Apoplexy (unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from a cerebral haemorrhage) Dr.Reckeweg R55 Dr.Reckeweg R67 Dr.Reckeweg R12
acute Appendicitis Dr.Reckeweg R24 Dr.Reckeweg R38
Appendicitis, chronic Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R24 Dr.Reckeweg R38
Appetite ,loss of Dr.Reckeweg R31 Alfalfa Tonic
Arteriosclerosis (build-up of fats, cholesterol in and on the artery walls) Dr.Reckeweg R12
Arthritis Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R46 Dr.Reckeweg R24 Dr.Reckeweg R30
Osteo Arthritis Dr.Reckeweg R73 Dr.Reckeweg R30
Ascites (Abdominal swelling due to liver disease) Dr.Reckeweg R58 Dr.Reckeweg R7
Asthma Dr.Reckeweg R48 Dr.Reckeweg R34 Jutussin-syrup-Dr.Reckeweg R8 Dr.Reckeweg R9
Backpain, lower,  in the female Dr.Reckeweg R11 Dr.Reckeweg R50 Dr.Reckeweg R30
Bacteriuria Dr.Reckeweg R18
Basedow’s disease (thyroid overproduces hormones) Dr.Reckeweg R51
Blackheads Dr.Reckeweg R53
Blood-impurities Dr.Reckeweg R60
Boil Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R30
Bronchitis Dr.Reckeweg R6  Dr.Reckeweg R48 Dr.Reckeweg R57 Jutussin-syrup-Dr.Reckeweg R8 Dr.Reckeweg R9
Broncho pneumonia Dr.Reckeweg R6
Calcium malassimilation of Dr.Reckeweg R34
Calf muscle, cramps Dr.Reckeweg R63
Carbuncle Dr.Reckeweg R1
Cardiac decompensation Dr.Reckeweg R58 Dr.Reckeweg R3
Cardiac arrythmia (irregular beating of Heart) Dr.Reckeweg R66 Dr.Reckeweg R3
Cardiac neurosis Dr.Reckeweg R22
Cerebral sclerosis Dr.Reckeweg R12
Children oversensitivity in Dr.Reckeweg R54 Dr.Reckeweg R36
Cholecystitis (Inflammation of the gallbladder) Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R7
Cholelithiasis (Gallstones) Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R7 Dr.Reckeweg R37
Cholangitis (inflammation of the bile duct system) Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R7
Chorea Minor (uncoordinated jerking body movements) Dr.Reckeweg R36
Chronic appendicitis Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R24 Dr.Reckeweg R38
Circulatory disturbances Dr.Reckeweg R67
Cirrhosis of liver Dr.Reckeweg R7
Climacteric complaints Dr.Reckeweg R10
Colics Dr.Reckeweg R37
Cold, common Dr.Reckeweg R6
Colitis Dr.Reckeweg R4
Collapse Dr.Reckeweg R67
Comendones (open (blackhead) or closed (whitehead) skin pore Dr.Reckeweg R53
Conjunctivitis (Red Eyes) Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R62
Constipation (Hard Stools) Dr.Reckeweg R7 Dr.Reckeweg R37
Convalescence (Recovery from disease) Vita-C 15 Dr.Reckeweg R31 Dr.Reckeweg R41
Coronary insufficiency Dr.Reckeweg R2 Dr.Reckeweg R3
Coronary sclerosis Dr.Reckeweg R2 Dr.Reckeweg R12
Craddlecap (Crusting and white or yellow scales on a baby’s scalp) Dr.Reckeweg R34 Dr.Reckeweg R23
Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) Dr.Reckeweg R18 Dr.Reckeweg R25
Cysto-pyelitis (swelling of urinary bladder and of the pelvis) Dr.Reckeweg R18 Dr.Reckeweg R27 Dr.Reckeweg R64
Dental root, inflammation of Dr.Reckeweg R1
Diabetes mellitus Dr.Reckeweg R40
Diarrhoea (Loose motions) Dr.Reckeweg R4
Disc lesions Dr.Reckeweg R11
Dysmenorrhoea (painful periods) Dr.Reckeweg R75
Eczema Dr.Reckeweg R23 Dr.Reckeweg R21
Empyema (pus between between the lungs and the inner surface of the chest wall) Dr.Reckeweg R1
Endangitis obliterans (Inflammation of the intima of a blood vessel) Dr.Reckeweg R63
Endocrine glands, disturbances of Dr.Reckeweg R19 Dr.Reckeweg R20
Endocarditis (infection of inner lining of heart) Dr.Reckeweg R3
Enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine) Dr.Reckeweg R4
Enterocolitis (inflammation of the digestive tract) Dr.Reckeweg R4
Enuresis (inability to control urination) Dr.Reckeweg R74
Epilepsy/Epileptic seizure Dr.Reckeweg R33
Exhaustion Vita-C 15
Fever, debilitating Alfalfa Tonic
Flatulence (Gas) Dr.Reckeweg R7 Dr.Reckeweg R37
Furunculosis (infected, inflamed hair follicles) Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R30
Gastritis Dr.Reckeweg R5
Gastro-cardial syndrome Dr.Reckeweg R5 Dr.Reckeweg R2 Dr.Reckeweg R3
Gastro-duodenitis Dr.Reckeweg R5
Gastro-enteritis Dr.Reckeweg R4
Geriaticum Dr.Reckeweg R12 Dr.Reckeweg R2 Dr.Reckeweg R54
German measles Dr.Reckeweg R62
Glands, disturbances of Dr.Reckeweg R19 Dr.Reckeweg R20 Dr.Reckeweg R59
Globus hystericus (sensation of having a lump or something stuck in the throat.) Dr.Reckeweg R47
Goitre Dr.Reckeweg R51 Dr.Reckeweg R12 Dr.Reckeweg R59
Grave’s disease Dr.Reckeweg R51
Growing children Alfalfa Tonic
Hemorrhoids Dr.Reckeweg R13
Helminthiasis (Worms) Dr.Reckeweg R56
Hemicrania (persistent unilateral headache) Dr.Reckeweg R16
Hepatitis Dr.Reckeweg R7 Dr.Reckeweg R1
Herpes zoster Dr.Reckeweg R68
Hilar TB Dr.Reckeweg R57
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat) Dr.Reckeweg R32
Hypertonia ( tightness of muscle) Dr.Reckeweg R12
Hypotonia (decreased muscle tone) Dr.Reckeweg R44 Dr.Reckeweg R67 Dr.Reckeweg R29 Dr.Reckeweg R52
Impotence (erectile dsyfunction in male) Dr.Reckeweg R41
Immuneglobulin, formation of Dr.Reckeweg R26
Influenza Dr.Reckeweg R6
Injuries Dr.Reckeweg R55
Intercostal neuralgia (pain in ribs) Dr.Reckeweg R69 Dr.Reckeweg R68 Dr.Reckeweg R24
Intermittent claudication (muscle pain on mild exertion) Dr.Reckeweg R63 Dr.Reckeweg R12
Jaundice Dr.Reckeweg R7
Laryngitis (voice hoarseness) Dr.Reckeweg R45
Leucorrhea (white vaginal discharge) Dr.Reckeweg R10
Liver, diseases of Dr.Reckeweg R7
Lumbago (BackPain) Dr.Reckeweg R11 Dr.Reckeweg R30
Lung, TB of Dr.Reckeweg R57 Dr.Reckeweg R48
Lymphadenitis ( enlarged Immune system glands) Dr.Reckeweg R1
Lymphangitis (inflammation of the lymphatic system) Dr.Reckeweg R1
Mastitis (edness, swelling and pain in breasts) Dr.Reckeweg R1
Measles Dr.Reckeweg R62
Menorrhagia (heavy bleeding during menstrual periods) Dr.Reckeweg R28
Meteorism (rapid accumulation of gas in the intestine) Dr.Reckeweg R7 Dr.Reckeweg R5
Metrorrhagia (Uterine bleeding at irregular intervals) Dr.Reckeweg R28 Dr.Reckeweg R10
Migraine Dr.Reckeweg R16
Muscular rheumatism Dr.Reckeweg R11 Dr.Reckeweg R30
Myocardial infarct (Heart attack) Dr.Reckeweg R67 Dr.Reckeweg R55 Dr.Reckeweg R2
Myocardial insufficiency Dr.Reckeweg R3
Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) Dr.Reckeweg R3
Nausea Dr.Reckeweg R52 Dr.Reckeweg R5
Nephritis (Kidney inflammation) Dr.Reckeweg R64
Nephrolithiasis (Kidney stones) Dr.Reckeweg R27
Nephrosclerosis (hardening of the arterial walls in kidney) Dr.Reckeweg R12
Obesity (Overweight) Dr.Reckeweg R59 Dr.Reckeweg R19 Dr.Reckeweg R20
Occipital neuralgia (severe headache) Dr.Reckeweg R16 Dr.Reckeweg R70 Dr.Reckeweg R6
Ovaritis (inflammation of ovaries) Dr.Reckeweg R58 Dr.Reckeweg R64
Osteo-arthritis Dr.Reckeweg R73 Dr.Reckeweg R30
Operation, surgical Alfalfa Tonic
Osteochondritis (cartilage or bone in a joint is inflamed) Dr.Reckeweg R11
Osteomalacia (softening of your bones) Dr.Reckeweg R34
Osteoporosis Dr.Reckeweg R1
Ovaritis Dr.Reckeweg R1
Ovarian cyst Dr.Reckeweg R38 Dr.Reckeweg R39
Oxyuriasis (disease caused by pinworms) Dr.Reckeweg R54 Dr.Reckeweg R36 Dr.Reckeweg R56
Panaritium (also dactylitis), an acute purulent inflammation of a finger Dr.Reckeweg R1
Pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas) Dr.Reckeweg R72
Paraesthesias (tingling, crawling sensation) Dr.Reckeweg R63 Dr.Reckeweg R71
Parametritis (inflammation of connective tissue adjacent to the uterus) Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R38 Dr.Reckeweg R39 Dr.Reckeweg R10
Parotitis (swelling of salivary glands) Dr.Reckeweg R1
Peripheral circulatory disturbances Dr.Reckeweg R63
Pertussis (Whooping cough) Dr.Reckeweg R9 Jutussin-syrup-Dr.Reckeweg R8
Phlegmon (acute inflammation of the soft tissues) Dr.Reckeweg R1
Pleuritis Dr.Reckeweg R24
Pregnancy Dr.Reckeweg R6 Alfalfa Tonic
Prostate, hypertrophy of Dr.Reckeweg R25
Prostatitis (inflamed prostate) Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R25
Prostration (weakess or lying down on ground) Vita-C 15
Pruritus vulvae Dr.Reckeweg R10
Psoriasis Dr.Reckeweg R65
Pyelitis (inflammation of the renal pelvis) Dr.Reckeweg R18
Quinsy (inflammation of the throat) Dr.Reckeweg R1
Raynaud’s disease (some areas of the body feel numb and cool) Dr.Reckeweg R63
Rheumatism Dr.Reckeweg R11 Dr.Reckeweg R46 Dr.Reckeweg R30
Rheumatoid arthritis, acute Dr.Reckeweg R1 Dr.Reckeweg R24 Dr.Reckeweg R25
Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic Dr.Reckeweg R11 Dr.Reckeweg R30
Rickets (Weak bones) Dr.Reckeweg R34
Scarlet fever Dr.Reckeweg R1
Sciatica Dr.Reckeweg R71 and Dr.Reckeweg R30 Dr.Reckeweg R11 Dr.Reckeweg R30
Spasmophilia (tensive headache and cramps, abdominal spasms) Dr.Reckeweg R34
Tonsillar Rhypertrophy Dr.Reckeweg R1
Tonsillitis Dr.Reckeweg R1
TB of lung Dr.Reckeweg R57 Dr.Reckeweg R48
Teething complaints in children Dr.Reckeweg R35 Dr.Reckeweg R34
Thrombophlebitis Dr.Reckeweg R42
Thyreotoxicosis Dr.Reckeweg R51
Toothache Dr.Reckeweg R35
Torticollis Dr.Reckeweg R11
Tumors maligant ,benign Dr.Reckeweg R17
Typhoid fever Dr.Reckeweg R4
Ulcer,duodenal,parapyloric Dr.Reckeweg R5
Urticaria (Hives) Dr.Reckeweg R23
Uric acid diathesis (High Uric Acid) Dr.Reckeweg R7 Dr.Reckeweg R27
Varicellas (Chickenpox, a viral infection) Dr.Reckeweg R68
Varices (veins that are enlarged) Dr.Reckeweg R42
Vascular disturbances peripheral Dr.Reckeweg R63
Vertigo Dr.Reckeweg R29
Weight, loss of Alfalfa Tonic
Worms Dr.Reckeweg R56
Fits Dr.Reckeweg R33
Allergy, food Dr. Reckeweg R83
Allergy, inhalant Dr. Reckeweg R84
Alopecia Dr. Reckeweg R89
Anaemia Alfalfa Tonic
Appetite, loss of Alfalfa Tonic
Arthralgia Dr.Reckeweg R81
Asthma, constitutional Dr. Reckeweg R76
Baldness Dr. Reckeweg R89
Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) Dr. Reckeweg R78
Blood pressure Dr. Reckeweg R85
Cataract, incipient Dr. Reckeweg R78
Conjunctivitis, catarrhal Dr. Reckeweg R78
Cunjunctivitis, chronic Dr. Reckeweg R78
Constipation Dr.Reckeweg R77
Convalescence Alfalfa Tonic
Craving stimulants Dr. Reckeweg R86
Depression (post prandial) Dr. Reckeweg R86
Diplopia Dr. Reckeweg R78
Earache Dr.Reckeweg R82
Ear itch Dr.Reckeweg R82
Eating helps symptoms Dr. Reckeweg R86
Eyestrain Dr. Reckeweg R78
Fatigue Dr. Reckeweg R86
Fever, debilitating  Alfalfa Tonic
Fingernails, discoloration Dr.Reckeweg R82
Flu Dr. Reckeweg R88
Food craving Dr. Reckeweg R86
Foot, athletes Dr.Reckeweg R82
Grey hair, premature Dr. Reckeweg R89
Growing children Alfalfa Tonic
Hair loss, premature Dr. Reckeweg R89
Headache Dr.Reckeweg R77 ,81, 86, 89
Herpes Dr. Reckeweg R88
Hordeolum (localized swelling of the eyelid) Dr. Reckeweg R78
Hypertension Dr.Reckeweg R85
Hypoadrenia (Adrenal fatigue) Dr. Reckeweg R86
Immune system, weakened Dr.Reckeweg R87
Inability to concentrate Dr. Reckeweg R86
Infections, bacterial Dr.Reckeweg R87
Infections, external Dr.Reckeweg R87
Infections, fungal Dr.Reckeweg R82
Infections, internal Dr.Reckeweg R87
Infiltration, bacterial Dr.Reckeweg R87
Irritability Dr. Reckeweg R86
Jock itch  Dr.Reckeweg R82
Liver Dr.Reckeweg R77
Measles Dr. Reckeweg R88
Mono Dr. Reckeweg R88
Nausea Dr.Reckeweg R77
Opacity of vitreum  Dr. Reckeweg R78
Operation, surgical Alfalfa Tonic
Pains, myalgic (Muscle Pain) Dr.Reckeweg R81
Pains, nerualgic (Nerve Pain) Dr.Reckeweg R81
Pains, stomach Dr.Reckeweg R77
Palpitation, arrhythmic Dr.Reckeweg R77
Pregnancy Alfalfa Tonic
Skin, flaky Dr.Reckeweg R82
Skin infections, fungal Dr.Reckeweg R82
Smoker’s hangover Dr.Reckeweg R77
Smoker’s leg Dr.Reckeweg R77
Soreness Dr.Reckeweg R82
Symptoms hypoglycemic Dr. Reckeweg R86
Thrush in throat Dr.Reckeweg R82
Tympanitis (inflamed ear drum) Dr.Reckeweg R77
Vascular disturbances Dr.Reckeweg R77
Weakness Dr.Reckeweg R89
Weight, loss of Alfalfa Tonic
Withdrawal of smokers Dr.Reckeweg R77
Yeast, vaginal Dr.Reckeweg R82

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