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Cold, Catarrh Adel Aconite-30, Adel Gelsemium-30 Adel Ars-Alb-30, Adel Allium-Cepa 30 Adel 23 Adel BC-5
Cough Adel Ipecac 30, Adel Causticum 30 Adel Antim-Tart 30 Adel-7 Adel BC-6 / K.M. 6X
Bronchitis Adel Aconite 30, Adel Ipecac 6          Adel Broynia 30 Adel-83, Syrup Adel Cal-Sul-6X
Asthma Adel Ars-Alb-6, 30, Adel Ipecac-30   Adel Balatta-Q Adel-10 Adel Bc-2
Influenza Adel Eupat Perf-30 Adel-87 Adel F.P. 6X
Insomnia Adel Passiflora-Q Adel-25 Adel K.P. 6X
Mental stress Adel Acid Phos-200 Adel-51 Adel Five-Phos 6X
Anger Adel Chamomilla 200, I-M Adel-19
Normal Fever Adel Aconite 30  Adel Belladona 200 Adel-7 Adel Bc-11
Dengue-Chikungunya Adel Eupat Per 30, Adel Gelse-200 Adel-87 Adel Ars 10D 3X
Hair Fall Adel Acid-Floric-30  Adel Jaborandi Adel-9
Grey Hair Adel Thyrodinum-6X Adel-9
Unwanted Hair Adel Oleum- Jec 3X
Headache Adel Belladona-200 Adel-1 Adel B-C-12        Barium Mur 3X
Stye Adel Pulsatilla 30                                Adel Staphysagria-30 Adel-87 Adel Silicea 6X Anacardium 3X
Cataract Adel Causticum 30 Adel-17 Adel C.F. 12X     Silicea 12X
Ear pain Adel Belladona 30                                Adel Chamomilla 30
Mouth ulcers Adel Borax 30, Mercsol 30                  Adel Acid-Nit-30 Adel-87 Adel Hekla Lava 3X
Toothache Adel Plantago 30                              Adel Belladona-30                              Adel Cp 6X, Bc 21 Adel Bc No. 23     Hekla Lava 3X
Tonsil Adel Belladona-200                            Adel Hep-Sul200 Adel-24 Adel Bc No. 10     Hekla Lava 3X
Loss of Appetite Adel Aurum-Ars 200                            Adel Alfalfa Tonic Adel-34 Adel Nm-6X              Calc Hypophos 3X
Nausea Vomiting Adel Ipecac 30, Ars-Alb 30 Adel Cuprum Ars 3X
Abdominal pain Adel Colocynthis 30                          Adel Nux-Vom 30 Adel-5 Adel Bc No. 3 Antimonium Car 3X
Jaundice Adel Chelidonium 30                          Adel Podophylum 30 Adel-3
Loose motion Adel Merc Sol 30                                  Adel Verat Alb 30 Adel 49 Adel Bc No. 8
Gastric problems Adel Lycopod-30                                  Adel Carbo-Veg 30                              Adel Nux-Vom 30 Adel-5 Adel Bc No. 25 Antimonium Car 3X
Stomach worms Adel Cina 30 Adel Antimo Car 3X
Constipation Adel Nux-Vom 200                              Adel Graphites-200 Adel-11 Adel Bc No. 4
Piles Adel Sulphur-1M                                  Adel Nux-Vom 200                              Adel Collinsonia-30 Adel-2 Adel Bc No. 17
High Blood Pressure. Hypertension Adel Belladona-30                            Adel Glonine-30                                  Adel Rawvolfia-Q Adel-8 Adel Aurum Mur    Natr 4X
Low Blood Pressure, Hyptension Adel China-30                                      Adel Carbo-Veg-30                            Adel Camphur-30 Diacard Adel Neo Card Aurum Mur Natr 6X
Cystitis Adel Cantharis-30                                Adel Berb-Vulg-Q Adel-29 Adel Calc Oxy 3X
Kidney stones Adel Berb-Vulg-Q Cantharis-30       Adel Hydrangia-Q Lycopod-30 Adel-22
Diabetes Adel Syzgium.Jam-Q Adel-18 Adel B.C. 7    Insulinum 6X
Itching Mezerium-200 Adel-20 Adel B.C. 20            Ars Sulf Rub 3X
Boils, pimples Adel Hepar-Sul-200 Adel-12 Adel Silicea 12X      Ars Sulf Rub 3X
Acne Adel Berberis.Aqui Q Adel-12 Adel C.S. 12X            Ars Sulf Rub 3X
Ringworm Adel Sepia-30, Silicea 200 Adel-20 Adel B.C. 20            Ars Sulf Rub 3X
Eczema Dry Adel Petroleum-200 Sulphur-200 Adel-20 Adel Bc No. 20          Ars Sulf Rub 3X
Eczema Flaking Adel Graphites 30, Merl Sol 30 Adel 20 Adel 21
Hives prance Adel Apis-Mel-30, Urtica-U-30 Adel-12 Adel 78
Warts Adel Thuja-200, Acid-Nit-200 Adel- 40+86 Adel Silicea 12X
Warts Adel Antim Crud 200, Thuja 200 Adel-86
Leucoderma Adel Ars.Sulf Flav 3
Anemia Adel China 30, Fer-Met-3X Adel-79 Ferradona Adel Bc No. 1        Merc Sol 3X Lecithinum 3X
Obesity Adel Phytolacca-B Q Adel-13 Adel Graphites 3X Adel Phytolacca-B Tab
Tetanus Adel Ledum-Pal I-M,                                 Adel Hypericum I-M
Gall stones pain Adel Colestrinum 3X,                          Adel Chionthus Q                                Adel China-6,                                      Adel Chelidonium Q Adel Calc Oxy 3X
Sciatica Adel Colocynthis 200                          Adel Gnaphylum 200                          Adel Rhus Tox 200 Adel-39 Adel M.P. 30X
Back Pain Adel Rhus-Tox 200 Bryonia 200         Adel Aesculus-200 Adel-4 Adel Ova Testa 3X
Injuries Adel Arnica 200 Ruta 200 Adel-27
Fracture Adel Symphytum 200 Adel-27 Adel C.P. 6X
Leishmaniasis Adel Apis-Mel, 30 Adel Acid Care 30 Adel Ledum-Pal 200 Adel 87
Burns Adel Cantharis 30 Adel Canthatis Q (For Local Application)
Motion Sickness Adel Coculus-Ind-30                            Adel Petroleum 30
Heat Exhaustion Adel Glonione 30 Adel Belladona 30
Children’s teeth problems Adel Chamomilla 30                            Adel Calc-Carb 30 Adel Bc No. 21     Hekla Lava 3X
Bed wetting Adel Equisetum 30 Adel Sepia 30
Dysmenorrhoea Adel Caulophyllum 30                          Adel Colocynthis 30 Adel 31 Adel Bc No. 15
Leucorrhea Adel Sepia 30 Adel Borax 30                Adel Kreosotum 30 Adel-15 Adel Bc No. 13        Ova Testa 3X
Tonic for the woman Adel China-Q Adel Ashoka Q             Adel Alfalfaq Adel-79 Syrup Adel Bc No. 1
Nocturnal emission Adel Acid-Phos-Q Adel Sellenium 200 Adel Nux-Vom 200 Adel-36 Adel Bc No.27
Sexual weakness Adel Damiana-Q Adel Agnus Castq Adel Acid-Phos-Q                                Adel Aswagandha Q Adel-85 Adel Bc No.27 Yohimbinum 3X
Prostate Adel Sabal-Ser Q Adel Pulsatilla 30 Adel-21 Adel C.F. 12X
Weakness Adel Alfalfa-Tonic Adel-85 Syrup. Adel Bc-28

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  1. Spinal injury(bulges) at C4-C5,C-5-C6,C6-C7 due to Cervical Spondilotic Myelopathy. Total Paralysis below neck. Allopathic treatment for immediate relief. Now numbness persists i all 4 extremitis and lower half of back. Higly constipated. Diabetic/High TGL/High TSH.
    Pl suggest Homeopathic remedies.

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