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Homeopathy Remedy Finder. Check out disease wise symptoms and matching homeopathic remedy. Clinical repertory Index


Homeopathy Remedy finder is a free comprehensive resource derived from company clinical repertory indexes to help you access most common medical conditions, identified by symptoms and indexed in a alphabetical manner. No tedious form filling or using multiple choice questions, or complex software, just get help with indicated popular homeopathic products against the symptoms. Simple! This is your easy go-to-disease-index for easy educational reference, or help choose a remedy that matches yours symptom that you can buy online. Refer our clinical repertory (sorted alphabetically) for further details.

Remedy finder section is organised in two parts

  1. Alphabetically organised repertory list ( i.e.,  A – F, G – L, M-R, S -Z)

  2. Company/Brand wise repertory list – Dr.Reckeweg, Adel, SBL

Please note that the similium (the best matching remedy) has been reproduced from the manufacturer indicated repertory list, nothing on this site overtly indicates to constitute a diagnosis, or a claim for the effectiveness of any remedy in treating any condition. Please note that minor symptoms can often be a sign of something more serious, so if your symptoms persist or worsen, go and see your doctor, or a homeopath

The contents  provided in this web site is for information and educational purpose only and is not a substitute for professional medical or health advice, diagnosis, examination, or treatment.

A quick overview of disease wise list with indicated homeopathic remedies* is as follows




HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES FOR GENERAL AILMENTS Pain, swelling/inflammation, fever due to injury, accident or first aid, exposure to cold
Pain killers-cum-healers in case of sprain, fall, accident,injury, fracture
Depression and Anxiety due to tension & stress
Thyroid Problem
Dengue Fever, H1N1 (Swine flu), Weak Immunity
General Weakness, Recuperation (recovery from illness)
HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES FOR MUSCLE & JOINT PAINS Uric acid Diathesis (high uric acid in serum leading to pain in joints)
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Spondylitis,  Pleurisy
Medicines for local massage for painful joints, muscles
HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY FOR FACE & SKIN Pimples, Acne (Vulgaris) , Anti wrinkles, Dark circles under eyes, Dry chapped skin (Xerosis)
Psoriasis, Eczema causing itching
Ring worm, Fungal infection leading to itching
Shingles (Skin rash), Blood purifier, Warts
Burn treatment & dressing of skin burn wound
HOMEOPATHY MEDICINES FOR EYES, EAR, NOSE, TEETH &THROAT Conjunctivitis, Eye Strain, Cataract, Glaucoma
Catarrh, Nasal Blockage, Snoring, Sneezingear ailments
Toothache, Gingivitis, Bleeding Gums, Teething troubles, Caries, Bad Breath
Influenza/Viral Fever, Common cold
HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES FOR LOWER RESPIRATORY TRACT Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis (difficulty in Breathing)
HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES FOR UPPER ABDOMEN Stomach Problems : Acidity, Gastric ulcer, Eructation/ Belching
HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES FOR LOWER ABDOMEN Diarrhea, Food Poisoning, Intestinal infection (Vomiting)
(Diarrhea with Fever), Cold Cramps, Amoebiasis/Dysentery (Blood in stool)
HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES FOR URINARY TRACT UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), Kidney Stone, Prostate
HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES FOR FEMALE (GYNECOLOGICAL) PROBLEMS Irregular menstruation, Uterine health, Leucorrhoea,
Anemia(loss of blood), menstrual cramps, menopause issues
HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES FOR MALE (MEN’S) HEALTH Impotence (sexual neurasthenia), Premature ejaculation,
Mental Stress, Baldness (Alopecia)
Bed Wetting , Height increase, Memory booster
HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES FOR BRAIN & NERVOUS Headache & Migraine, Insomnia (disturbed sleep),
Fits, Vertigo, epilepsy, Varicose veins, Neuralgia
HOMEOPATHIC ORTHOPAEDIC MEDICINES Back Pain, Osteoporosis, Cramps & numbness in muscles,
Pain between ribs, Sciatica
Weight Loss, Addiction (Smoking, Drinking),
HOMEOPATHIC  MEDICINES FOR HEART (CARDIOVASCULAR) Heart efficiency, Low BP, Circulatory problems, High BP, Angina
HOMEOPATHY FAQ (frequently asked Questions) General guidelines about homeopathic medicines
BRAND WISE HOMEOPATHIC  MEDICINES, COMPANY, PACKING & INDICATION Commonly Sold Homeopathic Medicines along with their uses sorted Manufacturer wise. German Homeopathy Medicines

* – click on the disease condition link to get the list of homeopathic products

Alphabetical Order of diseases with their homeopathic remedies

A – L

Name of the    Disease/Disorder                                    Remedies
Abdominal disorders Nux-v. Carbo-v. Chin.
Abscess Belladonna Hep.  Merc.
Abuse of drugs, alcohol, tobacco  Nux-v. Tabacum Sul-ac.
Aching Arn. Rhus-t. Chin.
Acidity Calc. Nux-v.  Sul-ac.
Acne (pimples on face of youths) Asterias rub. Kalium brom. Calcarea phos.
Airsickness, vomiting Borax (three doses a day before traveling by air) Cocculus Indi Rhus Tox
Alopecia (Falling of hair) Lycopodium cla. Acid phos. Wiesbaden aq.
Anaemia Calcarea phos. China off. Ferrum met.
Anus itching, due to worms Cina Teucrium Spigelia ant.
Anus itching, burning, crawling Sulphur Ratanhia Ignatia ama.
Anxiety Aconite nap. Ignatia ama. Natrium mur.
Ankles- swelling Apis/mel. Stront-c. Ledum pal.
Appetite, loss of China off. Nux-v. Ferrum met.
Appetite increased or changed Cina Calcarea carb. China off.
Aphthae (mouth ulcers or stomatitis) Borax ven. Merc. sol. Acid nit.
Back-pain Rhus tox. Bryonia alb. Antimonium tart.
Back pain, lifting from Rhus tox. Calcarea carb. Graphites
Back pain with haemorrhoids Aesculus hip. Nux-v. ——————
Back pain before menses Kalium carb. Pulsatilla Lachesis mut.
Back pain during menses Causticum Kalium carb. Pulsatilla
Back pain lower Aesculus hip. Cimicifuga rac. Arnica mont.
Bad or foul breath Merc sol. Carbolicum acid Kreosote
Barber’s itch Rhus tox. Petroleum Tellurium
Bed sores Arnica mont. Calendula off. Acid fluor.
Bed-wetting Cina Sepia off. Kreosotum
Bites Apis (bees, insects) Lyssinum (dogs) Caladium (mosquito)
Belching Antimonium crud. Argentum nit. Carbo veg.
Bleeding gums Carbo veg. Merc sol. Arnica mont.
Bleeding piles Acid nit. Hamamelis Ferrum phos.
Blood, loss of (haemorrhage) China off. Hamamelis  Phosphorus
Blood presure high Baryta mur. Aurum met. Lachesis mut.
Blood presure, low Cactus gran. China off. Carbo veg.
Blisters Natrium mur.(around lips) Cantharis (feet) Due to excess walks Apis (insect bites)
Bone injuries Symphytum Arnica mont. Ruta
Bone enlargement Calcarea fluor. Acid fluor. Hecla lava
Bones pain Eupatorium perf. Ruta Asafoetida
Breathlessness Calcarea carb. Arsenic alb. Carbo veg.
Burns cantharis Hepar sulphur Kalium bich. (deep burns)(pus formed)
Burning of soles Sulphur Sanguinaria c. Lycopodium cla.
Burning of palms Sulphur Petroleum Phosphorus
Burning of chest Carbo veg. Sulphur —————
Burning of urine cantharis Sulphur Merc cor.
Burning of vagina Carbo an. Kreosotum Sulphur
Car sickness, travel sickness Cocculus ind. Ignatia ama. Petroleum
Changing or shifting pains Kalium bich. Pulsatilla Lac can.
Children General Disorders/Awkward Behaviour
Weak, mentally or physically Baryta carb. Calcarea phos. Kalium phos.
Is afraid of downward motions Borax ven. ————— ————–
Irritable behavior, quiet when carried Chamomilla ————– —————
Rachitic Calcarea carb. ————– —————
Complaints of pains in legs Calcarea phos.
Smells sour Calcarea carb. Hepar sulph. Rheum
Desires things but refuses when given Chamomilla Bryonia —————-
Pulls own hair Belladonna ———— —————-
Very shy Silicea ter. ———— —————-
Keeps hands moving on objects of the table Kalium mur. ———— —————
Shakes feet while sitting on chair Lycopodium cla. ———– —————-
Tosses, kicks clothes off, restless sleep Arsenicum alb. ———— —————-
Eats excessive salt Natrium mur. ———– —————–
Eats excessive sweets Argentum nit. ———— —————–
Chews cloth and raw food-rice Alumina ————- —————-
Eats earth, lime, clay, chalk Calcarea carb. Alumina Acid Nit.
Crying before urinating Lycopodium cla. Borax ven. ————–
Crying during teething Chamomilla Calcarea phos. —————
Crying during teething, milk disagrees Aethusa cyan. ————— —————
Crying spells- withholding breathing, when crying Ferrum met. ————— —————-
Colic, infantile Allium cepa Aloe Chamomilla
Frightened in sleep Lycopodium cla. ————— —————
Late learning to talk Natrium mur.*
Late learning to walk Calcarea carb.*
*consult a doctor
Constipation of infants Alumina Bryonia alb. Magnesium carb.
Diarrhoea of children Chamomilla Podophyllum peli. Calcarea carb
Diarrhoea of children during dentition Calcarea carb. Podophyllum peli. Chamomilla
Infants, nose block at night Sambucus —————– ——————
Children pulling penis frequently Merc sol. Cantharis ——————
Coryza (discharge from nose, eyes common cold) Allium cepa Arsenicum alb. Natrium mur.
Coryza with irritating eyes Euphrasia off. —————– ——————
Cold, dry weather increases it Aconitum nap. Calcarea carb. Hepar sulp.
Cold, wet weather increases it Rhus tox. Calcarea carb. Dulcamara
Cold, nose running during day and nose block at night Nux-v.
Calculus (stones) in kidneys Berberis vulg. Consult a doctor, if it fails
Caries of teeth  Kreosotum Merc sol. Plantago maj.
Coccyx pain due to injury Hypericum perf. Graphites —————-
Cervical spondylosis Rhus tox. Conium mac. Acid phos.
Constipation, general Nux-v. Alumina Bryonia alb.
Constipation, ineffectual urging Lycopodium cla. Nux-v. Sulphur
Constipation alternating with diarrhoea Antim crud. Nux-v. Chelidonium maj.
Constipation, before and during menses Natrium mur. Sepia off. Silicea ter.
Constipation during pregnancy*(* Consult a doctor) Alumina Nux-v. Sepia off.
Constipation, stool slips back Silicea ter. Thuja occ. Sanicula aq.
Constipation of travelers Platinum met. Nux-v. —————-
Constipation, no desire for days  Alumina Bryonia alb. Hydrastis
Corns Antimonium crudum Thuja occ. Acidum nit.
Cough dry Aconitum nap. Belladonna Ipecac
Cough, wet Bryonia alb. Belladonna Antim tart.
Cough, eating aggravates Bryonia alb. Cocc-c Kalium bi.
Cough of old people Alumina Antimonium tart. Baryta carb.
Cough, urine escapes with Causticum Rumex Pulsatilla
Cough, whooping Carbo veg. Ipecac Drosera rot.
Cough, talking aggravate Rumex cris. Phosphorus Drosera rot.
Cough with vomiting of food Ipecac  Drosera rot. Ferrum phos.
Coughing bring pain in head Belladonna  Bryonia alb.  Capsicum
Chest pain with flatulence Carbo veg. —————- ————-
Cramps, legs and calves Ambra gris. Cuprum met. Magnesium phos.
Cracked lips, fingertips Natrium mur. Graphites —————-
Cracking of joints Causticum Kalium bi. Petroleum
Cramps Colocynthis Cuprum met. Magnesium phos.
Dandruff Calcarea carb. Thuja occ. Graphites
Dentition (teething) Calcarea phos. Ferrum phos. Aconitum ape
Desire for salt Causticum Sepia off. Conium mac.
Diarrhoea Aconitum nap. Aloe China off.
Diarrhoea, hot weather Podophyllum pel. Antimonium crud. Aloe
Diarrhoea, early morning Sulphur Podophyllum pel. Natrium sulph.
Diarrhoea with flatus escaping Argentum nit. China off. Aloe
Diarrhoea, offensive Chamomilla Podophyllum pel. Arsenicum alb.
Diarrhoea with force like Podophyllm a shot Podophyllum pel. Croton tig. —————-
Diarrhoea, sour stink Calcarea carb. Rheum Hepar sulph.
Diarrhoea with rumbling Aloe Natrium sulph. Acidum phos.
Diarrhoea with undigested particles Calcarea carb. China off. Ferrum phos.
Drinks desired, very hot  Arsenicum alb. Chelidonium maj. ——————
Drinks desired, cold Pulsatilla Selenium met. ——————
Drinks desired, very cold Phosphorus —————– ——————
Drowsiness Acidum phos. Gelsemium sem. ——————
Dryness of mouth Bryonia alb. Arsenicum alb ——————
Dryness of mouth, no thirst Apis Nux mos. Pulsatilla
Dyspepsia (gastric symptoms) Carbo veg. China off. Lycopodium cia.
Dysentery Mercurius cor. Ipecac Ferrum phos.
Ear pain Belladonna Aconitum Chamomilla
Ear discharge Pulsatilla Mercurius sol. Hepar sulph.
Eating more (hungry) Cina lodium Sulphur
Eats well but looses weight Abrotanum lodium Natrium mur.
Ecchymosis (blueness of skin-‘neel’)  Arnica mont. Ledum pal. Acidum sulph.
Emotional, easily excited Aconitum nap. Arsenic alb. Causticum
Eczema (general) see next chapter Arsenicum alb. Mercurius viv. —————-
Epistaxis (Nose bleeding) Bryonia alb. Millefolium Ipecac
Eructations Argentum nit. Carbo veg. Sulphur
Eruptions in winter Alumina Petroleum Psorinum
Examination fear Anacardium occ. Argentum nit. Gelsemium sem.
Exostosis (bone enlargement) Calcarea fluor.  Acidum fluor. Hecla lava
Exposure to cold winds, all diseases Aconitum nap. Rhus tox. —————–
Expulsion of foreign bodies Silicea ter. —————- —————–
Extremities swollen Apis Mercurius sol. Natrium mur.
Excessive sexual desire Staphysgaria Phosphorus —————-
Eyes burning, tears bland Allium cepa Arsenicum alb. —————-
Eyes red Belladonna Euphrasia off. —————-
Eyes over straining Ruta Natrium mur. Senega
Eyes disorders, watering, red etc. Euphrasia off ————— —————
Eyes lids glued together after sleep Borax ven. Pulsatilla Argentum nit.
Eyes upper lids swelling Kalium carb. ————– —————
Eyes, swelling below Apis ————— —————
Eyes, dark rings around China off. Natrium carb. Phosphorus
Fever, simple, exposure to cold Aconitum nap Bryonia alb. Nux-v.
                                          (Please see fever in details in the next chapter)
Formication (creeping sensation) Aconitum nap. Agaricus mus. Natrium mur.
Flatulence (gas) Carbo veg. Pulsatilla China off.
 Facial blemishes  Berberis aqui. Cimicifuga rac. Sepia off.
Face, upper lip swelling  Hepar sulph. Apis Natrium mur.
 Face, much oily, greasy Natrium mur. Thuja occ. Psorinum
Face pain Aconitum nap.(General) Kalmia lat. (right) Spigelia ant.(left)
Facial pain (right) Kalmia lat. Pulsatilla Aconitum nap.
Facial pain (left) Spigelia ant.  Colocynthis —————-
Falling out of hair Acidum phos. Lycopodium cia. Natrium mur.
Fastidiousness Arsenicum alb. Anacardium ori. Nux-v.
Feet, sweat offensive Silicea ter. Calcarea carb. —————-
Feet burning Sanguinaria can Chamomilla Sulphur
Feet numbness Arsenicum alb. Natrium mur. Acidum phos.
Feet heaviness Alumina Arsenicum alb. Natrium mur.
Fidgety (Uneasiness of nerves, muscles of hands and feet) Kalium brom. Zincum met. Phosphorus
Fissures and cracks Graphites Silicea ter. ——————
Fingers, boring in nose by children Cina Sulphur ——————
Fingers, crack Calcarea carb. Natrium mur. Petroleum
Fistula Calcarea carb. Calcarea phos. Silicea ter.
Forgetfulness of old persons Lycopodium cla. Acidum phos. Baryta carb.
Fright, ailments from Aconitum nap. Ignatia am. Opium
Fractures of bones Arnica mont Symphytum off. Ruta
Fungus growth, corns, warts Thuja occ. Causticum Acidum Nit.
Forehead eruptions Ledum pal. Natrium mur. Sepia off.
Forehead heaviness Aconitum Belladonna Natrium mur.
Gallstone pain Calcarea carb. Berber’s vulg. China off.
Gastric problems Carbo veg. Pulsatilla Calcarea carb.
Genitals burning, hot Coffea cru. Tarantula his. —————–
Genitals, eruptions Rhus tox. Petroleum Sulphur
Genitals, itching Coffea cru. Radium brom. Natrium mur.
Genitals, offensive odour Sarsaparilla Sulphur Thuja occ.
Giddiness (looking down) Argentum nit. Colocynthis Silicea ter.
Giddiness (looking up) Causticum Pulsatilla Kalium phos.
Glands, stony hard Bromium Conium mac. Carbo an.
Glands swelling (general) Rhus tox. Mercurius sol. Aurum met.
Grinding of teeth (sleep) Cina Belladonna Calcarea carb.
Grief, effects of lgnatia ama. Natrium mur. Causticum
Gripe of children (pain) Chamomilla Colocynthis Magnesium phos.
Goitre Calcarea carb. lodium Spongia tos.
Gout, joints Urtica urens-Q Acidum Benz. Ledum pal.
Greasy skin (oily) Natrium mur. Bryonia alb. Causticum
Gums bleeding Carbo veg. Mercurius sol. Acidum nit.
Gums, receding Ammonium carb. Mercurius sol. Carbo veg.
Gums, painful boil and swelling Borax ven. Belladonna Mercurius sol.
Haemorrhage Please see blood, loss of in ‘B’
Haemorrhage after tooth extraction Arnica mont. Hamamelis vir. Bovista lyc.
Haemorrhage, from uterus Sabina Hamamelis vir. China off.
Haemorrhoids (piles), external Aesculus hip. Hamamelis vir. Aloe
Haemorrhoids, internal Nux vomica Arsenic alb. Sulphur
Haemorrhoids, blind Aesculus hip. Nux vomica Sulphur
Haemorrhoids, bleeding Acidum nit. Hamamelis vir. Hypericum per.
Haematuria (blood in urine)* (* Consult a doctor) Sarsaparilla Hepar sulph. Lycopodium cla.
Haemoglobin, to raise Ferrum phos. 3x —————— —————
Hair loss of Please see Alopecia in ‘A’
Hair falling in bunches, handfuls Carbo veg. Mezereum Phosphorus
Hair falling after pregnancy and disease Natrium mur. Sepia off. ————–
Hair on face on lips/chin of women* (*consult a doctor) Thuja occ. Oleum jec. 3x ————–
Hair falling after parturition Carbo veg. Sulphur Lycopodium cla.
Hair oily and greasy Bryonia alb. Mercurius sol. Acidum phos.
Hair dry Calcarea carb. Thuja occ. Sulphur
 Hard bed, lying on sensation Arnica mont. Baptista tin. Pyrogenium
Headache, frontal Aconitum nap. Belladonna Byronia alb.
 Headache, frontal extending to eyes, Nose or face Agaricus mus. Byronla aib. Aloe
Headache, frontal extending to back of head, neck and spine Byronia alb. Gelsemium sem. Lac def.
Headache, back of head Bryonia alb. Cimicifuga rac. Nux vomica
Headache from back of head to Eyes and forehead Gelsemium sem. Sanguinaria can. Silicea ter.
Headache left sided Spigelia ant. Colocynthis Lachesis mut.
Headache, right-sided Belladonna Sanguinaria can. Calcarea carb.
Headache of school -girls Calcarea phos. Natrium mur. —————
Headache periodical Sanguinaria can. Iris versicolor ————–
Headache goes from left to right Lachesis mut. —————– ————–
Headache goes from right to left Belladonna —————- —————
Head-lice* (*Externally, use lotion  Natrium mur. Carbolicum acid. Psorinum
of sabadilla at night and wash in the morning. Comb hair with lice-comb duly dipped in lukewarm water after each combing- stroke. Repeated strokes each day help. Special lice combs are available in the market)
Head problems, late effect of injuries Arnica mont. Natrium sulph. Natrium mur.
Healing is poor in ulcers, boils Hepar sulph. Mercurius sol. Silicea ter.
Heat, burning sensation Arsenicum alb. Sanguinaria can. Sulphur
Heart -burn Please see gastric problems under ‘G’
Heaviness of stomach after eating China off. Nux vomica Pulsatilla
Heaviness of abdomen, load Lycopodium cla. Aloe Graphites
Heaviness of bladder Lycopodium cla. Natrium mur. Sepia
Heaviness of uterus China off. Sepia —————-
Heels pain Pulsatilla Causticum Cyclamen
Hernia (*consult a doctor) Lycopodium cla.* Nux vomica Acidum nit.
Hiccoughs Magnesium phos. 12x Nux vomica Ignatia am.
Hips, painful Arnica mont. Phytolacca dec. Ruta
Hoarseness Causticum Arum trip. Sulphur
Home sickness Ignatia ama. Bryonia alb. Acidum phos.
Hunger, more (Also see appetite) With loss of flesh lodum Abrotanum Natrium mur.
Hypertension and hypotension Please see blood pressure in ‘B’
Hydrocele* (consult a doctor) Rhododendron Graphites Pulsatilla
Inability to think Natrium sulph. Natrium carb. Nux mos.
Inactive lethargic Nux mos. Acidum phos. Gelsemium sem.
Incontinence of urine or stool Causticum Acidum phos. Kreosoteum
Indifferent to others (apathy) Acidum phos. Sepia Ambra gris. (to all things)
Indigestion* (* see dyspepsia under ‘D’) Pulsatilla Nux vomica Aethusa (When over-fed)
Impotency Acidum phos. Selenium met. Staphysagria
Impotency due to masturbation Staphysagria Agnus castus Lycopodium cla.
Inflammation of eye-lids Graphites Mezereum Argentum nit.
Influenza Eupatorium pert. Rhus tox. Gelsemium sem.
Injury to eyes Symphytum off. Aconite Ledum
Injury to eye-ball Arnica mont. Ledum pal. Symphytum off.
Injury due to fracture Symphytum Arnica mont. Calcarea phos.
Injury to head Arnica mont. Natrium sulph. ——————
Injury, sprains, strains Rhus tox. Calcarea carb. Nux vomica
Insects bite Apis mel. Ledum pal. Arsenicum alb.
Insomnia, sleeplessness Aconitum nap. Ignatia am.  Coffea crud.
Insult, bad effects of Anacardium ori. Ignatia am. Colocynthis
Involuntary sighing Ignatia am. Calcarea phos. Lachesis mut.
Involuntary stool in children Aloe ——————– —————-
Itching on undressing Rumex cris. Natrium suph. Oleander
Itching, Scratches till it bleeds Mezereum Arsenicum alb. Psorinum
Itching without eruptions Dolichos prur Arsenicum alb. Mezereum
Itching, burning after Rhus tox. Petroleum Sulphur
Itching, anus Cina Aloe Sulphur
Jaundice Chelidonium maj. Lycopodium cia. Nux vomica
Jaundice, liver painful China off. Podophyllum pel. Sepia off.
Jaws swelling Hecla lava Kreosotum Acidum nit.
Joints,cracking Causticum Ginseng quin. Aconitum nap.
Joints pain Eupatorium pert. Argentum met. Symphytum off.
Joy, excessive, ill effects, insomnia Coffea ——————- ——————
Keloids Acidum fluo. Silicea ter. Thuja occ.
Kidney disorders* Berberis vul. Apis mel. Terebinthina ch.
Kidney stone* (*Consult a doctor) Berberis vul. Calcarea carb. Ocimum can.
Knees pain, simple Berberis vul. Dioscorea vil. Rhus tox.
Knees pain, rheumatic Acidum Ben. Causticum Phytolacca dec.
Knees, synovitis (lack of bone lubricant) Apis mel. Sulphur Bryonia alb.
Knees, swelling Apis mel. Ledum pal. Acidum nit.
Lactation (Breast milk) late coming and suppressed later Aconitum nap. Asafoetida Calcarea carb.
Lactation, absence of milk Millefolium Pulsatilla Galega Officinalis
Lactation, for terminating Lac can. Pulsatilila ——————
Laryngitis Aconitum nap. Spongia tos. Kalium bi.
Lassitude (weariness) Sepia off. Acidum phos. Ferrum phos.
Laughing causing more of disease Borax ven. Stannum met. Phosphorus
Laughing on matters (triffles) that are insignificant Cannabis indi. Hyoscyamus nig. ——————
Lethargic Nux mos. Gelsemium sem. ——————-
Leucorrhoea Calcarea carb. Sepia off. Borax ven.
Lentigo ( freckles) brown Calcarea carb. Pulsatilla Sulphur
Lice in head  See ‘Head’
Lifting weight, causing pain, strains Arnica mont. Rhus tox. —————
Lips crack Natrium mur. Sepia off.  Psorinum
Liver disorders, general Chelidonium maj. Lycopodium cla. China off.
Liver enlarged Natrium sulph. Lycopodium cla. —————
Loquacity (talking too much) Lachesis mut. Stramonium Hyoscyamus nig.
Lumbar region pain See Back pains under ‘B’
Lump feeling in throat Asafoetida Ignatia ama. ——————
Lying down frequently, desire Gelsemium sem. Nux vomica Silicea ter.
Lying down causes aggravaion Rhus tox. Pulsatilla nig. Natrium sulph.
Lying down causes amelioration  Nux vomica Bryonia alb. —————–
Lying right side cause aggravation  Rhus tox. Magnesium mur. Stannum met.
Lying left side cause aggravation  Pulsatilla nig. Spigelia ant. Kalium carb.
Lying right side cause amelioration  Natrium mur. Sulphur —————-
Lying left side cause amelioration  Ignatia ama. Stannum met. —————-
Lying painful side cause amelioration Bryonia alb. Pulsatilla nig. Calcarea carb.
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