Emergency/First Aid remedy Reference Guide

Homeopathy is a scientific discipline, practiced by qualified Homeopaths. It offers some very effective medicines for the treatment of various common ailments. Since homeopathic medicines are free from side effects it makes it possible, that ready made medicines provided by reputed manufacturers, can be administered at home safely. Although more than one product can be used, we have recommended only the most effective remedy according to our medical advisor.

Below list identifies some such common ailments. Study the table below and identify your symptoms to select the appropriate remedy for your ailments. IN CASE THERE IS IN NO RELIEF , PLEASE CONSULT A HOMEOPATH. This is a reference guide by SBL (provided with their Home Kit), medicines referred are easily available at all leading homeopathic stores in the country at affordable prices or can be purchased online from our eStore.

1 Acidity With flatulent colic No. 25 2
2. Acne Pustular and painful Hepar Su1ph 30 1
3. Bruises *Arnica 200 & Arnica Oint. 1
4. Bums/scalds (minor) *Cantharis 30 & Cantharis Oint. 1
5. Colic (pain) Pain reduces by pressing abdomen Colocynth 30 1
6. Common Cold Flu like symptoms AF-TABS 2
7. Constipation Constipated feeling even after motion Nux Vomica 30 1
8. Cough Acute inflammatory conditions, pain in throat Belladonna 30 1
9. Cuts *Calendula Ointment 1
10. Diarrhoea (loose motions) Painless watery stools Podophyllum 30 1
Ear ache Very painful, irritable and child cries In sleep Mullein ear drops Chamomilla 30 1
12. Flatulence Feeling of fullness or bloated feeling Carbo Vegetabilis 30 1
13. Indigestion After heavy meals Pulsatilla Nigricans 30 1
14. Insects bites Ledum Palustre 30 1
15. Muscular cramps In legs Magnesium Phos. 2
16. Joint Pain Joints swollen and painful, improves with movement Rhus tox 200 1
17. Sleeplessness with anxiety Tranquil tablets 2
18. Tonsillitis Recurrent tonsillitis with fever Tonsilat tablets 2
19. Toothache Staphysagria 200 1
20 Trauma Fractures and swelling
of tissues due to injury
21. Travel sickness Nausea, vomiting, giddiness while travelling Cocculus Indicus 30 1
22. Vomiting With nausea 1 Ipecac 30 1

Pills for oral intake and simultaneously apply ointment locally. *Medicine to be taken 15 minutes before or after meals.


DOSE  (1) (Dilution in Pills) Adults: 4 Pills, 3-4 times daily. Children: 2 pills, 4 times daily.
DOSE (2) for Speciality products, Bio-Chemics and Bio-combinations please read the labels on bottles.
DOSE (3) (Dilution and Liquid) Adults : 2 drops in tbsp of water, 4 times daily. Children : 1 drop in 1 tsp of water, 4 times daily.

1. Acidity With heart bum Natrum Phos 2
With sour eructation (belching) Carbo Vegetabilis 30 3
2. Pimples / Boils Persistant boils that do not heal easily Calcarea Sulph 2
3. Anaemia Due to poor digestion or loss of blood Ferrum sip Syrup No. 1 2
4. Appetite (Loss of) Alfalfa tonic 2
5. Body pain/ache with fever Bryonia 30 3
with coryza AF TABS 2
6. Colic (pain) Griping pain due to accumulation of flatulence No. 3 2
7. Coryza Frequents in anaemic persons No. 5 2
8. conjunctivitis Watering, redness,  painful irritation Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia eye drops Euphrasia 30 3
9. Constipation Stools dry and hard, with bad taste in the mouth No. 4 2
10. Cough Rattling cough with nausea Ipecac 30 3
Dry cough Stodal 4. Cough syrup 2
11. Dandruff Itchy skin (scalp) Kali sulphuricum 2
With hair falling Scalptone tablets 2
12. Dentition Delayed dentition & calcium supplement No. 21 2
For trouble free dentition Denton tablets/Syrup 2
13. Diarrhoea (loose motions) Offensive with undigested food No. 8 2
14. Dysentery First stage of dysentery No. 9 2
Bloody stools with pain & tenesmus Mercurius Solubilis 30 3
15. Ear ache Due to infection in throat, Neck enlarged glands Kali Muriaticum 2
16. Pyrexia With inflammatory condition No. 11 2
17. Food poisoning Diarrhea and vomiting Arsenic Album 30 3
18. Gingivitis
(inflammation of gums)
Painful and bleeding gums Homeodent toothpaste Mercurius Solubilis 30 3
Pyorrhoea No. 18 2
19. Headache Due to exhaustion No. 12
Due to exposure to sun Glonoinum 30 3
20. Liver disorders Loss of appetite, jaundice nausea, vomiting Liv T syrup 2
21. Leucorrhoea In young girls No. 13 2
Profuse, offensive, with or without itching Pelvorin tablets 2
22. Menstrual troubles Irregular menses No. 15 2
Dysmenorrhoea Dysmin tablets 2
23. Nervousness Nervousness, loss / impaired memory No. 16 2
24. Piles Piles with backache No. 17 2
Bleeding or painful with constipation FP-TABS 2
25. Joint & Muscle pain Joint pains, pain in muscles, shoulders No. 19 2
Pains relieved by rest, worsens by movement Bryonia 30 3
26. Sprains Of ankle or wrist *Rute 30 & Ruta Ointment 3
27. Tonsillitis (Sore throat) Enlarged tonsils No. 10 2
28. Weakness General debility with sexual weakness No. 27 2
with loss of appetite, tired feeling Alfalfa tonic 2
29. Worm infestation Grinding of teeth, irritability Cina 30 3
Painful abdomen, itching in anus. variable apptite Wormorid Drops 2


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20 thoughts on “Emergency/First Aid remedy Reference Guide”

  1. Wondering what are the AF tabs, AT tabs, Tonsil and Tranquil. Could you please advise what those are? Thanks

  2. Which medicine is needed for upset stomach after I ate turmeric and raw garlic? Now I am feeling like my stomach is burning. I usually have weak stomach. Please advice.

    1. I am also feeling burning sensation in the whole hip area. When I pass stool, it burns around anus. Please advice how can I get rid of it too.

  3. Can I have the above mention medicines in liquid form ? What wil be its cost ? Send me details of medicines liquid / tab. form . Give me the address of seller .

    1. Yes you can get all the remedies in liquid form also, comes in various sizes like 20ml, 30ml, 100ml etc. You can also call or whatsapp 9686858499 to order by phone since we would like to know more details of your requirement

  4. Hi,
    I am 21 (M)..I am suffering from pimples.There are small pimples on forehead and red eruptions on cheek which are quite painful.I have oily skin.Which homeopathy medicine I should take (in dilution) and in what potency and what doses so that I will get clear skin.Because I can’t go and consult doctor everytime I get acne.So, plz help me so that i can treat at home.I shall be thankful to you.
    Thank you.

    1. Acne (pimples on face of youth) the homeopathy medicines of choice are Asterias rub, Kalium brom, Calcarea phos

  5. I Sandip Bhakta suffering from Eczema (skin) outside and inside of my cheek. So, give correct solution and treatment

  6. Hi
    My wife is suffering from ovarian cyst of size 48*51. The adviced for oophorinum 3x manufactured in Germany only. I finding it very difficult to get it in my city.
    Could you arrange the same for me.
    Thank you

    1. Lymphoma is a group of blood cancers that develop in the lymphatic system, it starts in the infection-fighting cells of the immune system, called lymphocytes. Lymph vessels route lymph fluid through nodes throughout the body. Lymph nodes are small structures that work as filters for harmful substances. Cancer Homeopathic medicines like Cystus for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hoang nan Q (tds), Echinacea Q (pain) are some examples

  7. Hi .
    I’m shuaib from Karachi Pakistan
    My wife is a patient of Motor Axonal ( GBS ) since 30 jan. 2012 ( n she was pregnant )
    7 sessions of plasma Pharisees have been done
    After more than one year of physical therapy , she abel to walk with help of wall or someone
    but not recover 100%
    She looks like 60% recover
    Her legs are weak day by day till now
    But now I’ve nothing
    My businesses have been decreased by 400%
    If you may do anything for me then tell me
    00923002119527 cell , what’s up , imo
    Have a good night

    1. Sorry to hear about the condition for your wife…the best we could do is send you homeopath recommended medicines for her condition at cost basis….we get a lot of inquiries from Pakistan but sending medicines from India is difficult because of restrictions in your country

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