Essential Drug List – Common Homeopathic medicines for all Seasons

This essential drug list (EDL) is published by the Dept. of Ayush, under a consultative process and includes only generic medicines from Pharmacopeia, formulary and authoritative texts and is indicated as guiding tool for procurement and stocking of medicines in the public health system ( i.e., supply of homeopathy medicines in dispensaries and hospitals and co-located homeopathic facilities in PHCs, CHCs, and District Hospitals). The essential drug list has been arrived keeping in mind disease prevalence, evidence of efficacy, safety and comparative cost effectiveness. It  also keeps in mind specific consideration factors like multiple indications, dosage forms and diverse preferences of practitioners which may vary between locations. It aims to provide a careful selection of essential medicines with a limited range resulting in higher quality of patient care.

The AYUSH essential drug list were last formulated in 2000 and updated subsequently by taking inputs of homeopathic practitioners, who by virtue of being in direct touch with the patients know better about the access, quality and culturally appropriate use of homeopathy and other alternative medicines. This has resulted in a harmonized approach accommodating certain medicines in the EDL which are prepared by practitioner in a particular region because of their composition, long history of safe and effective use for certain ailments and which are not much practiced in other parts of the country owing to ignorance as well as lack of availability. This can be a essential guide to all homeopathic practitioners, not just restricted to Govt clinics/hospitals alone for procurement and stocking of medicines in their health facility.

Homeopathy essetntial medicine Lis

Other Points to be noted

The medicines listed in the Essential Drugs List should be procured from a genuine supplier who meets the licensing requirement and quality standards in the Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940

To discourage loose dispensing of medicines to patients, it is advisable to procure medicines in standard unit pack sizes as indicated in EDL for each medicine. The unit pack size of the medicine has been indicated on the basis of weekly requirement of medicines to be given to the patients. Small dispensable paper bags, plastic bottles, polythene envelops etc. may be used for dispensing medicines to patients for 3-4 days. Homoeopathic medicines are particularly dispensed in globules in glass/plastic phials with cork.

The indications, contraindications and precautions of use given against each medicine are the general and illustrative or reference books.

The medicines to be procured out of the EDL must be distributed to patients under medical supervision.

Due care of the storage conditions and expiry dates of the medicines should be taken, Spoiled or expired medicines should not be used or dispensed.


Salient Features – Essential Drug List

The EDL contains generic homeopathic medicines based on Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India. Following aspects should be observed while considering procurement of medicines-

  1. The homeopathic system is based on subjective and objective symptoms of ailments and the medicines are not disease-specific. The same medicines are used by clinicians in different ailments on the basis of symptom complex and individual’s psycho-physical characteristics.
  2.  Homeopathic medicines are proven to be effective in treating large number of acute as well as chronic ailments. The successful treatment ensues when a physician understands the dimensions of the disease in the homeopathic perspective and accordingly prescribes genuine and effective homoeopathic medicines to restore the state of health. Unless the indicated medicine is administered in its correct potency and repeated properly, patient may not respond to the medication. Though the number of homeopathic medicines has increased over the years, the EDL contains such essential medicines as could effectively manage following common ailments-



Diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose, Mouth, Teeth, Throat and Tonsils

Naso-respiratory diseases

Gastrointestinal disorders

Skin diseases

Allergic Disorders

Childhood illnesses

Menstrual and reproductive health problems

Geriatric ailments

Psychological illnesses

Injuries, Burns, Hemorrhages

  • In order to prevent wastage and misuse of medicines by the consumers, the procurement of Mother Tinctures of all homeopathic medicines may be done in 30 ml. sealed packs, Bio-chemic medicines in 20 gm. Sealed packs and ointments in 15 gm. cream base dispensable tubes.
  • Dispensing materials viz. sugar of milk, globules, glass phials, cork, butter paper etc. should also be kept in a store for the purpose of dispensing of medicines to the patients.

Name of Medicine

Dilutions (Potencies)

Mother Tinctures

Indicated Health Benefits

Abrotanum 30/200
Absinthium 30
Acalypha Indica 3x/6 Q. (internal)
Aconitum Napellus 6/200/1M collapse, restless, irregular beats, rheumatic fevers
Actaea Racemosa 200
Acsculus hippocastanum 200 lower bowel, producing engorged haemorrhoidal venis, with characteristic backache, with absence of actual constipation,whooping cough
Agaricus muscarius 200
Allium cepa 200
Aloe socotrina 200
Alumina 200
Ammonium carbonicum 200
Ammonium muriaticum 200
Ammonium phosphoricum 200
Anacardium orientale 200/1M
Angustra vera Q. (internal)
Anthracinum 200/1M
Antimonium crudum 30/200
Antimonium tartaricum 6/30/200
Apis mellifica 30/200
Apocynum cannabinum 30/200 Q. (internal) Ascites, anasarca, hydrothorax and urinary troubles, specially suppression and strangury
Argentum metallicum 30/200
Argentum nitricum 30/200
Arnica montana 30/200/1M Q. (External)
Arsenicum album 6/30/200
Arsenicum iodatum 6/30/200
Asafoetida 3x/200
Abies nigra 6/30/
Abies canadensis 6/30/
Avena sativa 30 tremors of the aged; chorea, paralysis agitans, epilepsy. Post-diphtheritic paralysis
Aurum metallium 30/200/1M
Bacilliium 200/1M
Badiaga 30/200 Soreness of muscles, integuments, worse motion and friction of clothes, sensitiveness cold, gland swollen, general paresis, thick yellow cough
Baptisia tinctoria 30 Q. (internal) Simulating low fevers, septic conditions of the blood, malarial poisoning, extreme prostration, indescribable sick feeling, great muscular soreness
Baryta carbonicum 30/200/1M
Baryta muriaticum 6
Belladonna 30 Producing active congestion, furious excitement, perverted special senses, twitching, convulsion and pain
Bellis perennis 30 Q. (internal) Muscular fibres of the blood vessels, Much muscular soreness. Lameness as if sprained. Venous congestion, remedy in injuries, deeper tissues, after major surgical work
Benzzoic acid 30/200
Berberis vulgaris 30/200 Q. (internal) Hepatic and rheumatic affections, particularly with urinary, haemorrhoidal and menstrual complaints, pain in the region of kidney is most marked
Blatta orientalis 30 Q. (internal) Asthma, bronchitis, it is indicated after arsenic when this is insufficient.
Blumea odorata Q. (internal)
Borax 30
Bovista 30/200
Bromium 30
Bryonia alba 30 Stools large, dry, hard, dry cough, rheumatic pain and swellings
Buforana 30
Carbo vegetabilis 30/200
Cactus grandiflorus 30 Q. (internal) Haemorrhage, constrictions, periodicity and spasmodic pains
Calcarea carbonica 30/200
Calcarea fluorica 30/200
Calcarea phosphoricum 30/200/1M
Calendula officinalis 30/200 Q. (External) All wounds, healing agent, leucorrhoea, burns, sores fissures, abrasions
Camphora 6/200
Cannabis indica 6/30/ Nervous disorders like epilepsy, dementia, delirium tremens, and irritable reflexes
Cannabis sativa 6/30/200 Intoxicant, stomachic, antispasmodic, analgesic, narcotic, sedative and anodyne
Cantharis 30/200/1M Q. (External) Gastric derangements of pregnancy, dysuria with other complaints, increases secretion of mucous membranes and tenacious mucus
Capsicum 30/200
Carbo animals 30/200
Carbolic acid 30/200
Cardus marianus 6/30/ Q. (internal) Liver disease, hepatic disease, protects liver, increases breast milk, antidepressant and stimulates bile secretion.
Carcinosinum 200/1M
Cassia sophera 6/30/ Q. (internal) Cough, constipation and rheumatic problems, and skin problems
Caulophyllum 30/200
Causticum 30/200/1M
Cedron 30/200
Cephalandra indica Q. (internal) Diabetes mellitus and insipidus, skin affections, jaundice and dropsy, slow pulse, scrofula, gravel
Chamomilla 6/30/200/1M
Chelidonium majus 30 Q. (internal) Analgesic, antipyretic, antispasmodic, hypotensive action, gallbladder pain, improving bile flow, detoxification and in treatment of jaundice.
China officinalis 6/30/200 Q. (internal)
Chininum arsenicosum 3x/6/30
Chininum sulphuricum 6
Cicuta virosa 30/200
Cina 6/30/200 Q. (internal) Such as fever, derangements of stomach and bowels, epilepsy, spasms and convulsions, irritability temper, variable appetite, grinding of teeth.
Cocculus indicus 6/30/
Coca 30/200
Coffea cruda 30/200
Colchicum autumnale 6/30/200
Collinsonia canadensis 30/200/1M Depressed arterial tension, general atony of muscular fibre, chronic nasal, gastric and pharyngeal catarrh, due to portal obstruction, pruritus during pregnancy with piles, kidney stones, counteracting fluid retention, varicose veins.
Conium maaaculatum 6/30/200/1M
Colocynthis 6/30/200
Crataegus 3x/30/200 Q. (internal)
Crotalus 30/200
Croton tiglium 6/30/
Condurango 30/200 Q. (internal) Digestive functions, anorexia nervosa, nervous indigestion, and thus improves the general health. Allays the pain in gastralgia accompanying cancer of stomach, chronic catarrh, syphilis and cancer, anti – tumor, stimulant for liver, pancreas, menstrual flow.
Cuprum metallicum 30/200
Cynodon dactylon 30 Q. (internal) Haemorrhage, dysentery, dropsy, leucorrhoea, infusion of root is used fro stopping bleeding from piles, used for dropsy and anasarca, in hysteria, epilepsy, insanity, catarrhal ophthalmia.
Digitalis purpura 6/30/
Dioscorea villosa 6/30/
Drosera rotundifolia 30/200 Respiratory organs, whooping cough, phthisis pulmonum, vomiting of food from cough with gastric irritation and profuse expectoration.
Dulcamara 30/200 Scarlet fever or from malaria, specially related to very sensitive bleeding ulcers with granulation, phagedenic ulcers, threatening paralysis of lungs specially in the bronchitis of old and young children.
Echinacea angustifolia 6 Q. (External) Tendency to malignancy in acute and subacture disorders, last stage of cancer to ease pain, vermiform appendix, snake bites and stings, against both virus and bacteria, is antifungal, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, wound healing drug.
Equisetum hyemale 6/30/200 Enuresis and dysuria.
Eupatorium perfoliatum 30/200 It relieves pain in limbs and muscles that accompanies some forms of febrile disease, malaria and influenza, gastro hepatic organs and bronchial mucous membrane, great deal of bone pain, herpes, ring-worm, wounds.
Euphrasia officinalis 30/200 Q. (External)
Ecl serum 3x/6/30
Ferrum metallicum 200
Fluoricum acidum 30/200
Formica rufa 6/30/
Ficus religiosa Q. (internal) Haemorrhages, gonorrhoea, infusion of bark is given Q. (internal)ly in scabies.
Gelsemium sempervirens 6/30/200/1M Action upon the nervous system, causing various degrees of motor paralysis, dizziness, drowsiness, dullness and trembling, paralysis of various groups of muscles about the eyes, throat, chest, larynx, sphincter, extremities.
Gentiana chirata 6 Q. (internal)
Glonoin 30/200
Geranium maculatum 6 Q. (internal) Vomiting of blood, ulceration of stomach, atonic and foul ulcers, habitual sick headaches.
Graphitess 30/200/1M
Guaiacum 6/200 Q. (internal)
Gun powder 3x
Hamamelis virginica 6/200
Helleborus niger 6/30/ General muscular weakness, which may go on to complete paralysis, accompanied by dropsical effusions, rhizome is cathartic, emmenagogue, anthelmentic, apoplexy and skin diseases.
Hepar sulphuris calcareum 6/30/200/1M
Hippozaaaeninum 6
Hydrastis canadensis Q. (internal)
Hydrocotyle asiatica 6
Hyoscyamus niger 200
Hypericum perforatum 30/200/1M Q. (External)
Hecla lava 3x/6/30
Ignatia amara 30/200/1M
Iodium 30/200/1M
Ipecacuanha 6/30/200
Iris tenax 3x/6
Iris versicolor 30/200
Janosia asoka Q. (internal)
Justicia adhatoda 30 Q. (internal)
Kali bromatum 3x/6/30
kali bichromicum 30/200
Kali nitricum 30/200
Kali phosphoricum 30/200
Kali carbinicum 30/200/1M
Kali cyanatum 30/200
Kali iodatum 30/200
Kali muriaticum 30/200
Kali sulphuricum 30
Kalmia latifilia 30/200/1M
Kreosotum 30/200 Q. (External)
Lac defloratum 30/200/1M
Lac caninum 30/200
Lachesis 30/200/1M
Lapis albus 6/30/
Ledum palustre 30/200/1M
Lillium tigrinum 30/200/1M
lobelia inflata 30 Q. (internal)
lycopodidum clavatum 30/200/1M
Lyssin 200/1M
Magnesium carbonicum 30/200
Magnessium phosphoricum 30/200/1M
Medorrhinum 200/1M
Mercurius corrosivus 6/30/200
Mercurius solubilis 6/30/200/1M
Mezereum 30/200
Millefolium 30 Q. (internal)
Muriatic acid 30/200
Mephitis 6/30/
Murex purpura 30/200
Mygale lasiodora 30
Naja tripudians 30/200
Natrum arsenicum 6/30/200
Natrum carbonicum 30/200/1M
Natrum muriaticum 30/200/1M
Natrum phosphoricum 30
Natrum sulphuricum 30/200/1M
Nitric acid 30/200/1M
Nux moschata 30/200
Nux vomica 30/200/1M
Nyctanthes arbor 3x Q. (internal)
Ocimum canum 6/30/ Q. (internal)
Ocimum sunctum Q. (internal)
Oleander 6/30/
Opium 30/200
Passiflora incarnata Q. (internal)
Petroleum 30/200/1M
Phosphoric acid 30/200/1m Q. (internal)
Phosphorus 30/200/1M
Physostigma 30/200
Plantago major 6/30/ Q. (External)
Platinum metallicum 200/1M
Platinum metallicum 200/1M
Podophyllum peltatum 6/30/200
Prunus spinosa 6/30/200
Psorinum 30/200/1M
Pulsutilla migricans 30/200/1M
Pyrogenium 200/1M
Ranunculus bulbosus 30/200
Ratanhia 6/30/
Rauwolfia serpentina 30 Q. (internal)
Rhododendron 30/200
Rhus toxicodendron 6/30/200/1M
Robinia 6/30/
Rumex crispus 6/30/
Ruta graveolens 30/200
Sabal serrulata 6 Q. (internal)
Sabina 6/30/
Senega 30/200
Sarsaaparilla 30 Q. (internal)
Secale cornutum 30/200
Selenium 30/200
Senecio aureus 6 Q. (internal)
Sepia 30/200/1M
Silicea 30/200/1M
Spigelia 6/30/200
Spongia 6/30/200
Stannnum metallicum 6/30/200
Staphysagria 30/200/1M
Sticta pulmonaria 30-Jun
Stramonium 30/200/1M
Saaabadilla 30/200
Sabadilla 30/200/1M
Sulpuric acid 30-Jun
Syphilinum 200-1M
Syzygium jambolanum Q. (External)
Solanum lycopersicum 30/200
Tabacum 30/200
Tarentula cubensis 30-Jun
Tellurium 30/200
Terebinthina 30-Jun
Terminalia arjuna 6 Q. (internal)
Tarentula hispanica 30/200
Teucrium marum 30/200
Thuja occidentalis 30/200/1M Q. (External)
Thyroidinum 200/1M
Trillium pendulum 30 Q. (internal)
Trombidium 3x/30
Tuberculinum bovinum 200
Uranium nitricum 3X/30
Urtica urens 6 Q. (internal)
Ustilago maydis 30 Q. (internal)
Veratrum album 6/30/200
Viburnum opulus 6/30/200 Q. (internal)
Vipera 30/200/1M
Veratrum viride 30/200
Viscum album 6
Vanadium 6
Wyethia 6/30/200
Zinucum metallliicum 200/1M
Zincum phosphoricum 200/1M
Aesculus hippocastanum
Arnica montana
Berberis aquifolium
Calendula officinalis
Hamamelis virginica
Ledum palustre
Rhus toxicoden Dron

BIOCHEMICS 12 tissue salts {6x-12x}

Calcarea phosphorica
Calcarea sulphurica
Ferrum phosphoricum
Kali muriaticum
Kali sulphuricum
Kali phosphoricum
Magnesium phosphoricum
Magnesium sulphuricum
Natrum muriiaticum
Natrum phosphoricum
Natrum sulphuricum


Cineraria eye drops
Euphrasiaeye drops
Mullein oil ear drops

Source: Dept of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India.

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