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  1. Hello Team,
    We ordered some medicines today for Singapore and later same day it was cancelled from your side without giving the explanation. Could you please help to confirm why it was cancelled and how we can order the medicines again!!

    Order id was : 20275

    1. Sir, We did not find any order in the cancelled queue. We do not cancel any order from our side unilaterally unless requested by customer. You may try again and if you still face any problem you may contact us for mail order

  2. Hello,
    I live in Brazil. Do you ship to Brazil during these times (of COVID 19)?
    If yes, how much time would be required to reach the medicine here?

    1. Yes we do ship homeopathy medicines worldwide including Brazil through International Couriers like DHL. It will reach you in 7-10 days

    1. We had temporarily suspended operations due to COVID19 outbreak and lockdown conditions. We have restarted now

    1. Not sure what is the problem. We ship to all locations in U.S, pls drop us a mail with your requirement. We will help you with your online homeopathy medicine order

      1. Ok, but I sent 2 emails using that contact form and still haven’t heard back. It was for 6 tinctures of Rhododendron shipping to NY/USA. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks

      2. Maybe we have missed it in the deluge of mail inquiries we get everyday. We will send you a Quote on your mail ID indicated on Monday positively

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