Single Remedies

Buy Homeopathic single remedies from leading Indian and German brands, get a comprehensive list of all medicines in different sizes and potencies under each section. We deal with 100% genuine and verified products from quality homeopathy manufacturers and suppliers. Get assured quick service and reliability from India’s leading online homeopathy medicine store. Buy with confidence and trust!

Our product range contains a comprehensive list of branded homeopathic remedies in single dose and multi dose in various potencies. These are available in various forms like drops, pillules, trituration categorized from A to Z in alphabetical order. The drug names are as used in homeopathic pharmacopoeias.

Homeopathy Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Pills,

In this section we have listed all Homeopathic medicines single remedies

Mother Tinctures

Alphabetical list in order

A – H

I – P

Q – Z


Alphabetical list in order

A – H

I – P

Q – Z


Complete Nosodes list here in Homeopathy


Biochemic Tablets List 1 -12


Biocombination Medicine List 1 – 28


A to Z Triturations list in Homeopathy



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