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Homeopathy remedies is all about Homeopathy wellness and official mouth piece of our website http://www.homeomart.com. The contributors to this blog are practitioners in the field of Homeopathy who bring their wealth of experience and expertise to provide useful tips and advice to readers like you. The homeopathic community has thousands, even millions, of written case notes that demonstrate the positive benefits of its treatment. However much of the knowledge base in Homeopathy is unfortunately either written in technical language or are too sophisticated to digest. In this blog we have made attempts to present useful information on homeopathic treatment in a simple and easy to understand format. Much of the products listed in our articles have links to our official store and we have done this on purpose to ensure that reader not only gets optimum information but also has ready access to products and services. Check the range of our offerings in homeopathy here


Homeomart logo and the essence of Homeopathy

homeopathy online logo, symbol for oline homeopathy pharmacy

  • The image is made up of small dots in various dimensions represent the pills and drops (common form in which homeopathy is administered). Homeopathy medicines typically come in pillules, drops, Globules which are spherical in shape.
  • The dots spread out in all directions from the center (inside out) indicating the innate healing abilities of this form of medicine. This corresponds to the Hering’s law of Homeopathy
  • The dots are placed like the petals in a flower representing the Bach flower remedial system of homeopathy.
  • Inside it is the Michelangelo’s Vitruvian man signifying the oneness with nature striving for balance and proportion
  • The Vitruvian man with arms spread out also denotes ‘H’,  a tribute to Hahnemann (Dr.Samuel Hahnemann), the founding father of Homeopathy
online homeopathy store


Homeomart recommended essential 10 point online medicine buying checklist should be as follows

  1. Pharmacy should be a reliable supplier who processes your order quickly and efficiently.
  2. Pharmacy should list authentic and quality medicines and supply online
  3. Pharmacy should not sell expired or out dated medicines
  4. Pharmacy should maintain your data privacy & confidentiality at all costs
  5. Pharmacy owner should be licensed pharmacist having a drug license, Sales Tax registration, Import export License, Food License (FSSAI), Import Export License, and be a registered entity with Registrar of Companies (RoC)
  6. Pharmacy should not be a third party intermediary bringing buyers & sellers online like some marketplace. He should be a direct party stocking & selling verified medicines. Beware of spurious sellers online
  7. Pharmacy has qualified, experienced homeopaths to provide a diagnosis for your medical condition
  8. Pharmacy should respond to my queries and complaints in least possible time. Customer service has to be reliable and dependable
  9. Medicines should be stored, labelled and shipped correctly
  10. Pharmacy should have earned the trust and goodwill of customers. This should reflect well in customer reviews on social media like Facebook or Google

All these checklists are important because it is a matter of your health or your loved ones. The internet is full of websites that sell medicines that may not be authentic or safe to use putting your health at risk.

We address all these concerns of a discerning buyer like you because when you buy from homeomart, all the check boxes are ticked. We not only make your buying of homeopathic medicines online is easy but we also make it sure you do safely.  No wonder we are India’s most trusted name for online homeopathy medicine pharmacy.


What our Online Homeopathy Pharmacy, Homeomart offers

  1. Trusted brands and manufacturers in Homeopathy. They happen to be certified suppliers for quality medicines. All homeopathy medicines in our stores are therefore verified and reliable
  2. Fair value price for your medicines. Our discounts are genuine, we do not believe in promotional gimmicks
  3. We provide reliable shipping services so that hiccups do not occur between the cup & lip so to say i.e., it leaves our store and reaches you in good condition in the best possible time
  4. We keep every conceivable, brand, product, size, potency in homeopathy in our inventory. This means you find A to Z of Homeopathy online in our pharmacy
  5. We present qualified and well acknowledged experts in homeopathy with vast clinical experience in our panel. We offer world class online doctor consultation which is simple, easy and transparent.

Your search for quality Homeopathic products and services ends at homeomart, Shop online for best deals and service. Check out our detailed offerings here

online homeopathic products and services - homeomart.com


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  1. Hi! it is possible to by homeopathic remedies from USA ,I try but it denies my visa card

    1. Shipping is on actuals, minimum charges are for 500 grams by all couriers, so you may take 3-4 30ml medicines for the minimum shipping rate which works our economical instead of 1 homeopathy medicine

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