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Buy genuine Homeopathy medicines for you and your family at – India’s top medicine online store for branded homeopathic remedies. Get door delivery in quick time, seek detailed product and price lists of leading Indian and German Homeopathic brands with easy shopping cart and convenient payment options. We provide A to Z range of homeopathy medicines online for all kinds of ailments and diseases with largest range at affordable prices. If you are looking for a one stop shop in Homeopathy including online doctor consultations, come to us with confidence and trust! We were voted as the “Best Start-Up 2016” by ICMG-Keonics and “Top Web Content Provider” (World rank #6) by Feedspot.  As a trusted Online Homeopathy pharmacy, check what our customers have to say about us (testimonials) on Google, Facebook


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Complete Homeopathy Product Range

We maintain all categories of homeopathic products in our large centralized fully automated warehouse in south India. We are not an alternative medicine marketplace (where buyers & sellers come on one platform), unlike others we keep the best homeopathy brands fully checked and verified in our stores directly from manufacturers in India and authorized suppliers from abroad. So when you buy from our online homeopathic medicine store, you can be assured of  100% genuine quality products and services

Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Single Remedies, Bio-chemics, Patents, Bio-Combinations, Triaturations, Sarcodes, Nosodes, Rare Mother Tinctures,  Bach flower remedies, Homeo Cosmetics (homeopathic Hair Care, Skin Care), Homeo neutraceuticals (Homeopathic Tonics, Malts, Top Health Supplements), Homeopathy Packing Materials (Homeo Phials, Homeo Pills Bottles, Homeo Dropper bottles, Globules) Pure HMS Lactose, Rectified spirit for Homeo medicines, Homeopathic Books (in English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi etc), Homeo Guides, Homeopathic Kits

We present encyclopedic list of best homeopathic medicines segregated by brands and ailments  on our online homeopathic medicine site for quick easy reference and look up. This is supplemented by a no-sweat remedy finder in the form of clinical repertory list where drugs can be looked up against specific ailments.

Get A to Z range of Dilutions and Mother Tinctures across 3x to CM potencies from leading brands like SBL, Dr. Willmar Schwabe, Dr. Reckeweg and St.George. We also provide for 7CH potency medicines and fifty millesimal potencies (portion of medicine to alcohol is 1 to 50000) which is regarded as the highest advancement in homeopathy till date and comes in 10Gms and 30 Gms packing.

Category Available Range Available Potency Available Sizes # of products
Mother Tinctures A to Z (Abel Moschus to Zinziber) Q 30 ML, 100ML 660
Dilutions A to Z (Abel Moschus to Zizia Aurea) 3X, 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM 10ML, 30ML, 100ML 1800
Bio-Chemics B1 to B12 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X, 200X 30Gms, 450Gms 12
Bio-Combinations BC1 to BC28 including 5 Phos 6X 30Gms, 450Gms 28
Triaturations A to Z (Acetanilidum to Zincum Valerianicum) 3X, 6X, 30Gms, 450Gms 495
Bach Flower remedies 39 10ml, 30ml, 100ml 39
Nosodes A to Z (Aids to Vit D) 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM 87
Globules Size 10/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/60 450 Gms, 1KG
Plastic Pills Bottles 1/2 Dram to 5 Dram 144 nos
Liquid Dropper Bottles 3ML to 100ML 100 nos
Homeo Glass Phials 1/2 Dram to 2 Dram, 10ML to 100ML 144,1


A to Z Catalog of Homeopathy Manufacturers and Brands

We maintain direct business relationships with all leading  manufacturers and suppliers across India and thereby ensure 100% reliability in supply of authentic homeopathy medicines to you. Buying medicines online can be fraught with risks from disreputable websites who may sell you out-of-date, diluted or fake medicines that can harm your health, check out the 10 point check list for safe buying of medicines online. Indibuy (that owns the Homeomart brand) is a registered pharmacy outlet and deals directly with manufacturers who are certified for mandatory standards of quality and safety like GMP, WHO standards. We therefore remove out any possibility of counterfeit, substandard or unapproved homeopathic medicines being sold to you. We go that extra mile to keep absolute control over the entire fulfillment experience which helps us to build credibility & win trust from our customers

Check here for the complete list of Homeopathic manufacturers in India with detailed information regarding their entire range of best homeopathy offerings and contact information

Are you looking for complete range of original and effective German Homeopathic medicines in one place? Check out the detailed list of world famous homeopathic medicine range of Adel 1 to 87 , Hevert Arzneimittel and Dr.Reckeweg R1-89 here and order medicines online.

Homeopathic Products List by Origin

We maintain a large portfolio of top Indian and International homeopathic products so that when you Shop for alternative remedies on our homeopathic medicine online store you don’t have to look elsewhere. Our portfolio covers

  1. Homeopathy Brands – Indian

    Browse comprehensive list of medicines (product catalogs) of all leading Indian brands by product name, indication, size and price for quick reference and adding it to cart online
    Baksons, Bhargava, Wheezal, Bahola, Turabh, SBL, Allen Hyderabad, Allen Kolkata, BBP, Bio India, Bjain, Doliosis, Fourrts, Haslab, Healwell, Holistic, Dr.Raj Homoeo Pharmacy, Homeolab,  Indo-german, Lords, Medisynth, Muktesh, Natel Neutratec, Nikir, Sarada, Savi, St.Georges, Dr.Willmar Schwabe India

  2. Homeopathy Brands – German

    Browse all-inclusive list of original sealed German homeopathy medicines (product catalogs) of all  brands by product name, indication, size and price for quick reference and adding it to cart online
    Adel (Adelmar Pekana), Dr.Reckeweg, Dr.Willmar Schwabe, Hevert Arzneimittel

  3. Homeopathy Brands – Switzerland

    Go through extensive list of medicines (online product brochures) of the best Swiss brands by product name, indication, size and price for quick reference and adding it to cart online
    Blooume (Bioforce AG), HerbaMed

  4. Homeopathy International Brands – other countries

    Biovea (US),  Homeovitality (UK),  Horphag, Newton-Everett

Get a reliable Homeopathy Guide with our Clinical repertory – Index (homeopathic medicine list with disease)

Want to check homeopathic medicine list by disease ? – Get expert guide without the hassles of any software or questionnaire by simply selecting the right medicine with our clinical repertory section.  Get A to Z of ailments/diseases and their recommended homeopathic medicine either alphabetically or company wise.

Also get Tips, Case studies and other Scholarly articles on various homeopathic treatments for  academic and reference purposes

Order Homeopathy Medicine Online Conveniently

Are you rushed and find little time, worried how to Shop? We provide you the convenience of ordering your homeopathy medicine online by Phone, Mail, SMS or Whatsapp! Just take the easy route and simply connect with us on 9686858499, 9110819398. We prepare your order and send you a link for payment (for prepaid orders), just click and make a 1 step payment, that’s it! your medicines are on their way. You can use this ease of ordering to refill your order too.

Get the best online offers on your purchase of homeopathy products. Save on medicines!

Searching for affordable homeopathy? Look no further. Buy best homeopathy medicines online in India and save money with upto 20% discount across all leading brands. So no marketing gimmicks or misleading promotions or schemes and certainly no fine print.  Also get free shipping of your online orders anywhere in India for a total of Rs.750 or more. Whats more! get Cash on delivery (COD) facility across more than 4000 locations across India. We also undertake expedited shipping of international orders  to US, UK and other countries and customers can make and track their shipments with Paypal  guarantee, the most trusted international payment & transaction system. Or you can transfer money by Western Union or other money transfer options. Check out our unbeatable deals in the online offers section.

Door Delivery of Online homeopathic medicine orders

We make sure that your orders are packed and shipped as soon as you place an order on our online homeopathic medicine site. We follow a turnaround time (TAT) of 24-48 Hours max (for both Indian & International orders) by which the orders are professionally packed and handed over to courier. We use industry standard packaging materials for proper and safe delivery of goods, check how we pack your order here (video).

We have tie-ups with leading logistics partners like Fedex, India Post, First Flight couriers etc for Domestic and Fedex, Aramex, UPS for international shipping. We provide the most extensive coverage of courier delivery and cash on delivery facility from these top notch ecommerce logistic service providers. We also offer the convenience of payment at local kirana stores (Kyash services) and PayTM wallet.

We ship to US, UK and all countries worldwide through expedited international shipping at most competitive & affordable rates.  You can also use your Aramex Shop n Ship account to order from us anywhere in the world.

Online Homeopathic Consultation

If you are looking for a good Homeopathic doctor for online or offline consultation, we are just a click away. We provide “ask-a-doctor for common ailments” service for free and a fee. Have a question or a doubt? Just ask us and we will guide you for free. However you want to consult a homeopathic expert and get expert advise? We put you onto our expert panel of homeopaths based on the specialization, and you just pay the doctor’s fee. Now get the convenience of an  experienced and  reputed homeopath to  look into all your queries and health concerns from the comforts of your home or office.

Online Homeopathic consultation is as effective and as fruitful as your physical presence with the doctor and we make sure that you this process is hassle-free. We help you save yourself an unnecessary trip to the doctor. Online health transactions can save time and make your life easier. You can log on any time of day and in the comfort of your own home. It is also a great alternative if you find telephone or face-to-face interactions stressful, feel anxious in public situations, or have a disability that makes it hard getting around.

Check out how to avail Online or Offline Homeopath Consultation services here

 Download – Online Homeopathy Medicine Store Brochure  here

Free Download: Want a free Homeopathy Medicine Booklet of the company of your choice in English, Hindi or other languages? Write to us with your details (only postage charges apply). You can also freely download a number of Homeopathy books from our site here

Become our Franchisee in your city

Are you looking to be a homeopathic pharmacist or set up a homeopathy pharmacy in your city? We will help you set up your own store in your city with our expertise. You need to have the capacity to invest some money for setting up your Business. We will provide you the best homeopathic brands in the country, Custom made retail homeopathy software and guidance to set up and run your shop. With our hand holding & support you can charter a new path to success. Read our article on the topic ‘how to become a homeo pharmacist‘…

Have a online query on Homeopathic treatment? Our experts will help you with your ailments or FAQ on health problems ?

If you are suffering from a medical condition or looking for a second opinion write to our homeopathy experts for advice suggestion on the alternative course of treatment. We will help you with our experience and expertise (brief mail replies or comments only). Please leave a message below (in the comments sections) with your doubts, queries and we will respond to you  with suitable advice/opinion.

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  1. Recently did seman report analysis and found that having Low sperm count(20 million/ml), Low Motility(45%) and Morphology(Only 2% Normal healthy sperm). Also having problem of premature ejaculation.

    Doctor suggested to have below medicines – Tribulus Ter Q – 15 drops 3 times and Aswagandha Q – 10 drops 3 times.

    I think X-ray 30 is the better medicine compare to Tribulus Ter Q.

    Kindly let me know if the doses and medicines are correct as prescribed by doctor.

    1. Tribulus Ter Q is indicated in homeopathic pharmacopoeia for improving semen quality and sperm count, good for weak and thin semen, poor motility of sperms etc. We advise you to go by the doctor advise, if you are in doubt and need a second opinion our experts are available online

  2. Hello,

    how long would it take for an order to be shipped to Bahrain?
    Bio-21 Schwabe 550mg bottle for teething tablets

    1. From the date you place an online order for the homeopathy medicine with us, in this case Schwabe Biochemic Tablets (large pack), we will process & ship your order within 48 hours, you will receive within 7-8 days in Bahrain. This means you get door delivery of your homeopathic medicines within 10 days of making Payment (either Paypal or Western Union money transfer)

  3. Hi i am suffering with crohn’s one of my relative recommend me to take adel 16 I was doing well but now I am again start having bit of stomach pain and loose toilet is this the right medicine to take and if so how long i have to take this do you guys ship to Australia thanks

    1. Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory diseases resulting from an inappropriate immune response with symptoms like Diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, clinical signs of subileus or ileus, and/or the passage of blood and mucus per rectum. Though there is no gold standard for diagnosis, a doctor does rely on radiological, endoscopic, and histological examination report. There is also no consensus on the treatment approach, duration and therapies in conventional medicine. Homeopathy approach optimizes the pharmacological treatment of the underlying gastrointestinal disease leading to improvement in the extra-intestinal manifestations and preventing complications of the disease . Adel 16 Gastul drops has ingredients that target the inflammatory conditions like bellis perennis (for catarrhal inflamed situations of gastro intestine), Carbo vegetabilis (weak states of the stomach functions). Iris Versicolor (fine remedy against gastro hepatic diseases), Potentilla anserine (healing agent of chronic colon disease)

      Treatment plan and duration varies and may take a few weeks to months, doctor consultation advised for a constitutional remedy. We ship to Australia regularly

  4. Hello
    can I get constitutional medicines for thyroid tsh 16, constipation, hairfall ,grey hair,dry hair & dandruff, pigmentation on face

    1. Your TSH level of 16 miu/L indicates hypothyroidism and this explains many of your symptoms. Generalized myxedema (skin condition caused by increased glycosaminoglycan deposition in the skin) is a classic cutaneous sign of hypothyroidism. It also causes hair to be dry, coarse, brittle and slow growing. Hypothyroidism slows metabolism and affects essentially every system in the body including digestive tract causing constipation too. A proper constitutional treatment addresses all these since they are interconnected as explained above. You can get consultation from our experts and suitable homeopathic medicines for the treatment.

  5. Hello, I am suffering from Nocturia, I have been extensively test UTI did not find anything. No Prostate problem either. Usually I have to wake up 3-4 times for urination. The doctor suspects that there might be some nerve from the spine that gets pinched while sleep which results in pain in my frontal organs. What medicines do you suggest which will likely be beneficial for giving me some relief.

    1. There could be multiple factors including age related physiological changes that could lead to urinary incontinence. Even stress causes a temporary increase in pressure in the body leading to inadvertent urination. An excess of salt in diet can cause frequent urination at night (nocturnal enuresis). Pulsatilla is a homeopathic medicine of choice when there is increased inclination to micturate especially when lying. If regular passing of urine is accompanied by burning, cutting pain then Cantharis is indicated. If there is pressure in bladder with tension in lower abdomen alongwith frequent micturition take Sepia. For rectal irritation and distress alongwith urinating symptoms, Lilium Tig is a good remedy.

  6. Sir I want to buy Arsenic album 3x.germany. Pack. I live in Bihar at muzaffarpur district how can I buy
    Pl tell me

    1. You can order your homeopathy medicine online through 3 options and get it home delivered. Since Arsenic album 3x. is not listed on our website, you can currently order by mail or phone 9686858499 (or whatsapp)

      1. arsenic album is available in 3x potency, you can order on whatsapp #9686858499 with medicine order quantity and your address details

  7. Hello Sir,

    I have crossed 49 and have diabetes (very much under control) and HTN. For the past one month I am suffering from ED and low semen flow, due to which I feel depressed. Please advise me suitable medicine to come out of the above 2 issues.

    1. Diabetes increases your risk of erectile dysfunction by 300% because it brings in macrovascular disease that causes atherosclerotic damage in the blood vessels that limits blood flow to the penis. You also have hypertension (HTN) which is a clinical condition that is commonly present in diabetic people and does no good to the blood vessels either. Several cardiovascular risk factors associated with diabetes contribute to the genesis of penile arterial insufficiency leading to ED. Homeopathy medicines like Moschus (ED due to Diabetes) and Selenium (weakness leading to weak seminal discharge, semen thin) are some of the indicated medicines. Check out the exhaustive list of homeopathy medicines for sexual weakness here.

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