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Buy genuine Homeopathy medicines for you and your family at – India’s top medicine online store for branded homeopathic remedies. Get detailed product and price lists of leading Indian and German Homeopathic brands with shopping cart and convenient payment options. We provide A to Z range of homeopathy medicines online for all kinds of ailments and diseases with largest range at affordable prices. If you are looking for a one stop shop in Homeopathy, come to us with confidence and trust! We were voted as the “Best Start-Up 2016” by ICMG-Keonics and “Top Web Content Provider” (World  rank #6) by Feedspot.  As a trusted Online Homeopathy pharmacy, check what our customers have to say about us (testimonials) on Google, Facebook


Online homeopathy medicine store. all homeopathic medicine list

Complete Homeopathy Product Range

We maintain all categories of homeopathic products in our large centralized fully automated warehouse in south India. We are not an alternative medicine marketplace (where buyers & sellers come on one platform), unlike others we keep the best homeopathy brands fully checked and verified in our stores directly from manufacturers in India and authorized suppliers from abroad. So when you buy from our online homeopathic medicine store, you can be assured of  100% genuine quality products and services

Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Single Remedies, Bio-chemics, Patents, Bio-Combinations, Triaturations, Sarcodes, Nosodes, Rare Mother Tinctures,  Bach flower remedies, Homeo Cosmetics (homeopathic Hair Care, Skin Care), Homeo neutraceuticals (Homeopathic Tonics, Malts, Top Health Supplements), Homeopathy Packing Materials (Homeo Phials, Homeo Pills Bottles, Homeo Dropper bottles, Globules) Pure HMS Lactose, Rectified spirit for Homeo medicines, Homeopathic Books (in English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi etc), Homeo Guides, Homeopathic Kits

We present encyclopedic list of best homeopathic medicines segregated by brands and ailments  on our online homeopathic medicine site for quick easy reference and look up. This is supplemented by a no-sweat remedy finder in the form of clinical repertory list where drugs can be looked up against specific ailments.

Get A to Z range of Dilutions and Mother Tinctures across 3x to CM potencies from leading brands like SBL, Dr.Willmar Schwabe, Dr.Reckeweg and St.George. We also provide for 7CH potency medicines and fifty millesimal potencies (portion of medicine to alcohol is 1 to 50000) which is regarded as the highest advancement in homeopathy till date and comes in 10Gms and 30 Gms packing.

Category Available Range Available Potency Available Sizes # of products
Mother Tinctures A to Z (Abel Moschus to Zinziber) Q 30 ML, 100ML 660
Dilutions A to Z (Abel Moschus to Zizia Aurea) 3X, 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM 10ML, 30ML, 100ML 1800
Bio-Chemics B1 to B12 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X, 200X 30Gms, 450Gms 12
Bio-Combinations BC1 to BC28 including 5 Phos 6X 30Gms, 450Gms 28
Triaturations A to Z (Acetanilidum to Zincum Valerianicum) 3X, 6X, 30Gms, 450Gms 495
Bach Flower remedies 39 10ML, 30ML, 100ML 39
Nosodes A to Z (Aids to Vit D) 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM 87
Globules Size 10/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/60 450Gms, 1KG
Plastic Pills Bottles 1/2 Dram to 5 Dram 144nos
Liquid Dropper Bottles 3ML to 100ML 100nos
Homeo Glass Phials 1/2 Dram to 2 Dram, 10ML to 100ML 144,1

Check out images of our warehouses and stores here.

A to Z Catalog of Homeopathy Manufacturers and Brands

We maintain direct business relationships with all leading  manufacturers and suppliers across India and thereby ensure 100% reliability in supply of authentic homeopathy medicines to you. Buying medicines online can be fraught with risks from disreputable websites who may sell you out-of-date, diluted or fake medicines that can harm your health, check out the 10 point check list for safe buying of medicines online. Siddmed eHealth Pvt Ltd (that owns the Homeomart brand) is a registered pharmacy outlet and deals directly with manufacturers who are certified for mandatory standards of quality and safety like GMP, WHO standards. We therefore remove out any possibility of counterfeit, substandard or unapproved homeopathic medicines being sold to you. We go that extra mile to keep absolute control over the entire fulfillment experience which helps us to build credibility & win trust from our customers

Check here for the complete list of Homeopathic manufacturers in India with detailed information regarding their entire range of best homeopathy offerings and contact information

Are you looking for complete range of original and effective German Homeopathic medicines in one place? Check out the detailed list of world famous homeopathic medicine range of Adel 1 to 87 , Hevert Arzneimittel and Dr.Reckeweg R1-89 here and order medicines online.

Homeopathic Products List by Origin

We maintain a large portfolio of top Indian and International homeopathic products so that when you Shop for alternative remedies on our homeopathic medicine online store you don’t have to look elsewhere. Our portfolio covers

  1. Homeopathy Brands – Indian

    Browse comprehensive list of medicines (product catalogs) of all leading Indian brands by product name, indication, size and price for quick reference and adding it to cart online
    Baksons, Bhargava, Wheezal, Bahola, Turabh, SBL, Allen Hyderabad, Allen Kolkata, BBP, Bio India, Bjain, Doliosis, Fourrts, Haslab, Healwell, Holistic, Homeolab,  Indo-german, Lords, Medisynth, Muktesh, Natel Neutratec, Nikir, Sarada, Savi, St.Georges, Dr.Willmar Schwabe India

  2. Homeopathy Brands – German

    Browse all-inclusive list of original sealed German homeopathy medicines (product catalogs) of all  brands by product name, indication, size and price for quick reference and adding it to cart online
    Adel (Adelmar Pekana), Dr.Reckeweg, Dr.Willmar Schwabe, Hevert Arzneimittel

  3. Homeopathy Brands – Switzerland

    Go through extensive list of medicines (online product brochures) of the best Swiss brands by product name, indication, size and price for quick reference and adding it to cart online
    Blooume (Bioforce AG), HerbaMed

  4. Homeopathy International Brands – other countries

    Biovea (US),  Homeovitality (UK),  Horphag, Newton-Everett

Get a reliable Homeopathy Guide with our Clinical repertory – Index (homeopathic medicine list with disease)

Want to check homeopathic medicine list by disease ? – Get expert guide without the hassles of any software or questionnaire by simply selecting the right medicine with our clinical repertory section.  Get A to Z of ailments/diseases and their recommended homeopathic medicine either alphabetically or company wise.

Also get Tips, Case studies and other Scholarly articles on various homeopathic treatments for  academic and reference purposes

Order Homeopathy Medicine Online Conveniently

Are you rushed and find little time, worried how to Shop? We provide you the convenience of ordering your homeopathy medicine online by Phone, Mail, SMS or Whatsapp! Just take the easy route and simply connect with us on 9686858499. We prepare your order and send you a link for payment (for prepaid orders), just click and make a 1 step payment, that’s it! your medicines are on their way. You can use this ease of ordering to refill your order too.

Get the best online offers on your purchase of homeopathy products. Save on medicines!

Searching for affordable homeopathy? Look no further. Buy best homeopathy medicines online in India and save money with flat 10% discount across all leading brands. So no marketing gimmicks or misleading promotions or schemes and certainly no fine print.  Also get free shipping of your online orders anywhere in India for a total of Rs.750 or more. Whats more! get Cash on delivery (COD) facility across more than 4000 locations across India. We also undertake expedited shipping of international orders  to US, UK and other countries and customers can make and track their shipments with Paypal  guarantee, the most trusted international payment & transaction system. Or you can transfer money by Western Union or other money transfer options. Check out our unbeatable deals in the online offers section.

Door Delivery of Online homeopathic medicine orders

We make sure that your orders are packed and shipped as soon as you place an order on our online homeopathic medicine site. We follow a turnaround time (TAT) of 24-48 Hours max (for both Indian & International orders) by which the orders are professionally packed and handed over to courier. We use industry standard packaging materials for proper and safe delivery of goods, check how we pack your order here (video).

We have tie-ups with leading logistics partners like Fedex, India Post, First Flight couriers etc for Domestic and Fedex, Aramex, UPS for international shipping. We provide the most extensive coverage of courier delivery and cash on delivery facility from these top notch ecommerce logistic service providers. We also offer the convenience of payment at local kirana stores (Kyash services) and PayTM wallet.

We ship to US, UK and all countries worldwide through expedited international shipping at most competitive & affordable rates.  You can also use your Aramex Shop and Ship account to order from us anywhere in the world.

Online Homeopathic Consultation

If you are looking for a good Homeopathic doctor for online consultation, we are just a click away. We provide “ask-a-doctor for common ailments” service for free and a fee. Have a question or a doubt? Just ask us and we will guide you for free. However you want to consult a homeopathic expert and take online appointment? We put you onto our expert panel of homeopaths based on the specialization, and you just pay the doctor’s fee. Now get the convenience of an  experienced and  reputed homeopath to  look into all your queries and health concerns from the comforts of your home or office.

Online Homeopathic consultation is as effective and as fruitful as your physical presence with the doctor and we make sure that you this process is hassle-free. We help you save yourself an unnecessary trip to the doctor. Online health transactions can save time and make your life easier. You can log on any time of day and in the comfort of your own home. It is also a great alternative if you find telephone or face-to-face interactions stressful, feel anxious in public situations, or have a disability that makes it hard getting around.

Just write to us with your details and we will be happy to connect with our experts.

 Download – Online Homeopathy Medicine Store Brochure  here

Free Download: Want a free Homeopathy Medicine Booklet of the company of your choice in English, Hindi or other languages? Write to us with your details (only postage charges apply). You can also freely download a number of Homeopathy books from our site here

Become our Franchisee in your city

Are you looking to be a homeopathic pharmacist or set up a homeopathy pharmacy in your city? We will help you set up your own store in your city with our expertise. You need to have the capacity to invest some money for setting up your Business. We will provide you the best homeopathic brands in the country, Custom made retail homeopathy software and guidance to set up and run your shop. With our hand holding & support you can charter a new path to success. Read our article on the topic ‘how to become a homeo pharmacist‘…

Have a online query on Homeopathic treatment? Our experts will help you with your ailments or FAQ on health problems ?

If you are suffering from a medical condition or looking for a second opinion write to our homeopathy experts for advice suggestion on the alternative course of treatment. We will help you with our experience and expertise (brief mail replies or comments only). Please leave a message below (in the comments sections) with your doubts, queries and we will respond to you  with suitable advice/opinion.

135 thoughts on “Buy A to Z of Homeopathy Online, Top Homeopathic Medicine Store

  1. What homeopathic medicines are good for excessive masturbation for more than 15 years, and also to correct a small bend in penis ? My penis is slightly bent towards the left hand side.

    Thank, Pradhan.


    • You may be suffering ‘peyronie’s disease’ a condition that may develop after trauma to the penis, such as bending or hitting. It may also be caused by crushing or pinching the penis during masturbation causing deflection or distortion. This can cause bleeding and subsequent scar tissue buildup (plaques). These plaques can cause the penis to bend or become indented during erections. Hypericum 3x (tds) is usually indicated for such condition. We advise you consult a homeopath in the matter and have it checked.


  2. Dear sir, i am 29 years old, i have anxiety and i have been on clonazepam and Escitalopram and betacap which comes beta blocker category for last 2 years, and now i am addicted of these allopathic medicine, i do not want to continue but whenever i do not take these drugs, i feel so restless and panic.. Just because these medication my weight increased n now i am 98 kgs weight, however i have hypothyroidism but doctor told me that i do not need to take thyroid medicine, now please tell me will vita c 15 forte help me out or if not then which is the best medicine for me in HOMEOPATHY for obesity, anxiety and depression..


    • Beta blockers (or beta-adrenoceptor blocking agents medications) treat symptoms like migraines, high blood pressure, anxiety, angina, heart failure but Weight gain can occur as a side effect, with average weight gain being around 2 Kgs. You being overweight has to do more with hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) that causes a very low basal metabolic rate. Homeopathic line of treatment will address your addiction to these drugs (through detoxification)which will gradually reduce your dependency while treating your core issue of anxiety. Homeopathic practitioners seek the root cause of anxiety disorder, and address it various homeopathic medicines like Aconitum nap (fear with palpitation), Arsenicum alb (restlessness), Causticum (anxiety worse in evening), Pulsatilla nig (anxiety after bad news, emotional upset). Once the root cause is addressed, the condition and its symptoms subside on their own.


  3. Hello,

    I suffer a medical problem called lipoma, and doctor advised Lapis albus 1M, however I would like to know if 10M and CM are more stronger doses, and if yes, what should be the dosage to be taken ( how many drops per dosage ), and what are my chances of getting lucky,

    Also kindly help me know what should be my diet , what can i eat and what are things to avoid for good, please recommend what kind of exercises can i actually do, i was told that i should not be doing a heavy workouts instead i should only do walking for 30 – 60 minutes everyday, I have a lot of lipoma’s in my body and i’d like to get rid of them naturally,

    Please help me as much possible, i’d be very grateful to you.

    thank you for your help ,



    • Lapis albus is a specific homeopathy remedy for lipomas and is generally recommended in 3x potency but doctors reccomended higher potencies too depending on symptoms. Other well indicated homeopathic medicines for lipomas are as follows
      Thuja Occidentalis – cures many spongy tumors
      Silicea – removes lipomas
      Spigelia – A good remedy for indurated tumors such as lipomas
      <Radium bromide: A good remedy for tumors such as lipomas.
      Calcarea fluorica: Swellings and indurated enlargements having their seat in the fasciae


  4. I need your advice regarding a problem that has been causing considerable pain and discomfort in my life.
    I am a 50 year old married man with one child. For the last 6-7 years I
    have been suffering from chronic scrotal pain in the left side and also burning pain in the tip of the penis on and off. I have had several rounds of antibiotics. The urologists treating me say I have Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.

    For the last one year I have been under the care of a pain specialist who has put me on painkillers. Along with this I had taken Prosteez two tablets twice daily. For the last six months I have been taking Bangshil plus Fortege two tablets twice daily. I had also taken Himplasia and taken some homeopathic medicines and acupuncture

    Things were under control. But this week I had a flare-up. I don’t know what to do. Can you suggest an effective homeopathic medicine for the burning pain in the tip of the penis and ache in the scrotum. My prostate is about 26 CC and non-inflamed and normal. I was thinking of taking sabal pentarkan. Pl advise.


    • I dont why you took several rounds of antibiotics when you had non bacterial prostatitis, anyway this form of disease does cause flare-ups and for unknown reasons. Actually Treatment of non bacterial prostatitis is considered more difficult. Mainstream medicines use anti-cholinergic medications and alpha blockers. Counseling, stress reduction techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, and selective use of antidepressant is also done.

      Alternative therapies such as bee pollen, bromelain/papain, quercetin and saw palmetto as well as neuro-modulation is used. Homeopathic medicines have shown remarkable effect on prostate problems. Different medicines can be administered to patients for symptoms like swelling and inflammation. Conium (pain in leg & back, can urinate only in standing position), Staphysagria (Powerful urge to urinate but only drops come out), Cistus Canadensis (for prostate cancer, patient can urinate only while lying on stomach). You should look at dietary changes such as cutting down on caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol


  5. I need following medicines,
    Gelsemium 30, heparsulph 1M, brayoniya 200
    I stay in Whitefield area of Bangalore and would like to buy the medicines mentioned above. I need help in placing order, minimum quantity to be purchased, delivery & payment methods.


    • Sir – You may place the order on our portal or by mail or phone/whatsapp (9686858499). Min order value is Rs.250 and delivery in Bangalore in 2-3 days time. You may pay for your homeopathy medicines online purchase by Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash on Delivery (COD), PayTM wallet or nearby store (Kyash)


  6. Dear sir,

    There are so many Homeopathic medicine manufacturers in India & Germany specially. I’d like to know your reviews/comments about the following Brands. How will you rate them ( out of 50 – like 35/50, 40/50) as far as quality & reliability are concerned and whether I can use any of them?

    1. Willmar Schwabe India
    2. Willmar Schwabe Germany
    3. Dr. Reckeweg Germany
    4. SBL India
    5. Baksons
    6. St George’s

    My concern is also for the quality of specific Homeopathic Mother Tinctures made by Indian & German companies.

    Few of my known local homeopaths claim that below Mother Tinctures, made by Indian manufacturers, are not effective enough. These should be of German made:

    Calendula Officinalis
    Echinacea Angustifolia
    Crataegus oxyacantha
    Hydrastis Canadensis
    Agnus Castus

    is the claim baseless or correct?

    Normally, I take Indian Mother Tinctures manufactured by Bakson’s or SBL India. Will not they be effective enough ?

    With thanks & regards,


    • There are various factors for rating brands, it can be as diverse as People impact (child labour, forced labour, worker safety etc), environmental factor (carbon emissions, impacts on water etc). There are no specific certification scheme, standard systems or independent ratings are available to rate homeopathy companies in India. Our opinion is based on the perspective of Quality, Reputation and availability of Indian Homeopathy brands, no assessment method has been adopted and is based on perception and customer feedback. This is limited to the companies you queried

      Homeopathy Brand  Quality Reputation Availability
      Willmar Schwabe India AAA+ AAA AA
      Willmar Schwabe Germany AAA+ AAA AA
      Dr. Reckeweg Germany AAA+ AAA AAA
      SBL India AAA AAA+ AAA+
      Baksons AAA AAA AA
      St George’s AAA AA AA


      Also the claim by local homeopaths that certain Mother Tinctures, made by Indian manufacturers is not effective is baseless and not backed by facts.




  8. Hi Team, My age is 30 and i am experiencing hair thinning and hair loss from vertex from 3-4 Years. Sometimes i got few acne type small blisters on scalp. Kindly suggest or help me out.


    • Acid Fluor is one of the excellent homeopathy remedy for hair fall, it is indicated where the hair is brittle, split and turned coarse. Wiesbaden 200 od – one dose is useful for rapid hair growth.


  9. I am facing speech issues of tongue and brain synchronization due to nervousness. Effective pronunciations not happening through tongue. Can you please suggest medicines


    • Since behaving anxiously stresses the body, anxiety can cause co-ordination and thinking problems, which can cause difficulty speaking, talking, and/or moving your mouth or tongue. Stuttering is not a nervous disorder or a condition caused by stress or anxiety. Your voice may be shaky or slurred. Other disorders are apraxia: a motor speech disorder caused by damage to the parts of the brain related to speaking or dysarthria: a motor speech disorder in which the muscles of the mouth, face, or respiratory system may become weak or have difficulty moving. Excellent homeopathic medicines are available for treating stammering; lop speaking or complete loss of speech (due to trauma). Proper treatment in early childhood enables development of healthy personality


    • Trigeminal neuralgia is an important disorder affecting the nervous system and diabetics are susceptible to it.Symptoms: suddenly one side of the face turns limp, eyelids cannot close or eyebrows cannot move. Muscles of the cheek dont move while chewing food, tip of the lips dont expand while smiling or tongue tip cannot experience taste. Homeopathy can cure this disorder 100% – Belladonna, Aconite, Alium sativa, plumbum met, causticum, colocinth are some of the useful homeopathic medicines


      • My trigemen neuralgia is not so severe. It pains on one point on the right side of face at the point exactly where nose ends on upper lip. The pain is not continuous but whenever it pains it is beyond tolerance . I have done M.R.I and consulted neurologist. It is diagnosed trigemen neuralgia. Please suggest best professional name of homeopathic medicines which I can buy online


    • Frozen shoulder (also known as adhesive capsulitis) leads to stiffness, pain, and limited range of movement in your shoulder . It may happen after an injury or overuse or from a disease such as diabetes or a stroke. Treatment for a frozen shoulder will vary, depending on the stage of the condition and the severity of your pain and stiffness.Homeopathy medicines like Ferrum met (rheumatism of shoulders), Kreosotum (pain under left scapula), Phytolacca dec (pain & soreness of the shoulder), Podophyllum (pain between shoulders under right scapula)


    • Acid Phos, Selenium, Damiana are some of the popular homeopathy medicine to treat erectile dysfunction, check out the complete Homeopathy medicine list here. The selection and dosage of the medicine depends on the underlying condition; abuse (excessive masturbation), Diabetes (a diabetic is at the risk of erectile dysfunction two to three times more likely than normal person), Blood pressure (BP medications like beta blockers and diureticscan lead to ED), mental health (if you are on antidepressants like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors lead to ED)


  10. hope u r gud.i have 4 queries medicines homeopathy for urethral stricture
    2.can stricture be cured completely without reoccurence by homeopathy
    3.can homeopathy cure bulbar stricture much time homeopathy take to cure stricture.
    thank u god bless u.


    • The narrowing of your urethra (stricture) could be due to many reasons like injury, infection instrumentation and certain non-infectious forms of urethritis. Bulbar urethra is the most common location for urethral strictures. The symptoms are weak urine flow or reduction in the volume of urine, frequent starting and stopping urinary stream, painful micturation etc. Homeopathy can treat this condition but your causes needs to be ascertained by a homeopath. Medicines like Berberis Vulg Q, Clematis erecta, Mercurious Sol, Staphysagria, Thiaspi bursa Q are some of the medicines indicated


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