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Alphabetical Order of diseases with their homeopathic remedies

M – Z

Masturbation habit, ill effects Acidum phos. Staphysagria ——————-
Measles Pulsatilla nig. Arsenic alb. Euphrasia off.
Menopause Lachesis mut. —————- ——————
Menstruation disturbances, general* (* See next chapter for detailed symptoms) Pulsatilla nig. Sepia off. ——————
Menses, complaints before and after Natrium mur. —————- ——————
Menses, complaints after Borax ven. Graphites ——————
Menses, complaints during Pulsatilla nig. Graphites —————–
Menses, complaints before Pulsatilla nig. Calcarea carb. Sulphur
Menses, complaints when lying down Kreosotum Magnesium carb. ——————-
Mental tiredness Kalium phos. Nux vomica Gelsemium sem.
. Mental development slow* (Consult a doctor, a long process of healing) Baryta carb. Natrium mur. Calcarea carb.
Milk, intolerance by children (not digested) Aethusa cyan.  Magnesium carb. Natrium carb.
Mouth, offensive odour, sleeping Mercurius sol. Aethusa cyan. Carbo veg.
Mouth ulcers, general  Borax ven. Acidum nit. Mercurius sol.
Mouth bitter, bad taste Pulsatilla nig. Mercurius sol. ——————-
Mouth blisters, corners Natrium mur.  Pulsatilla nig. Mercurius sol.
Mouth dryness but with thirst Bryonia alb. —————– ——————-
Mumps Belladonna Mercurius iod. Phytolacca dec.
Muscles, sprains, strains Arnica mont. Rhus tox. Causticum
Nails, ingrowing Silicea ter. Graphites Magnesium phos.
Nails cracked Natrium mur. Antimonium crud. Silicea ter.
Nails, grow quickly Acidum fluor. ———————- —————-
Nails, do not grow Antimonium crud. ———————- —————–
Nails, white spots  Silicea ter. ——————— ——————
Nails biting  Natrium mur. Arum trip. —————–
Nausea Ipecac Arsenicum alb. Nux vomica
Nausea in pregnancy Sepia off. ——————- —————–
Naval bleeding, infants  Abrotanum Nux mos. —————–
Neck pain Cimicifuga rac. Rhus tox. Bryonia alb.
Neck stiff Aconitum nap. Belladonna Causticum
Neuralgia (pain) of face, left Spigelia ant. —————– —————-
Neuralgia, face right side  Aconitum nap. Pulsatilla nig. Kalmia lat.
Neuralgia anywhere with numbness Chamomilla ——————- —————–
Nerves painful Aconitum nap. Belladonna Magnesium phos.
Nose bleeding, not knowing cause Belladonna Ferrum phos. —————–
Nose bleeding in the morning Ambra gris. —————– —————-
Nose bleeding when washing face Ammonium carb. —————– —————-
Nose blocking on sleeping Sambucus nig. Lycopodium cla. —————–
Nose blocking when going out Hepar sulphur —————– —————-
Nose boring by children till it bleeds Arum trip. —————— —————-
Nose boring by children, frequent Cina —————— —————-
Nose, polypi Lemna minor ——————- —————-
Nose running Allium cepa Arsenicum alb. Euphrasia off.
Numbness, general Natrium mur. Aconitum nap. Rhus tox.
Numbness of feet, hands or soles Alumina —————— —————-
Numbness of head Asafoetida Kalium phos. —————
Numbness, lying on limbs Carbo veg. Pulsatilla nig. Rhus tox.
Obesity Fucuc yes. Q Calcarea carb. Phytolacca berry
Odour offensive from body Mercurius sol. Psorinum —————–
Odour, intolerance for strong odours Nux vomica ————– ——————-
Odour, offensive feet-sweats Calcarea carb. Silicea ter. —————–
Oedema, below eyes Apis mel. ————— —————–
Oedema, upper lids, eyes Kalium carb. ————— —————-
Oedema, general Apis mel. Arsenicum alb. Colchicum
Offended easily Staphysagria lgnatia ama. Nux vomica
Old age disorders, general (senility, sexual excesses, trembling, weakness etc.) Ambra gris. Baryta carb. Lycopodium cla.
Operation, after effects Rhus tox. Hypericum per. Cimicifuga rac.
Orchitis, inflammation of testicles Clematis erecta Spongia tos. Mercurius cor.
Otorrhoea, discharge from ears Pulsatilla nig. Hepar sulphur Mercurius sol.
Ovary pain Colocynthis Podophyllum pel. Lachesis mut.
Over lifting, pains thereof Rhus tox. —————- —————-
Ozeana, offensive nasal discharge Asafoetida Mercurius cor. Calcarea carb.
Pains, body Worse during rest Rhus tox. Kalium carb. Magnesium phos.
Pains deep in bones Aurum met. Asafoetida Eupatorium perf.
Pain in long bones Eupatorium perf. Staphysagria Mezereum
Pains in damp weather Rhus tox. Dulcamara Mercurius sol.
Pains, dull type China off. Nux vomica Ignatia ama.
Pains, burning type Apis mel. Arsenicum alb. Sulphur
Pains bursting type Aconitum nap. Bryonia Capsicum an.
Pains squeezing type Cactus gran. Acidum nit. Sulphur
Pains stitching type Bryonia alb. Natrium sulph. Kalium carb.
Pains in scapulae, (shoulders) Chelidonium maj. Sanguinaria can. Ferrum met.
Pains, cramps type Cuprum met. Colocynthis Pulsatilla nig.
Pains during night only Aurum met Asafoetida Mercurius sol.
Pains with periodicity Definite time interval) Sanguinaria can. Arsenicum alb. China off
Pains wandering Pulsatilla nig. Kalium bi. Kalmia lat
Pains suddenly come, suddenly go Belladonna Kalium bi. Kalium carb.
Palpitations at night Calcarea carb. Cannabis indica Lachesis mut.
Perspiration, excessive Acidum phos. Rhus glabra Thuja occ.
Pharyngitis Belladona Kalium bi. Mercurius sal.
Piles Please see haemorrhoids in ‘H’
Pimples, general (please see acne in ‘A) Belladonna Carbo veg. Kalium brom.
Plugging of nails, sensation Ignatia am. Thuja occ. Anacardium ori.
Polyp, nasal Sanguinaria nit. Calcarea carb. Teucrium mar.
Polyuria Argentum nit. Calcarea fluor. Acid. phos.
Prolapse of rectum Sepia off. Ruta gra. Podophyllum pel.
Prolapse of uterus Sepia off. Natrium mur. Belladonna
Prostatitis* (* Consult a doctor) Sabal ser.Q Conium mac. Ferrum plc.
Ptyalism (excessive saliva) Mercurius sol. Kalium mur. Syph. 200, one dose
Puffiness of face Apis mel. Arsenicum alb. Calcarea carb.
Pus forming, boils Mercurius sol. (About to form) Hepar sulphur (Already formed) Hepar sulphur 200 (To abort, one dose)
Pruritis (itching) Rhus tox. Rumex cris. Sulphur
Pyrrhoea, bad smell from mouth Marc cor. Kalium carb. Carbo veg. (When bleeding too)
Rash, mosquito bite Dulcamara ————– ————–
Rash, children Aconitum nap. Bryonia alb. ————–
Restlessness Aconitum nap. Arsenicum alb. Rhus tox.
Ringworm Sepia off. Arsenicum alb. Bacillinum-1 M (one dose)
Rectum, fullness Aesculus hip. Acidum nit. Sulphur
Rectum, burning Arsenicum alb. Capsicum an. Sulphur
Rectum, continuous pain Acidum nit. Aesculus hip. Phytolacca dec.
Rhinitis, first stage Aconitum nap. Arsenicum alb. Gelsemium sem.
Ribs pain Aconitum nap. Wyethia hel. Argentum nit.
Sad, feeling of Ignatia ama. Natrium mur. Aurum met
Saliva, more Mercurius sol. Allium sativa Ammonium carb.
Sciatica, general Colocynthis Rhus tox. Gnaphalium poly.
Scabies Calcarea sulph. (Dry or wet) Graphites (wet) Hepar sulphur
Seasickness Nux vomica Cocculus ind. Petroleum
*Sexual desire, lost or diminished Lycopodium cla. Staphysagria ——————
*Sexual desire excessive (* Male, better consult a doctor) Cantharis ves. (painful erection) Acidum fluor. Acidum phos.
Skin affections, eczema wet Graphites —————— ——————
Skin affections, Itching and burning Sulphur —————— ——————
Skin sensitive to touch and cold Hepar sulphur —————– ——————-
Sensation of fullness (stomach) Lycopodium cla. Aesculus hip. China off.
Sensation of emptiness (stomach) Sepia off. Coccus cac. —————–
Sinusitis Kalium bich. Silicea ter. Sanguinaria can.
Sleepiness Cimex lec. Cyclamen Euro. —————-
Smell of food intolerable Colchicum Sepia off. Arsenicum alb.
Sneezing, persistent Sabadilla Sanguinaria can. Cyclamen
Sneezing without coryza (common cold) Calcarea carb. Mercurius sol. Acidum nit.
Sneezing morning Kalium bi. Allium cepa Ammonium carb.
Sneezing violent Agaricus mus. Cyclamen Euro. ————–
Snoring Lemna minor Hippozaeninum Sanguinaria nit.
Sore throat Belladonna Mercurius sol. Hepar sulphur
Soreness Rhus tax. Arnica mont. Ruta gray.
Sourness Calcarea carb. —————— —————
Spondylitis, left sided Ferrum phos. Rhus tox. Causticum
Spondylitis, right sided (Please see cervical under ‘C’ also) Chelidonium maj. Natrium mur. Carbo an.
Spots, pain in small spots Kalium bi. Lachesis mut. —————-
Spots, yellow and brown on face Sepia off. Sulphur —————-
Stammering Bovista Lyc. Stramonium —————-
Standing uncomfortable Sulphur —————- —————-
Sticky discharges, cough, stool etc. Kalium bi. Graphites —————-
Stiffness of body parts Rhus tox. Bryonia alb. —————-
Stinging, sensation Silicea ter. Apis mel. —————-
Stomach disorders, indigestion Nux vomica Carbo veg. Lycopodium cla.
Stomach, burning Arsenicum alb. Sepia off. Sulphur
Stomach heaviness after eating ( Also see ‘sensation’ above) Lycopodium cia. Kalium bich. Hepar sulphur
Stomatitis Please see mouth ulcers in ‘M’
Stool, frequent, desire ineffectual Nux vomica Sepia off. Aloe
Stool, dry, hard, burnt Bryonia alb. ————— —————–
Stool, slips back Silicea ter. Thuja occ. Sanicula aq.
Stool with mucus, knotty, large Graphites ————– —————–
Stool, no desire for days Alumina Bryonia alb. Hydrastis Q
Stool passes only when standing Causticum ————— ——————
Styes, eyes Staphysagria Thuja occ. Silicea ter.
Sun-stroke Glonoinum Natrium carb. Natrium mur.
Sweating, head Calcarea carb. ————— —————-
Sweating on uncovered parts Thuja occ. ————— —————-
 Sweat offensive, foot or axilla Rhus tox. Sulphur Silicea ter.
Sweat, missing- no sweating Alumina ————— —————
Swelling Please see oedema in ‘0’
Swelling with pain Apis mel. Pulsatilla nig. Acid. Nit.
Synovitis  (Inflammation of joints having lubricating fluid) Bryonia alb. Calcarea fluor. Apis mel.
Taste, bitter Natrium mur. Pulsatilla nig. ——————
Taste, everything salty Belladonna —————- ——————
Tasteless, tongue coated white Antimonium Crud. Natrium mur. Magnesium carb.
Taste sour Nux vomica Calcarea carb. Lycopodium cla.
Teeth bleeding after extraction Arnica mont. Staphysagria Phosphorus
Teeth grinding Cina Belladonna —————–
Teething troubles, children Calcarea phos. —————– —————–
Thirst less, dry mouth Pulsatilla nig. Aethusa cyan. (Complete absence) Apis mel.
Thirst more but of little quantity Arsenicum alb. —————- ——————
Thirst unquenchable Natrium mur. Bryonia alb. ——————
Throat sore Please see sore throat under ‘S’
Thumb sucking (consult a doctor) Calcarea phos. Natrium mur. Silicea ter.
Tongue mapped and cracked Natrium mur. Arum trip. Rhus ven.
Tongue swelling with bad odour Mercurius sol. —————- ——————
Tonsils red and inflamed Belladonna Mercurius sol. Hepar sulphur
Tonsils, enlarged Baryta carb. Calcarea fluor. Mercurius iod. rub.
Toothache Mercurius sol. Arsenicum alb. Chamomilla
Twitching Agaricus mus. Ignatia ama. Zincum met
Ulcers with itching Sulphur —————- —————–
Ulcers not healing quickly Silicea ter. —————- —————–
Unrefreshing sleep Nux vomica —————- —————–
Urination while, child cries Borax ven. —————- —————–
Urine escapes involuntary Causticum Natrium mur. —————–
Urine milky in children Cina  Acidum phos. —————–
Urine retention in children Aconitum nap. —————- —————–
Urine urge more in newly weds Staphysagria —————- —————–
Urticaria Apis mel. Urtica urens Q Rhus tox.
Vaccination, ill effects Thuja occ. Silicea ter. ——————
Varicose veins, legs  Aesculus hip. Pulsatilla nig. Acidum fluor.
Vertigo Please see next chapter
Voice loss, sudden of singers, speakers (See under hoarseness under ‘H’) Arum trip. Rhus tox. Phosphorus
 Vomiting Ipecac (general) Aethusa cyan. (After milk in infants) Mercurius sol.
Vomiting in pregnancy Sepia oft. ————— ——————
Wakes up, frightened, suffocated Spongia tos. Sambucus nig. ——————
Wandering pains Pulsatilla nig. Kalium bich. Lac can.
Warts Thuja occi. Acidum nit. Causticum
Wasp bite Cantharis yes. —————- ——————
Watering from eyes Euphrasia off. —————- ——————
Weakness feeling, general China off. Ferrum phos. Acidum phos.
Weakness of old age Ambra gris. —————- ——————
Weak memory Anacardium ori. Kalium phos. ——————
Weak digestion after fever Carbo veg. Sepia off. ——————-
Weeps more Ignatia ama. Natrium mur. Pulsatilla nig.
Weight loss though eats well lodum Natrium mur. Abrotanum
Worms Cina Teucrium mar. ——————-
Wrists cramps  Actaea spicata Rhododendron ——————-
Writer’s cramps Gelsemium sem. Argentum met. Magnesium phos.
Yawning, frequent Aconitum nap. (more after lying) Nux vomica (more after eating) Ignatia ama.

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