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Homeopathy list for Weak Memory, Nervous weakness

Homeopathy medicines has all the answers for memory loss, mental fatigue leading to poor concentration, weak brain development leading to loss of academic performance or poor work output and other mental ailments.  Well known homeopathic herbs like Bacopa Monneiri (Brahmi), Anacardium are clinically proven as brain tonics that assist a sharper memory and aid brain development in adults and children.

A healthy Brain is mankind’s greatest tool and a storehouse of our cognitive abilities, precious memories, unique thoughts and ideas. Memory loss, dementia and other weakness of the brain have impairing effect on our very essence of identity as human beings. When memory glitches are infrequent (sometime referred to as absent mindedness), it may not be a cause of concern as we eventually remember what we forgot and get on with life. However if you’ve started to forget more and more often, you may be experiencing serious memory loss and is a cause for concern. Injuries to the Head (and brain), nervousness (nervous weakness), advancing age are some of the reasons for memory loss which can be short term or of long duration.

Fast paced modern lifestyles often lead to mental and emotional stresses resulting in nervous dysfunction, Migraine, Depression, memory loss and Somatic (sleep) disturbances. In younger people nerve anomalies arise from school strain, examination anxiety, job stress and strains while unrest in elderly usually indicates organic illness and metabolic disorders.  Symptoms range from anxiety, mood swing without reason, insomnia, nervous breakdown etc. Homeopathy offers the harmonizing therapy that enables patients to return to normalcy and carry out their Social, School and Job obligations properly.

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Homeopathy medicines list for Brain and nervous disorders - Fits, Brain fag, Migraine, Insomnia, depression, Memory, Brain stroke

Homeopathic medicine list for Memory Weakness

Specialty (Patent) Medicine List


Schwabe Bacopa Monnieri 1X Tablets is clinically well established in Indian medicine as nervine tonic and used to sharpen dull memory. It also provides relief from anxiety, neurosis. It has free sterols, saponins linked to neuro pharmacological effects. Bacopa contains bacosides, which are the active ingredients in bacopa shown to support learning, cognition, and memory by enhancing the efficiency of nerve impulse transmission. Bacopa’s antioxidant properties may also offer some protection to brain cells from the damaging effects of free radicals Brand – Schwabe, Form – Tablets, Size -20gms , Rate -150
Reckeweg R54 Memory drops is indicated for recall problems, functional disturbances of the Brain, weakness of memory, indifference and lassitude. It contains Anacardium which has a specific action on the weakness of memory, Belladonna for cerebral congestion, Arsenicum Alb for cerebral anemia and Kalium Phosph which serves as brain tonic Brand -Dr.Reckeweg, Form – Drops, Size -22ml, Rate -200
Allens Brenup Brain Tonic for remembrance issues in adults & children. Boosts memory, enhances concentration and improves health. Brenup contains Anacardium Ori, Kali Phosph, Avena Sativa, Withania Som, Cinchona, Alfalfa. Brand – Allen, Form – Tonic (Liquid), Size – 60ml, 250ml, Rate -75, 200
MOMEMORI Doctor recommended Homeopathy Memory enhancer Kit, contains Baryta Carbonicum30, Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi)Q, Memoriup syrup. Rs.337.5
Dr.Bakshi’s B57 Drops helps improve the state of weak memory and makes it sharp. Contains Anacardium 6x, Arsenicum alb 30x, belladonna 12x, Sepia 8x Brand – Bakson (Dr.Bakshi), Form – Drops, Size -30ml , Rate -125
Memorisan (Blooume 22) is a swiss homeopathic formula  helpful in improving concentration and memory without any side effects. It contains Aethusa Cynapium 30 (clears brain fag), Baryta Carbonica 30 (clears confusion of mind), Calc Phos 30 ( helps children who are forgetful while studying), Lycopodium Clavatum (nervousness) Brand – Bioforce AG, Form – Drops, Size -30ml , Rate -120
Allen A41 Memory drops is indicated for brain fag, confusion of mind, indifference, helps students who are forgetful in studies. Contains Gelsemium S 3x, Anacardium 3x, Belladonna 3x, Lycoposium C 3x etc Brand – Allen (Hyd), Form – Drops, Size -30ml, Rate -125
Wheezal Memorine Drops indicated for Improving Memory. Contains: Anacardium Ori 3x, Baryta Carb 3x, Lycopodium 3x, Kali Phos 3x, Lac Caninum 3x, Argentum Nit 3x Brand – Wheezal, Form – Drops, Size – 30ml, Rate -110/-
Hahnemann pharma Memoric care drops for Weak memory, nervousness. Inability to retain, recall, recognition and relearning in growing children. Contains: Anacardium Ori 6×10%v/v, Arsenic Album 30×10%v/v, Belladonna 12×10%v/v, Gelsemium Semp. 12×10%v/v, Kali phos. 6×10%w/v, Sepia 8×10%v/v, DM Water and Excipients q.s.5ml, Alcohol Contents 55%v/v Brand – Hahnemann Form – Drops, Size – 30ml, Rate -99/-
Fourrts IQFIL is a homeopathic memory booster product with the goodness of brahmi, Vitamin and minerals, in skimmed milk powder & malt base Brand – Fourrts, Form – Powder, Size – 200gms, Rate -185
MemoriUp Brain Tonic is an excellent homeopathic formulation that enhances Brain power. Helps children who are forgetful while studying, improves their faculty development. Treats associated symptoms such as brain fag & confusion of mind. Contains Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Aralia Racemosa. Free of side effects Brand – Dr.Raj, Form – Syrup, Size – 100ml/ 200ml Rate -99/-


Homeopathy Therapeutic Medicine (Single Remedies) List for weak Memory

Following remedies are given with indications to help you find a suitable remedy considering the symptoms. Selection of potency and dosages depend on the sensitivity, individual’s response to the remedy and how chronic is the condition.

Autism (a developmental disability in children caused by differences in the brain) can create memory challenges that hinder not only  memory for faces but also their ability to remember other kinds of information. It can be treated sucessfully with homeopathy

Aconitum nap.(tds) Does not remember dates about recent events. Forgets the phone number just when he starts to dial although he had seen the number just now in the directory.
Aethusa cyn.(tds)  No interest in remembering things.
Agaricus mus.(tds) Suited to children who forget their lessons. Stupid children.
Agnus castus(tds),Acidum phos.(tds),Staphysagria(tds) Loss of memory due to sexual excesses and masturbation. Take other symptoms of the remedy into acoount.
Ailanthus g. (tds) Forgets what was spoken a little while ago.
Ambra grisea(tds) an old man or man who has grown old before time cannot remember simplest words to express himself. Changes irrelevantly from one subject to another. Forgets simple words like bread and butter.
Anacardium ori.(tds) Loss or weak memory after small-pox, chickenpox. Remembers a thing now and a moment after forgets it. Irresistible desire to curse. The patient is depressed an irritable.
Argentum nit.(tds) the patient is absent minded and has a poor memory.
Aurum met.(tds) Absent mindedness. The patient is apathetic and listless.
Baryta carb.(tds) Absent mindedness in old people. Age has impaired all the functions including memory.
Camphora (tds) Loss of memory after hysterical attacks.
Cannabis ind.(tds) Very forgetful. Starts to speak and forgets what he was to say. Forgets where he placed his glasses five minutes ago.
Cocculus ind.(tds) Mind distracted. Easily worried.
Conium mac.(tds) Absent mindedness, debility and hypochondria. Poor memory, accompanied by disorders of the urinary tract and sexual weakness.
Digitalis (tds) Thinking difficult. Forgets everything.
Glonoinum(tds) He forgets the name of his own street and the number or location of his own house where he has be staying for a long time. Gets lost in familiar surroundings.
Kalium brom.(tds) Absent mindedness. Impaired co-ordination. Numbness and tingling in the limbs.
Lac can.(tds) Makes purchases and goes home without picking them up. Goes to post a letter and comes back with the letter in his pocket. Cannot concentrate on studies or anything .
Lycopodium(tds) Weakness of memory after an attack of influenza. Uses wrong words and cannot express himself properly. Commits mistakes in spelling, in writing and is averse to do any mental work. Suitable for old persons. Lycopodium contains hyperzine which slows down breakdown of acetylcholine, the brain chemical vital for maintaining memory.
Mancinella(tds) Wandering thoughts. Sudden vanishing of thoughts.
Mercurius sol.(tds) Absent mindedness with loss of will power and weak memory.
Rhododendron ch.(tds) Sudden disappearance of thoughts. Omits words while writing.
Rhus tox.(tds) Incapable of a continuous thoughts. Writers incorrect figures. Ifhe has to write 31, he writes only 3 or 1.
Scutellaria lat.(tds) Loss of memory or weakness of memory in nervous persons.
Stramonium(tds) Uses incorrect words in talks or speech because he has no memory of the correct words.
Sulphur(od) Does not remember names and words.
Thyroidinum 3x(tds) Improves memory of patients with thyroid trouble.
Vanadium(tds) It helps to increase memory.
Zincum phos.(tds) Weakness of memory due to mental weakness. Cannot keep his legs still.
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15 thoughts on “Homeopathy list for Weak Memory, Nervous weakness”

  1. Hello sir, I had issues with concentration focus and alertness. I even forget spelling of words. I lost interest in most of the things. I started lagging and loosing in my career and life.

  2. My son is 10 years old, he is very intelligent but his short term memory is so bad,,he sometimes forget things with in 5 minutes,,like if we go in car and put petrol but he will forget it within 5 mins and will ask to put petrol,,he is also hyperactive but this short memory issues i just noticed from 2-3 months as after some issues in family and because of my bad health may be he took pressure on his brain,,,,he also don’t have any control on his words.he dont know what to speak and what not to speak,,he faces big problems in this,and he has big issues with hunger,,he is always feel hungry but eat very less and after 20 mins againask for food,,if he dont eat immideatly he feels down,brain stop working,,eyes get dark circles,,,pls pls pls suggest good remedy,,thanks

    1. Cannabis Indica is mostly used when there is sudden loss of memory and have poor short term memory. There is complete forgetfulness about recent thought, speech, ideas and action. Anacardium Ori is a beneficial medicine when there is marked loss of memory. The person needing it does not retain anything in his memory

  3. My child is down syndrome child I want a medicine for his brain development, and to improve is IQ level and for perfect speech

    1. Homeopathic medicines for speech delay used for helping a child with late speech development include Calcarea Carb, Agaricus Muscarius, Baryta Carb, Calcarea Phos, Natrum Mur, Silicea and Tuberculinum Bovinum.

  4. What is the homeopathic medicine for treatment of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous disorders

  5. My daughter was about to write her board exam (10th). She has wheezing. She is not able to concentrate in her studies, while learning she gets easily distracted,(just sitting and thinking about some thing).She doing all the subjects better except maths.she is making silly mistakes even in simple addition and subtraction(1+2=2). If we speak normally also she is shouting on us by raising her voice to the core. For no matter she fights with her younger daughter. Suppose if she is in happy mood she express that to aggressively, now she is affected with skin rashes (fungal disease – prescribed with sulphur based cream). I need your suggestion for her remedy.

    1. Skin rashes and wheezing points to one common thing and this is inflammation. Eczema or atopic dermatitis either leads or points to the other problem. Both these problems (itching & breathing difficulty) can affect her sleep and quality of life and this might be making her irritated and restless. This is conformed by studies done by National Jewish Health in US. Rhus tox 30 is best for atopic dermatitis with asthmatic complaints as per Dr.Gopi

  6. My child is 11 yrs old .he does not concentrate on study or any work properly.last year he had diagnosed epilepsy but now he is cure due to allopathic medicines named valparin .further in his MRI report we knew that he has left side undeveloped brain compare to right my question is that it is possible to develop that undeveloped portion through homeopathy medicine? Which is from his birth.

    1. As per a research conducted by Wisconsin school of medicine & published in Journals, early onset of epilepsy has an impact on brain development (slowed expansion of white matter volume). Homeopathy may still come to the rescue of your child though the extent of recovery may be in question. Suggest you consult a homeopath without further delay

  7. hi please mention the daily dose of ds- 21 ginkodol for 6 years old child. his wait is 15 kg.

  8. Brain an nerve funtions.memory.and for neuropathy.
    Also diabetic.please get back to me.thank you.
    John wipf

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