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Homeopathy list for Weak Memory, Nervous weakness

Homeopathy medicine list for Brain Fag (Brain Tonic)

Homeopathy single remedies for Brain fag or mental fatigue are Aesculus hip 3x (confused, memory loss), Ambra grisea (nervous & mental weakness due to shock), Belladona (Brain fag after delirium), kalium Phos 6x (best remedy for prostration of brain), Nux vomica (mental fatigue due to worries)

Homeopathy patent (specialty) medicines for brain fag are;

Cell Salts Bio-combination No.24 (Schwabe Bioplasgen, Reckeweg, SBL, Haslab) for Brain Fag (Brain tonic)

Adel 51 PSY-Stabil drops for nervous exhaustion, restlessness, anxiety (examination & other), lack of concentration. School strain

Adel 85 Tonic for physical & mental invigoration

BBP Nervin-B Tablets – nerve and brain tonic

St.Georges HCT 51 for mental fatigue, brianfag due to over work, study etc

SBL Five Phos Tablets for nerve and brain.

Schwabe Ginseng 1x Tablets – improves vision and working capacity of brain


Homeopathy Medicine List for Migraine

Common medicine for migraines are pain relievers, Aspirin or ibuprofen which are usually sold as over the counter (OTC) help relieve mild migraines whereas higher class medicines like Triptans, Opioid medications are prescription led. Homeopathy offers acute and preventive medications for  Migraine. Homeopathic medicines treats

  • Headaches arising from nervous irritability, intolerance to heat & light (Sanguinaria)
  • Neuralgia, supaorbital pains, sensation of heat at the top of  head (Cimicifuga)
  • Headache due to Sun, reference to heart (Spigella)
  • Feeling of heaviness (congestion) in head, pain above eyes (Gelsemium)
  • Periodic migraine, intense headache causing vision problems, Vomiting (Iris Vesic)

Reckeweg R16 Migraine drops indisposition to continuous headaches due to chill, Migraine, nervous headaches, neuralgia of head.

Schwabe Thyroidinum 3x for Migraine due to hypothyroidism

Adel 1 apo-Dolor drops for Migraine, neuralgia, headache

Baksons Mig Aid Tablets for Headache & Migraine

Bioforce AG Switzerland Migrainosan (Blooume 25) drops

Dolosis D3 Headache Drops

RS Bhargava Minims No.2,Antigrin for acute Headache, Migraine, Throbbing & congestive Headache

Bio India Medolor Drops for cyclic headaches, migraine during menstrual periods

Dr. Bakshi B12 drops

St.Georges TCT 75 (Tissue Complex Tablets) for rush of blood to head, congestion, neuralgia relieved by heat

SBL Relaxhed Drops

Drox 19 Migronol for migraine of various origin, severe unidentified headache

Wheezal WL 22 Drops for migraine and nervous headache

memory loss treatment homeopathy Ginkgo Biloba Baryta Carb

Homeopathy Medicine List for Fits, Convulsions

Convulsions are violent spasms or a series of jerks in the face, trunks and extremities. Homeopathy Single remedies are Belladona (convulsions in children), Chamomilla (convulsions during teething), Cina (convulsions due to worms), Stramonium (convulsions due to bad dreams), Zincum Phos+Aurum mur+Cuprum met (for convulsions of epilepsy)

Homeopathy patent (specialty) medicines for fits & convulsions are as follows

Adel 38 apo-Spast drops for Fits, Convulsions, Cramps

Wheezal WL-9 Convulsion Drops. Supports normal electrical activity in brain and nervous system health

Reckeweg R33 drops for constitutional treatment of epilepsy, twitching muscles


Homeopathy medicines list for Insomnia

Reckeweg R14 Nerve & Sleep drops

Hevert Stress relief – German homeopathy formula to calm & relax and promote sleep

Herbamed Soporin Sleeping drops – Swiss formula for difficulties in falling asleep

Schwabe Alpha TS for Insomnia in General

Adel 25 Somcupin drops for insomnia, disturbed sleep.

Schwabe Alfalfa Tonic for insomnia due to weakness

Schwabe Alfalfa Diabetic Tonic for insomnia due to weakness in Diabetes

Dr.Bakshi B10 Sleep drops

Baksons Homoeovit & Tone Aid Plus.

SBL Tranquil tablets

Bakson Go Tox drops for Insomnia due to alcohol, smoking

Haslab Nervocalm sleep stimulator for over excitement of the nervous system, nervous breakdown


Homeopathy medicines list for Depression

Reckeweg Vita-C 15 forte Tonic

Schwabe Klimaktolan for depression in women during menopause

Schwabe Bacopa Monnieri 1X Tablets for depression in students due to academic reasons

Dr.Bakshi B10 drops

Baksons Super Tonic

Schwabe Hypericum perfolatum 1x Tablet for Mild to Moderate depression in adults

Schwabe Essentia Aurea Gold drops for cardiac problems due to depression


Homeopathy medicines list for other brain disorders (Mental Health issues)

Schwabe Sabal Pentarkan for Worry, in aged men

SBL Drops No.4 for Hypertension, anxiety

Adel 69 drops for Vertigo, Tingling

Reckeweg R36 for over sensitivity in children, St.Vitus dance

Haslab HC-84 BARYTA for blood thrombosis in brain.

Dr.Bakshi B66 Shock drops

St.Georges HCT 42 for Hysteria, Chorea, Nervous agitation.

Haslab HC 19 Strychnium complex tablet for Nervoussness, melancholia, tendency to weep, body twitching

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15 thoughts on “Homeopathy list for Weak Memory, Nervous weakness”

  1. Hello sir, I had issues with concentration focus and alertness. I even forget spelling of words. I lost interest in most of the things. I started lagging and loosing in my career and life.

  2. My son is 10 years old, he is very intelligent but his short term memory is so bad,,he sometimes forget things with in 5 minutes,,like if we go in car and put petrol but he will forget it within 5 mins and will ask to put petrol,,he is also hyperactive but this short memory issues i just noticed from 2-3 months as after some issues in family and because of my bad health may be he took pressure on his brain,,,,he also don’t have any control on his words.he dont know what to speak and what not to speak,,he faces big problems in this,and he has big issues with hunger,,he is always feel hungry but eat very less and after 20 mins againask for food,,if he dont eat immideatly he feels down,brain stop working,,eyes get dark circles,,,pls pls pls suggest good remedy,,thanks

    1. Cannabis Indica is mostly used when there is sudden loss of memory and have poor short term memory. There is complete forgetfulness about recent thought, speech, ideas and action. Anacardium Ori is a beneficial medicine when there is marked loss of memory. The person needing it does not retain anything in his memory

  3. My child is down syndrome child I want a medicine for his brain development, and to improve is IQ level and for perfect speech

    1. Homeopathic medicines for speech delay used for helping a child with late speech development include Calcarea Carb, Agaricus Muscarius, Baryta Carb, Calcarea Phos, Natrum Mur, Silicea and Tuberculinum Bovinum.

  4. What is the homeopathic medicine for treatment of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous disorders

  5. My daughter was about to write her board exam (10th). She has wheezing. She is not able to concentrate in her studies, while learning she gets easily distracted,(just sitting and thinking about some thing).She doing all the subjects better except maths.she is making silly mistakes even in simple addition and subtraction(1+2=2). If we speak normally also she is shouting on us by raising her voice to the core. For no matter she fights with her younger daughter. Suppose if she is in happy mood she express that to aggressively, now she is affected with skin rashes (fungal disease – prescribed with sulphur based cream). I need your suggestion for her remedy.

    1. Skin rashes and wheezing points to one common thing and this is inflammation. Eczema or atopic dermatitis either leads or points to the other problem. Both these problems (itching & breathing difficulty) can affect her sleep and quality of life and this might be making her irritated and restless. This is conformed by studies done by National Jewish Health in US. Doctor consultation advised

  6. My child is 11 yrs old .he does not concentrate on study or any work properly.last year he had diagnosed epilepsy but now he is cure due to allopathic medicines named valparin .further in his MRI report we knew that he has left side undeveloped brain compare to right my question is that it is possible to develop that undeveloped portion through homeopathy medicine? Which is from his birth.

    1. As per a research conducted by Wisconsin school of medicine & published in Journals, early onset of epilepsy has an impact on brain development (slowed expansion of white matter volume). Homeopathy may still come to the rescue of your child though the extent of recovery may be in question. Suggest you consult a homeopath without further delay

  7. hi please mention the daily dose of ds- 21 ginkodol for 6 years old child. his wait is 15 kg.

  8. Brain an nerve funtions.memory.and for neuropathy.
    Also diabetic.please get back to me.thank you.
    John wipf

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