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Schwabe German WSG Homeopathy Medicines. Complete List, Buy Online

Schwabe German Homeopathy remedies (WSG medicines) come from DHU i.e., Deutsche HomoÖpathie Union, Karlsruhe, Germany. This company has a track record for consistent and outstanding quality of homeopathy medicines. It is certified for organic cultivation, strict quality control, GMP guidelines and conform to German Homeoopathic Pharmacopoeia (GHB). We present the complete list of Schwabe German medicines available in India currently

Schwabe German WSG Specialties List

WSG Product name


Schwabe German Cineraria Maritima (CMS) Eye Drops, Size: 10ml, MRP: 190/- Schwabe German Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops releases the tension in the muscles of the eyes and prevent tiredness, redness, and other symptoms. Indicated for cataract, corneal opacities and serious eye problems.  CMS is recommended for cataract due to metabolic disorders, senile cataract or or stopping the onset or progress of cataract. Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops Composition: Cineraria maritima succus 5g, Benzelkonium chloratum 0.001g Excipients Water for injection Q.S. Alcohol 9.3% w/w.
Schwabe German Cineraria Maritima D2,  All purpose Eye Drops, Size: 10ml, MRP: 145/- Schwabe German Cineraria Maritima D2 Eye Drop (Senecio Bicolor D2) is indicated for computer vision syndrome that causes symptoms of eye strain, headaches, blurred vision and redness in eyes. CMS D2 is also indicated for mild conjunctivitis, mild injuries to the eyes, irritation of eyes due to dust, pollution etc. It is manufactured as per German Homeopathic pharmacopoeia and is free of eye irritants. Schwabe Cineraria Maritima D2 Eye Drop Contains:  Senecio Bicolor ( Cineraria Maritima) D2 2.500 G, Benzalkonium Chloratum 0.001 G.
Schwabe German Biofungin Tonic for predictable results in iron deficiency and anaemia. Size: 250ml, MRP: 799/- Schwabe German Biofungin Tonic is a great tasting restorative tonic used for convalescence, lack of appetite, anaemia and conditions of fatigue. Homeopathic medicine for anaemia and exhaustion is a storehouse of iron and important microminerals inclusing cobalt, copper, manganese & Zinc. Schwabe Biofungin Tonic 100G contains : Mangnesium Borocitricum 5×2.0 Zincum Sulfuricum 5×1.0 Cobaltum Nitricum 5x 1.0 Cuprum Aceticum 5x 1.0 Manganum Aceticum 5×1.0 Acidum Formicacum 5×2.0 Acidum Tartarcum 4x 2.0 Ferrum Glycerinophosphoricum 3x
Schwabe German Damiaplant Drops is a combination of five distict remedies, each well known for its beneficial effect in sexual wellness sphere. Size: 20ml, MRP: 549/- Schwabe German Damiaplant Drops is indicated for insufficient libido, impotence, nervous exhaustion and neurasthenia (sexual weakness). Schwabe German Damiaplant Drops composition: Damiana 1x 10.0 (mexican hern, aphrodisiac); Ginseng 1x 10.0 (korean, secretory gland stimulant); Agnus Castus 2x 10.0 (nervous depression, low libido); Nuphar Lutea 2x 10.0 (impotency, pain in organs); Muira Puama 1x 10.0 (brazil, erectile dysfunction); Excipients Qs To 100.0; Alcohol 66.0% V/V.
Schwabe German Essentia Aurea Drops  for chronic myasthenia of the heart, dyfunctions of the circulation and cardiac dyspnosea. Size: 20ml, MRP: 311/- Schwabe German Essentia Aurea Drops is indicated for Arteriosclerosis, Angina Pectoris, Hypertension, Stress & Fatigue. Essentia Aurea Schwabe Contains: Crataegus Oxy 40.0 (heart Tonic); Aurum Muriaticum. 4x 10.0 (palpitation, tachyarrythmia); Convallaria Majalis. 10.0( dyspnoea, dropsy, angina pectoris); Ignatia Amara. 4x 10.0 (depression, constrictive feeling in throat, chest); Arnica Montana. 0.5 (feeble pulse, cardiac asthma); Excipients Q.S To 100.0; Alcohol 48.0% V/V.
Schwabe German Bryorheum Drops for the relief of muscular, articular rheumatism.Size: 20ml, MRP: 427/- Schwabe Bryorheum Drops  is indicated for rheumatic disorders such as redness, stiffness and swelling of the joints and pain in muscles and joints. Body pains and discomfort increases in cold & damp weather. Schwabe Bryorheum Drops contains; Bryonia Alba 2x 10.0 (for muscle pain, swellings); Rhus Tox 4x 10.0 (pain & stiffness of joints, tendons); Dulcamara 1×10.0 (for damp weather induced rheumatic troubles); Phytolacca Dec 1x 10.0 (neuralgia) ; Gnaphalium P 1×10.0 (numbness, sciatica) Excipients Q S To 100.0 Alcohol 57.0 V/V.
Schwabe German Tonsiotren Tablets for acute and chronic inflammation of the tonsils and of the accessory sinuses of the nose. Size: 20ml, MRP: 391/- Schwabe German Tonsiotren Tablets  relieves pain, reduces local swelling. Indicated for difficulty in swallowing. Schwabe Tonsiotren Tablets contains: Atropinum Sulph 5x 12.5Mg (lowers pain, reduces inflammation), Hepar Sulph 3x 10.0 Mg (sore throat with scraping pain), Kali Bichromicum  4×50.0 Mg (tonsillitis, Sinusitis), Silicea 2x 5.0Mg (healing agent), Mercurious Iod Rub 8x 25.0Mg(follicular tonsillitis), Excipients Q. S.
Schwabe German Gastrobin Drops or hyper acidity, heartburn, inflammatory, gastric complaints, nervously irritable stomach. Size: 20ml, MRP: 190/- Schwabe German Gastrobin Drops is a reliable preparation where gastric mucous membrane is inflamed due to excess gastric acid. It regulates acid level in stomach thus alleviating complaints of hyperacidity such as burning in stomach, pressure & pain in stomach, gastric sensitivity to pressure, sour eructation or acid vomitting. Schwabe Gastrobin Drops 100G contains: Natrum Phosphoricum 3x 10.0 (excess acidity, flatulence), Capsicum Annum 3x 10.0(stomatitis, dyspepsia) Robinia pseudoacacia 2x 10.0(hyperchlorhydria), Acidum Sulphuricum 4x 10.0 (Gastralgia); Phosphorus 5x 10.0 (sour eructation, belching) Excipients Q. S. To 100.0.
Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry Tablets is a proven homeopathic preparation for individual Weight Control. Size: 20gm, MRP: 247/- Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry Tablets exerts a favorable influence on digestion & absorption of food this lowering food intake.  It is indicated for Fat metabolism, control obesity without weakness, post delivery weight gain. Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry tablets contains: Phytolacca A Berrys 4x 250.0 Mg. It also contains pokeweed mitogen which is responsible for its weight reducing effect
Schwabe German Enuroplant Drops for urinary problems. Size: 20ml, MRP: 430/- Schwabe German Enuroplant Drops is homeopathic remedy to relieve the symptoms of cystitis and related pain and frequent urination. Schwabe German Enuroplant Drops Composition: Plantago Major 20.0 (nocturnal enuresis); Equisetum Arvense 20.0(dysuria, urging & pain at urination); Belladonna 3x 10.0 (scanty urine, incontinence); Pulsatilla 3x 10.0; (spasmodic pain in bladder)Excipients Qs To 100.0; Alcohol 52.0% V/V.
Schwabe German Mullein Oil for common ear problems, Size: 20ml, MRP: 403/- Schwabe German Mullein Oil is indicated for earaches, defective hearing, tinnitus, hardened cerumen plug, dry scaly consition of the ear opening. Schwabe German  Mullein Oil 100G Contains: Succus Verbasci e flor rec, et sicc 50.0 Excipients Q. S to 100.0.  For external use a wad moistened with the drops to be placed in the auditory meatius (opening). For internal use – 10-16 drops several times a day for teasing cough at night or lying down. For enuresis 5 drops doses morning & night
Schwabe German Alfalfa Tonic stimulates general physical & mental efficiency, supports regenerative processes during & after diseases, exhaustion. Size: 100ml, MRP: 335/-, Size: 500ml Schwabe German Alfalfa Tonic a general tonic, recommended for fatigue, loss of appetite,  stomach complaints, nervousness as a result of anxiety, worry and overwork, especially good for convalescence. Schwabe German Alfalfa Tonic Contains: Acidum phosphoricum 2x 5.0% (nervous exhaustion, physical & mental debility), Alfalfa 0 1.0% (tones appetite & digestion), Avena saliva 0 5.0% (tonic for debility), China 0 0.25% (exhaustion due to loss of vital fluids), Cinnamomum 0 0.5% (flatulence, poor circulation), Hydrastis canadensis 0 0.5% (for weight loss), Nux vomica 2x 0.25% (equilibrium in functions), Excipients Q.S. to 100% Alcohol content 12% v/v.


Schwabe German (WSG) Biochemics List

Dr.Willmar Schwabe Germany Biochemics (imported and marketed by Schwabe India)

Size Available: 20gm

Available Potencies: 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 200x

Biochemic Salt Name Indications
Calcium fluoratum (Calcarea fluorica) Deficient tooth enamel, rough,cracked skin, discomfort of varicose veins haemorrhoids and flatulence.
Calcium phosphoricurn (Calcarea phosphorite) Bone problems, weak digestion, teething complaints, poor nutrition, poor circulation and cold hands & feet.
Calcium sulfuricum (Calcarea sulphurica) Skin eruptions: Boils, pimples & eczema. Swollen and tender gums that bleed easily.
Ferrum phosphoricum Anaemia, fever and inflammation.
Kalium chloratum (Kalium muriaticum) Catarrh, stuffy head, colds, croup, eczema and difficulty in digesting fatty or rich foods.
Kalium phosphoricum Nerve remedy; mental fatigue, depression, insomnia, muscle & nerve weakness and nervous indigestion.
Kalium sulfuricum (Kalium sulphuricum) Eczema, dandruff, itchy, scaly skin and shifting pains in legs.
Magnesium phosphoricum Spasms and cramps, shooting, boring, and cramping pains. Headache, neuralgia, menstrual pain and flatulence.
Natrium chloratum (Natrum muriaticum) Cold with running watery discharge or dry, stuffy nose; loss of smell and taste; constipation with hard, dry stools; watery diarrhoea; constipation alternating with diarrhoea.
Natrium phosphoricum (Natrum phosphoricum) Excess acidity, heartburn, dyspepsia, indigestion from fatty food, dizziness and dull or full feeling in head.
Natrium sulfuricum (Natrum sulphuricum) Water retention – oedema of the feet, flu symptoms, biliousness and acid indigestion.
Silicea Poor assimilation of food, acne, boils, brittle nails, weak memory and excessive perspiration with offensive odour.

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Bhargava Phytolab Homeopathy Medicines. Complete List, Buy Online

R.S.Bhargava Pharmacy (RSBP) is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality homeopathic medicines in India and around the globe. It was founded in 1920 by Dr.S.S. Bhargava. Now buy Bhargava homeopathy medicines online at homeomart – India’s No.1 online homeopathy store.

Bhargava Medicines and brand logo

R S Bhargava Homeopathy  medicines for muscle & joint disorders

 Artharal Tablets (proven remedy for arthritis) Indicated to control the arthritic symptoms such as painful inflammation & swelling of joints, tendons and ligaments. It prevents the complications of arthritis. Composition:Ferrum phoshoricum 3x, nux vomica 6x, lithium carbonicum 6, rhododendron chrysanthum 3x , natrum sulphuricum 3x, rhus toxicodendron. Presentation: 3 Blisters of 10 tablets each. MRP:100/-
 Complex No. 44 Ledum Tablets (Gout) Indicated to eliminate inflammation of the mucous membranes accompained by stabbing pain in the muscles and joints, it stimualtes intestinal excretion, it helps dislodge concrete deposits that lead to severe inflammation. Presentation:20gms, MRP:70/-
 Minim No. 36 Lumbonin Drops (Lumbo-Sacralgia) Indicated for Backache and lumbo scaralgia.Composition: Actea Racemosa 3x , Agaricus Muscarius 4x, Dioscorea Villosa 4x, Helonias Dioica 6x, Rhus toxicodendron 3x  ,Ruta Graveolens 3X. Presentation:30ml, MRP:125/-
 Minims No.3 Arnin Drops (Joint Pain) Indicated for rheumatic pain, stiffness and painful swelling in bones and joints Composition: Kalmia Latifolia 3X,Asafoetida 2X ,Terebinthinae Oleum3X , Ledum Paluster 2X, Acidum Sulphuricum 6X. Presentation:30ml, MRP:125/-
 Minims No.18 Panin Drops (Muscular Pain) Indicated for painful swelling, rheumatics pain in back and limbs. Composition: Benzoicum Acidum 3x , Ledum Palustre 3X ,Urtica Urens 3X, Colchium Autumnale 3X, Guiacum 3x.Presentation:30ml, MRP:125/-
 Minums No.48 Bakpanin Drops (Backache) Indicated for muscular pain especially from neck to back due to cold or wet weather. Composition: Ledum Paluster 3X, Berberis Vulgaris 3X, BRYONIA Alba 3x, cimicifuga Racemosa 3X, Rhus Toxicodendron 3X, Calcarea Phosphorica 3X. Presentation:30ml, MRP:125/-
 Complex No.61-Rhus Tox Drops (Rheumatism) Indicated for muscular rheumatism, where muscles are sore to touch & swollen, articular rheumatism with fever, pain, swelling, violent local inflammation, parts are very hot & dark/pale red, rheumatic arthritis with infalmed stiff tissues in the joints esp, fingers, ankles & heels, symptoms worsen in cold weather, morning motion & relieved by application of warm compresses. Presentation:30ml, MRP:125/-
 Rhoma Tablets (anti Rheumatic Remedy) Indicated for muscular or rheumatic pain over back, nape of neck, joints & extremities, painful swelling and stiffness in knees & joints, tearing pain in tendons & ligaments. Composition: Rhus toxicodendron 3X, Bryonia alba 3x, Cimicifuga racemosa 3x. Presentation: 4 blister of 20 tablets each, MRP:
 Minims No.33 Sciatin Drops (Sciatica) Indicated for sciatica associated with backache. Composition: Aconitum Napellus 6X, Ammonium Muriaticum 6X, Colcoynthis 3x Dioscorea Villosa 3X, Gnaphalium Polycephalum6X, Kalium, Carbonicum 6X, Rhus Toxicodendron 3X, Valeriana Officinalis 4X. Presentation:30ml, MRP:125/-
 Spondin Drops (Assured relief from spondylitis) Indicated for spondylitis particularly cervical spondylitis, pain, numbness, stiffness & stretching sensation in the nape of the neck & back radiating to arms, fingers & lions, neuragia (pain along the nerves), cramps, jerking, twitching and shortening of muscles, pain between the shoulders, vertigo & headache, pressure over sacrum, spinal concussion & pain in coccyx radiating up the spine. Presentation:30ml, MRP:145/-
 Lumboral Tablets (Backache reliever) Indicated to relieve backache, lumbago, it relieves sciatica, neuralgic & rheumatic pain in lumbo-sacral region, it relieves muscular pain and soreness in cervical region & lumbar muscles, it relieves pain in lumbo sacral region, ectending across the spinal cord & its extremities. Composition:Belladonna 3X, Nux Vomica 6X, Bryonia alba3X,Pulsatilla nigricaans 3X,Kali bichromicum 6X, Rhus toxicodendron ,3X,Mentholum 6X,Terebinthina Oleum 6X. Presentation:3 blisters of 20 tablets each. MRP:145/-


R S Bhargava Homeopathy medicines for respiratory disorders

 Co-Ex Syrup (cough syrup) Indicated in all types of cough, i.e. whooping cough, asthmatic cough, smoker’s cough, dry, productive & allergic cough, effectively loosens the bronchial secretion and expectorates it easily, it eases the breathing, it relieves congestion of respiratory tract associated with bronchitis and common cold. Composition: Justicia adhatoda Q, Aspidosperma querbacho Q,Yerba santa Q, Ipecacuanha Q, Passiflora i  incarnata q.Presentation: 100ml MRP:70/-
 Sinin Drops  Minims No.24 (Allergic sinusitis) Indicated for nasal congestion, breathing trouble and lack of olfaction with pain in forehead. Composition: Cistus canadensis , 3x ,meliitous officinalis 4x vinca minor 3x, veronica officinalis 5x, mercurius Bin-iodide 6x ,lemna minor 3x. phosphorus 3x kali bichromicum 6x , hydrastis candensis 4x. Presentation:30ml, MRP:145/-
 Sinoras Tablets (Acute & chronic sinusitis therapy) Indicated for acute and chronic sinusitis, sinus congestion, sinus catarrh and inflammation, running nose, blocked up nose, recurrent sneezing, headaches & maxillary (the area of cheeks surrounding nose) pain, when the sinusitis is complication but nasal polyps. Composition:Asafoetida 12x ,lycopodium claavatum 3X calcarea carbonica 6x, pulsatilla nigricans 6x, kali bichromicum 6x,sticta pulmonria 3x , lemna minor 3x. Presentation: 3 blisters of 20 tablets each, MRP:125/-
 Minim No.30 Wintin Drops (Upper respiratory tract infection) Indicated for upper respiratory tract infection, cough and cold, catarrhal affection of the upper repiratory tract, hoarseness, raw feeling at fauces and throat. Composition: Belladonna 4x, bryonia alb 3x, aconitum napellus 4x, coccus cati 2x, aspidosperma 3x, drosera rotundiflia 3x,inpecacuanha 4x, spongia tosta 2x, sticta pulmonaria 1x. Presentation: 30ml, MRP:145/-

R S Bhargava Homeopathy medicines for digestive system disorders

 Gastica Syrup (antacid & digestive remedy) Indicated for Hyper acidity, Indigestion, Flatulence, Gastric troubles.Composition: Aegle marmelos 2x , alumina 2x, calcarea carbonica 2x, carica papaya q, cinchona officinalis q, embelia officinalis q, gentiana lutea, q magnesia carbonica 1x, nux vomica 1x, robinia psuedacacia q, swertia chirata q, glycerin.Presentation: 100ml, 200ml.  MRP: 80/-, 140/-
 Appetiser Syrup (appetite enhancer) Indicated to increase the appetite, improves the digestion, it removes the aversion to food, indigestion, dyspepsia and deficiencies of nutrition. It is good for physical exhaustion, general deblitiy, low states of vitality, loss of appetite and convalescence after long illness. Composition: abies nigra q, cardus marianus q, quassia amara q, hydrastis canadensis q ,cinchona officinalis q, alfaifa q, gentiana lutea q, calcarea phosphorica 6x, ferrum phosphoricum 6x, kali phosphoricum 6x, magnesium phosphoricum 6x, natrum phosphoricum 6x. Presentation: 100 ml, 450 ml. MRP: 85/-, 225/-
  Minim No.7 Colin Drops (Colitis) Indications: Gastroenteric colitis, intestinal catarrh. Ingredients: Dioscorea villosa 3x , gambogia 3x, nux vomica 6x, podophyllum peltatum 4x, ingnatia amara 4x, holarrhena antidysenterica 2x.Presentation:30ml, MRP: 125/-
 Gas Off Tablets (The solution to gas trouble) Indicated in treating, Gas, Flatulence, Constipation, Indigestion, Bloated abdomen, Colitis, Gastritis & acidity.Composition: aluminum hydroxide 1x, magnesium hydroxide 1x, bismuth carbonicum 6x, natrum bicarbonicum 6x, lycopodium clavatum 3x, carica papaya 6x. Presentation: 3 blisters of 10 tablets each. MRP: 80/-
 Minim No. 49 Gasin Drops (Gastric troubles ) Indicated for painful inflammation of stomach and hyperacidity, peptic ulcer, alcoholic gastritis. Composition: Nux vomica 3x, lycopodium clavatum 3x , anacardium orientale 3x, atropa belladonna 3x.Presentation:  30ml, MRP: 125/-
 Hepatina Syrup (Liver Protective Tonic) Indicated for Liver disorders like, Hepatitis, Loss of appetite, Jaundice, Liver & gallbladder alcoholism. Composition: carduus marianus q, chelildonium majus q, andrographis paniculata q, hydrastis canadensis q, taraxacum officinalis q, podophyllum peltatum q ,ipecacuanha q.Presentation: 100ml. MRP:75/-
 Minim No. 20 Piltin Drops (Piles) Indications: Haemorrhoids, bleeding piles and anal fissures along with contipation, pain and burning in anus. Ingredients: aesculus hippocastanum 3x, calcarea flourica 3x,lycopodium clavatum 3x, nux vomica 3x,paeonia officinalis 3x, sulphur 3x, vipera torva 6x, blumea odorata 3x, graphites 3x.Presentation:30ml, MRP:125/-
 Wormalin Tablets (removes all types of intestinal worms) It is an effective vermifugal remedy which expels all kinds of intestinal worms, round worms, hook worms, flat worms, thread worms, etc, effective in the treatment of both worm infestation and worm infection with symptoms like Constipation, Colic pain, Gastro-enteritis, Blue rings around eyes due to anaemia, Decreased or increased appetite, Worm fever Composition: santonine 1x, natrum carbonicum 3x, filix mas 1x, stannum metallicum 1x, mercuric chloride 2x. Presentation: 3 blisters of 30 tablets each. MRP: 145/-

R S Bhargava Homeopathy medicines for Urinary Disorders

 Kidflame Tablets (controls Renal Inflammation) This homeopathy medicine works well in cases of renal colic, renal calculi,urinary tract infection, nephritis, cystitis, & urinary incontinence. It relieves symptoms of nauses, vomiting, flank/back pain, fever, urine hesitancy, increased urine urgency & frequency, burning urination. Composition: berberis vulgaris 3x ,cantharis 3x, dioscorea villosa 3X, petroselinum sativum 2x, stigmata maydis 1x, thuja occidentalis 6x, uva uris 6x, vesicaria communis 6x. Presentation: 3 blisters of 10 tablets each. MRP:100/-
 Renoflam Syrup (Removes Kidney Stones Promptly & Safely) It is very effective to remove all types of kidney stone, It helps to fight back from kidney infection due to deposition of calcium compound in the kidney or microbes, it relieves unbearable throbbing pain in the kidney region, presence of blood in the urine, fever, chills, backache. It relieves the symptoms associated with bladder infection. Ingredients: berberis vulgaris q, cantharis 3x, acidum oxalicum 3x, ocimum canum q, calcarea renalis 3x, sarsaparilla q, pareria brava q, senecio aureus q.Presentation: 100ml MRP: 75/-
 Minim No. 29 Uricin Drops (Urinary tract infection) Indicated for inflammation in kidneys, bladder & urethra, Frequent, sudden urging, great straining, pain & during urination. Presence of blood or mucus in urine. Composition: Berberis vulgaris 3x, cantharis vesicatorica 3x, eupatorium perfolatum 3x, equisetum hyemale 3x.Presentation: 30ml. MRP:125/-
 Bals Tablets (The hair growth stimulator) Indicated for Baldness, Hair fall from the crown, in large bunches, itching of scalp due to presence of thick crusts of seborrhea or dandruff, loss of hair and baldness appearing in patches, premature graying of hair, dry hair with excess of dandruff. Composition :acidum phosphoricum 3x, joborandi 6x, arsenicum album 3x, calcarea phosphorica 6x, oleum satalis 6x, acidum flouricum 3x, badiage 6x. Presentation: 2 blisters of 30 tablets each. MRP: 125/-
 Minim No. 14 Lecodin Drops (Leucoderma) Indications: Leucoderma at all stages. Ingredients: Hydrocotyle asiatica 4x, psoralea corylifolia 4x, calotropics gigantea 3x, arsenicum sulphuratum flavum 6x. Presentation: 30ml.  MRP: 125
 Minim No. 25 Skedin (Skin Infections) Owing to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, de-purative, anti-oxidant properties & blood purifying properties, it is useful in skin infections like Boils, Abscesses, Wounds, Eczema, Pimples, Herpes, Psoriasis, Burning, itching, dry, rough, scaly, red, cracked skin. Composition: juglas regia 3x, sarsaparllia 3x, berberis aquifolium 2x, echinacea angustifolia 3x,azadirachta indica 3x. Presentation:30ml. MRP: 125/-
 Wartin Drops (Natural & Safe Wart & corn remover) Indicated for All types of warts / moles / excrescences / condylomata / corns of any Presentation, shape, colour, contour, texture, etc. Located anywhere on body with or without oozing of moisture or blood. Composition:Antimonium crudum 6x, causticum 6x, dulcamara 4x, natrum suphuricum 6x, nitricum acidum 3x, staphysagria 6x, thuja occidentalis 2x.Presentation: 30ml. MRP: 125/-
 Infab-Baby Growth Supplement Syrup Indicated to maintain physical growth of children, It provides energy and nutrition to children, It improves digestion, It increases the immunity of the child and thereby increases resistance and make the child ready to fight infections, It removes the flatulence & constipation, It expels the worms, It regulates the functionality of liver and spleen, It facilitates easy dentition, It rectifies the abnormalities like poor growth, late dentition, coloc pain, dysentery, vomiting. Ingredients: cina 3x, kalmegh (andrographics paniculatea) q, carica papaya 3x,chamomilla officinalis q, anisum can 3x, five phosphoricum.Presentation: 200ml. MRP:95/-
 Minim No. 23 Setin-M (Male Desire Activator) Indicated to stimulate the male sexual organs by activating nervous structure, stimulates genital area by enriching oxygen supply, facilitates penile erection, enhances libido and copulatory performance, imroves impotency and low sperm count, acts as an aphrodisiac, Checks frequent & profuse emission; relaxation, coldness, flaccidity of penis; mental weakness or general debility caused by masturbation, over sexual indulgence or onanism; no sexual power & desire, even when voluptuous fancies excite no erection. Composition: Avena sativa 2x, daminana 2x, ginseng 3x , acidum phosphoricum 6x, sabal serreulata 2x, yohimbinum 2x, agus castus 3x.Presentation: 30ml. MRP: 125/-
 Thunder-M Tablets (Male Aphrodisiac) Nervine tonic for males, useful for senile debility, mental and physical exhaustion, poor, mental and physical passion, loss of vigour and vitality, impotency, sexual neurasthenia and nervous exhaustion, painful inflammation of prostate and seminal vesicles, emissions at night or at stool even passing a soft stool. Composition: Damiana 3x , acidum phosphoricum 2x, ginseng panax q, selenium 3x, yohimbinum q.Presentation: 3 blisters of 10 tablets each MRP: 240/-
 Prostoral (prostate inflammation and hypertrophy) It facilitates the normal functioning of the prostate gland, indicated in abnormal enlargement and painful inflammation of prostate gland, it removes the urinary troubles due to prostatic enlargement like weak urine stream, increased and urgent need to urinate, difficulty while starting, burning while passing urine, dribbling at the end of urination, it relaxes the smooth muscles of the prostate and bladder neck to improve urine flow and to reduces the risk of further prostate enlargement to the point where invasive surgery was needed. Composition: Chimaphilla umbellata 3x, ferrum picricum 3x , hydrangea arborescens 3x, paeria brava 5x, sabal serrulated 3x, staphysagria 3x, thuja occidentalis 3x.Presentation: 30 Tablets, MRP:127/-.

R S Bhargava Homeopathy medicines for female reproductive disorders

 Leukona-F Syrup (Best friend for females) Indicated for leucorrhoea, backache, mentstrual irregularities, painful menses, pruritus vulva. Composition: janosia ashoka q,, hydrastis canadensis 2x, pulsatilla nigricans 4x, thuja occidentalis 3x, viburnum opulus 3x, ova tosata 3x, borax 3x, natrum muriaticum 3x, calcarea phosphoroca 6x, sepia 3x, helonias dioica 3x. Presentation:200ml

R S Bhargava Homeopathy medicines for Heart and blood circulation disorders

 Nomin-H Drops Indicated to regulate the blood pressure, hypertension with headache, vertigo and fatigue from slightest mental exertion.Composition:Glonoinum 3x ,viscum album 3x, rauwolfia serpentina 3x, baryta muriatica 3x. Presentation:30ml, MRP:125/-.
 Normin-L Drops Indicated for Hypotension, Hypotony of heart, circulatory disturbances with prostration, dyspnoea, dullness, dizziness and drowsiness. Composition: Gelsimium sempervirens 6x , alfalfa 3x , cactus grandiflorus 3x, digitalis purpurea 3x, cinchona officinalis 3x, ginseng panax 6x, adonis vernails 6x, viscum album 6x.Presentation: 30ml
 Diacardiac Drops (a dependable cardio-protective tonic) Indicated to improve coronary and peripheral blood circulation, tones up heart muscles, increases the force of contraction of heart muscles, relieves breathlessness, anxiety, palpitation, sinking heart, hypertension and tachycardia, promotes dieresis and relieves swelling, improves cardiac disorders occurring especially due to abuse of stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine or alcohol, improves overall physiological function of cardiovascular system, prolonged use of diacardiac makes weakened heart stronger and more durable by regulating the neuromuscular tensions, decreasing the likelihood of future heart attacks. Composition: Cactus grandiflorus 2x , crataegus oxyacantha 2x, strophanthus hispidus 4x, camphora 2x, valeriana officinalis q, aurum muriaticum natronatum 4x. Presentation: 30ml

R S Bhargava Homeopathy medicines for nervous disorders

 Antigrin (Minim No.2) Headache, migraine Indicated for acute headache, migraine, throbbing and congestive headache, nausea, giddiness, burning pain in eyes. Composition: Cimicifuga racemosa 3x, iris versicolor 3x, sanguinari canadensis 3x.
R.S. Bhargava Shakon Tablets (Sleep improver without addiction) Indicated to promotes sleep, reduces headache, anxiety and general debility, relaxes your body and mind to give a good quality sleep. Composition: Chamomilla 2x, atropa belladonna  2x, passiflora incarnata q, ferrum phosphoricum 2x, mangnesia phosphoricum 2x, zincum picricum.
R.S. Bhargava Migin (Relieves headache and migraine) Homeopathy medicine for migraine associated with nausea, vertigo and vomiting during traveling, burning sensation in eyes and headache due to defective eyesight, headache of inflammatory nature, one sided unbearable sun headache, periodical sick headache due to fever or sudden change in temperature. Presentation:1 blister of 30 tablets. Composition:Sanguinaria canadensis 3x, iris versicolor 1x, caffeine 6x, glononine 3x, acetanillide 6x
R.S. Bhargava Neuro-fit forte (nervous system rejuventor) Indicated to overcome depression, stress, impared memory and examination fear in students, induces calm and peace, raises energy levels, enables all individuals, whether men and women or children to meet physical and mental requirements which todays’s fast pace modern life demands. Presentation: 3 blisters of 10 tablets each. Composition: Acorus calamus 1x, anacardium orientale 3x, avena sativa 1x, brahmi, 1x, coffea cruda 3x, ginkgo biloba 3x, zincum metallicum 4x.

R S Bhargava Homeopathy medicines for Glandular and lymphatic Disorders

 Filaria Complex No.32 Indicated in filarisis with sudden attack of low grade fever and infections with oedematous swelling of the limbs, scrotum and mammre associated with itching, fatigue, cramps and congestion. Presentation:30ml
 Minim No.37 for Thyrodin Thyroidin is indicated for thyroid disorders like hyperthyroidism, goiter and exophthalmos characterized by cardiac palpitations, Restlessness, anger, impatience, insomnia, anxiety, faintness, constricted sensation in the chest, shortness of breath, trembling, weakness and exhaustion after minor exertions, hot flushes, greatly worsen in a warm room, on menopause, improves in cold weather and places. Composition: Iodium4x, lapis albus 6x ,lycopus virginicus 6x, spongia tosta 4x. Presentation:30ml
 Tumorin Drops Tumorin is indicated for enlargement of thyroid, axillary, inguinal and mammary glands, spermatic cord, tonsils and lymph nodes. Composition: Conium maculatum4x, arsenicum iodatum 6x, carbon animalis 3x,clematis erecta 3x, galium aparine 6x,hydrastis canadensis 2x, phytolacca decandra 3x. Presentation: 30ml
 Diaboral Tablets for Diabetes Indicated to control and maintain the sugar levels in blood and urine, effective even in slightest blood sugar Composition: Acidum phosphoricum 3x, cephalandra indica 3x, chionanthus virginicus 3x, eupatorium purpurem 3x, ferrum iodatum 6x, gymnema sylvestre 3x, syzygium jambolanum 3x, uranium nitricum 6x. Presentation: 60 Tablets.
 Phytolacca Berry tablets to Regulates the body weight Indicated to reduce body weight by influencing and regulationg the ADME (Absorption, digestion, metabolism and excretion) process of the body. Composition: Phytolacca Berry  Presentation:25Gms
 Allergin (Minim No.38) for allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and hay fever Indicated for allergic manifestations in eyes and nose, allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis, hay fever. Composition: Aconitum Nap3x, Eupatorium Perf 3x, Gelsemium Semp 3x, Camphor Officinarum 6x, Achyanthes Aspera 3x. Presentation:30ml
 Eosinop Complex No.30 (Anti-Esoinophilia) It is an anti-histamine, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory remedy useful in Asthma, Hay fever, Allergic rhinitis, Allergic conjunctivitis, skin allergies, food allergies. Presentation: 25Gms
 S S Sarsaparilla Syrup (Blood Purifier) It helps to maintain a healthy immune system, it enhances the body’s defence against attack, it is effective against varoius skin diseases, it improves septic condition of wounds, boils and ulcers, it cures constiption, it corrects indigestion, it protects the liver from damage. Composition: azadirachita indica q, kalmegh (andrographis paniculated) q, berberis aquifolium q, sarsaparilla q. Presentation:100ml
 Fevin (Minim No.12) for fever Indicated for fever, chilly sensation and restlessness due to fever. Composition: Atropa belladonna 3x, aconitum napellus 3x, bryonia alba 3x, gelsemium sempervirens.3x. Presentation:30ml
 Homoeogesic tablets for fever, viral and bacterial  Homoeogesic lowers body temperature, it relives headache and restlessness due to fever, it relieves muscular and rheumatic pain in joints, neck, back and extremities. Composition:belladonna, 3x, caffeine, 3x, eupatorium perfoliatum 3x, rhododendron chrysanthum 6x, rhus toxicodendron 3x, ruta gravelons 3x, salicylic acid 6x. Presentation: 60 Tablets
 Ferroglob Tablets (Iron Tonic) ferroglob aids the exchange of oxygen in the blood and phosphorus contributes to bone and muscle health, thus reliveing the symptoms of anaemia, it is indicated in well-built people who look healthy but tend to be weak, prefer being seated all the time, feel cold and suffer from circulatory problems or anaemia. Ingredients: Ferrum phosphoricum 1x, ferrum, metallicum 3x, cinchona officinalis 3x, calcarea phosphoricum 3x, lecithin 6x, zincum metallicum 4x.Presentation: 60 Tablets.
Dr.Raj Homoeo, Homeopathy Medicine India. Ailments-Remedy list

Dr.Raj Homoeo Pharmacy Products. Buy quality homeopathy Online

Dr. Raj Homoeo pharmacy is a Gujarat based manufacturer of quality homeopathy medicines. It was started by a prominent homeopathic doctor, Dr.Rajalaksnmi Joshi and has track record of 15 years in the Indian market. The company’s core motto is “to serve” the community by providing finest quality homeopathy medicines at affordable prices. Now buy Dr.Raj Homeo pharmacy products online at homeomart.com – India’s No.1 online homeopathy store.

Dr.Raj Homoeo pharmacy products

Dr. Raj Homoeo Pharmacy Product name
Dr.Raj Denticare Tablets 25gms, homeopathy teething baby remedy (facilitates easy dentition) Denticare Tablets for happy plus easy dentition For teething periods of babies with slow and difficult dentition. Stops griping pains, improves appetite and nutritional deficiency. Presentation: 25Gms, MRP:90/-.
Dr.Raj Acidoff Tablets homeopathic medicine for Acidity & Gas (Neutralizes gastric acidity naturally) Indicated for hyper acidity, heart burn, bad taste in mouth frequent belching and flatulence. For acute and chronic gastritis, nausea, dyspepsia, chronic relapsing gastritis and nervously irritable stomach. Presentation:25Gms, MRP:99/-
Anti S.A.D Tablets (Homeopathic anti-Anxiety remedy) Nervine remedy for stress, anxiety, tension and insomnia Relieves mental fatigue, weakness, tiredness, neurasthenia, depression and prostration.  Presentation:25Gms, MRP:99/-.
Dr.Raj Bellytone Tablets, Homeopathy pills to flatten stomach (Fat reducer) Its helps to reduce extra fat of belly and thighs.  Presentation:25gms, MRP:99/-.
Dr.Raj Get Up Tablets, Homeopathy for male vigor, strength and stamina Indicated for vigor, vitality strength and stamina. Presentation:25Gms, MRP:120/-.
Dr.Raj Homoeophos Tablets, 25gms, Homeopathy five phos Indicated to promote nutrition to brain and bones, nervous exhaustion with lack of vitality, impaired memory, anaemia, wasting diseases, weakness due to frequent child bearing and impaired growth. Presentation:25gms, MRP:90/-.
Dr.Raj JointAche Tablets, Homeopathic joint pain treatment Indicated for relief in muscular, articular,ligament,rheumatism and rheumatic problems. Swelling of joints with redness and stiffness. Growing pains in muscles and joints. Presentation;25Gms, MRP:99/-.
Dr.Raj Pilecare Tablets, Homeopathic cure for Haemorrhoids Indicated for bleeding Hemorrhoids. It helps to decrease the local congestion of engorged veins. Its stops itching, pain, bleeding and venous stresses. For anal fissures and constipation. Presentation:25Gms, MRP:90/-.
Dr.Raj Spondicare Tablets, Homeopathic Spondylitis treatment Sciatica as a result of prolapse of vertebral disc, Osteoarthritis of vertebra, For relief of cramping drawing pains along the sciatic nerves. Chronic spondyalrthritis, Spondylosis. Presentation:25Gms, MRP:99/-.
Dr.Raj Super Haircare Tablets, Homeopathy Hair Growth formula Best Medicine to check and stop falling of hair, grayness (in early age) in men, women and children. It Prevents hair fall due to child birth, mental exertion, severe and long illness. Effectively promotes hair growth. Presentation: 25Gms, MRP:99/-.
Super Heightex Tablets – Homeopathic  Grow Tall medicine For children who do not grow and develop due to imperfect assimilation. For children who are anemic and have slow digestion. For children with lack of concentration and weak memory. Presentation:25Gms, MRP:99/-.
Dr.Raj Phytolacca Berry Tablets, Homeopathy weight loss formula Promotes weight loss Regulates fat metabolism and helps in burning excess fat. Helps to maintain health form fat to fitness. Presentation:25Gms, MRP:130/-.
Dr.Raj Syzygium Jambolanum Tablets, Homeopathy Blood sugar control Indicated to control blood sugar, Prevents diabetic complications by improving insulin action. Corrects general debility and improves quality of life. Presentation:25Gms, MRP:130/-.
Dr.Raj Phytotrim Drops, Homeopathic Slimming Drops For obesity Reduces weight without fatigue. Stimulates digestion and absorption of food, effects on fat metabolism useful in post delivery weight gains. Presentation:30ml, MRP:120/-.
Dr.Raj Vigoraj 10000 Drops Homeopathic Nervine Drops for men Male impotence (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, loss of libido) and related emotional problems like nervousness, depression, lack of retention, deficient  spermatozoa, psychism, idiopathic impotency, hypotension and general disabilities.  Presentation:30ml, MRP:299/-.
Dr.Raj Gastrocid Syrup (100ml), Homeopathy for acidity, reflux Sour taste and eructation after every meal, belching and sour vomiting. Effective for people with milk intolerance. Regulates acid level in the stomach and cures hyper acidity. Presentation: 100ml, MRP:90/-
Dr.Raj Koughex Syrup, Homeopathy Cough medicine with Ipecacuanha Covers catarrhal conditions of respiratory tract, cough with sneezing. Dry coryza with difficult breathing and chest pain. Highly effective in acute or chronic cough, bronchitis, whooping cough, allergic cough, spasmodic cough. Presentation:100ml, MRP:80/-.
Dr.Raj Memoriup, Homeopathy Brain tonic with Brahmi, ashwagandha Excellent preparation that enhances memory power. Helps children those who are forgetful while studying. Improves faulty development in children, indifference, lassitude, vertigo and exhaustion. Presentation:100ml, MRP:95/-.
Dr.Raj Super Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng for Health and Energy Excellent appetizer for all ages enhancing mental and physical efficiency. Anaemia, loss of appetite, mental and physical fatigue, nervousness and anxiety. Contains Ginseng that acts as an energy stimulant, helps in convalescence after debilitating diseases, surgical operations, pregnancy and loss of weight. Presentation: 100ml, MRP:80/-.
Dr.Raj Super Calcula Syrup, Complete cure from kidney stones & UTI Helps to remove kidney stones. Symptoms like nausea, vomiting, fever, blood in urine, pus in the urine, cloudy or smelly urine and painful urination. The pain may also be due to the UTIs. Presentation:100ml, MRP:90/-.
Dr.Raj Super Maltalfa Complete family Tonic with Honey An excellent tonic that stimulates nutrition, increases appetite and improves digestion. Helps in cases of mal-nutrition, under nourishment and under weight. It significantly cures symptoms such as loos of appetite, fatigue, nervousness, anxiety and sleeplessness, excellent diet supplement during pregnancy and lactating women, ideal energy malt for whole family. Presentation: 250Gms, MRP:140/-.
Dr.Raj Arthro Gold Massage Oil, Natural Deep Penetrating Pain Relief For pain in Rheumatism, Rheumatoid-arthritis, sciatica, cervical and lumbar spondylitis etc.  Presentation:50ml,MRP:90/-.
Dr.Raj Haircare Liquid, Prevents hair fall and Promotes Hair Growth Highly effective external preparation that prevents premature graying of hair, baldness and hair fall. Strengthens and stimulates hair growth by penetrating into hair follicles. Acts as a natural nourishing agent for sheen and soft hair growth. Presentation:30ml, MRP:110/-.
Homoeo Herbal Pandhan Oil – Prevents Hair fall and promotes hair Growth An essential hair oil which prevents loss of hair, ensures its natural shine while encouraging hair growth. Its helps in the treatment of dandruff, burning eyes and loss of sleep.  It also helps to keep cool head. Presentation:100ml, MRP:110/-.
Homoeo Herbal Pandhan Shampoo – Prevents Hair fall and promotes hair Growth Herbal Hair care shampoo with nutritive herbal ingredients with arnica, calendula and jaborandi. Keeps hair clean, soft, shinny and healthy.  Helps in the treatment of dandruff and maintains natural oil balance. Presentation:100ml, MRP:110/-.
Dr.Raj Vigoraj Oil Nervine oil for Men with Acid Phos, Agnus castus (Homeopathic Shilajit formula) Male impotence (erectile dysfunction , premature ejaculation , sexual weakness , loss of libido) and related emotional problems like nervousness , depression , lack of retention , deficient spermatozoa , psychism , idiopathic impotency , hypotension and general disabilities.   Presentation: 30ml, MRP:230/-.
Dr.Raj Women’s Cute 36 Oil Homeopathic breast size increase Homeopathy Breast enhancement oil for under developed breasts
Dr.Raj Kalmegh Syrup, Homeopathic Liver tonic with Carrdus, Chellidonium Indicated for Jaundice and loss of appetite, Bitter taste in mouth, constipation. Presentation:100ml, MRP:80/-.
Dr.Raj Wartrid Drops Homeopathy for warts and corns All types of warts/moles/excrescences/condylomata/corns of any size, shape, color, contour, texture, etc. Located anywhere on body with or without oozing of moisture or blood.   Presentation:30ml, MRP:80/-.
Dr.Raj Aedesnil Syrup homeopathy immunity Booster with Giloy, papaya, neem and tulsi Aedesnil is an immunomodulator, that helps to increase WBC and platelet count. For sudden high fever, sever headache and pain around the eyes, joint and muscles pain. skin rashes, vomiting. Presentation:200ml, MRP:120/-.
Dr.Raj Ginkgo Biloba 1x tablets homeopathy brain tonic For insufficient cerebral circulation, effective in the treatment of poor concentration, confusion, decreased physical performance and anxiety, tinnitus and vertigo, may improve cognitive performance and protect against Alzheimer’s disease, offers benefit to people with generalized anxiety disorder. Presentation:25Gms, MRP:210/-.


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Vashisht Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals Medicines
Homeopathy Medicine India-Brand Wise Lists, Indian Homeopathy, Vashisht

Vashisht Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals – Complete Catalog, Buy Online

Vashisht Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals founded by Rtn Dr.Vashisht has completed over 25 years in the field of manufacturing quality products and ensures ‘a doctor’s Quality‘ medicines. It was established in the year 1984 at Hyderabad, situated at I.E. Medchal Hyderabad, and adopted Good Manufacturing process (GMP). The quality assurance laboratory checks all raw material and finished product to HPI Standards. Vashisht believes that homeopathy is the most scientific system of medicine and its true future  is in the hands of Homeopathic physician, and their success lies in the hands of Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals.

Vashisht Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals Medicines

Mother Tinctures in Tablets form – Vashisht Pure Homeopathic Tablets

Vashisht Cardiac Care Tablets

Crataegus Oxy 1x Chronic heart disease, with extreme weakness. Very feeble and irregular heart action. General anasarca. Very nervous, with pain in back of head and neck. Collapse of typhoid. Hćmorrhage from bowels. Cold extremities, pallor; irregular pulse and breathing. Painful sensation of pressure in left side of chest below the clavicle. Dyspepsia and nervous prostration, with heart failure. In the beginning of heart mischief after rheumatism.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Arjuna 1x Indication: Stimulates cardiac functions. Useful ecchymosed and Angina pectoris. Cardiac tonic, to be taken with milk and gur/ jaggery. Its cardio-protective, and strengthens heart muscle. 100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Sumbul 1x Sumbul, as its name, “Musk-root,” implies, has an odour resembling that of musk. The resemblance is so close that Sumbul is used to adulterate musk. Sumb. was proved by Lembke, Cattell, and others, and the symptoms are as like to those of Moschus as the physical resemblance would imply. Hysterical mood; easy fainting; nervous palpitation; are common to both.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Lycopus Vir.1x Indication : Palpitation especially in smokers 100Tablets, MRP:120/-

Vashisht Digestive Disorder Tablets

Hydrastis Can 1x The so-called root of Hydrastis from which the tincture is made is really a perennial underground stem, thick, knotty, and yellow. The yellow colour is very intense, and it has been used by Indians as a dye. The plant is the only specimen of its genus among the Ranunculaceć. It grows in shady woods, in rich soil, and damp meadows. The fruit is like a raspberry, and the plant is sometimes called Ground Raspberry in consequence.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Hydrocotyle Asiatica 1x Hydrocot. has been long known as an Indian remedy. Boileau was the first to use it as a remedy in leprosy. It has been tested pathogenetically and clinically, and its place has been fairly well defined. The skin and the female generative organs are the chief seats of the drug’s action; though the liver, the nerves, and the mucous membranes are also powerfully acted upon. A great variety of skin affections have been cured with it; acne, eczema, pemphigus, lupus, copper-coloured eruption; papular eruption on face; intolerable itching in various places. Auduit (H. R., ix. 434) cured this case: Girl, 20, weak and sickly-looking, since childhood troubled with glandular swellings, for eight years had lupus exedens of nose.   100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Kurchi 1x Indication: Helpful in case of Dysentery esp. Amoebias. Antihelminths, Skin disorders. Bark contains Alkaloids conessene, Ku rchi na and Hollarrhenine, it is antidysentric esp. Amoebiosis 100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Zingiber 1x Indicatiom Debility in the digestive tract, sexual respiratory system 100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Cinnamonum 1x A leading feature of Cinnamon is hæmorrhage. The hemorrhage is bright red and clear and < by any physical exertion. Cinnam. also causes gastric disturbance and hysterical attacks; pains in bones and in muscles, and great weakness as after loss of fluids. Hysterical attacks, going off with eructations; with nausea or vomiting.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Hamamelis Virg 1x The deep red colour of the tincture of Hamamelis may be taken as the signature of its therapeutic action. No remedy has a wider sphere of usefulness in cases of hæmorrhage and disordered blood-vessels. It has also a decided relation to the effects of mechanical injuries including burns of the first degree, and as a local application it takes rank with Arnica and Calendula in the homœopathic amamentarium.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-

Vashisht Eve’s Tonic Tablets

Caulophyllum T 1x Caulophyllum, “the Blue Cohosh,” is closely related to Actea racem., “the Black Cohosh,” in its action, though belonging to a different family of plants. It acts most markedly on the female generative organs and on rheumatic states. It has only had one proving, that by Dr. Burt, the majority of the indications having been derived from tradition and clinical experience. It has been given with success for chloasma or pityriasis versicolor, curing incidentally dysmenia at the same time. Reflex symptoms having a uterine origin; headache; vomiting; hoarseness; rheumatism; cramps and spasms.  100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Janosia Asoka 1x  Indications: Useful in cases of Uterine disorder. Regulates female reproductive organs & menstrual cycle. Principle constituent calcium salts. 100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Ricinus Communis 1x The castor-oil plant is a native of India. In the tropics it is a small tree growing to the height of eight or ten feet. Under the name of Palma Christi it is cultivated as an annual in this country, its stems reaching from three to five feet. The oil of medicine is obtained from the seeds. The blandest which is in common use is “cold drawn,” i.e., expressed without the aid of heat, and contains the smallest amount of the acrid principle.The castor-oil plant is a native of India. In the tropics it is a small tree growing to the height of eight or ten feet. Under the name of Palma Christi it is cultivated as an annual in this country, its stems reaching from three to five feet. The oil of medicine is obtained from the seeds. The blandest which is in common use is “cold drawn,” i.e., expressed without the aid of heat, and contains the smallest amount of the acrid principle.  100Tablets, MRP:120/-

Vashisht First Aid Tablets

Calendula 1x Calendula belongs to the same family as those other great Vulneraries Arnica and Bellis perennis. The special kind of wounds indicating its use are lacerated wounds and suppurating wounds. It is the homeopathic antiseptic-it restores the vitality of an injured part, making it impregnable against the forces of putrefaction.   100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Symphytum 1x Symphytum may be considered the orthopædic specific of herbal medicine. “The roots of Comfrey stamped, and the juice drunk with wine, helpeth those that spit blood and healeth all inward wounds and bursting. The same bruised and laid to in manner of a plaister, doth heal all fresh and green wounds, and are so glutinative, that it will solder and glue together meat that is chopped in pieces, seething in a pot, and make it in one lump” (Gerarde).  100Tablets, MRP:135/-

Vashisht Immunity and Nutrative Tablets

Aegale Mar 1x INDICATION It is ant scorbutic, carminative, and nutritive. It is used in constipation, Bleeding piles dysentery and diarrhea. It is aromatic, astringent, cooling, and febrifuge and also acts as tonic for heart and brain. It’s used to improve appetite and digestion.
Used for treating diabetes, jaundice, 100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Alfalfa 1x General Usage: Alcoholism – Appetite Stimulant – Blood Sugar Control, Bone and Joint Problems – Breastfeeding Problems – Menstrual Difficulties, Menopausal Difficulties – Mineral Deficiency – Weight Gain Stimulant 100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Aswagandha 1x Indication: Indian Ginseng stimulates vitality, controls debility accompanying nervous exhaustion, long-term stress. Beneficial in controlling stress related disorders,cerebral disorders of elderly including loss in memory an anti stress agent imparts a sense of well being. 100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Avena Sativa 1x Avena has been used empirically in substantial doses (5 to 15 drops of the tincture, preferably in hot water) in a large number of cases of nerve weakness. The leading indications are: Irregularities of the male sexual system. Nervous exhaustion. General debility. Nervous palpitation. Insomnia. Inability to keep the mind fixed on any one subject, especially when due to masturbation or sexual irregularities. It is most valuable in enabling a patient to overcome the morphine habit. It appears to exert the same kind of soothing action, without creating a habit of its own.  100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Oleum Jec. 1x The number of people who “cannot take cod-liver oil” is very great; which means that Ol. j. a. is a pathogenetic as well as a curative agent. Neidhard proved it and elicited some very definite symptoms, and to these have been added effects, curative and pathogenetic, observed on patients. The oil contains a large number of proximate principles of great complexity, to which its specific medicinal properties are due. Recent developments of sarcopathy mark out Ol. j. a. as a liver remedy, an ally of Cholesterine, and this the provings confirm. Very decided pains in the liver and liver region with great soreness were noted in Neidhard’s provings, and these symptoms give one of the keynotes of the remedy─Soreness. Not only the liver, but the throat, chest, abdomen, kidneys, ovaries, joints, and back are all sore; the spine is sore as in spinal irritation.   100Tablets, MRP:120/-

Vashisht Liver Tonic Tablets

Cardus Mar. 1x Indications: Corrects liver disorder. Helps in case of Jaundice, Gallstone. The action of Cardus Mar. is centered on Liver (Active principal Silymarin) has specific relation to vascular system, abuse of alcoholic beverages. 100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Chellidonium Majus 6x Indications: Indicated In sluggish liver/jaundice. 100Tablets, MRP:120/-

Vashisht Nerve Tonic Tablets

Brahmi 1x Indications: A small creeping herb found throughout India contains alkaloids Brahmine, herpentlne, & Volatile principle vellarine its diuretic, antiphlogestic, aperients blood purifier, bitter in taste, it’s a nervine tonic that enhances learning, academic performance and mental ability Lowers tension due to mental overwork. 100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Passiflora Inc 1x Indication: Has quieting effect on the nervous system, Insomania, Antispasmodic 100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Aswagandha 1x Indication: Indian Ginseng stimulates vitality, controls debility accompanying nervous exhaustion, long-term stress. Beneficial in controlling stress related disorders,cerebral disorders of elderly including loss in memory an anti stress agent imparts a sense of well being. 100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Hypericum 1x The leaves of various species of Hypericum are sprinkled with pellucid dots and black glands which contain an essential oil. These, which are most conspicuous in H. perforatum, have evidently given the signature which has led to the chief use of the plant in medicine, namely, as a remedy for wounds or perforations of the integuments. The leaves, moreover, are lance-shaped. The leaves of H. androsćnum, commonly called Tutsan (toute saine), were applied to fresh wounds from olden time.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Ginko.Biloba.1x To improve mental function : Alzheimer’s disease Age-related memory loss Macular degeneration, Sexual dysfunction, to enhance blood circulation
Ginkgo leaves are believed to contain compounds that thin blood and help to improve muscle tone in the walls of blood vessels. This may enhance blood flow. 100Tablets, MRP:175/-

Vashisht Renal Care Tablets

Berberis Vulgaris 1x The usual preparations of Berberis are made from the root bark. Berberis mahonia has a great local repute in the popular treatment of the low fever (typhoid) of the Rocky mountains, an infusion of the fresh plant being used. Chills and fever are among the prominent effects of Berb. vulg.: “Coldness of body with hot face, commencing 11 a.m.; burning heat in afternoon, < during night.” Ague with enlargement of spleen, of spleen pains. Affections of liver and kidneys are strongly marked; but Berb. is a medicine of wide range. Movement < its complaints. Stitches are frequent, and a “bubbling sensation” or “bubbling stitches” are characteristic.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Occimum Can 1x Ocim. can. is one of the remedies we owe to Mure, who tells us that it is used in Brazil “as a specific for diseases of the kidneys, bladder, and urethra.” He gives a short list of nineteen symptoms (apparently partly clinical and partly pathogenetic) which stamp him as a true observer.   100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Rhus Aromatica 1x Atony. Bladder, hæmorrhage from. Diabetes. Diarrhœa, chronic. Dysentery, chronic. Enuresis. Hæmorrhages. Kidneys, hæmorrhage from. Uterus, hæmorrhage from; atony of.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Hydrangea 1x Hydrang. has a traditional reputation as a “stone-breaking” remedy having been used in calculous diseases for many years.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-

Vashisht Respiratory Tablets

Blatta Orientailis 1x It is especially suited to corpulent people; and to malarial cases; cases < in rainy weather. Has saved cases in which suffocation was threatened by great accumulation of mucus. Useful in cases of bronchitis and phthisis where there is much dyspnœa.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Grindelia Robusta 1x Indication: Acts on cardio-Pulmonary system and regulates it. 100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Justica Adhatoda Vasaka 1x Indication: Acute Cough, cold. 100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Occimum Sanc 1x Principle constituent alkaloid glycosides, saponins, tannins. Indication: Has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. 100Tablets, MRP:120/-

Vashisht Blood Sugar regulator Tablets

Abroma Aug. 1x
Cephalandra Indica 1x Indication: Cephalandra Indica is a Homeopathic remedy for Blood Sugar and Blood Urea problems 100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Gymnema Sylvestre 1x SUGAR METABOLISM: Sugar killer, excellent medicine for Diabetes mellitus, also efficacious in poisonous snake bites.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Syzgium Jamb 1x HYPERGLYCAEMIA: It is a most useful remedy in Diabetes Mellitus. No other remedy causes in so marked degree the diminution and disappearance of sugar in the urine. Great thirst, weakness, emaciation. Very large amounts of urine, specific gravity high. Prickly heat in upper part of the body, small red pimples itch violently. Clinical ailments include Diabetes. Glycosuria. Pimples. Prickly heat. Ulcers.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-

Vashisht Blood Pressure regulator Tablets

Rawolfia Serpentina 1x Indications: Root contains alkaloids ajmaline serpentine, and rauwolflne, it regulate Blood pressure. Useful in insomnia. 100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Lycopus Vir.1x Indication : Palpitation especially in smokers 100Tablets, MRP:120/-

Vashisht Skin, Blood Purifier Tablets

Azadirachtha Indica. 1x DETOXIFIER: It has tonic, anti-septic, astringent and anti-periodic properties. Its action on fevers is well known and is especially useful in cases previously maltreated with quinine. Azadirachtra indica has been used in cases of lassitude, thirst, cough, fever, loss of appetite, Helminthiasis, boils, bilious derangements, catarrh, vomiting, skin diseases, hiccough, Gonorrhoea. It is clinically used in Acroparesthesia. Acute rheumatism. Miscarriages. Spleen, congested. Typhoid fever.  100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Berberis Aquafolia 1x HEALTHY SKIN:  A remedy for the skin, chronic catarrhal affections, secondary syphilis. It has marked action on skin producing pimply, dry, rough and scaly eruptions. It is also helpful in dry Eczema with itching. Clears the complexion. It also helps in Psoriasis. Stimulates all glands and improves nutrition. Other clinical features include burning in stomach, nausea & hunger after eating.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Echinecia Augusta 1x ANTISEPTIC ACTION: Echinacea corrects blood and immune disorders, hence it is useful in all types of blood poisonings. Acute auto-infection, septic conditions, bites of poisonous animals, lymphangitis, gangrene or vaccinosis. Tendency to malignancy in acute and sub-acute disorders. Erysipelas and foul ulcers. Gangrene. Goiter with exophthalmic symptoms, Diarrhea in typhoid. Foul discharges with emaciation and great debility.  100Tablets, MRP:175/-
Urticaria Urens 1x Indication: Enuresis, urticaria, Bee sting, Gout and uric acid , Diathesis, Burns Of the first degree and scalds. 100Tablets, MRP:135/-

Vashisht Vitality Tablets

Damiana 1x NEURAESTHENIA: It is of great use in Sexual Neurasthenia, impotency. Sexual debility from nervous prostration. Incontinence of old people. Chronic prostatic discharge. Renal and cystic catarrh. Frigidity of females. Aids the establishment of normal menstrual flow in young girls.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Ginseng 1x STIMULANT: It is a stimulant and removes feelings of fatigue, imparting a joyous sense of vigor and elasticity to the limbs, especially the upper limbs and clearness of mind. The opposite condition of malaise is also produced. Yawning and drowsiness. Drowsiness with headache. Feeling of extreme heat & intense coldness, longing to expose the body to cool air. Ginseng is said to be a stimulant to secretory glands, especially salivary. Acts on the lower part of the spinal cord. Lumbago, Sciatica, and rheumatism. Paralytic weakness.  Hiccough.  Skin symptoms, itching pimples on neck and chest. Sexual excitement.  100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Sabal Serr 1x PROSTATE AFFECTIONS: Helps in both general and sexual debility. Promotes nutrition and tissue building. Valuable for undeveloped mammary glands. Of unquestioned value in Cystitis with prostatic enlargement, Chronic Gonorrhea, Epididymitis & urinary difficulties. There is also paresis of the sphincter vesicae. Sexual neurotics. Organs feel cold. Also helps in Ovaritis with tender and enlarged ovaries.  100Tablets, MRP:120/-
Yohibinum 1x Indication: sexual organs stimulant, an aphrodisiac, Contraindicated in all acute and chronic inflammations of abdominal organs. 100Tablets, MRP:175/-

Vashisht Weight Care Tablets

Fucus Vesicu Losus 1x Indication: Reduces obesity, non toxic Goitre 100Tablets, MRP:135/-
Phytolacca Berry 1x OBESITY: Aching, soreness, restlessness, prostration. Glandular swellings with heat and inflammation. Has a powerful effect on osseous and fibrous tissues. Chronic rheumatism. Decrease of weight  100Tablets, MRP:135/-

Triturations (Available in 3X & 6X.)

Arsenic Sulph Flavum Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Arsenic Sulp Rubrum Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Arsenic Alba Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Antimony Tart Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Arsenic Iodide Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Antimonium Crudum Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Antipyrine Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Adrenaline Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Baryta Mur Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Baryta Carb Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Blatta Or Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Benzoic Acid Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Carbo Veg Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
CalcHypoPhos Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Cholestrin Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
CalcCarb Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
ChelMaj Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Hydrastis Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Lecithin Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Pancreatin Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Ova Testa Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Selenium Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Skookum Chuck Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Santonine Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Sulphur Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Thyroidin Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Uranium Nit Size:30gms, MRP:130/-
Zincum Met/Sulph/Phos Size:30gms, MRP:130/-

Clinically approved Biochemic Combinations

(Available in 30g ,100g and 500g)
BIO VAS -1 Indicated for  Improves Hemoglobin. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -2 Indicated for  Breath ease. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -3 Indicated for  Abdominal colic. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -4 Indicated for  Regulates Bowel movements. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -5 Indicated for  Ease nasal congestion. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -6 Indicated for  Cough, Cold,& Catarrh. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -7 Indicated for  Regulates Blood sugar. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -8 Indicated for  Diarrhea. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -9 Indicated for  Dysentery. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -10 Indicated for  Enlarged Tonsils. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -11 Indicated for  Enlarged Tonsils. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -12 Indicated for  Headache. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -13 Indicated for  Leucorrhoea. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -14 Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
BIO VAS -15 Indicated for  Regulates menstrual cycle. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -16 Indicated for  Nervous Exhaustion. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -17 Indicated for  Haemorrhoids. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -18 Indicated for  Pyorrhoea. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -19 Indicated for  Arthritis/Bodyache. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -20 Indicated for  Tones Skin. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -21 Indicated for  Healthy dentition. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -22 Indicated for  Scrofula. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -23 Indicated for  Toothache. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -24 Indicated for  Improves memory. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -25 Indicated for  Dyspepsia/Indigestion/Flatulence. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -26 Indicated for  Healthy mama. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -27 Indicated for  Tones up vitality. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
BIO VAS -28 Indicated for  Maintain Health Healthy. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-
Five Fhos (Available in 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X, 200X) Indicated for  Improves Immunity System. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:550/-

Biochemic Tissue Salts

Calcarea Fluorica (calcium fluoride) Helpful in case of decayed teeth, encysted or bony tumor, piles and fissures, prolapse of uterus, varicose veins and cataract. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
Calcarea Phosphoricum (calcium phosphate) Helpful in cases of fractures, spinal weakness, dyspepsia, anaemia, neuralagia, phosphaturea, nasal polyp. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
Calcarea Sulphurica (Calcium Sulphate) Helpful in suppurative stages of boils, prostrate gland, abscess, sore throat, dandruff. . Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
Ferrum Phosphoricum (Ferro- ferric phosphate) Helpful in first stage of all inflammations, pain, fever, conjunctivitis, pain in ear. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
Kali Muriaticum (Potassium chloride) Helpful in second stage of all inflammatory conditions, boils, carbuncles erysepalis chicken pox, small ulcers in mouth. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
Kali Phosphoricum (Potassium phosphate) Helpful in cases of brainfag, mental depression, insomania, neurasthenia. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
Kali Sulphuricum (Potasium Sulphate) Think about it in case of cough, Dandruff, third stages of infalmmatory condition, psoriasis. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
Magnesia Phosphorica (Magnesium phosphate) Helpful in ailments of spasmodic nature, cramps, neuralgia, headaches, menstrual colic. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
Natrum Muriaticum (sodium chloride) Helpful in diseases caused by unequalization of water in the system, excess dryness, constipation, sunstroke, excessive salivation, goitre, neuralgia. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
Natrum Phosphoricum (sodium phosphate) Helpful in Gastric Disorders, acidity, faltulences, thread worms, grinding teeth. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
Natrum Sulphuricum (Sodium sulphate) Useful in liver disorders, gallstone, jaundice, poly urea. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-
Silicea (silica) Useful in common acne, hair fall, fistula, corns. Size:30gms-MRP:70/-, 100gms-MRP:180/-, 500gms-MRP:510/-

Hair Tonics (Available in 150ml & 100ml bottle pack)

Vashisht Arnica Hair Tonic A none sticky oil base containing 100% pure
Homeopathic Herbal extract from Arnica m, Jaborandi/pilocarpus,enriched with Thuja oc
and Cantharis A Doctor’s formula to nourish
your healthy hair. Size:100ml, 200ml, MRP:110/-,180/-
Vashisht Thuja Hair Tonic Formulated in Base of Castor oil+Til oil + Coconut oil.
Contains Thuja occ, Arnica montana,Jaborandi herbal extracts
with Cantharis. Homeopathic nourishment and protection to
Hair/ 100percent Herbal Homeo Hair oil/ A doctor’s formula to
prevent Hair falling, dandruff, premature grey hair and
lengthens the hair. Size:100ml, 200ml, MRP:120/-,200/-
Vashisht Brahmi Hair Tonic Pure extract of Brahmi helps in enhancing nervine properties. Size:100ml, 200ml, MRP:120/-,200/-

Pure Homeo oils for external application (Available in 15ml bottle pack)

Vashisht Arnica Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Babchi Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Brahmi Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Cantharis Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Eucalyptus Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Jaborandi Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Calendula Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Hibiscus Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Rhus Tox Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Ruta G Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Bryonia Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Hypericum Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Ledum Pal Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Symphytum Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Occimum Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Azad Indica Oil Size:15ml
Vashisht Thuja Oil Size:15ml

Vashisht Biochemic GEL Based Ointments

Vashisht Ars Sulph Flav 3x Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Arnica Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Azad Indica Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Berberies AQA. Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Calc. Fluor 3X Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Calendula Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Cantharis Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Urtica Urens Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Echinesia Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Symphytum Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Acid Chyrsorbin Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Ferr Phos 3x Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Gaultheria Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Graphites 3x Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Psorelia (Babchi) Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Rhus Tox Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Ruta G Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Silicea 3x Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Thuja Occ Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Hypericum Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Bryonia Alba Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-
Vashisht Aesculus Gel Size:50Gms, MRP:80/-

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Bangalore Homoeo Pharmacy Medicines
BHP, Homeopathy Medicine India-Brand Wise Lists, Homeopathy Medicine India. Ailments-Remedy list, Indian Homeopathy

Bangalore Homoeo Pharmacy – Complete BHP Medicine List, Buy Online

Bangalore Homoeo Pharmacy (BHP) is a GMP certified manufacturer of quality homeopathic medicines for over two decades in India. Their products complies with the procedure laid down by the Pharmacopoeia of the United states and India. Its product portfolio includes Biochemics Salts (available in trituration forms), Homeopathic Ointments, Tablets, Dilutions (using original Bach potencies in extra neutral alcohol), Mother Tinctures (using imported herbal crude drugs) and Specialty products. Now shop BHP Homeo products at India’s No.1 online Homeopathy store

BHP Homeopathic medicines and products

BHP Product Name


BHP Dentonex Tooth Powder BHP Dentonex Tooth powder is useful in all dental ailments like sensitive spongy, bleeding gums, pyorrhea, carries, sordes, tooth-ache, bad mouth odour etc.  Regular use gives sparkling pearly teeth and prevents tooth decay. Strengthens gums and teeth. Gives pleasant freshness to mouth. Size: 50gms, MRP: 45/-
BHP Tonomal Malt Tonic BHP Tonomal is a fine malt based general tonic restorative for all ages. Tonomal a best nourishing and strengthening tonic. Recommended for under weight, growing children, pregnant or lacting women.  Malt is an essential dietary supplement and energizer. Size:  200ml, MRP: 100/-
BHP Swas Drops  BHP Swas drops is an effective remedy for severe diseases like Asthma of all types acute or chronic, bronchial or otherwise. Also useful in spasmodic coughs and many allergic conditions of the respiratory organs. It is highly efficacious as an antispasmodic preparation of the best order. Size: 110ml & 450ml, MRP: 70/230
BHP Gaster Kare Syrup BHP Gaster Kare Syrup is a comprehensive homeopathic combination for all gastric disorders like acidity, flatulence, indigestion, gastritis, colic, sour eructation, burning heat at abdomen, chronic stomach disorder, defective appetite caused by debauchery fat and spicy food etc. Normalize the liver function. Gives healing touch to stomach ulcers. Size: 200ml & 450ml, MRP: 70/210
BHP Aletrisco Syrup BHP Aletrisco Syrup is useful in conditions such as amenorrhea, dysmenorrhoea and allied disorders. Checks Leucorrhoea in short time. Very useful in conditions of premature and profuse menses, Breasts feel heavy, Back- ache, Pain across the pelvis from hip to hip. Aletrisco is a real gift to the females. It regulates the uterine function with general improvement of health. Size: 110ml & 450ml, MRP: 230/-
BHP Alfa-Orange Syrup BHP Alfa-Orange Syrup is a well balanced combination of Alfalfa, Avena Sativa, Bio-Phosphates and other proven remedies make Alfa-Orange an excellent tonic for the general improvement of health. It stimulates appetite by efficient assimilation of alimentary intakes with gradual increase in weight. Also useful to expectant mothers during pregnancy. Deficient Lactation. It has a selective action on brain and nervous system favorably influencing their nutritive function. Best tonic for debility. Size: 110ml & 450ml, MRP: 70/230
BHP Berberis Homoeo Cream  BHP Berberis Homoeo Cream is an excellent complexion cream. Useful in pimples, acne, blotches, blackheads, dry rough scaly skins, associated pustular and popular eruptions of the skin. Recommended for dark rings around the eyes and to remove freckles. Regular use of this cream nourishes the skin, clears the complexion and leaves your skin soft, smooth and glowing. Size: 30gm, MRP: 70/-
BHP Arnicated Hair Oil  BHP Arnicated Hair Oil is a most effective hair tonic. It makes hair healthy, revitalizes hair roots, accelerates hair growth, stops hair loss, removes dandruff and checks premature graying. The natural goodness of coconut oil is preserved by a special process and the addition of jaborandi which acts as a powerful glandular stimulant makes our Arnicated hair oil an excellent product. Size: 100ml & 400ml, MRP: 70/230
BHP Arnique Herbal Shampoo  BHP Arnique Herbal Shampoo is the best pH balanced shampoo with conditioner. It has been fortified with imported herbs Arnica Montana and Badiaga both works very well and improves the blood circulation on the scalp and hair roots. Badiaga effectively removes dandruff. Arnique with pleasant fragrance makes hair lustrous, manageability of both wet and dry hair. Size:  100ml & 500ml, MRP: 70/220
BHP Crakure Ointment BHP Crakure Ointment is very effective in healing cracks and chaps, cracks in soles, between toes, nipples and in dry cracked or torn skin. Useful in unhealthy skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and similar forms of dermatosis. Size: 15gm, MRP: 40/-
BHP Arni-Rhus Liniment Lotion BHP Arni-Rhus Liniment Lotion is for invaluable external application remedy of great action. It sooths pains and sprains alike. Sore and aching muscles experience the motherly touch with this marvelous agent and pain reliever. Two leader remedies of great value arnica and rhus tos are combined to make it a valuable remedy of comfort to the tried and strained nerves and muscles. Main indications are sciatica, back ache, joint pains and swelling, stiffness, trauma etc. Size: 60ml & 450ml, MRP: 50/250
BHP Bio Card Drops BHP Bio Card Drops is indicated for weak heart condition. It is useful in cardiac palpitation, hypertension, cardiac unrest, palpitation pains, sleeplessness, nocturia, shortness of breath, angina pectoris, throbbing of the carotids, flushing of the face, cold sweat with dizziness, faintness, heart murmur etc. Regular use of bio card will benefit a large number of cases of weakened, painful heart and tones up the cardio vascular system. Size: 30ml, MRP: 70/-
BHP Boro Derma Ointment BHP Boro Derma Ointment is an effective anti-septic cream useful in minor cuts, wounds, burns, blisters, cracked skin, sunburns, pimples, acne, blotches, dry skin. Size 15gm, MRP: 40/-
BHP Calcin Forte Tonic BHP Calcin Forte Tonic is ideal tonic for growing children. Regular use of Calcin Forte Tonic will favor children very much to improve their physical condition giving more strength and stamina. Size: 100gm, MRP: 140/-
BHP Gripe Mixture BHP Gripe Mixture is best homeopathic Gripe Mixture indicated in many ailments of the growing infants like stomach ache, flatulence, acidity, convulsions, marasmus, teething troubles etc. Size: 110ml, MRP: 60/-
BHP Haemo Plex Blood Purifier BHP Haemo Plex Blood Purifier is effective combination of clinically proved medicines. It purifiers the blood without any side effect. Useful in cases of pimples, acne, blotches, itches, dry skin etc. Size: 200ml, MRP: 100/-
BHP Haemor Rid Syrup BHP Haemor Rid Syrup eminently rids the system of the much harassing ailment called piles. It brings comfort to the patients by reducing their suffering and ultimate riddance of this monstrous malady. Size: 110ml & 450ml, MRP: 70/230
BHP Livol Syrup BHP Livol Syrup corrects up the mechanism of liver and tones up its function. Size: 110ml & 450ml, MRP: 70/-
BHP Hymuso Syrup BHP Hymuso Syrup is indicated in rheumatism of all types, sciatica, lumbago, uric acid diathesis, gout etc.  Size: 110ml & 450 ml, MRP: 70/230
BHP Syzy Gym Compound BHP Syzy Gym Compound has earned its distinction by its being the only remedy capable of effectively checking the excess sugar in blood of the patients ailing from Diabetes. This combination remedies offers a good fighter against diabetes. Size: 110ml & 450ml, MRP: 100/230
BHP Topmi Syrup BHP Topmi Syrup is useful in sexual neurasthenia impotency and sexual debility. Size: 110ml & 450ml, MRP: 80/-
BHP Vasacodin Cough Syrup BHP Vasacodin Cough Syrup is useful in all types of cough and acts as an expectorant. Size: 110ml & 450ml, MRP: 70/-

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American Homeopathy, Hevert, Homeopathy Medicine India-Brand Wise Lists

Buy Isotropin range of HGH Homeopathic products from Newton Everett

Newton Everett is a Phoenix, Arizona-based company leading innovator of breakthrough HGH supplement formulations. The company’s high potency preparations tackle a variety of health issues, including obesity management, joint health, mood balance, sexual health and more. The company’s commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction has won the trust of consumers worldwide. Its  mission is to help consumers improve the quality of their lives by allowing them to achieve their nutritional, physical and psychological goals.

Isotropin products are based on Human Growth Hormone or HGH. What is it?

Growth hormone is a powerful anabolic hormone that is present naturally in the human body. It is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain and stimulates the growth of muscle, cartilage, and bone. It is generated throughout a person’s lifetime but is more plentiful during youth. It stimulates growth in children and plays an important role in adult metabolism.

Doctors and Health Care Professionals worldwide now believe that increasing your levels of human growth hormone may facilitate improved health, fitness, energy, permanent weight loss, sports and workout performance, bring other hormones into normal ranges and so much more!

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) helps restore skin thickness, elasticity, smoothing out wrinkles and rejuvenating hair and nails. It promotes the burning of fat by making it available to the body as fuel while increasing muscle mass. HGH also helps enhance sexual function in both men and women. HGH revitalizes the immune system, assists in reducing the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and improving blood cholesterol profiles. HGH improves oxygen uptake and may assist in helping prevent osteoporosis. HGH helps weight loss and revitalized gland functions. HGH supports better and restful sleep.

Buy Isotropin range of HGH homeopathy products now in India at homeomart.com

Isotropin range of Homeopathy medicines from Newton everett. Buy online

Isotropin Product details in brief


Product name


Isotropin-H Age Defying Booster Serum for all skin types. A natural and all new revolutionary anti ageing serum formula that helps smoothen wrinkles, and restore skin thickness and elasticity. 1. It promotes hydration, repairs skin tissue, and firming. 2. Helps in quick recovery of traumatized skin such as inflammation (redness), sunburn, and abrasions from skin peels.3. It contains rich quantity of antioxidantsfor skin protection from environmental elements.4. It helps reduce and fades hyper-pigmentation and scarring. Suitable for all skin type.Key Ingredients in Isotropin-H Age Defying Booster Serum. HGH is used topically to promote skin tissue repair and increase moisture, made with recombinant technology. Tones up skin and increases skin elasticity thereby removing fine lines and wrinkles.Sea Alginate:Provides nourishment, protection and hydration to encourage skin suppleness.It is designed to eliminate toxins and promote oxygenation in the skin.Jojoba Oil:while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles it provides healing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin.Cats Claw:Helps to sooth, heal and protect skin. It boosts the skin immune system and promote anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. Calendula: antioxidant that reduces inflammation and soothing irritated tissue. 30 ML Price: Rs.5544
Isotropin Diet Oral Spray for natural weight loss Isotropin Diet Oral spray is a revolutionary and all new homeopathic diet formula for men and women.  Encourages weight loss at a natural pace (not too slow or too fast). Assists in balancing the appetite. May also enhance mood, and increase energy to improve an exercise program. It can also encourage overall muscle tone. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) helps restore skin thickness, elasticity, smoothing out wrinkles and rejuvenating hair and nails. It promotes the burning of fat by making it available to the body as fuel while increasing muscle mass. HGH also helps enhance sexual function in both men and women. HGH revitalizes the immune system, assists in reducing the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and improving blood cholesterol profiles. HGH improves oxygen uptake and may assist in helping prevent osteoporosis. HGH helps weight loss and revitalized gland functions. Size: 30ML, Price: Rs.3036
Isotropin Hgh Pro 6X Oral Spray ISOTROPIN HGH PRO 6X Oral Spray was carefully designed to provide safe and effective means of naturally elevating one’s GH and IGF-1 levels. The recombinant HGH in Isotropin HGH PRO 6X is made from natural, non-animal elements and is an exact replica of the Growth Hormone produced in the human body. Doctors and Health Care Professionals worldwide now believe that increasing your levels of human growth hormone may facilitate improved health, fitness, energy, permanent weight loss, sports and workout performance, bring other hormones into normal ranges and so much more! Human Growth Hormone (HGH) helps restore skin thickness, elasticity, smoothing out wrinkles and rejuvenating hair and nails. It promotes the burning of fat by making it available to the body as fuel while increasing muscle mass. HGH also helps enhance sexual function in both men and women. HGH revitalizes the immune system, assists in reducing the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and improving blood cholesterol profiles. Professional 6X promotes relief from symptoms associated with aging including, but not limited to, arthritis, cellulite, weight gain, lack of energy, poor muscle and skin tone, wrinkles, and much more. Size: 30ML, Price: Rs.3036
Isotropin Male Oral Spray Introducing ISOTROPIN MALE ORAL SPARY (For Men) an extraordinary and revolutionary homeopathic formula with HGH. Isotropin male is designed to improve overall health of men by providing the body with essential nutrients and balancing the system in order to improve male function. Male Formula is formulated to improve overall health for men by building the body with essential nutrients and improving sexual stamina, desire and assisting erectile function. It promotes healthy function of the prostate, encourages semen production, and increases sexual potency. Male Formula helps to increase circulation and to tone the entire body. Contains GH, Cervi Cornu (contains IGF-1) and other ingredients that help build physical strength and increase energy to aid in sexual potency. The four varieties of Ginseng included in this formula are combined in different potencies in order to stimulate circulation, increase energy and enhance mood. Orchic and Adrenal are included to promote a healthy prostate, stimulate semen production, and balance sexual hormones. Mode of action: HGH – gives energy, strength and endurance to the male sexual system. Testosterone – builds muscle strength, energy, stamina and endurance and aids male potency and desire. Wild American/ Korean/ Chinese/ Siberian Ginseng – is used for male strength and performance. May increase male hormones, sex drive and longevity. Adrenal – properly functioning adrenals aid in sexual response and vigor, sound sleep, and more energy and circulation. Size: 30ML, Price: Rs.3036
Isotropin Mood Oral Spray for emotional well being Introducing ISOTROPIN MOOD, a revolutionary and all new homeopathic emotional well being booster with Siberian Root. Isotropin mood is a complete mental stimulation enhancer.  Vast research of this amazing root reveals its increase of mental performance, desire, energy and stamina.  A positive mood elevator as well, Siberian Root may be used to assist emotional well being, poor memory and cognition.  Overall mental clarity and dreams are greatly optimized by this powerful innovation.Siberian root has been shown effective in improving mood and alleviating depression. Research from Russia has shown that it improves both mental and physical performance, prevents sickness in high altitudes, and reduces fatigue. In one study, the Siberian root group decreased proofreading errors by 88% while the control group had an 84% increase in errors. Siberian root. Size: 30ML, Price: Rs.3036
Isotropin Tone Oral Spray for body sculpting, toned body This is a revolutionary formula for body sculpting. Isotropin tone is designed for any one who wants to enhance their muscle definition. It is formulated to contour and redistribute fat, tone and shape muscles and enhance sharpness of muscle definition to give a cut appearance (body toning). Isotropin tone also helps to increase muscle and decrease small pockets of fat and cellulite. Isotropin tone assists in sculpting the muscles, allowing skin to appear smoother reducing the appearance of sagging skin. One of the factors in Isotropin tone that assists in creating definition is the HGH (Human Growth Hormone). The homeopathic, recombinant HGH helps to modify fat levels and tone and define muscles. The L-Arginine helps the body to reduce fat, increase muscle tone, and increase overall circulation. These and other ingredients provide a range of benefits necessary for body sculpting. Mode of action: Amino acids – are the building blocks of protein. Twenty amino acids are needed to build the various proteins used in the growth, repair, and maintenance of body tissues. L-Arginine – as it naturally converts into nitric oxide in the body, it supports cardiovascular health. It increases blood flow so the heart can pump more blood at a lower level, meaning it may improve cardiovascular performance (circulation, metabolism). It works to stimulate growth hormone levels, which can play a role in muscle growth. CoQ10- is used by the body to transform food into ATP, the energy on which the body runs. Helps with endurance. CoQ10 plays a major role in fat and energy metabolism. Size: 30ML, Price: Rs.3036
Isotropin Workout for Men Oral Spray for body building, serious fitness formula This is a new generation workout formula for Serious Fitness, Bodybuilding and Athletics. ISOTROPIN WORKOUT is the ultimate workout formula designed to boost performance, strength, energy, muscle mass, tone, stamina and mental focus. ISOTROPIN WORKOUT increases your ability to achieve peak performance while reducing healing and recovery time. A powerful blend of HGH, Testosterone, Growth Factors and other ingredients designed to increase uptake of oxygen and the production of ATP, to improve protein synthesis and support the generation of connective tissue. Features and benefits: Promotes an Increase in Muscle Mass and Tone, Promotes Strength and Stamina, Encourages Body to Burn Fat, Helps to Balance Metabolism. Supports Healthy Circulation and Cardiac Functions, What it does: HGH Male Workout is specially formulated for male body builders and athletes who want to increase muscle mass, strength and endurance. Encourages improvement of muscle tone and mass, increases stamina, strength and energy and improves circulation. Also aids digestion for better assimilation of proteins and nutrients necessary for building a stronger and healthier body. Product Advantage: Contains HGH and many other ingredients that encourage the building of muscle cells, creating more bulk and firmer muscles. Combinations of ingredients encourage GH release, which is desirable for fat reduction, stamina, and endurance. Other ingredients could positively affect the metabolism. Size: 30ML, Price: Rs.3036
Superflex-H Homeopathic Joint Care Formula Oral Spray SUPERFLEX-H, an active treatment and modern homeopathic formula to soothe and treat debilitating joint and muscle pain caused by: osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, neck pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, back pain, sciatica, lumbago, tendinitis, gout, post-operative pain, myalgia, muscular trauma and others. Soothe then suppress your muscular or joint pains with a simple vaporization  using the new superflex-H sublingual spray. Size: 30ML, Price: Rs.1896
Isotropin Female Oral Spray for PMS and menopause ISOTROPIN FEMALE Homeopathic HGH Formula:Supports female hormones, Relief from PMS and menopause, Energy and stamina. Description: This formula is designed to improve overall health for women by providing the boby with essential nutrients and balancing the system in order to improve female function. Directions: Female adults take 3 sprays 3 times per day. Month should be free of food or drink for at least 30 minutes before and after taking. Keep under tongue for at least 10 seconds before swallowing. Take or as directed by a health care professional. To be used according to standard homeopathic indications. Size: 30ML, Price: Rs.3036


Homeopathic body building supplement India, Human growth Hormone HGH


Human growth Hormone or HGH  is not the same as anabolic or androgenic steroids.

People frequently mistake the two to be same as both are related to male hormones synthesized and secreted in the human body for normal growth and development but the similarity end there and both are quite different. Anabolic steroids has a medical background and finds application mostly due its anti inflammatory ingredient in the form of cortisol where as HGH has no such profile. HGH contains Somatropin which is a naturally derived compound that can produce more growth hormones, which may help increase energy, boost muscle growth i.e, blazing muscle, and assist with weight loss efforts. Unlike anabolic steroids HGH supplements comes in sprays form and easily absorbed in the body.  Androgenic steroids causes side effects like weight gain whereas HGH actally promotes weight loss while building lean muscle. HGH is non addictive and free of withdrawal symptoms or cravings, once you stop taking it. The use of Anabolic Steroids can do more harm than good, and the side effects could be permanent and irreparable whereas HGH like Isotropin is safe, and they allege to be free of any adverse side effects. HGH supplements are also quite cheaper and more affordable than steroids.

Note: the HGH range of oral tablets & sprays is not same as the synthetic HGH injection kind, where it’s actually a prescription and only available through a supervision professional

Caution: The HGH range of product is not backed by any clinical proof or research/scientific studies about its efficacy nor does the company provide any guarantee. All the claims are based company claims and customer reviews on Amazon.com. However it may also be noted that this Phoenix, Arizona-based company is present in the US health & fitness industry for more than a decade since 2003 and widely sold  and used by health professionals

German Homeopathy Brands, Hevert, Homeopathy Medicine India-Brand Wise Lists

Hevert Arzneimittel- German Homeopathic medicines list. Buy online

Hevert is a top German homeopathic manufacturer from the homeland of Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy and among the 10 most important names worldwide. The company’s mission “Hevert means Health” and the tag line is “Effective by nature”. Its stated goal is to combine the tradition of homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicinal products with high quality standards of modern pharmaceutical production. It has more than 100 medicinal products with focus in the areas of psyche/sleep, colds and vitamin deficiencies. It has tied up with M. Bhattacharyya & Co, part of the Emami group for its foray in India. Buy Hevert products online at Homeomart – India’s leading online homeopathy medicine store.

Check out the A – Z range of German Homeopathic Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Triturations here

Hevert is a German Homeopathy Brand. Buy Hevert medicines online

Hevert formulas were created in collaboration with students of the famous Pastor Emanuel Felke, one of the pioneers of naturopathy and the co-founder of complex homeopathy

Hevert Product Indications



Homeopathic Medicine for Stress relief  is recommended for the treatment of nervous disorders such as: restlessness, sleep disorders, slightly low mood, mental exhaustion. Advantages for you: No risk of addiction, no dizziness, ability to concentrate is not affected, May be taken along with conventional medicines (e.g. psychotropic drugs), Quick dissolving tablets. Effectiveness: Calming, relaxing, promoting sleep, elevating mood.  40 Tablets, MRP-600/- Each 251 mg tablet contains: Cimicifuga trit.D4, Cocculus trit. D6, Cypri[edium pubescens trit.D6, Ignatia trir. D6, Lilium trit. D6, Passiflora incarnate trit. D3, Platium metallicum trit. D8, Valeriana trit. D2, Zincum valerianicum trit. D4, Lactose and magnesium stearate q.s. Adults and children over 12 years of age: Dissolve 2 tablets in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 2 tablets in mouth 6 times daily.Children from 6 to 12 years of age: Dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 6 times daily.
Homeopathic Medicine for Pain relief, is recommended for: the treatment of muscle pain and stiffness. For relief of bruising and swelling due to injuries and over exertion. Advantages for you: Non-drowsy, No aspirin or other salicylates, suitable for children (aged 6 years and older), Quick dissolving tablets. Effectiveness: Relieves aches and pains in the musculoskeletal system, Reduces swelling due to injuries, reduces bruising due to injuries, Supports the healing process. 40 Tablets, MRP-600/- Each 251 mg tablet contains: Arnica trit. D4 80mg, rhus toxicodendron trit. D6 20mg, Lactose and magnesium stearate q.s. Adults and children over 12 years of age: Dissolve 2 tablets in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 2 tablets in mouth 6 times daily. Children from 6 to 12 years of age: Dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 6 times daily.
Homeopathic Medicine for vertigo relief is recommended for the treatment of vertigo of different origin. For prevention and relief of motion sickness, With symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness. Advantages for you: Non-drowsy, No antihistamines or stimulants, Suitable for children (aged 6 years and older), Quick dissolving tablets. Effectiveness: Anti-vertiginous, Relieves dizziness of varied origins, Relieves motion sickness, Prevents nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness. 40 Tablets, MRP-600/- Each 251 mg tablet contains: Cocculus Trit D4 (75 mg), Conium Trit D6 ( 10 mg), Tabacum Trit D4 (20 mg), Lactose and magnesium stearate q.s For best results, use at the first sign of symptoms and continue to use for an additional 48 hours after symptoms subside.  Adults and children over 12 years of age: Dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 6 times daily. Children from 6 to 12 years of age: Dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 6 times daily.
Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy relief is recommended for symptoms of allergy (e.g. hay fever), such as: sneezing, running nose, watery and itchy eyes, itchy nose and throat. Effectiveness: works anti-allergically, reduces swelling, relieves itching  and restores nasal mucosa. Advantages for you: Non-drowsy, no recurring congestion, may be taken along with conventional medicines (e.g. antihistamines), quick dissolving tablets. 40 Tablets, MRP-600/- Each 251mg tablet contains: apis trit D4 25mg, Galphimia glausca trit. D4 45mg, kalium bichromicum trit D6 20mg, Marum verum trit. D4 10mg, Verbascum trit. D2 10mg, lactose and magnesium stearte q.s Adults and children over 12 years of age: Dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 6 times daily. Children from 6 to 12 years of age: Dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 6 times daily.
Homeopathic Medicine for Cold and Flu relief  is recommended for the treatment of flu and cold with symptoms, such as: Runny nose, Sore throat, Body aches, Sneezing, Fever. Advantages for you: Non-drowsy, No aspirin, pseudoephedrine, codeine, antihistamines, or antibiotics. May be taken along with conventional medicines. Quick dissolving tablets. Effectiveness: Relieves acute symptoms of cold. Relieves especially sore throat. Supports the body’s self- healing power and helps to prevent the cold from getting worse or spreading. 40 Tablets, MRP-600/- Each 251mg tablet contains: Aconitum Trit D6 (5 mg), Ammonium bromatum Trit D4 (10 mg), Belladonna Trit D6 (20 mg), Bryonia Trit D6 (20 mg), China Trit D6 (10 mg), Echinacea Trit D3 (20 mg), Mercurius cyanatus Trit D8 (10 mg), Rhus toxicodendron Trit D6 (10 mg), Lactose and magnesium stearate q.s Adults and children over 12 years of age: Dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 6 times daily. Children from 6 to 12 years of age: Dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 6 times daily.
Homeopathic Medicine for Cough relief  is recommended: For the treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract, such as: bronchitis, cough and hoarseness associated with common cold. Advantages for you: Non-drowsy, No aspirin, pseudoephedrine, codeine, antihistamines, or antibiotics. May be taken along with conventional medicines. Quick dissolving tablets. Effectiveness: Relieves nagging urge to cough, Calm irritated bronchi, Helps to breathe deeply again, Promotes productive coughing. 40 Tablets, MRP-600/- Each 251 mg tablet contains: Drosera Trit D4 (50 mg), Grindelia robusta Trit D4 (5 mg), Kalium iodatum Trit D3 (10 mg), Spongia Trit D4 (10 mg), Sticta Trit D3 (10 mg), Teucrium scorodonia Trit D3 (10 mg), Verbascum Trit D2 (5 mg), Yerba santa Trit D2 (5 mg), Lactose and magnesium stearate q.s Adults and children over 12 years of age: Dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 6 times daily. Children from 6 to 12 years of age: Dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 3 times daily. In acute cases, dissolve 1 tablet in mouth 6 times daily.

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