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Compendious on Bryonia Alba: Indications, Benefits, Side Effects

About Bryonia Alba Homeopathy Medicine

Common Name of Source: Root of White Bryony, Black-berried Bryony, Wild Hops

Keynotes: Migraines, Headaches, Hangovers, Achy Colds/Flu, Minor Joint & Back Pain, Worse for Motion

Description: If movement, light, noise and even company are unwelcome when ill or in pain, Bryonia may be the perfect companion. Symptoms tend to grow slowly and bring on irritability whether involving: bursting headaches, migraines and hangovers; body-aching colds, flu, and lingering, painful, dry hacking coughs; minor swollen, red, hot, sprained or arthritic joints, plus stiff necks, minor whiplash, and low back pains.

Modalities: Worse for touch, pressure and heat in any form; on the right side and after sleeping. Better for applied cold, cold bathing and open air.

Leading characteristics of Bryonia Alba

  1. Ailments from: Chagrin, anger, mortification, fright, chilling when overheated; exposure to cold; when warm weather sets in after cold days; cold drinks or ice in hot weather; suppressed discharges; menses; rash of acute exanthema (eruption), after eating beans, peas, cabbage, bread, flatulent food, fruits.
  2. Complaints are worse from slightest motion, exertion, jar, swallowing, coughing, sneezing, ascending, motion of ship, lying on painless side, rising from lying, stooping, motion of eyes.
  3. Complaints are better from lying on painful side, when quiet, during rest, pressure, dark room, cool open air, cold water, cold food.
  4. Ailments are attended with dryness of mucous membranes with thirst for large quantities of water; constant motion of left arm and left leg; pressure as from stone at pit of stomach, relieved (through another outlet) by eructation; delirium, talks constantly about his business; desires to get out of bed and go home; vicarious menstruation: nose-bleed when menses should appear; vertigo on stooping; throbbing in head; tongue coated thick, whitish-yellow; nausea and vomiting; urine dark and scanty; high fever with profuse sweat which ameliorates.
  5. Acute meningitis from suppressed rash of exanthematous (eruptive) fevers with constant chewing motion of mouth; face congested, puffy; temperature high, copious sweats; dry lips, thirst for large quantities of water; quiet; uncovers the body.
  6. Delirium in acute infectious fevers, talks constantly about his business; desires to get out of bed and go home; constant motion of left arm and leg.
  7. Headache: Usually occurs after waking from bed; and lingers all morning, gradually increasing until evening; with constipation, on coughing, when stooping as if brain would burst through forehead.
  8. Pains: Stitching, tearing; worse by motion, inspiration, coughing, at night; better from absolute rest and lying on painful side.
  9. Acute Pleurisy: When the fever has somewhat abated; pains are stitching or tearing, worse from coughing, movement, sneezing, even breathing is painful. It comes in after Aconite. Friction-rub present.
  10. Acute inflammation of mammae (breasts) —hot and painful, heavy, stonishly hard; must support the breasts; pain worse from slightest motion.
  11. Cough: Dry, spasmodic; with sense of obstruction (gagging) and vomiting; with stitches inside of chest; with headache, worse after eating, drinking, entering a warm room, a deep inspiration.
  12. Constipation : No inclination from inactive rectum; stools large, hard, dark, dry, as if burnt; on going to sea.
  13. Diarrhoea : During a spell of hot weather; bilious, acrid with soreness of anus; like dirty water; of undigested food; from cold drinks when overheated; from fruits, worse in morning or moving even a hand or foot.
  14. Diabetes: Dryness of lips and mouth, thirst for large quantities of water, persistent bitter taste in mouth; from warmth and exertion; beans, peas, cabbage, bread, fruits and flatulent (gas forming) food disagree.
  15. Acute Hepatitis (Inflammation of liver): Liver is congested, inflamed and enlarged; stitching pains in the right hypochondrium (sides of upper abdomen), worse from motion or changing position; better from lying on the right or painful side; jaundice brought on by a fit of anger.
  16. Acute Pericarditis (Inflammation of membrane covering heart): Of rheumatic origin, stitching pains worse from movement; better from lying on painful side; friction-rub is present.
  17. Pneumonia: It comes after Acon. and Ferr-p. The patient is not restless; cough is moist, sharp stitching pleuritic pains, worse from coughing and any movement; tongue dry and coated, thirst excessive; with delirium or constipation.
  18. Acute Rheumatism: Joints red, hot and swollen; painful on slightest motion; touch and pressure aggravate; pains stitching or tearing in character, copious exudation in joints, with perspiration which relieves suffering.
  19. Typhoid fever: Develops sluggishly; with headache, dry mouth, tongue coated, thirst for large quantities of water; lies quietly, with delirium, constipation, soreness of body; likes cool open air; worse in warm and closed room.
  20. Tuberculosis: Dry teasing cough as if the head and chest would burst; sharp stitching pains in the sides; inability to take a deep breath on account of aggravation of pains.

Bryonia alba mother tincture dilutions pills

Bryonia Alba Patient profile

Especially adapted to the following types of patients:

(a) children who dislike to be carried or to be raised; fretful;

(b) children who desire things immediately which are not to be had, or which when offered are refused; peevish;

(c) patients who are irritable, inclined to be vehement and angry; nervous;

(d) who have black hair, dark complexion, firm muscular fibres; dry, slender people;

(e) who are worse from slightest motion and better from rest; although restless, wants to keep quiet and still;

(f) who are anxious, angered easily and are obstinate;

(g) who are warm-blooded: worse from warmth, summer; better from cool open air, cold water, cold food;

(h) who are plethoric and venous (full-blooded) in their make-up; face is puffed and purplish;

(i) who are of a sluggish nature; complaints develop slowly;

(j) who are fearful: fear of death, fear of poverty.


Bryonia Alba medicinal uses, benefits, indications

Cough, Cold, Bronchitis Effectively relieves bronchial infections coupled with stabbing chest pains and a dry, hard cough caused by a lack of secretion. It also is an effective substance for resolving fevers that accompany the flu, bronchitis, mumps and Scarlet fever. Check Adel 7 drops Harsh and dry cough with pain in the chest. Check R8 Cough Syrup & R9 Cough drops
Influenza Catarrhal fever, headaches, piercing pains, inflammation of the serous tissues. Check Reckeweg R6 Drops
Teething Aches Inflammation of serous skins. Check Reckeweg R35 drops
Intestinal Colic Constipation; dark stools. Check Reckeweg R37 drops Food lies like stone in the abdomen. Stools hard, constipated. Desire to lie quietly. Check Allen A17 drops
Affections of the abdomen Lessens inflammation of the appendix. Check Reckeweg R38 drops
Asthma Irritation in dry cough, difficult expectoration, Exertions to inhale fresh air; stifling. Check Reckeweg R43 drops
Joint-Pain Swollen, stiff joints, worse on movement. Check Reckeweg R73 drops
Eosinophilia Eosinophilia with fevers and respiratory symptoms.  Check Allen A85 drops
Anxiety Anxiety about business matters. Check Allen A78 drops

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  1. My wife is having hip arthritis,and she took 4drops of Bryonia Alba plus 4 drops of Ruta ,after taking this combination she is having chest congestion ,stitching and she had to urinate several times(symptoms matches,like pain on moving better on rest)

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