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Compendious on Cantharis; Indications, benefits, side effects

About Cantharis (Spanish fly) Homeopathy Medicine

Common Name of Source: Blistering Fly, Cantharides, Spanish Fly, Blistering Beetle.

Keynotes: Minor Bums, Sunburn, Pains with Burning Sensation, Minor Urinary or Stomach Irritation

Description: It soothes symptoms of minor burns and certain pains with burning sensations.  Human body often responds quickly to Cantharis whether the cause involves: sunburns, scalds or minor burns (helps the body reduce blistering); raw sore throats and skin irritations; scalding urine with much urging to go; minor abdominal, stomach and esophageal pain, diarrhea and indigestion. Sensations tend to come on very quickly and aggressively.

Modalities: Worse for touch, urinating, drinking coffee or cold water. Better for gentle rubbing.

Antidote: Aconitum, Camphora, Pulsatilla

Dose: Usually 6C to 30C potency with repetitions. In local burns & eczema 1X & 2X in water or as ointment

Is Cantharis good for Urinary tract Infection (UTI), Know more 

The Leading Characteristics of Cantharis

  1. In burns before blisters form and when they have formed, for the burning sensation. External applications give relief immediately.
  2. Renal calculi (stones) with passing of urine, drop by drop, with burning sensation; constant pulling of the penis.
  3. First stage of gonorrhoea with constant urging to urinate, passing a few drops at a time with blood and intolerable burning in urethra, with chordee (painful erection of penis).
  4. Erythema from exposure to sun-rays.
  5. Vesicular erysipelas; vesicles all over the body are sore and suppurating (pus-forming).
  6. Inflammations rapidly developing into gangrene (dead tissue).
  7. Hydrophobia : Renewal of convulsions at the sight of dazzling objects or water.
  8. Stoppage of urine in cholera.
  9. Retention of placenta.
  10. Puerperal (after-delivery) mania – sexual type.
  11. Sudden loss of consciousness with red face.
  12. Promotes fecundity and expulsions of moles, placenta, dead foetus and foreign bodies from uterus.

Note :- If skin is broken, alcoholic preparations should not be used; dilutions in warm water promptly relieves the burning and pain.


Cantharis Patient Profile

The typical Cantharis patient exhibits the following symptoms

Skin Dermatitis, Secondary eczema about scrotum and genitals, following excessive perspiration. Tendency to gangrene. Eruption with scales. Vesicular eruptions, with burning and itching. Sunburn. Burns, scalds, with rawness , relieved by cold applications, followed by undue inflammation. Erysipelas(large raised red patches on the skin caused by bacterial infection), vesicular type, with great restlessness. Burning in soles of feet at night
Mind Furious delirium. Anxious restlessness, ending in rage. Constantly attempts to do something
Eyes Burning, sensitive to bright light
Face Hot red burning face. Pale, wretched, death-like appearance.
Throat  Burning in mouth, pharynx, and throat;  reat difficulty in swallowing liquids due to inflammation, Scalding feeling. Burnt after taking too hot food. Dry hacking cough
Stomach Sensitive, Burning sensation of śsophagus and stomach. Thirst unquenchable.
Sexual Organs Strong desire; painful erections. Pain in glans, Priapism in gonorrhea. In Females retained placenta (Sep), with painful urination, Menses too early and too profuse; black swelling of vulva with irritation. Constant discharge from uterus

Cantharis Spanish fly homeopathy medicines

Cantharis compared with Apis Mel

Apis Cantharis
Predominantly a Left sided remedy. Predominantly a Right sided remedy.
Dryness of skin. Perspires easily.
No thirst during sweat. No thirst only during the chill.
Patient drinks often, but little at a time. The patient does not drink, but much when he does.
Remission of complaints during the day. Remission of complaints during the morning and evening
Better in the open, from cold, washing with cold water. Worse in the open, from cold, washing with cold water.


Cantharis medicinal use, benefits, side effects

Prostate Enlargement Cantharis is indicated for acute urethral tube and bladder inflammation, cystitis and nephritis. It treats the urological tract to relieve inflammation and pain, and also increases circulation to the organs without causing side-effects. Check Adel 21 drops
Kidney and Bladder Dull pains in the renal region, burning pains when urinating, constant urge to urinate. Urine is passed drop by drop, reddish, glairy, tinged with blood. Cystitis. Check Reckeweg R18 drops
Urinary Tract Infections Violent and aggressive action on tissues, especially mucus membranes of the urinary tract. Rapid inflammation followed by severe, destructive pathology. Burning, scalding urine. Urine is passed drop by drop. Check Allen A70 Drops,  Check Allen Nostone Syrup It specifically acts sexual and urinary organs and reduces over sensitiveness and irritability. It also treats intolerable frequent urge to urinate with the possible tenesmus (recurrent inclination to evacuate the bowels), burning, sharp pain and blood in urine. Check Schwabe Sabal Pentarkan drops
Chronic Kidney Diseases Inflammation of the kidneys. Urine is passed in drops with burning. Acute pain in the lumbar region. Urine may or may not be bloody. Check Allen A92 Chronic Kidney Diseases Drops
Anti Hair Fall Encourages the growth of hair in alopecia circumscripta. Check Allen Arnica Gold It is used to control hair fall especially during confinement and lactation with much dandruff. Check Bio Valley Arnica shampoo

Cantharis Homeopathy Medicine List, Buy Online

Cantharis Mother Tincture Q SBL
Cantharis Dilution (available in 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M) SBL
Cantharis Homeopaty Kit Homeopathy medicine kit Cantharis
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Cantharis Hair Oil, Shampoo (external application) Medisynth Arnikesh Scalp Treatment Oil
Dr Raj Homoeo Herbal Pandhan Oil
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Wheezal Hairex Tablets
Dr Raj Super Calcula Syrup
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