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Understanding Psoriasis – the unconventional way

Psoriasis can be simply described as ‘the external manifestation’  of the body’s attempt to throw off internal toxins. In other words the skin is doing what the bowels and kidneys should be doing. Psoriasis is a buildup of toxins in your system and the consequence of inadequate functioning elimination system. Its considered an autoimmune disease because the body’s immune system abnormally reacts to itself. Instead of the skin replacing itself every 30 days, the skin cells reproduce at an incredibly faster rate of 3 -4 days causing it all to pile up on the outermost layer. Hence people with this condition end up having scaly skin that stands out in large red patches on their body.

It has been a dermatological enigma for scientific community that has long classified it as ‘incurable’. That may be true for all the allopathic doctors who simply do not understand the cause of psoriasis in the first place. What one sees on the outside (skin) is the physical evidence of something happening inside the body. It is like looking at the tip of an iceberg assuming it to be the entire structure. So most of the doctors end up treating it from the outside but the disease will keep coming back again and again, month after month, year after year until the patient has exhausted all available forms of relief. But Homeopathy has time and again shown that it  can be healed in a natural way without any systemic or topical drug (that often has harmful side effect), steroid creams, potentially dangerous forms of ultra violet light or messy tar baths.

Homeopathy enables the patients skin to renew itself totally and completely without the psoriatic lesion, rash or abrasion that it can leave behind. It provides a natural way for psoriasis sufferers to put their lives in order and enjoy their lives without the burdened by this disfiguring disease. But for the treatment to work patient must first understand for what it is; second, it is important to get on the right track, to rid oneself of the disease; and third, the patient must have patience and persistence

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Psoriasis Causes: Unraveling the mystery

Psoriasis manifests when  the walls in certain areas of the intestinal tract become thin and porous. This causes the toxic substances to seep through these walls and enter the lymphatic system and invade the blood stream. The body’s natural purification system, primarily the liver and kidneys try to filter out these toxins which build up in the blood.  But the relentless building up of toxins prove to be more than what these organs can handle. At this point the body’s secondary purification system attempt to aid in the process of detoxification. When the liver, the major filtering gland of the body is overloaded , the skin comes to the rescue and helps to eliminate the toxins.

Leaky gut syndrome is a common health disorder in which the basic organ defect is an intestinal lining which is more porous than normal. The gut become leaky when the abnormally large spaces between the cells of the gut wall allow the entry of toxic material into the blood stream that would in normal healthy condition be repelled and eliminated. This allows parasites, fungi, bacteria and their toxins, fat, protein, undigested waste enter the blood stream. The leaky gut is always associated with auto immune sidorders, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome etc.

Psoriatic arthritis  – 1 in 3 People with psoriasis often develop Psoriatic arthritis  generally between 30 and 50 years of age.  Other serious health conditions like diabetes, depression, cardio vascular disease are linked to psoriasis (also known as comorbidities).  This condition manifests in the form of Joint pain, stiffness and swelling and like psoriasis may flare up with alternate periods of remission.

Psoriasis Diet & Nutrition

It is important to be aware and keep a watch on what food we intake, trying best to minimize toxins in our environment and lessen the burden on our immune system. You may be surprised to learn that many of the foods that you eat on a regular basis like processed foods  may be causing your nutritional stress.  Your body needs unprocessed foods ; natural foods that are rich in healthy bacteria (probiotic), high quality proteins, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals vitamins and enzymes. These are healthy nutritional building blocks and essential resources your body needs to regenerate adequately and thoroughly. Go for certain diets, like paleo or gluten-free food,  and more of anti-inflammatory and alkaline dietary plan.

Homeopathy and Psoriasis Treatment?

Can homeopathy cure Psoriasis? is a common refrain among patients who have not found any succor in other forms of treatment. They have heard Homeopathy has cured thousands of Psoriasis suffering patients where no other remedy was effective. Treatment is most effective in Homeopathy because it weighs in the emotional state of the patient (miasmic tendency). Homeopathic medicines like Zea italica Q, 10 drops  taken  in 1/2 cup water have proved curative in cases where no other remedy was effective. Homeopathy addresses issues pertaining to over sensitivity among patients to changes in weather specially from hot dry to cold seasons. Such people are more susceptible to Psoriasis whose occurrence is strongly linked to weather changes (crusts disappear in summer & reappear in winter). It is also particularly useful in syphilitic patients, tuberculous prone children or those having a history of tuberculosis in the family. Psoriasis responds very well to homeopathic treatment  but it can be lengthy in chronic cases and requires patience.


Why homeopathic treatment is useful in psoriasis?

  • Homeopathy is safe reliable and a majority of cases can be treated with specific remedies across all age groups
  • Homeopathic medicines work by moderating the over-active immune system which in chronic cases leads to Psoriasis causing flaking, inflammation, and thick, white, silvery, or red patches of skin
  • The preliminary action is to manage and address the itching and burning sensation in the eruptions. It then leads to healing of the current eruptions followed by prevention of further spread of eruptions.
  • The homeopathic treatment of psoriasis is also beneficial for treating psoriatic arthritis (i.e.,  joint pains that are linked with Psoriasis)

Doctor recommended Homeopathic Medicines for Psoriasis Treatment

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11 thoughts on “Top Homeopathic Medicines for Psoriasis Treatment. Buy online”

  1. Good Evening,

    3 years back a small patch started on my scalp over the period it is spreaded out all over the scalp and it is spreading out on my forehead.Dry and flaky appearance,Itching often and also started in my private parts.So far no other places in my body.I am getting so embarrassed to meet people with this problem.Unfortunately I had to resign for my job sir.I am in bit o stress so worried now.

    Can you please suggest me which medicine should i take…..?
    How long is the course time……?
    Is there any diet restrictions while having this course…….?
    In a normal day to day diet intake can I have an egg and chicken….?
    Is there any contact number to call and discuss in detail ……?

    I am currently Perth based , Australian resident so can your medicine be couriered to Australia…….?

    please assist me to get rid of this problem, I will be very much thankful and soooo great full to you…..

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Psoriasis is believed to be related to incomplete protein digestion, abnormal liver function, bowel imbalance etc..Among dietary changes, it helps to avoid food with too much animal fat, and non vegetarian food, alcohol during psoriasis treatment. Homeopathy medicines like Hydrocotyle 200 (for circular spots with scaly edges, skin is thick & dry), Psorinum 200 (skin crusts that are itchy), Carcinocinum 1M etc. Yes we ship to Australia regularly, We advise you to consult our doctors online for best treatment plan

  2. i would like to know what homeopathy medicine is recommended for ear psoriasis. have been suffering from it in my left ear only since more than a year now. Thanks. Nisha

    1. Aurum met & AGaricus mus for redness, burning & itching of the ears. Scrophularia nodosa Q is goof for eczema of the ear

  3. Hello Sir what medicine is best for Psoriasis
    1)my skull (skin became white)
    2)On my lower back side (Its round round on 2 places it look red sometimes it’s itching)
    3)Same thing I happening 5 inches down from my knee.

  4. Hi Sir what medicine is best for Pustular Psoriasis my hand ,feet.my nails also damaged.I can’t open my fingers. Daily pus (white colour)is developing with pain
    .plz tell me sir

    1. You have a uncommon form of psoriasis which is actually a rare skin disease . It is obstinate to treat and usually topical skin treatments are first employed. Suggest you consult a homeopathy expert in the matter, you can avail offline & online consultation from our doctors, for details check here – http://wp.me/p6CQsw-3n5

    1. Pls take as per indicated dosage on our page, taking more than 1 medicines does not mean that the dosage is altered…unless specified by your homeopath

    AND ON LINE DELIVERY CHARGES SO HIGH Rs. 120.00 only courier charges too high demand of my medicine name is PSORALEA CORYLIFOLIA 200 CH please tell me where will be available in GURGAON AND NAME OF COMBINATION MEDICINE NAME FOR PSORIASIS DISEASE

    1. Sir – Our courier charges is Rs.60 only and not Rs.120. Also we have PSORALEA CORYLIFOLIA 200 CH, the Biocombination for Psoriasis & other skin diseases is BC20

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