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Top Homeopathic Medicine List for Liver Ailments. Buy Online

Homeopathy: A Holistic approach to Liver treatment

Homeopathic medicines (both in single remedy or complex form) address both organic and functional complaints of the liver and gallbladder and work in a non toxic and harmonizing way.  The homeopathic therapeutic action on strengthening the liver is 2 fold: it increases hematite count without involving the body into any excesses, and it reduces accumulation of fat.  This is achieved by stimulating the fermenting system of the liver (lycopodium), benefiting cellular metabolism (Arsen Jodatum ), improving the functioning of spleen (Ceanothus americanus). It may be noted that Homeopathic medicines like Adel 34 stimulate a healing process that can result in an amazing excretion reaction not seen when using allopathic medications such as antibiotics. For example an old Hepatitis epidemica can be healed. Homeopathic medicines like lycopodium clavatum address the physical & psychological basis for craving sugar when proper elimination of toxic waste does not occur through liver.

Homeopathic medicines for Fatty liver treatment, enlarged liver, Cirrhosis, Liver detoxification

The broad range of  beneficial action of homeopathic liver medicines is as follows

  1. Help treat and detoxify the liver, gallbladder and pancreas which work together to promote good digestion. By addressing digestive difficulties they indirectly aid in liver health promotion.
  2. It  works in tandem to address spleen issues like enlarged spleen, tumors, intoxification, spleen dysfunction etc  that is linked to liver health.
  3. Provide a vital stimulus that aids in the excretion of liver toxins thereby enabling the tissues to regenerate and resume normal function.
  4. Relieve symptoms of impaired bile secretion that results in lack of appetite, bitter taste in mouth, flatulence, constipation & abdominal pain
  5. Reduce Swelling (inflammation) of liver – sensation of pressure on liver
  6. Address Liver constriction & congestion due to toxins like use of tobacco and liquor
  7. Aid treatment of chronic diseases such as fatty degeneration of the liver
  8. Clears Liver portal congestion that exists in chronically ill patients


Specific action of Homeopathic Single Remedies in Liver treatment

Medicines for relieving pain (colic) due to liver ailment

  • Chioanthus virginica resolves dys-fermentation of liver and pancreas. In addition this herb eliminates the painful spasms (colic) and addresses rheumatic processes and inflammation of the hepatic area.
  • Colocynthis for cramp like pains in abdomen that is relieved by putting pressure on the affected area or bending over

Homeopathic medicines for Cleaning up (Detoxifying) Liver

  • Carduus marianus is known for its action on the liver & portal system. It acts on the congestion of the portal veins
  • Nux Vomica clears liver congestion and constriction due to toxins like tobacco
  • Taraxacum officinale cleans the liver & renal system
  • Lycopodium clavatum helps eliminate metabolic waste and stimulate the excretion of excess cholesterol. Without the proper excretion of waste products, patients develop symptoms of craving for sweet, mood swings, irritability and depression
  • Cynara scolumus relieves blockage of the portal vein into liver. It promotes excretion of toxins from liver and connective tissues from endogenous and exogenous sources. It resolves acute and chronic infections, swelling of liver.

Medicines for correcting Gastric problems connected with liver ailments

  • Iberis amara eliminates gastro-hepatic disruptions with symptoms that include intestinal pain and cramps.
  • Acidum hydrofluoricum as a remedy covers digestive dysfunctions, abdomical discomfort, liver deterioration due to alcohol

Medicines for Liver enlargement

  • Aceticum acidum (tds): Enlargement of liver and spleen with emaciation.
  • Antimonium tart. (tds): Enlargement of liver with respiratory troubles.
  • Bryonia (bd), Hepar sulphuris (bd): Hepatitis. Burning pain, stitches in the region of liver, which are worse on pressure, coughing and breathing.
  • Calcarea ars. 200 (od): Enlargement of the liver in infants.
  • China off. (tds): Hard and large liver. White stools.
  • Chionanthus Q (tds) 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water: Enlargement with soreness of liver and yellow urine. Pain in the liver and back.
  • Cholesterinum 3x (tds): Obstinate distention and congestion of the liver. Burning pain in the right side of the hip, on walking, holds the hand on it as it hurts. Cirrhosis of liver.
  • Lachesis (bd): Hepatitis of alcoholics. Enlarged abdomen cannot bear anything around the waist.
  • Natrium sulph. 6 (tds): Chronic enlargement of the liver. Soreness and tenderness in the region of the liver. Urine is yellow, foaming and scanty.
  • Phosphorus (od): Enlargement in anemic people.
  • Podophyllum  (tds): Diarrhea due to liver troubles.

Medicine for Liver Inflammation

  • Chelidonium 6 (tds): Removes enlargement, inflammation, etc. of the liver. A long use is required. 3-4 doses a day. Jaundice due to hepatic troubles.
  • Natrium mur. (tds): Liver region is sore with gastric troubles.
  • Phosphorus (bd): Inflammation of liver in anemic subjects. Enlargement.
  • Vipera (tds): Enlargement of liver with severe pain, jaundice and fever. Pain extends to hips and shoulders.

Liver medicines for Dropsy (Edema)

  • Argentum nit. (tds): Dropsy in first stage when the emaciation and marasmus starts on account of the liver trouble.
  • Carduus mar. Q (bd) 5-10 drops in 1/2 cup of water: Chronic cases of liver trouble with dropsy.
  • Lycopodium (tds): Hardness of liver with dropsy. Inherited liver affections.
  • Nasturtium 200 (hs) Repeat after a week: Cirrhosis of liver and dropsy. It is generally caused by alcohol abuse or chronic hepatitis and some other diseases.

Medicine for Fever due to Liver Ailments

  • Ferrum ars. 6 (tds): Fever due to enlargement and inflammation the liver is cured by this remedy.

Medicines for Liver Abscess

  • Hepar sulphuris (tds): This is given in liver abscess and suppurative conditions of the liver.
  • Ptelea tri. (tds): Aching and heaviness in the liver region which is greatly aggravated by lying on the left side.


Homeopathic Specialty Medicines (Complexes) for Liver diseases

Drops List

Bio Force Blooume 19 Heptasan Drops Blooume 19 Heptasan drops is helpful to reduce inflammation of liver, improves digestion and liver metabolism and other liver complaints. Size: 30ml, MRP: 115/-
Adel 3 Apo Hepat Drops Adel 3 Apo Hepat drops is indicated for jaundice; general liver disease; gallbladder problems and portal congestions. It increase kidney and gallbladder secretions, stimulates circulation and improves the lymphatic system. Size: 20ml, MRP: 215/-
Adel 34 Ailgeno Drops Adel 34 Ailgeno drops is indicated to treat symptoms of liver and spleen disease. It is also indicated for improving the efficiency of spleen and its detoxification. Size: 20ml, MRP: 215/-
Allen A23 Liver and Gall Bladder Drops Allen A23 Liver and Gall Bladder drops is indicated for hepatitis, swelling in abdomen, lack of appetite, bitter taste in mouth, constipation, flatulence and weariness after meals. Size: 30ml, MRP: 125/-
Doliosis D89 Hepatodol Liver and Bile Drops Doliosis D89 Hepatodol Liver and Bile drops is useful for hepatic, biliary and gallbladder disorders. Size: 30ml, MRP: 120/-
Dr Reckeweg R7 Drops Dr Reckeweg R7 drops is indicated for organic and functional complaints (advanced stages of diseases as found in diagnostic testing) of liver and gallbladder, hepatopathy (liver dysfunction due to venous congestion), jaundice, cholecystophathy (disease of the gallbladder), calculi (stones), ascites, cholangitis (infection of bile duct), hepatitis, swelling of the abdomen, lack of appetite, bitter taste in mouth, flatulence, constipation, weariness after meals, irritation, hypochondria (abnormal chronic anxiety about health). Size: 22ml, MRP: 200/-
Dr Reckeweg R31 Drops Dr Reckeweg R31 drops stimulate the functioning of liver (selective excitation by ferrum chloratum) so as to remove excessive accumulation of fat. It influences cellular metabolism (arsen jodatum) resulting in increased appetite and higher number of haematites. Indicated for anemia; lack of appetite, especially among children; often accompanied by swellings and after-effects of acute ailments. Size: 22ml, MRP: 200/-
Lords L 140 Liver And Gall Bladder Drops Lords L 140 Liver and Gall Bladder drops is indicated for functional or organic complaints of the gallbladder and liver, hepatitis, abdominal swelling, lack of appetite, flatulence, constipation, bitter taste of the mouth, weariness after meals. Size: 30ml, MRP: 125/-
Lords Liver Drops Lords Liver drops is indicated for functional or organic complaints of gallbladder and liver, hepatitis, abdominal swelling, bitter taste of mouth. Size: 30ml, MRP: 135/-
Bahola Liverol Drops Bahola Liverol drops protects the liver, regulates the liver functions and corrects disorders of metabolism. Size: 100ml
Wheezal Kalmegh Elixir Drops Wheezal Kalmegh Elixir drops is indicated for loss of appetite and jaundice, catarrhal conditions of liver, dyspepsia, jaundice, sluggish liver, loss of appetite and indigestion.  Size: 30ml/120ml, MRP: 70/90
Wheezal Heptocol Drops Wheezal Heptocol drops is especially suited for the disorders of liver and gall bladder like gallstones, gall stone colic, enlargement of the liver and jaundice. The remedies involved in this homeopathic preparation have a special action on the liver and gall bladder. Size: 30ml, MRP: 80/-


Homeopathic Liver Tonics

Dr Wellmans Wellmolive 55 Liver Tonic Dr Wellmans Wellmolive 55 Liver tonic is a clinically tried formula for hepatic disorders corrects liver functioning, improves appetite and protects liver against various hepatoxins products to cure anorexia and promotes growth. It also helps to correct liver dysfunction and damage especially in case of jaundice. Size: 100ml/ 500ml.
SBL Liv T Liver Tonic SBL Liv T Liver tonic is indicated for various liver conditions like jaundice, hepatitis and indigestion. It combats liver disorders caused by chronic gastric indiscretion, viral and bacterial infection, drugs, chemicals and alcohol. Size: 115ml/180ml/500ml, MRP: 70/102/238
Lords Livotone Tonic Lords Livotone tonic is an ideal remedy for sluggish liver, enlargement of liver, most effecaceous in hepatitis, jaundice, biliousness also reduces toxic and after effects of alcohol. Size: 180ml, MRP: 115/-
Allen Livia Liver Tonic Allen Livia Liver tonic is indicated for organic and functional complaints of liver and gall bladder, sluggish liver, loss of appetite, biliousness, jaundice, enlargement of liver, gall stones, biliary colic. Reduces the toxic and after effects of alcohol.  Size: 100ml/200ml/500ml, MRP: 80/125/225
Allens Livo-10 Tonic Allens Livo-10 tonic is indicated for organic and functional complaints of liver and gall bladder, anorexia, nausea, dyspepsia, gastro duodenal catarrh and constipation. Paroxysmal pain in abdomen, hepatitis – acute, chronic and alcoholic, sluggish liver, fatty liver, jaundice, cirrhosis, infantile and jaundice. Size: 100ml, MRP: 60/-
Allens Kalomeg Tonic Allens Kalomeg super tonic for liver and stomach troubles is indicated for gastro-intestinal irritation, colic, anorexia, malnutrition, worm infestation. Improves liver function, increases appetite and arrests growth retardation in children. Size: 30ml, MRP: 50/-
Doliosis DS19 Kinderol Tonic Doliosis DS19 Kinderol tonic is remedy of rickets, flatulence, stomach pain liver troubles obsteomalacia and other vitamin deficiencies.  General tonic for children. Helps build tissues and increase appetite. Specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs for growing children.
Doliosis  DS3 Livodol Tonic Doliosis  DS3 Livodol tonic is useful for complaints due to sluggish liver function like poor appetite, chronic constipation, liver spots and jaundice.
St George Liv -Free (Liver Tonic) St George Liv -Free (Liver Tonic) – An ideal tonic for liver rejuvenation removes all bad effects due to overuse of alcoholic drinks and badly managed jaundice. It keeps the liver healthy, improves general health, protects the liver against various hepatotoxins and promotes appetite and growth. Size: 60ml, MRP: 45/-


Homeopathy Liver Syrup

Blooume 41 Bio Liv Syrup Blooume 41 Bio Liv syrup is indicated for the complaints associated with liver disorders. Size: 100ml, MRP: 75/-
Healwell Liv-Up Syrup Healwell Liv-Up Syrup is indicated for hepatitis, hypertrophy of liver, jaundice, loss of appetite and pain in abdomen, malfunctioning of liver due to hepatotoxic drugs, alcoholism.  Effective in malignancy of liver and gall bladder, post malarial cases, constipation due to sluggish liver. Size: 60ml.
Bakson Liv Aid Syrup Bakson Liv Aid syrup comprehensive liver tonic protect your liver and reinforce your health. It is indicated for sluggish liver or liver malfunctioning, relieves symptoms of dyspepsia, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, hepatitis, hypertrophy of liver and jaundice.  Size: 115ml/200ml/450ml, MRP: 70/110/220
Wheezal Livcol Syrup Wheezal Livcol Syrup is indicated for jaundice and hepatic ailments, removes / alleviates hepatic disorders, effective in hepatitis, jaundice and dyspepsia, guard’s liver against abuse of alcohol and toxicity due to drugs, restores sluggish liver and improves appetite. Size: 120ml, MRP: 70/-
Bjain Omeo Liver Medicated Syrup Bjain Omeo Liver Medicated syrup is indicated for loss of appetite, poor digestion, persistent nausea and vomiting, pain in liver region, fatty degeneration of the liver, bad effects of excessive alcohol consumption and debility. Size: 200ml, MRP: 129/-
Schwabe Alpha-Liv Syrup Schwabe Alpha-Liv syrup is indicated to treat symptoms of liver disease, slow liver functions, acts on fatty liver, and provides supportive treatment of hepatocellular jaundice. It is also indicated for toxic liver damage, constipation with liver disorder. Size: 100ml, MRP: 86/-


Homeopathy Liver Tablets

Haslab HC 29 Yucca Complex Tablet (Liver) Haslab HC 29 Yucca Complex tablet (Liver) is indicated for enlarged left lobe of the liver, congestion of the liver, inflammation and soreness of the liver, hepatitis, pain in right hypochondrium, jaundice, disturbed functions and soreness of the liver, hepatitis pain in right hypochondrium, jaundice, and disturbed functions of the liver, diarrhea or constipation. Size: 20gm/450gm, MRP: 50/550.
Healwell Lexaton Pills Healwell Lexaton pills provide effective homeopathic laxative remedy. The pills correct constipation due to a sluggish liver. It also helps in regularizing intestinal motility and softens dry hard stool. Size: 15gm, MRP: 55/-
Schwabe Carduus Marianus Pentarkan Tablets Schwabe Carduus Marianus Pentarkan tablets are indicated to treat symptoms of liver disease and works on it through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key ingredients like acidum hydrofluoricum, carduus marianus etc that acts on chronic liver diseases and their related symptoms. Size: 20gm, MRP: 140/-
Schwabe Anekind Globules Schwabe Anekind globules effectively corrects anemia by helping better absorption, production and maintenance of hemoglobin improves absorption of iron, stimulates RBC production, helps in proper functioning of digestive system and is a good remedy for anemia, takes care of associated symptoms like sunken face with livid spots, controls weakness, headache and lassitude due to anemia, also useful in convalescence after debilitating disease, improves immune defence system. Size: 10gm, MRP: 95/-
Haslab HC 12 Dolichos Complex Tablet (Liver) Haslab HC 12 Dolichos Complex tablet (Liver) is indicated for enlarged liver, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) and discomfort of the liver after hepatitis. It is also indicated for jaundice, constipation, dropsy, stools clay color, urine dark yellow or golden color and scanty. Size: 20gm/450gm, MRP: 50/550.
St George HCT No 61 – Congested Liver Jaundice Specialty Tablets St George HCT No 61 – Congested Liver Jaundice Specialty tablets is indicated for hepatic torpor, jaundice, billious sick headache and congested liver. Size: 30gm, MRP: 90/-
BBP Livone Tablets Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Livone tablets are effective liver tablets indicated in the following cases; Lazy liver, fatty liver, hepatitis, improves appetite, indigestion and constipation. Size: 25gm, MRP: 100/-


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