Buy Medisynth Jondila Forte Syrup, Liver Protector & Digestion Toner

Medisynth Jondila Forte Syrup - Digestion & Liver Tonic

Dr.VcNALLY Jondila Forte syrupis a Homeopathy medicine designed to serve as a restorative, regenerative and protective agent in a wide spectrum of hepatic (liver) and gastric complaints. It aids digestion and improves appetite. It also acts as a best restorative tonic in general convalescence. It is specially recommended in cases of jaundice, sluggish liver functions, worms etc.

Jondila Forte Syrup from Medisynth is indicated as a Hepatoprotector (also known as antihepatotoxicity is the ability to prevent damage to the liver) and digestion toner (which improves digestive function and increases appetite) homeopathy medicine.

About: Hepatic impairment or liver failure symptoms are often nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, and diarrhea yellowing of the eyes, abdominal pain and dark urine. The common types are Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Cirrhosis of the liver, alcoholic hepatitis. This happens when the liver cells are damaged significantly and are no longer able to function for causes such as acetaminophen overdose. Alcohol-related cirrhosis or alcoholic hepatitis is certain and no medical or surgical treatment can prevent liver failure if you don’t stop drinking

Actions of individual ingredients in Jondila Forte Syrup
Carduus marianus: The action of this remedy centered on liver and portal system. Regeneration of damaged liver tissues and protection against various liver toxins seems to be the curative sphere of a remedy. Liver complaints because of alcoholic beverages especially beer. Pain in region of liver with fullness, soreness, jaundice and moist skin. The presence of “Liver spots” seems to be the special indication of this remedy. Constipation alternates with diarrhoea. Enlargement of gall bladder with tenderness. Cirrhosis of liver with dropsy.
Carica papaya: Helps digestion, checks acidity, regulates liver functions, improves appetite.
Chelidonium majus: A prominent liver remedy covering many of the direct reflex symptoms of diseased conditions of that organ. Jaundiced skin and especially constant pain under inferior angle of right scapula are certain indications. General lethargy and indisposition to make any efforts, serous effusions and bilious complications during gestation are also treated by this medicine.
Chionanthus Virginica: A Prominent liver remedy for enlarged spleen, jaundice (in ladies with arrest of menses) Gallstones, Paroxysmal abdominal pain.
Andrographis paniculata: For flatulence and diarrhoea of children in torpidity of liver neuralgia, general debility, convalescence and in fully developed stage of dysentry.
Myrica cerifera: Has a marked action on the liver with jaundice and on mucous membranes.

Dosage of Jondila Forte Syrup: Syrup if having jaundice adult 1 teaspoonful (5ml) every 3 hours, children half the above dose.

Diet recommendation with Jondila: Avoid oily, fatty and rich foods, excessively pungent or sour food items. Take bland food and prevent overloading of system

Side effects of Jondila Forte Syrup – None known, all the ingredients used in Jondila are natural plan and vegetable extracts and are absolutely safe, there are no side effects. Therefore Jondila can be recommended along with other treatments

Presentation: 125ml, 200ML, 450ML

Manufacturer: Medisynth

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2 thoughts on “Buy Medisynth Jondila Forte Syrup, Liver Protector & Digestion Toner”

  1. I get red face and increase heart beat even after 1 beer will jondila syrup prevent this . I wonna drink and enjoy Plz help

    1. Alcohol like stress, sleep deprivation, and caffeine evokes an adrenaline-type response that make heart beating strongly. Beer and other alcohol can influence heart-rhythm and cause problems. Many of these are seen as nuisances but atrial fibrillation, are real cause to worry. Get it checked from a doctor and take proper treatment

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