Allen Kalomeg Homeopathic Tonic for Liver, Stomach ailments

Allen Kalomeg Homeopathic Super Tonic for Liver, Stomach ailments

Allen’s Kalomeg is indicated for gastro-intestinal irritation, colic, anorexia, malnutrition, worm infestation. Improves liver function, increases appetite, arrests growth retardation in children. Is a super tonic for liver and stomach troubles.

Kalomeg Tonic contains Kalmeg (Andrographis paniculata) also known as Nila-Vembu or ‘neem of the ground’ is a well known medicinal herb that is useful in treating fever, liver disorders, worms, abdominal gas and constipation

Ingredients: Each 5ml of Allen Kalomeg Tonic Contains: kalamegh HPI 1.40ml, Carica papaya Hpi 0.40ml, Cina HPI 0.20ml, syrup and aromatics q.s. Alcohol 20% v/v.

Dosage:Children: 15-20 drops twice daily with water, Adults: 25-30 drops twice daily with water or as directed by the physician.

Size: 30ML

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