Schwabe Millefolium Pentarkan tablet for Prolonged Menstruation, Excessive Uterine Bleeding

Schwabe Millefolium Pentarkan tablet for Prolonged Menstruation, Excessive Uterine Bleeding

Schwabe Millefolium pentarkan tablet the proven natural therapy for excessive uterine bleeding, Controls discharge of excessive black blood, Checks early and copious menses, Controls profuse flow of bright red blood due to – post-operative weakness, slightest motion, lifting heavy weight, etc.

Introduction: Menorrhagia (prolonged menstruation) and hypermenorrhoea (excessive uterine bleeding) are cycle disturbances manifested by a change in menstrual bleeding patterns. Menorrhagia is characterized by a lengthened duration of menstrual bleeding (longer than 6 days), whereas hypermenorrhoea describes a condition where the intensity of bleeding is much more than the normal quantity. Anomalies in the intensity of bleeding generally be traced back to anatomical changes in the uterus and adnexa. These in could be caused by inflammatory processes, displacement of the uterus, matous changes, endometriosis (ectopia of the endometrium) or hypoplasia of the uterus. Millefolium Pentarkan a combination of 3 individual homoeopathic components is suitable for the treatment of menorrhagia and hypermenorrhoea.

The guiding principle for the composition of Millefolium Pentarkan was to ensure that each individual component contributed positively to the overall effect of the combination and that the medicine was safe. The therapeutic components Millefolium Sabina and Erigeron canadensis are proven homoeopathic remedies. They complement one another when used for lengthened menstruation (menorrhagia) and in case of profuse menstrual bleeding (hypermenorrhoea).

Action of the individual ingredients in Millefolium pentarkan
Erigeron canadensis: It is indicated in menorrhagia, hypermenorrhoea and metrorrhagia accompanied by diarrhoea or dysuria, profuse flow of bright-red blood or bleeding haemorrhoids or nose bleed instead of menses.
Millefolium: It is indicated for metrorrhagia, menses early and with bright-red fluid. Otherwise it is considered a valuable medicine for various types of haemorrhages, bright red in colour, bad effects of over lifting, overexertion and due to post-operative weaknesses.
Sabina: It is organ specific to uterus and is indicated for menorrhagia and metrorrhagia discharge of excessive black blood, menses too early, too copious, and continue too long, menstrual discharge partly fluid, partly clotted and offensive, bright-red or dark and coagulated, flows mostly in paroxysms, which are brought on by slightest motion.

Ingredients: Schwabe Millefolium pentarkan Tablet Contains: Each tablet of 250mg contains: Erigeron canadensis 1x (25mg), Millifolium 75mg, Sabina 3x (25mg), Excipients Q.S to make 250mg

Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 1-2 tablets of Schwabe Millefolium pentarkan Tablet every 1-2 hours as improvement sets in, 1-2 tablets thrice daily. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.

Side effects: No side effect of Millefolium Pentarkan are known.

Contra-indications: No contra-indications for the use of Millefolium Pentarkan are known.

Interactions: No interactions between Millefolium Pentarkan and other products are known.

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