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Schwabe Biocombination No.11 Tablets for Fever, anti pyretic homeopathy medicine

Schwabe’s Bioplasgen/Biocombination 11 for Fever is indicated in initial stages of inflammatory diseases, all kinds of fever and chill, in quick sudden swellings, pneumonia, pleurisy and affections that tend to suppurate.

Introduction: Fever is a complex response of the body to infection and is a part of defense mechanism and is connected with the development of immunity. Rise in body temperature is referred as Pyrexia which is due to disturbance of heat regulating mechanism of the body by action of toxins or unwanted element in the body or due to excessive muscular exercise, exposure to high temperature and various nervous factors. 1) Pyrexia may be due to serious infections of diseases like typhoid, malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, septicaemia or undrained pus, collagen diseases, bacterial endocarditis, pyelitis or Hodgkin’s disease. It may be due to minor causes like cold, flu, cough, exertion, exposure to heat or cold or inflammatory diseases. The cause has to be located and specific medicine applied along with Bioplasgen/Biocombination 11; a range of alpha products & specialties for specific action are available. 2) Contrary to above, sub-normal temperature is also met with during excessive cold, anaesthesia, poisoning, diabetic comma, uraemia, diarrhoea, dysentery, heart diseases, surgical shock, during convalesce and myxoedema.Check out the top medicine list in homeopathy to control fever

Ingredients in Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No.11 Fever: Each Tablet Contains: Ferrum phosphoricum 3x, Kalium muriaticum 3x, Natrium muriaticum 3x, Kalium sulphuricum 3x, Natrum sulphuricum 3x in equal proportion.

Mode of action individual ingredients Schwabe’s Bioplasgen/Biocombination 11 tablet for Fever
Ferrum phosphoricum: It is indicated for inflammatory and febrile conditions associated with problem of respiratory tract, otitis, epistaxis, tonsillitis, cough, cold, articular rheumatism, anaemia, fever with chill. Bioplasgen/Biocombination-11 can be given along with other Bioplasgen/Biocombination selected for the basic cause of the fever.
Kalium muriaticum: It is indicated for catarrhal and sub-acute inflammatory states, glandular swelling, white or gray coating on the tongue, thick white phlegm, fever due to follicular tonsillitis, sore throat, indigestion, dysentery, and swollen joints. Symptoms are worse with rich food, fats and motion.
Kalium sulphuricum: It is indicated for advanced stage of inflammation, yellow mucus of discharge, shifting pains in the body, temperature may be intermittent with rise in the night. Tongue is coated yellow and skin is unhealthy with prominent itching symptoms.
Natrum muriaticum: It is indicated for certain types of intermittent fever, anaemia, chlorosis, and disturbances in alimentary tract and skin. Fever is associated with weakness and weariness. Pathogenesis has wide coverage like headache worse in sun, coryza, excessive sweating and constipation.
Natrum sulphuricum: It is prominently a liver remedy with symptoms worse due to dampness. The medicine is indicated for fever due to catarrh, indigestion, vomiting of bile, asthma in children, painful joints and muscles.

Dosage: Adults 4 tablets of Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 11 Fever, childern 2 tablets, at a time, four times a day at intervals of three hours.

Contra-indication: Nil. It is a safe, non-toxic medicine with no side effect. It can be given as supplement to other medicines.

Manufacturer: Dr.Willmar Schwabe india Pvt.Ltd.
It is the oldest and most venerated homeopathic brand from Germany and leading manufacturers of natural medicines in the world. Schwabe formulations are well received in India and admired by Homeopaths for their quality and efficacy.

Presentation: Tablets of 100 mg in bottles of 20g and 550g

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