Vashisht Berberis Aquifolium 1X Tablets for healthy skin

Vashisht Berberis Aquafolia (aquifolium) 1X Tablets for skin problems

Vashisht Berberis Aquafolia 1X Tablets is a homeopathic single remedy is prepared from Pure Homeopathic Mother Tincture for addressing skin disorders. and help restore skin vitality

Vashisht Berberis Aquafolia 1X Tablets Indication:
• Acne
• Blotches
• Pimples

Product Description – Vashisht Berberis Aquafolia 1X Tablets
Antipsoriatic and antimicrobial activities of berberis aquifolium help to relieve symptoms of psoriasis and acne. Useful in pimply dry, rough, scaly skins, acne, blackheads etc. Nourishes the skin, Clears the complexion and leaves the skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Berberis Aquifolium Skin benefits
• Heal the skin with Berberis Aquifolium, indicated for acne and dermatitis. It is the most important of the homeopathic remedies for skin conditions.
• Well indicated for acne, pimples, rough skin and psoriasis. Clears complexion gently by removing scars.
• Berberis Aquifolium takes top position homeopathy as a natural herb for clearing facial complexion, is a native herb of USA commonly known as mountain grape. It is used in all the cases where the skin is dark or has scars due to acne or any other conditions. Berberis is a useful herb for clearing acne, pimple, scar marks. It lightens blotches and brown spots
• Recommended and trusted by homeopaths

Vashisht Berberis Aquafolia 1X Tablets Composition:
• Each tablet contains Berb. Aquafolia 1x 200mg in lactose base

Key Benefits
• One of its kind remedy in India, 100% natural tablets manufactured as per HPI, GMP standards.
• Formulated by Doctor Vashisht, with over 25 years of history in manufacturing quality medicines from Hyderabad.

Berberis Aquafolia 1X Presentation: 100 Tablets

Berberis Aquafolia 1X Manufacturer: Vashisht Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals

Berberis Aquafolia 1X Storage: Store in cool and dry place

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