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Also known as Cereus grandiflora

It is found in hot and stony places of tropical America and also in gardens of India. An evergreen under-shrub with a creeper. The green branching stem is succulent and armed with cluster of 6 to 9 short radiating spines or bristles. Flower large, sweet scented, white and is about 30 cm in diameter, opening only once in evening and closing again before morning.

Properties: It contains glycoside, cacticin, narcissi, flavonoids and an alkaloids.
A homoeopathic tincture is made from the flowering stem. It is covered by Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India.
It acts on circular muscular fibres, hence constrictions. It is the heat and arteries specially that at once respond to the influence of Cactus, producing very characteristic constrictions as of an iron band. It is used in haemorrhage, constrictions, periodicity and spasmodic pains. It is also used in toxic goiter with cardiac symptoms.

Q. 1x (best made from flowers), to third attenuation. Higher in nervous palpitations.
Haemorrhage, constrictions, periodicity and spasmodic pains.

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    1. Cactus Grandiflorus or night blooming cereus is good for weakened & painful heart, atheromatous arteries (plaque) that lead to angina (because the heart muscle doesn’t get as much blood as it needs), fluttering & palpitation of heart from exertion…

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