Buy Schwabe Topi Cantharis Cream – Homeopathic Medicine for Burns

Schwabe Topi Cantharis Cream Homeopathic Medicine for Burns, Blisters

Schwabe Topi Cantharis Cream is indicated for first-degree burns, sun-burns and associated complaints like burning pain.

Dr.Willmar Schwabe Arzneimittel is the oldest and most venerated homeopathic brand from Germany and leading manufacturers of natural medicines in the world. Schwabe formulations are well received in India and admired by Homeopaths for their quality and efficacy.

Introduction: Cantharidin is the active substance of the dried bodies of a blister beetle (Lytta vesicatoria), which has been known since centuries under the name Spanish fly as aphrodisiac. It is being used medically for the topical treatment of warts and mollusca contagiosum. Topi Cantharis contains 10% of cantharis tincture in a suitable cream base.

External Manifestations And Coverage: First degree burns are confined to the upper epidermal layers and lead to painful erythema with subsequent swelling. Topi cantharis is effective for the external treatment of first-degree burns because it relieves the pain and irritation of the skin. The forming and growth of vesicles and reddening of the skin is reduced. Topi cantharis can be used for the treatment of sun-burns as well.

Ingredients: Schwabe Topi Cantharis Cream Contains: Cantharis 10 % w/w, Cream base q.s. it contains alcohol from the ingredients.

Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed, Schwabe Topi Cantharis Cream should be applied as follows The cream should be used 2 3 times daily by applying a thin layer to the affected areas. The cream should be used 2 3 times daily by applying a thin layer to the affected areas. The cream should not be applied over a large area of skin. Contact with mucous membranes, eyes and open wounds should be avoided.

Side effects: In rare cases, applying of the cream might cause allergic skin reactions. Patients with renal problems may complain of increased frequency of urination. Gastric irritation has been reported in a few cases after continuous use.

Contra-indications: Do not use this product on mucous membranes, on open wounds and around the eyes. It should not be applied to large open wound or surfaces because of the risk of absorption.

Interactions: No interactions between Topi Cantharis and other products are known.

Presentation: 25 g tubes

Manufacturer: Dr.Willmar Schwabe Arzneimittel

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