Schwabe B&T Arnica shampoo with Jaborandi, Salvia for Hair loss

Schwabe B & T Arnica shampoo - natural remedy for hair loss

Schwabe B&T Arnica shampoo comes with the goodness of arnica, jaborandi and salvia for hair growth, prevents haor fall and premature greying and exerts a tonic influence.

: Schwabe B&T Arnica shampoo is proven natural remedies for hair loss and other related hair problems. Almost everyone is affected by hair problems in their lifetime. Hair protects ears, nose and eyes from the small dust particles. The most common hair problems include hair loss, gray hair, dry hair etc. On an average a person has about 5 million hairs. It is estimated that a person loses about 100 hairs each day. The reasons for excess hair loss include severe stress, autoimmune diseases, fungal infections, surgeries, certain medications, hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems etc. The reasons for dry hair include using harsh shampoo, exposure to sun, dry air or wind, poor nutrition, excessive blow drying, certain medications etc. The problem of gray hair is much inevitable with the age factor.

About Schwabe B and T Arnica shampoo is homeopathic natural remedies for hair loss through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in shampoo). It has key ingredients like arnica, salvia and jaborandi that improves hair growth and prevents hair fall. It is also indicated for premature graying and acts as tonic for the scalp.

Hair care benefits of ingredients in Schwabe B & T Arnica shampoo
Arnica Montana – Arnica Montana Oil improves hair-health by providing nourishment, it nourishes your hair cells and helps in the growth of the hair, prevent the formation of split ends of the hair,
Jaborandi contains (alkaloid pilocarpine) that increases blood capillary circulation of scalp, restores hair and prevents hair fall. Stregthens hair roots and nourishes hair, it restores hair vitality by restoring luster and bounce
Salvia – Sage, scientifically known as Salvia officinalis is medically beneficial because it is rich in nutrients such as vitamins B, A and C and the minerals potassium and calcium. is excellent for making your hair thicker, shinier and stronger. Sage is particularly effective in encouraging new hair growth as it improves circulation to the scalp, providing more nutrition to the hair follicle. s It is excellent for soothing dry, itchy scalp and treats scalp conditions like dandruff.

Ingredients/Composition: Schwabe B & T Arnica shampoo, natural remedies for hair loss contains Arnica ,jaborandi and salvia

Dosage: Apply the B & T Arnica shampoo on the scalp, rub gently with finger tips to produce foam, let the foam remain for two minutes and then wash. When using this product avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

Size: 250ml, 150ml

Manufacturer: Dr.Willmar Schwabe india Pvt.Ltd

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