Buy Schwabe Daphne Indica 1X for Tobacco deaddiction, Quit Smoking

German anti smoking medicine, Schwabe Daphne Indica 1X for tobacco deaddiction, stop cigarette

Schwabe Daphne Indica 1X tablets are indicated for tobacco addiction and related symptoms. This german homeopathic remedy helps in smoking cessation by acting on nicotine dependence and also acts as a detoxifier to help overcome the bad effects of smoking.

Schwabe Daphne Indica 1X tablet is a German homeopathy remedy that will help you quit smoking by offering you a natural way to curb nicotine addiction and fix the emotional triggers that lead to craving. It works at the safest and deepest level to help you in smoking cessation.

Smoking cessation is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking with the aid of counseling, medications and life style changes. Tobacco smoke contains nicotine, is highly addictive and takes good effort to kick the habit. Nicotine withdrawal makes the process of quitting often very prolonged and difficult. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms usually reach their peak 2 to 3 days after you quit, and are gone within 1 to 3 months.(1) It takes at least 3 months for your brain chemistry to return to normal after you quit smoking.(2) The last two symptoms to go usually are irritability and low energy. Stopping smoking is associated with the following health benefits: Lowered risk for lung cancer and many other types of cancer. Reduced risk for heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease (narrowing of the blood vessels outside your heart). Reduced heart disease risk within 1 to 2 years of quitting

De-Addiction Withdrawal The after effects of quitting smoking are primarily the body withdrawal reaction from the non supply of nicotine. Smoking has harmful effects both mind and body. Every organ in body gets affected by smoking in one or the other form. The initial adverse symptoms include disturbed appetite that affects weight, headache and sleeping disturbances. Over a period of time symptoms like tension, anxiety, frustration, restlessness, lack of concentration, depression and irritability is suffered. It is estimated that half of all the cancers in men in India today are tobacco related. About 60 percent of the people suffering from the heart diseases are smokers who are below 40 years of age. India has highest rates of the oral cancer patients with around 90 percent of patients being tobacco chewers. Cigarettes have cancer causing toxins like tar etc in them. It also contains addictive substances like nicotine in combination with the mutagens that makes tobacco the most dangerous human poison.

Study: Tobacco which contains nicotine is a drug abuse that disrupts normal cognitive functions such as decision-making, learning, and memory processes in the brain. Memory loss may be a common side effect of drug abuse because interferes with the way the brain exchanges and processes memories. Researchers undertook brain scans (functional MRIs) and noticed the smokers who go back (compared to those who quit) had decreased activity in the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which controls executive functions, including working memory which is essential cognitive function necessary for staying focused, blocking distractions, and completing tasks.

About Schwabe Daphne Indica 1X tablets is a anti smoking medicine in homeopathy that has a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in tablets). It is indicated for tobacco de-addiction and the related symptoms. It acts on tissues, bones, muscles and skins. It also helps in elimination of offensive urine, sweat and difficulty in breathing.

Literature indicate its usefulness in craving for tobacco, especially in cases trying for cessation of smoking tobacco. Daphne indica acts on the tissues, muscles, bones and skin. It helps elimination of fetid breath, offensive urine and sweat. Withdrawal symptoms cover pains which are erratic and electric-like, sudden, lightning jerks in different parts of the body. A report submitted to the University of Johannesburg has found that a homeopathic anti-smoking complex containing Daphne indica with 30 participants is effective in the treatment of smoking cessation.

Ingredients: Schwabe Daphne Indica 1X tablets contains: Each tablet contains 250 gm of Daphne Indica 1X

Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed, 2 tablets of Daphne Indica 1X 2-3 times a day. Reduce the dose as symptoms improve. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist .

Side effects No side effects are known of Daphne Indica 1X tablets.
Contra-indications No contra-indications are known for the use of Daphne Indica 1X tablets.

Interactions No interactions between other products and Daphne Indica 1X tablets are known

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