Schwabe Crataegus Pentarkan Tablet for Senile Heart Problems

Schwabe Crataegus Pentarkan Tablet for low cardiac output, strengthening of heart muscles, cardiac tonic

Schwabe Crataegus Pentarkan tablet indicated for heart problems in old people, Improves the circulation and takes care of cardiac weakness, Indicated in chronic cardiac weakness with dyspnoea and exhaustion on least exertion, Tones up the heart and normalises its functions, Helps regulate the pulse, lowers the problem of cold extremities with oedema, Indicated in tachycardia due to slightest motion and in irregular palpitations especially after sudden stress. Do not self-medicate. Please consult your physician.

Introduction: Diseases of the cardiovascular system are the commonest cause of death. They are an increasingly common condition in elderly patients.
Cardiac weakness is the inability of the heart to maintain an output adequate to meet the metabolic demands of the body. Clinically, it is manifested as organ hypo perfusion and inadequate tissue oxygen delivery. Hypertension and coronary artery disease (caused by atherosclerosis) are the most frequent causes. Risk factors for the development of senile heart problems include cigarette smoking, alcohol, stress, physical inactivity, obesity, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes mellitus. Symptoms of low cardiac output include fatigue, exercise intolerance, and decreased peripheral perfusion. Chronic pulmonary and systemic venous congestion results in orthopnoea, dyspnoea on exertion, peripheral oedema and hepatic congestion.

Crataegus Pentarkan causes strengthening of the heart in different diseases and generally in old age. It improves circulation in the heart (coronary insufficiency) and cardiac weakness.

Indication: Senile heart problems ((cardiotonic action)

Action of the Individual Ingredients in Crataegus Pentarkan tablet:
Arnica montana affects the blood and vascular system. Symptoms occur after any trauma or overuse. It is indicated for cardiac dropsy with dyspnoea, angina pectoris, feeble and irregular pulse, cardiac asthma.
Crataegus oxyacantha acts on heart muscle as a heart tonic. It is indicated for chronic cardiac weakness. Extreme dyspnoea and exhaustion at the least exertion, angina pectoris, valvular murmurs, irregular pulse, cyanosis, cold extremities and oedema are covered.
Convallaria majalis is a heart remedy, which increases the heart’s action and renders it more regular. It is used when ventricles are over distended or dilated and venous stasis is marked. It is indicated for dyspnoea, dropsy, tobacco heart, orthopnoea, angina pectoris, palpitation and tachyarrhythmia.
Coffee cruda is indicated for palpitation, hypertension and suppression of urination. It acts on violent irregular palpitation, especially after sudden stress, intolerance of pain, restlessness and sleeplessness.
Prunus spinosa is indicated for tachycardia which is exacerbated with the slightest motion, dyspnoea, feeling oppression of the chest and angina pectoris. It has been used to treat problems of urination and shooting headache.

Ingredients: Schwabe Crataegus pentarkan Tablet Contains: Each tablet of 250 mg contains: Arnica montana 2x (25mg), Crataegus oxyacantha 1x (100mg), Convallaria majalis 1x (25mg), Coffea cruda 1x (25mg), Prunus spinosa 1x (25mg), Excipients Q.S to make 250mg

Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed Schwabe Crataegus Pentarkan Tablet should be taken as follows 1 tablet should be taken 3 times a day.

Presentation: Bottle of 30 ml.

Side effects: No side effects of Crataegus Pentarkan are known.

Contra-indications: This product is not indicated for children.

Interactions: No interactions between Crataegus Pentarkan and other products are known.

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