Schwabe Alpha Coff Syrup for Dry Spasmodic Cough, Acute Bronchitis

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Schwabe Alpha-Coff Syrup is indicated for acute and chronic bronchitis, dry cough stage, as well as expectoration stage of cold and influenza, irritative and spasmodic cough. Alpha coff provides effective anti tussive action and is a safe expectorant free of side effects. This popular German cough remedy is pleasant tasting and suitable for both adults and children

Introduction: A cough is a sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs as part of a defense mechanism to remove unwanted materials. It may occur as a result of a reflex action caused by irritation of any part of the respiratory mucous membranes. The cough may be dry, productive (loose) or spasmodic in nature.
A dry cough occurs when the mucous membranes of throat, larynx, or bronchi are affected by viral respiratory infections or irritation by tobacco smoke or pollution. In cases of bacterial complications, chronic diseases of the respiratory tract or after prolonged immobilisation, the cough may develop a productive character. The sputum is of different quantity, consistency, odour and color. In some patients, a cough may be entirely of nervous origin. The spasmodic cough is a typical symptom of croup, whooping cough and allergic asthma. The lungs are exposed to approximately 7000 litres of air per day with all its suspended particulate and microbial contents. Most of the large particles are removed by nasal filters, mucociliary mechanisms and antimicrobial action of the lung fluids (macrophages). In spite of this, a cough is a very common symptom associated with respiratory infections.

All ingredients of Alphe-Coff are proven homoeopathic remedies for different types of coughs. This combination makes the product effective in the treatment of dry, spasmodic and productive coughs.

Ingredients: Schwabe Alpha-Coff Syrup Contains: Rumex crispus 3x 1.0%, Justicia adhatoda 2.0%, Ipecacuanha 1x 1.0%, Spongia tosta 1x 1.0%, Sticta pulmonaria 3x 1.0%, Antimonium tartaricum 6x 0.5%, coccus cacti 3x 0.5%, Drosera rotundifolia 2.0%, Balsam tolu 3.0%, Senega 3.0%, Excipients Q.S. Alcohol content: 11% v/v.

Action of the individual ingredients in Alpha Coff
Rumex crispus is indicated for coughs caused by incessant tickling in the back of the throat. It acts on dry coughs aggravated by inspiring cold air, which cause stringy and tough expectoration. Rumex is known to diminish the secretion of mucous membranes.
Justicia adhatoda is a highly efficacious remedy for acute catarrhal conditions of the respiratory tract. Coryza with cough, hoarseness, paroxysmal cough with suffocating obstruction of respiration, dyspnoea, symptoms of asthma and whooping are also covered by this ingredient.
lpecacuanha reduces spasmodic irritation of the chest. It acts on dyspnoea, chest pain, incessant and violent cough, wing and attacks of spasmodic and suffocative cough with nausea.
Spongia tosta acts on respiratory organs. Hoarseness, dryness of larynx leading to dry barking cough, croup, short and difficult respiration are covered. The cough is relieved while drinking or eating.
Sticta pulmonaria is indicated for coryza, bronchial catarrh and influenza. Raw throat, dropping of mucus posteriorly, dry —hacking cough at night, and tracheitis are covered. In cases of loose cough it facilitates expectoration.
Antimonium tartaricum acts on hoarseness, burning sensations in the chest, rattling of mucus with little expectoration, short rapid and difficult respiration, bronchial tubes overloaded with mucus, and emphysema of the aged.
Coccus cacti is indicated for spasmodic and whooping cough, coryza, accumulation of thick viscid mucus which is difficult expectorate, tickling in the larynx, suffocative cough and chronic bronchitis.
Drosera rotundifolia is a known remedy for whooping cough. It relieves paroxysms which follow each other rapidly, acing and retching, dry irritative cough aggravated on talking, hoarseness and roughness in the throat.
Balsam tolu is used for chronic bronchitis with profuse thick expectoration. Loud rales in the chest and irritative cough are sieved.
Senega acts on catarrhal symptoms of the respiratory tract. Hoarseness leading to temporary loss of voice, backache on ▪ hacking cough, oppression in the chest, bronchitis, rattling, difficult raising of tough, profuse mucus and chronic emphysema are covered.

> Has a broad range of action on the respiratory system
> Helps clear mucous membranes of upper respiratory system
> Free of preservatives or any additives
> Soothes irritated throat gently & naturally

Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 1 2 teaspoon of Schwabe Alpha Coff Syrup every three hourly. Children should receive half the adult dose. In case, relief is not obtained consult a specialist.

Presentation: Bottle of 100ml (syrup base)

Side effects: No side effects of Alpha Coff are known.

Contra-indications: No contra-indications for the use of Alpha Coff are known.

Interactions: No interactions between Alpha Coff and other products are known.

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