Bakson Card Aid Drops - Homeopathy Heart medicine for Angina, Arrhythmia, Hypertrophy of heart, Cardiac dropsy, Coronary Heart Disease
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Baksons homeopathy products follow the vision of its founder Dr. S.P.S Bakshi who envisioned to further nurture the prospects of Homeopathic science in healing the sick holistically and safely. Baksons manufactures a range of high quality homeopathic medicines that includes Bakson proprietory products (also known as speciality products that are included in this list), Dr.Bakshi’s B-drops, Biochemic Combination & Tissue remedies, Trituration tablets, Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Compound tablets, Bakson Homeopathic kits, Bakson Veterinary products and Bakson Personal Care products (Sunny Herbal Herbal Products). Buy all these products at most competitive prices in India. Shopping online for Baksons products just got a whole easier and convenient at Homeomart – India’s No.1 online homeopathy medicine store. We offer a range of payment options, Free Shipping  and  Cash on delivery (COD) options across India.

All Bakson homeopathy products are USFDA approved in addition to GMP and ISO certifications to indicate that the products meet high standards of quality in manufacturing processes. Baksons homeopathy products are manufactured in its two units at Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh and Roorkee in Uttara Khand in north India. They are a household name in India and popular abroad too.

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Baksons Homeopathy Proprietary Product Range

Product Name Indications
Baksons AC#4 Tablets For Dandruff free hair, contains Calc Fluor, Kalium Sulph 3x, Rhus Tox 3x etc. Paediatric pack for children
Baksons AC#7 Tablets For mild Constipation, hard stools, straining, colic, flatulence, piles with burning rectum. Safe Laxative. Contains Senna, Lycopodium, Hydrastis can, Nux vomica, Silicea 3x
Baksons AC#9 Tablets Combats hair fall, contains Jaborandi, lycopodium and Arnica montana 6x, Natrum Mur, Cantharis 6x to stop hair loss. Pediatric pack available
Baksons Acne aid cream For pimples, scars & clear complexion. Hypoallergic and anti-comedogenic action, controls excessive sebum accumulation, provides flawless skin. Available in Tablets
Baksons Acne aid tablets For pimples, scars & clear complexion. Contains Berveris Aquifolium, Thuja Occ, Cantharis. 50 Tablets (5*10 strips)One tablet thrice a day
Baksons Alfalfa tonic For wholesome nutrition, growth promoter, supplement during pregnancy and lactation, perfect tonic for liver and kidneys, stress buster, corrects anemia, promotes healthy ageing. Sugar free version available for diabetics. 115ML/200ML/450ML
Baksons Alfavena malt A nourishing and invigorating tonic that improves physical and mental strength, fights nervous exhaustion, fatigue, aids calcium absorption, boosts immunity. Phosphates tones up liver and brain. 250 Gms & 450 Gms Pack.
Baksons Alfavena homoeo drink Health drink, contains alfalfa that tones up appetite and digestion, Brahmi which is a nervine tonic, Natrum Mur for nutritional imbalances. 750 ML
Baksons Aller aid tablets for Allergic Rhinitis & Sinusitis. Symptoms like running nose, sneezing, watery eyes, sinusitis, body ache etc due to allergies. Contains Ferrum phos 3x, Natrum Mur 6x, Kalium sulph 3x, Eupatorium Perf 3x.  50 Tabs, 75 Tabs, 200 Tabs. Pediatric pack
Baksons Astha aid Syrup and tablets – 3 fold action For wheezing, cough & breathlessness of Asthma & Bronchitis. Dilates bronchi and aids expectoration. Helps you breathe easy.  Tablets contains Blatta Orien 2x, Justicia ad, Ipec, Mag Phos etc. Syrup contains Senega, Lobelia, Grindelia. 50 Tabs/75 Tabs/200 Tabs.  115ML, 200ML
Baksons Bakunil syrup For Renal problems like painful and burning urination, urine deposits, formation of solid crystals (kidney stones), cloudy urine, renal colic, blood in urine. Contains Berberis Vul, Cantharis, Acidum Oxalic, Sarsaparilla etc. 115ML, 200ML
Baksons Bee Pee Aid drops Regulates High Blood Pressure, checks venous stasis, hemorrhage, corrects arteriosclerosis, maintains healthy blood circulation. Contains Rauwolfia Serp 2x, Viscum alb 3x, Crataegus Oxy 2x, Valeriana off3x. 30 ML, 100ML
Baksons Calci Aid Tablets (paediatric pack), clinically proven For Stronger Bones, aids dentition problems, maintains calcium balance in body. Contains Calcarea carbonica 3x, Calcarea fluor 3x, Calcarea phos 3x, Silicea.3x. 50 Tabs, 75 Tabs, 250 tabs
Baksons Card aid drops for Heart ailments Efficacious for angina, arrhythmia, hypertrophy, cardiac dropsy, coronary artery disease. Contains Cactus grandiflora, Crataegus oxy, Strophanthus hispidus, Valeriana off etc. 30ML, 100ML
Baksons Euphrasia Eye Drops for conjunctivitis especially congestion of eyes, excessive watering, irritation, photo phobia, discomfort of eyes. Contains Euphrasia officinalis. 10ML
Baksons Cineraria martitima Eye Drops for cataract especially blurring of vision, eye affections, corneal opacity. Contains Cineraria maritima. 10ML
Bakson Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops for eye infections, opacity of eye lens (cataract), blurring of vision. Contains Cineraria maritima, Euphrasia off, Kalium mur 10x, Calcarea fluorica 10x, Silicea 10x, Magnesium carb 10x, Calendula off. 10ML
Baksons Diab AID drops – clinically proven safe anti diabetic Maintains Blood Sugar level. Safe anti-diabetic for high blood sugar, increased thirst, frequent urination etc. Contains Cephalandra ind, Gymnema syl, Syzygium jamb, Crataegus Oxy. 30ML, 100ML
Baksons Dige aid relieves digestive disorders For food intolerance, water brash, nausea, Gastric ulcers, Heartburn, Acidity, Flatulence, abdominal cramps. Strengthens digestion. Contains Piper nig 2x, Nux vom 3x, Tymus serp 5x, Hydrastic can, coriandrum sat, Carbo Veg. 115ML, 200ML
Baksons FEM AID -Health tonic for women Tones up female reproductive system, relieves gynecological disorders, regulates menstrual cycles. Effective in Leucorrhoea, dsymenorrhoea. Contains pinus lamb, Pulsatilla nig, Caulophyllum, Gossypium h.  Not to be taken during pregnancy. 115ML, 200ML, 450 ML pack
Baksons FERRUM PLUS syrup – Iron Tonic corrects anemia, improves appetite, aids absorption of Iron from food, normalizes hemoglobin. Contains Ferrum lacticum, Ammonium acet, Kalium phos, Acidum citricum. 115ML, 200ML, 450ML
Bakson Fevo Aid Syrup Relieves Fever, effective anti-pyretic medicine. Contains Acetanilide 3x, Ferrum phos, Bryonia alba, Rhus tox, Andrograph, Vitex neg. 115ML, 200ML, 450ML
Baksons FLU AID Tablet for low to high grade fever For Coryza, cough, fever, runny nose, sneezing, headache, body pain, weakness. Contains Arsenicum alb 3x, Gelsemium sem 3x, Eupatorium perf, Bellis perennis3x, Bryonia alb. 75 Tablets
Baksons GASTRO AID Syrup  For indigestion, relieves dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation. Contains Natrum phos 2x, Robinia pseudo 2x, Capsicum ann 2x, Acisum sulp. 115ML, 200ML, 450ML
Baksons GASTRO AID Tablets For indigestion, nausea, vomiting. Contains Phosphorus 5x, Natrum phos 2x, Robinia pseudo 2x, Capsicum ann 2x. 50 Tabs, 75 tabs, 200 Tabs
Baksons GO TOX drops – detoxifier for Tobacco/alcohol DE-addiction. Helps you quit smoking and alcohol by reducing craving and mental dependence. Reduces toxic effects. Contains Strychhnium nitricum 6x, Avena sativa, Quercus gland. spiritus, Caladium 3x, Daphne indica 2x, Kalmegh. 30ML
Baksons GRIPE AID mixture – Eases digestion Treats infant colic, teething pain, reflux, gastrointestinal discomfort in babies. Contains chamomilla vul 3x, Magnesium phos 3x.  110ML
Baksons GRO UP Drops (Growth promoter medicine) Helps child to grow at healthy pace. Relieves colic, Diarrhoea, dentition disorders, worms, weak memory, food negativism and iron deficiency.  Contains Calcarea Phos 6x, Ferrum phos 3x, Kali Phos 4x, Chamomilla, Cataria nepeta, Cypripedium3x, chelone gl. 3x,  30ML
Baksons HAIR AID Drops (Internal & External medicine pack) – Perfect Hair tonic Internal medication checks dandruff, premature greying of hair and split ends. External application conditions the scalp, nourishes hair roots.  External medicine contains cinchona off, arnica mont, Jaborandi, cantharis. Internal medicine contains Acidum phos 6x, Lycopodium 3x, Jaborandi 2x, Natrum mur 3x. 30ML each
Baksons Slim & Fit soft Gelatin capsules for weight management This homeopathic nutritional supplement comes with the goodness of Garcinia cambogia, caralluma fimbriata, Green tea extract to help you maintain body weight and metabolism for a healthy body
Baksons HITE AID Tablets (Height promoter medicine) Aids proper growth (height increase) in children. Contains Baryta carbonica 4x, Silicea 3x, Calcarea phos 3x. 75 Tablets
Baksons Homeopathic FORMULA ‘D’ Tablets for skin ailments For Eczema, Urticaria, Dandruff & Psoriasis. An anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-pruritic medicine. Contains Calcarea fluorica 6x, Calcarea sulph 6x, Kalium sulph 3x, Natrum Sulp 3x, Arsenicum alb 3x. 50/75/200 Tablets
Baksons Homeopathic FORMULA ‘P’ for prostate problems For painful or frequent urination, Aids normal functioning of prostate gland. Contains chimaphila umb 3x, clematis erecta 3x, conium mac 5x, Ferrum picricum 6x, Pareira brava 2x, populus tremuloides 3x. 50/75/200 Tablets
Bakson Kof Aid Syrup and Tablets – Cough reliever  An effective formula for throat irritation, congestion. For dry, spasmodic, allergic, congestive cough of bronchitis & asthma. For associated symptoms of headache, rhinitis, fever. Tablet contains Bryonia alba 3x, Ipecacuanha 3x, Antimonium tart 6x, Phosphorus 6x. Syrup contains Drosera rot, Justicia Adh, 50/75/200 Tablets, 115ML, 200ML, 450ML
Bakson Kof Aid Plus Syrup – For dry, productive, allergic and wheezing cough Effective cough reliever. Does not cause drowsiness.  Sugar free available. Safe for children Contains pulsatilla 5, Rumex crispus 6, Justicia adh 3, Ipec 3, Spongia tosta 3, Sticta pulm, Coccus cacti, Balsum tolu. 115ML, 200ML, 450ML
Baksons LIV AID syrup – Complete Liver tonic. Sugar free available For sluggish liver, relieves symptoms of dyspepsia, loss of appetite, abdominal pain. Liver malfunction, Hepatitis, Hypertrophy of Liver and Jaundice.  Contains Kalmegh, Carica pap 2x, Myrica ceri, chelidonium maj, chionanthus vir. 115/200/450ML
Baksons MENSO AID syrup for irregular periods For complaints of menstrual cycles, abdominal cramps, mild vaginal infections, backache. Contains Abroma augista, abroma radix, aletris farinosa, Terminalia arjuna, Berberis Vul, Caulophyllum T,  Janosia Ashoka. 115/200/450ML
Baksons MIG AID tablets for all types of headache For Headache due to eye strain, heat of sun or light, Migraine, periodical headache of school children, premenstrual headaches, climacteric headaches. Contains Cimicifuga rac 4x, Gelesimium semp 3x, Iris Versic 2x, Sanguineria can 3x, Spigegelia mar 4x, Natrum mur 3x. 50/75/200 Tablets
Bakson Mullein Oil ear drops Good bactericide, Otalgia, sense of ear blockage, dry scaly condition of meatus, purulent discharge from ears, Otitis externa, Otitis media, hardness of hearing due to ear wax accumulation, old age. Contains Verbascum thapsus, Acidum boraccicum, Glycerine. 15ML.
Baksons NASAL AID spray – breathe free Helps relieve nose blockage, nasal discharge, sneezing, itching of nose, loss of smell. Helps clear nasal congestion.. Contains Arsenicum alb 12x, Kalium bichromicum 12x, pulsatilla nig 12x. 10ML
Baksons PELVI AID tablets for pelvic infection in women, leucorrhoea (bland or acrid) For Leucorrhoea (white vaginal discharge), menstrual irregularities, vaginal itching, pelvic pain.. Contains alumina 3x, borax 3x, kreosotum 6x, pulsatilla nig 6x. 75 Tablets
Baksons PENTAPHOS Tablets (Five Phos) Tones up nerves, blood vessels, Bones. debility due to old age, child birth, lactation, illness. Impaired memory. Contains Calcarea Phos 6x, Ferrum phos 6x, Kalium phos 6x, Natrum Phos 6x, Magnesium Phos 6x. 25Gms/450 Gms
Baksons PENTAPHOS Liquid for wholesome body strength, skeletal disorders. Health promoter (contents -refer above). 115/200/450ML
Baksons PERIO AID mouth wash – For mouth ulcers. Promotes oral hygiene, soothes canker sores, reduces plaque, Gingivitis, tooth decay. Contains Calendula off Q, Echinacea angu Q, Hydrastis can Q. 100ML
Baksons PHYTOLACCA BERRY Tablets for Obesity, maintain body weight Reduces and maintains Body weight naturally, has effect on fibrous and osseous tissues, muscle sheaths, favorably influences digestion. Contains Phytolacca berry Q. 50/75/200 Tablets pack.
Baksons PILGO tablets – Relieves Piles and Anal Fissures  Special compound tablet acts on lower bowels, eases engorged hemorrhoid veins, Blind piles, Bleeding, worm infestation. Contains Ratanhia 3x, Hamamelis vir 3x, Aesculus Hipp 3x, Aloe socco 3x. 50/75/200 Tablets
Baksons Prostate Aid drops for normal functioning of prostate gland For healthy prostate. Curtails need for surgery, for painful/frequent urination. Contains Sabal Serr 2x, Chimaphila umb 3x, Clematis erecta 3x, Conium mac 3, Pareira brava 3x. Size: 30 ML
Baksons Rheum Aid syrup maintains mobility for joint pain, stiffness and swelling. Fast acting without side effects, tones up muscloskeletal system. Helps you stay mobile and active. Pediatric pack available. Contains Acidum form 3x, caolchicum a5x, Phus Tox 3x, Natrum sali 3x, Ledum pal 3x, Dulcamara 3x. 115/200/450 ML
Baksons RHEUM AID Oil & Gel For pain in joints, muscle, Soft tissues, sprains, stiff neck and back, sciatica. Fast acting non greasy oil, easily absorbed into skin. For best results take Rheumaid Tabs
Baksons SEPT AID spray – Local Antiseptic Spray  for wound care, prevent/control infection in minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites, burns, eruptions with pus, shallow ulcers on skin. Contains Calendula Off, Echinacea ang, Kreosotum. 100ML
Baksons SINUS AID Tablets – Relieves Sinusitis effective for blocked nose, sneezing, boosts immunity. Contains Arsenicum album 12x, Calcarea carbonica 30x, Hydrastis canadensis 12x, Kali bichromicum 12x, Pulsatilla nig 12x. 75Tablets
Baksons SPONDY AID drops For Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis. Relieves pain, stiffness, soreness in muscle of back rising from degenerative changes in the spine. Contains Acidum formicum 3x, Colchicum ant 5x, Rhus Tox 3x, Ledum pal 3x, Dulcamara 3x, Gelsemium semp. 30ML
Baksons SUPER TONIC for sexual disorders – Male restorative tonic. Health tonic for men. Rectifies sexual disorders like premature or delayed ejaculation, sexual neurasthenia, lost vigor and vitality. Contains Damiana, Acidum Phos 3x, Avena sativa 2x, Yohimbinum, Agnus castus 2x, Lycopodium 4x, Cinchona Off 2x, Viburnum op 3x. 115/200/450ML
Baksons TENSE AID tablets for stress free life Relieves mental & physical debility, stress, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, headache, weakness of memory. Contains Abrus precatorius 3x, Ignatia 3x, Atropa belladonna 3x, Calendula off 3x, Chelidonium majus 3x, Kali Phos 3x, Viburnum opulus 3x, Zincum picricum 3x. 75 Tabs & 200 Tablets
Baksons THROAT AID tablets for quick relief from sore throat Effectively treats hoarseness & loss of voice, laryngitis, Pharyngitis, Tonsillitis. Tendency to catch cough & cold. Paediatric pack. Contains Mercurius iod, ruber (merc biniodatus)3x, Belladonna 3x, Kali muriaticum 3x, Baryta carbonica 3x, Ferrum phos 3x, Senega 3x, Ammonium mur 3x. 50/75/200/250 Tablets pack
Baksons TONE AID PLUS – Homeopathic revitalizer body builder and revitalizing  general tonic for relieving fatigue, mental, physical debility, disturbed sleep, improves appetite, during recovery from illness. Contains Avena sativa, Gentiana lutea, Guarana 4CH, Acidum phosphoricum 2x, Aurum muriaticum 3CH, Helonias dioica 4CH. 100ML
Baksons TONSIL AID tablets fights throat infection for acute/chronic Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sore throat. Pediatric pack for children. Contains mercurus bin. iod3x, Kali mur 4x, belladonna 3x, Baryta carbonica 3x, ferrum phos 3x. 50/75/200 Tablets
Baksons WART AID Tablets for warts, corns,skin tumors Clinically proven wart remover, also treats corns and epithelial tumors. Pediatric pack available. Wart Aid contains Causticum 3x, Thuja Occ 3x. 75/250 Tablets
Baksons WORM-C – deworming agent Freedom from worms, anthelmintic formulation for abdominal pain, itching of anus, nose. relieves diarrhea, constipation. No side effects. Worm C contains cuprum oxydatum nigrum 3x, Santoninum 3x, chelone glabra 3x, Filix mas 3x. 50/75 Tab
Baksons Y-LAX Tablets for Constipation, keeps bowel tuned. corrects constipation, dry difficult stools of children during teething, constipation of aged associated with liver disorders, piles, fissures. Contains phenolphthalein 1x, Senna 1x, Sulphur 1x. 75/150/350 Tablets
Bakson Calendula Ointment for eczema, psoriasis, heat rashes, ulcers, and dry patches. 25 Gms Tube
Bakson Hamamelis Ointment for bleeding Piles, painful wounds, Traumatic inflammation, Chilblains and cracked heels. 25 Gms Tube
Bakson Thuja Ointment for Warts and Corns. 25 Gms Tube
Bakson Cantharis Ointment for burns & scalds. 25 Gms Tube
Bakson Belladonna Ointment for boils, abscesses and carbuncles.
Bakson S-Cure cream – Get fresh, radiant look S Cure for dry, scaly, itchy skin, acne especially with scars, pustular eruptions, pigmentation disorders, sun burn, scarring and boils.  Contains Echinacea angustifolia, Bellis perennis, hamamelis virginica, calendula officinalis, Berberis Vul. 30 Gms
Bakson Baksoint 9 Cream for hypo-pigmentation. 25 Gms Tube
Bakson Baksoint 10 Cream for crack free skin. 25 Gms Tube
Aesculus Ointment for itching and bleeding at anal opening. 25 Gms Tube
Arnica Ointment for traumatic injuries, sprain etc. 25 Gms Tube
Echinacea Oinment for antiseptic for cuts and burns. 25 Gms Tube
Graphites Ointment for cracks and hardened skin. 25 Gms Tube
Rhus tox Ointment for muscular pain and trauma. 25 Gms Tube
Sulphur Ointment for antiseptic dry and itching skin. 25 Gms Tube
Hypericum Ointment for traumatic neuralgia. 25 Gms Tube
Urtica Urens Ointment for burning and stinging skin condition. 25 Gms Tube
Apis Mellifica Ointment for urticaria (hives), bites and stings. 25 Gms Tube
Ruta Ointment for painful musculoskeletal conditions. 25 Gms Tube
Chrysarobinum Ointment for common skin ailments. 25 Gms Tube
Rheum Aid Gel for non greasy pain relieving gel. 50 Gms


Baksons Dr.Bakshi’s Homeopathy B-drops List:

Dr. Bakshi B drop series of liquid preparations are indicated for healing several diseases while alleviating or mitigating the symptoms of others. This liquid form of medicine absorbs better and acts faster than globule medicine.

Go to the Complete list of Bakshi’s B-drops (#B1 to B71) medicine list here.

Baksons Homeopathy Sunny Herbals Skin Care & Hair Care Product range

Sunny Aloevera Calendula cream

Suuny Aloevera Calendula Soap

All purpose cream cream for healthy, nourished and beautiful skin. Contains aloevera that prevents scars, sunburn and wrinkles (ageing) and calendula which is a natural antiseptic

Bakson Sunny Aloevera+Calendula bathing bar keeps your skin soft and supple all day long and protects from sunburn with the goodness of Aloevera, Calendula and Vitamin E

Sunny Boro Arnica all purpose Cream Specially formulated for cuts, dry skin and after shave dryness. Cold sores, chapped hand and feet. Nappy rash and itching of skin.
Sunny Herbals Body oil nurtures skin with essential oils and extracts of aloevera, arnica and hypericum. A skin quenching massage oil with goodness of sesame, olive, almond, rosemary and lavender. Increases blood flow, provides relief.
Sunny Boro calendula talcum powder enriched with goodness of calendula and neem for healthy skin. Provides an exotic fragrance for all day freshness, combats body odor, checks perspiration.
Sunny Herbals B Shape Cream for breasts An effective formulation with the goodness of natural herbs that  firms and uplifts breasts after pregnancy, nursing or ageing affected them.  Helps you regain fuller, firmer breasts the natural way without side effects or surgery
Sunny Herbals Cocoa Butter cream A rich and advanced skin moisturizer with essentials of aloe vera and calendula, softens dry skin, reduces pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, blends stretch marks. Shea butter leaves skin silky soft, renewed.
Sunny Herbals Cream bleach Unmatched formulation with goodness of herbal  ingredients  tones and hydrates your skin. Contains aloevera, lemon and cucumber, it whitens and brightens skin unleashing a radiant and glowing complexion.
Sunny Herbals Apple pack for a healthy charm Enriched with the goodness of Aloevera, Almond, Green apple (Vit A, B, C) this this face pack removes dirt and harmful toxins and rejuvenates the skin, imparting a smooth and healthy glow.
Sunny Herbals Mud Pack for a radiant skin Special blend of aloevera, Neem, Tulsi & Lemon  increases the oxygen availability to the skin and reduces ageing lines, keeping it smooth and radiant. Use atleast once a week.
Sunny Herbals Papaya pack for clear young skin Contains Papaya (great skin firming & toning agent) and goodness of aloevera and jojoba papaya. It nourishes the skin, cleanses it, tightens the pores and improves complexion by removing blemishes and pigmentation marks.
Sunny Herbals Face Scrub Face scrub for young and healthy looking skin, enriched with aloevera it exfoliates the dead skin helping cell renewal. Cucumber and papaya tone up the skin by removing dirt from skin pores. It is a mini facial.
Sunny Herbals Apricot scrub Get the fresh and radiant look with its remarkable exfoliating properties, this formula deep cleanses to unclog pores and eliminates impurities, removes dead skin cells and hydrates skin giving it a fresh, radiant look.
Sunny Herbals Face Wash gel natural cleanser with the goodness of aloevera, calendula, Neem & Tulsi protects the skin, removes extra oil and provides essential moisture. Leaves skin fresh, soft and bright with healthy glow. No SLS and Parabens free.
Sunny Herbals Fairness cream Get the fair glowing look with unique blend of herbal ingredients and milk proteins. Contains Aloevera, Chamomilla & Witch Hazel that evens skins tone, prevents sun tanning and provides fairer look. Enriched with Vit B3 & E
Sunny Herbals lip balm for smooth and glossy lips, enriched with almond oil & Vit E, Lip balm deeply moisturizes and nourishes lips. Herbal ingredients like aloevera, calendula  help in hydrating lips by checking dryness, cracking and chapping.
Sunny Herbals Shaving cream Shaving cream formulation with rich lather for a close and smooth shave. Moisturizing properties of Aloevera keeps skin soft & supple, lemon acts as astringent, neem relives dry skin, soothes redness and irritation. Dermatologically tested and safe for all skin types
Sunny Herbals Akne Aid soap enriched with tea tree oil & echinacea, Akne aid soap reduces inflammation and infection of skin. Witch hazel removes excess oil and sebum, Aloevera moisturizes and revitalizes skin
Sunny Herbals Derm Aid Soap one of the most popular skin care soap in the market, comes loaded with the goodness of Berberis aq., Thuja, Aloevera & Calendula making your skin healthy, radiant, free from rashes, acne or infections. Counters dry chapped skin keeping it soft and supple
Aloevera and calendula soap Aloevera and calendula soap keeps your skin soft and supple all day long and products from sunburns with the goodness of aloevera, calendula and vitamin e.
Sunny Herbals Sandal Soap Sandal (chandan in Hindi) has wonderful medicinal properties that includes anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic and disinfectant properties. Bakson sandal soap treats skin rashes, acne, black heads,pores etc. It also clears the complexion and has anti-ageing and anti-tanning properties
Sunny Herbals Rose Soap Luxuriously enriched with roses, its creamy lather nurtures your body well  Rose has rich amounts of Vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant to protect skin cells from weather damage. Delight your tired skin with lasting fragrance and revitalize it .
Sunny Herbals Turmeric Soap Turmeric soap with its antioxidant and antiseptic activities nourishes and protects skin, improves complexion promoting a healthy, glowing skin. Aloevera and glycerine with added benefits make skin soft and supple
Sunny Herbals Neem Tulsi Soap Known for its antimicrobial action Neem, Tulsi along with Aloevera, and calendula cleanses skin and keeps it healthy thus preventing acne and skin infections. Safe for rash prone skin.
Sunny Herbals Sun Care cream Sun care cream with SPF 30 protects the skin from Sun, is enriched with turmeric for photo protective action and sandalwood with antiseptic properties. Dermatologically tested, safe for all skin types
Sunny Herbals under Eye Cream minimizes dark circles and fine lines around the eyes, loaded with the goodness of essential oils of aloevera, arnica & cucumber extracts. Reduces puffiness, revitalizes skin around the eyes making it look brighter, smoother
Anti wrinkle cream Anti wrinkle cream for a youthful look is a perfect blend of vitamin D & S, essential oils and herbal extracts that helps prevent degeneration, maintains elasticity and hydrates skin from deep within keeping it firm, supple and wrinkle free for a youthful look.
Bakson apricot scrub Apricot Scrub with aloevera, neem and cucumber, this formula deep cleanses to unclog pores and eliminates impurities.
Sunny Herbals deep cleansing milk lotion a gentle cleansing milk that penetrates deep to remove dirt, grime and make-up, soothes and calms sensitive skin; controls acne, stimulates circulation and new skin cell formulation
Moisturizing Lotion With Aloevera and Calendula a natural skin care formulation enriched with the extracts of known herbs and the added goodness of aloe vera makes the skin velvety and radiantly soft. Its anti aging properties fights skin pigmentation, wrinkles and anti tanning activity protects against Sun tan. Soothes skin
Moisturizing Lotion With Aloevera and Rose a deeply nourishing lotion enriched with the extracts of rose and aloevera to promote a youthful look with good tone, elasticity and an even colored complexion. Its astringent & antiseptic properties help curb acne.
Bakson Arnica Hair Oil with Jaborandi Arnica Hair Oil with Jaborandi promotes healthy growth of hair and nourishes them by toning up circulation of scalp. Non greasy non sticky hair oil enriched with extracts of Jaborandi, Arnica, Calendula, China & Cantharis helps improve circulation of scalp, strengthen hair roots, prevents premature greying. Comes in 100ml, 200ml presentation.
Baksons Arnica Montana Hair Oil with JAC Arnica Montana Hair Oil with jaborandi, arnica and calendula is a non greasy non sticky hair oil, promotes healthy growth of hair & nourishes them by toning the scalp, checks dandruff, strengthens hair roots. 100/200ML
Sunny Herbal Hair color Black Herbal Hair color (Black) with Henna for natural coloring and conditioning of hair. Amla & Shikakai make hair smooth, silky and shiny, Bhringraj conditions hair and prevent dryness. Arnica and jaborandi control premature greying, hair fall. Can be used on all hair types. Available in Burgundy, Light/Dark Brown
Sunny Herbals Henna Gold  a natural color and conditioner with the goodness of Amla, Bhrigaraj, Brahmi, Kattha, Shikakai, Nagarmotha along with Arnica. Neem & fenugreek helps reduce hairfall and control dandruff. Calendula & Arnica repair damaged hair
Sunny Herbals Hair removal cream enriched with aloevera & calendula for pain free, gentle removal of unwanted hair in few minutes leaving a moisturized, baby soft beautiful skin.
Sunny Henna Powder Henna powder with arnica is a unique natural formula with extra conditioner to color and condition grey dry, unmanageable hair.
Sunny Henna shampoo with Aloevera A perfect shampoo that controls excessive secretion of scalp oils, conditions luxuriously, imparts sheen to lack luster hair and keeps them tangle free.
Sunny Shikakai shampoo with aloevera An ideal shampoo that nourishes dull, life less hair. Promotes healthy growth of hair and leaves them clean, replenished, resilient, soft and silky.
Sunny Almond shampoo with aloevera An excellent formula that keeps the scalp healthy, helps smoothen hair cuticles and nourishes hair making them long, strong and thick thus preventing hair fall.
Sunny Arnica Hair Conditioner A unique formulation that keeps your hair tangle free, manageable and lustrous. Moisturizes, conditions and protects hair from everyday damage
Sunny Herbal Arnica Shampoo A pH balanced shampoo that controls hair loss, dandruff and re establishes moisture and shine.
Sunny Anti lice Shampoo with neem Herbal anti lice shampoo. A clinically tested shampoo, makes lice eggs easy to comb out, relieves itching from lice bites, prevents reinfestation. No chemical smell, leaves hair soft, shiny with pleasant smell.
Hand cleansing gel for hand sanitization a convenient and effective hand sanitizing for everyday use. Applying decreases bacteria on hands that could cause disease without causing dryness of skin. Contains Calendula & Echinecea (anti inflammatory, anti bacterial), Jojoba Oil & Aloe vera (for all day moisturization)
Sunny Herbals Bath and shower Gel Bath Gel is a rich, advanced liquid soap and cleanser with essentials of aloevera & calendula used to clean the body while showering. Aloevera keeps skin soft and supple while calendula’s natural restorative anti inflammatory properties soothes rashes, infuse skin with youthful glow by removing dryness
Sunny Herbals Anti Aging lotion a unique formula providing six fold anti aging action (anti oxidant action, skin toning & firming, Moisturizes, Prevents skin cell damage, sun protection, provides smooth glowing skin) with hydrative and regenerative properties with the goodness of Pomegranate, Aloevera, Calendula and Papaya.
Sunny Herbals Honey & Almond lotion for nourished radiance infused with exclusive natural ingredients, contains more of what skin loves, leaving it feeling incredibly soft, supple and nourished.

BAKSON Baksodent Gel for healthy teeth & GumsBakson BAKSODENT TOOTHPASTE (snauf)

Baksons Oral Care products

Baksodent Gel for healthy teeth and gums with anti- bacterial action. Contains Calcium Carbonate (for tartar, plaque), Plantago (for tooth ache, gum swelling), Calendula (for bleeding gums), Eucalyptus (for dental caries, Gingivitis)
Baksodent Toothpaste (Saunf Flavour) anti- bacterial action tooth paste for healthy teeth and gums. Contains Hamamelis (for bleeding gums), Sodium fluoride (for plaques, tartar), Calendula (for bleeding gums), Eucalyptus (for dental caries, Gingivitis)


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