Buy Baksons Sept Aid, Local antiseptic spray with calendula

Bakson Sept aid spray-antiseptic , natural band aid, for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, insects bites, eruptions with pus & shallow ulcers on skin

Bakson Sept Aid Spray is a Homeopathic local antiseptic spray that helps heal and prevent or control infections in minor cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites etc. Natural Band aid with the goodness of Calendula off., Echinacea ang., and Kreosotum

Why antiseptic first aid for skin wounds?

The skin is the largest organ of the body . Serving as a protective barrier between the internal workings of the and the environment. when that barrier is breached by superficial injuries & various skin eruptions , it leaves open an opportunity for bacteria and other potentially harmful microscope things to enter the bodily system . Infection is another major risk of leaving even superficial wounds untreated.
The main rationale for using antiseptics on open wounds is cleansing, prevention and treatment of infection thus promoting healing. Some chemical based antiseptic washes available may cause irritation & allergies to the sensitive skin and create an added problem to already paining wound

Why doctors don’t recommend common disinfectants for open wounds?

People commonly suggest using disinfectants and antiseptics like hydrogen peroxide, iodine or rubbing alcohol to clean open wounds. Most of these chemicals are better suited for disinfecting household surfaces and are strong/ harsh for use on human tissue. They could likely cause damage tissue

What doctors & deratologists recommend is a non-toxic, non-irritating, no-rinse, first-aid antiseptic product like Bakson Sept Aid spray for wound care. Using such a product helps reduce the risk of infection in small superficial wounds, and helps remove exudate and foreign matter. The spray bottles allow the caregiver to dislodge wound debris or irrigate thewound

Why Bakson sept aid for antispetic first aid for wounds?
Bakson sept aid local anti septic spray is an effective formulation enriched with homeopathic medicines, which are well known & proven for their antiseptic properties . It can be used safely for gentle antiseptic wound cleansing and disinfecting without adverse effects

Bakson Sept aid spray has a pump-action spray that helps remove dirt and grime from cuts and wounds and promotes healthy granulation with rapid healing through antiseptic as well as anti inflammatory action of its natural ingredients especially Calendula and Echinacea.

Indications: Bakson Sept aid spray is highly effective for healing minor cuts and scrapes, burns and insect stings, superficial eruptions with pus formation and Shallow ulcers on skin. It acts as a local antiseptic wash which helps heal & prevent/control infection

Ingredients: Bakson Sept Aid Spray contains homeopathic ingredients like Calendula off. (Ext.), Echinacea ang. (Ext.) and Kreosotum (Ext.)

Action of individual ingredients in Bakson Sept aid spray that facilitates quicker wound healing

  • CALENDULA OFF: Homeopathic anti septic & haemostatic. It restores the vitality of the injured part, making it impregnable against the forces of purification it is suitable for all cases of injuries where the skin is broken . It helps keep wound odorless, reduce the amount of pus & favors granulation in very best possible manner & thus assist in healing surface wounds
  • ECHINACEA ANG: It is valuable as local cleansing & superficial septic injuries bites of poisonous insects & animals, pustules & carbuncles. It’s known as anti septic, anti fermentative and anti zymotic
  • KEROSTUM: It helps heal minor ulcers, pustules, eczematous eruptions & injuries that bleed easily when accompanied with discharges which are profuse excoriating, acrid, hot & offensive.
    Directions – Hold the container approximately 2-3 inches away from the affected area and use Bakson Sept Aid spray lightly to irrigate. May be repeated 2-3 times daily, if necessary, until the area is healed.

    for external use only

    storage: protect from heat, moisture & direct sunlight. keep away from reach of children
    replace the capimmideately after use

    homeopathic medicine

    Size – 100ML

    Rate – Rs.70 (10% OFF!!)

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