BJain Omeo Calendula Spray for Injuries, Wounds. Homeo Antiseptic

BJain Omeo Calendula Spray for Wounds, Injuries, Homeopathic antiseptic

Bjain Omeo Calendula Spray is indicated for abrasions, Wounds, Carbuncles, Surgical cuts, Homeopathic Antiseptic. A homoeopathic specialty product for Injuries

BJain Omeo Calendula Spray comes with the goodness of Calendula officinalis which is a wonderful herb for skin due to its potent anti- inflammatory and moisturising properties. Calendula is beneficial for dry or damaged skin as it greatly heals, soothes, and softens skin. You need a natural first aid remedy that contain the antibiotic properties of herbs like calendula.

About: When you suffer physical harm from an external source, it can be a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. An injury is damage caused to your body by events like accidents, weapons, falls, hits, and more. Trauma is the emotional response to it and Immediately after the event, shock and denial are typical symptoms. Mild form of injuries (mostly occurred by sports or physical activity) include
· Sprains – caused by tears to the ligaments joining the ends of bones together. The ankles, knees, and wrists are commonly affected
· Strains – is caused by pulls or tears of muscles or tendons (the tissues that attach the muscles to the bones)
· Fracture – is a break, usually in a bone (damage in the continuity of the bone commonly caused by falls, or sports injuries, Vehicular accidents,. Other causes are low bone density and osteoporosis, which cause weakening of the bones.
· Lumbago – is the general term referring to low back pain, causing mild to severe pain or discomfort. The pain can be acute or chronic and affects both young and old and the underlying causes of low back pain can be complex.
An abrasion is a wound caused by superficial damage to the skin, no deeper than the epidermis. It is less severe than a laceration which is an irregular tear-like wounds caused by some blunt trauma. Mild abrasions, also known as grazes or scrapes, do not scar or bleed, but deep abrasions may lead to the formation of scar tissue. The first thing to be done when there is an abrasion or injury is to clean the wound with running water. Wash the skin around the injury with soap. Rinse the wound thoroughly to rid it of any dirt and soap, and then use an antiseptic to clean the wound and seek advise of a medical health practitioner if the wound should be left open or dressing should be done. A carbuncle is a red, swollen, and painful cluster of boils that are connected to each other under the skin.

Action of Omeo Calendula Spray:
• Prevent suppuration,
• Favours phagocytosis and healing,
• Remarkable power to produce local exudation,
• The greatest healing agent.

BJain Omeo Calendula Spray Composition:
• Calendula officinalis Ø,
• Alcohol content – Not more than 86% v/v

Action & Indications of Ingredients of Omeo Calendula Spray (Literature reference)—Calendula officinalis – Calendula is almost specific for clean, surgical cuts or lacerated wounds, to prevent excessive suppuration. This agent has been extensively employed for its local influence in lacerated wounds and open sores, where it relieves the pain and soreness and favours phagocytosis and healing. External wounds with or without loss of substance; torn and jagged looking wounds, post-surgical operations, to promote healthy granulation and prevent excessive suppuration and disfiguring scars. It is the homoeopathic antiseptic – it restores the vitality of an injured part, making it impregnable against the forces of putrefaction. It is therefore suitable to all cases of injury where the skin is broken.

Direction of Use: Wash the affected area and spray directly or over the gauze dressing.

Caution: Consult your homoeopathic physician if symptoms persist or worsen.

Contraindications & Known Adverse Reactions: None known

Shake well before use. Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

Omeo Calendula Spray can be used along with Omeo Calendula Ointment & Omeo First Aid Cream.

Application: Wash the affected area and spray Bjain Omeo Calendula Spray directly or over the gauze dressing. For external use only avoid content with mucous membrane and eyes.

Caution: Consult your homeopathic physician if symptoms persist or worsen.

Presentation: 30ml

Manufacturer: B. Jain Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

Storage: Store in cool and dry place

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