Bakson Card Aid Drops - Homeopathy Heart medicine for Angina, Arrhythmia, Hypertrophy of heart, Cardiac dropsy, Coronary Heart Disease
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Baksons Homeopathy Medicines, Complete List with Indications

Baksons homeopathy products follow the vision of its founder Dr. S.P.S Bakshi who envisioned to further nurture the prospects of Homeopathic science in healing the sick holistically and safely. Baksons manufactures a range of high quality homeopathic medicines that includes Bakson proprietory products (also known as speciality products that are included in this list), Dr.Bakshi’s… Continue reading Baksons Homeopathy Medicines, Complete List with Indications

Dr.Bakshi B20 Sugar Homeopathy Drops for Diabetes symptoms, Hyperglycemia
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Dr.Bakshi Homeopathy, Complete Homeopathic B drops List

We have listed the complete b series homeopathic drops from dr bakshi homeopathy with links to our official store where you can purchase online.