Bakson Arnica Hair Conditioner with Arnica, Amla and Henna

Baksons Sunny Arnica Hair conditioner with Arnica, Amla and Henna

Bakson Sunny Arnica Hair Conditioner is a unique formulation that keeps your hair lustrous, manageable and tangle free. It contains extracts of Arnica, Amla and Henna for all round hair care

Bakson Sunny Arnica Hair Conditioner is formulated to protect your hair from every day damage and comes in a 150ml presentation

Ingredients: Bakson Sunny Arnica Hair Conditioner Contains: Extracts of Arnica, Amla and Henna, Polyquatermum 37, Cetostearyl Alcohol Glycerin, Polyqyaternum7, Polyqyatemum 6, Lip, Fragrance and Water,

Action of individual ingredients in Bakson Sunny Arnica Hair Conditioner
Arnica extract rejuvenates your scalp and stimulates the hair follicles, helping to strengthen your hair and preventing it from falling prematurely
Amla (emblica officinalis) or gooseberries has been used for dry and itchy scalp, known for its goodness in terms of hair growth, improving hair luster, benefits dry; thinning and graying hair.
Henna is a well known for promoting healthy hair, it is one of the best natural remedies for hair growth and its anti fungal properties control the flakes and itching of scalp.

Application:After shampooing hair, rinse and massage the conditioner gently into hair. Leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly


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