Baksons Cream Bleach with Aloevera Lemon Cucumber for perfect glow

Baksons Cream Bleach with aloevera lemon cucumber for the perfect glow

Baksons Cream Bleach with aloevera, lemon and cucumber whitens and brightens for the perfect glow on your skin!. Rated among the best natural care products for reducing dark spots and hyperpigmentation leaving your skin a radiant, even skin tone. This product meets the need of women who want natural, safe fast and effective results. Helps lighten dark hair on your face, arms, body, and eyebrows with this gentle formula

About: Baksons Cream Bleach provides an unmatched formulation of essential herbal ingredients that is crafted with toning and hydrating wonders. It has key ingredients like lemon, cucumber, aloevera which provides hydrating and toning wonders on skin. It helps to brighten and whiten the skin unleashing a glowing and radiant complexion and provides nourishing and gentle care to all the skin types. It helps to eliminate skin tanning.

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Ingredients: Bakson Cream Bleach contains: D.M. Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, G M,S., Cetyl Alcohol, L L P., Arlac-165, Cresmer-1000, Aloevera Extract, Cucumber Extract, Lemon Extract, E.D.T.A and Orthophosphoric Acid.

How the ingredient in Baksons Cream Bleach work?

The key properties in Baksons Cream Bleach are derived from the following ingredients to enhances the skin fairness
Lemon – it has fantastic benefits for skin. It serves as a rich source of potassium, fiber, calcium, magnesium etc. It also helps in elimination of pigmentation, dark spots and blackheads. It helps to heal acne.
– it possesses moisturizing capabilities which help to diminish skin lines, wrinkles that are associated with ageing and loss of elasticity in skin.
Cucumber – it contains anti-oxidants and silica in huge amount that helps to reduce dark circles around the eyes. It fade freckles, reduces puffy eyes, treats sunburn and improves the skin complexion.

Size: 30 Gms, Presentation – pet jar (Cream Bleach+ powder activator 8 gms)

Bakson Cream Bleach Application: Wash face and pat dry mix activator with the cream in the ratio of 1:4 with spatula, for 2 minutes. using the spatula Apply the mixture on the face and neck, avoiding the area near the eyes and eyebrows. After 15 minutes wash the face.

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