Baksons Ferrum Plus Iron Tonic corrects anemia, improves appetite

Baksons Ferrum Plus Iron Tonic for Anemia, iron deficiency anemia treatment, iron blood tonic in india

Baksons Homeopathic Ferrum Plus is a superior Iron Tonic that improves appetite, aids absorption of iron from food and easily assimilates with no known side effects. It normalizes hemoglobin level of blood, corrects anemia due to blood loss and fulfills increased demand for iron during pregnancy. Each ML of ferrum plus has 3.8 mg of elemental iron – a complete Iron tonic for everyone

Iron deficiency Anemia: Iron is an essential nutrient for our body more so for women and children. Iron deficiency. Which begins gradually, ends up with Anaemia producing symptoms of fatigue, weight loss, pale skin, palpitation and even breathlessness. Iron supplementation is indicated when diet alone cannot restore deficient iron levels to normal within and acceptable time frame and one is experiencing clinical symptoms of iron deficiency Anemia.

About Manufacturer: Bakson, a renowned name in the field of Homeopathy now brings to you iron in its natural form through homeopathic preparation which makes it entirely safe for your body to consume and assimilate. It is free from any side effects whatsoever besides the unmatched quality of ingredients used for manufacturing the product. Other well known Homeopathic specialty products for Anemia are Schwabe Anekind (for children), Bicombination No.1, Schwabe Biofungin, Adel 14 Ferrodona, Reckeweg R31 drops

Medicine Indications: Ferrum Plus is indicated for anaemia due to blood loss, increased natural demand of iron as in case of pregnancy, improper absorption of iron from food. It helps improves appetite and immunity, normalizes hemoglobin and builds up iron stores.

Clinical Study: As per study conducted at Sri Ganga ram Hospital, New Delhi regular use of Baksons Ferrum Plus Iron Tonic lead to an average 0.67% rise in Hb in 5.6 weeks in 86% of cases (the rest were not regular in treatment)

Test Results: average rise observed in hemoglobin: o.67 g% in 5.6 weeks average rise observed in RBC count: 0.27mill/ mm in 5.7 weeks average rise observed in pcv : 2.17% in 6weeks  average rise observed in platelet count : 38.1 thous/mm in 5.9weeks.  

Ingredients: Baksons Ferrum Plus Iron Tonic Contains Ferrum lacticum 1x, Ammonium aceticum 1x, Natrum Phosphoricum 1x, Kali phosphoricum 1x, Acidum citricum 1x, Acidum Phosphoricum 1x.

Action of individual Ingredients in Baksons Ferrum Plus Iron Tonic

Ferrum lacticum: It has the general therapeutic value of iron salts .It is easily absorbed and used for treatment of iron deficiency anaemia.
Ammonium aceticum: It is indicated in pale, lean persons with lax, flabby muscles. Haemorrhages after labor, anaemia of nursing mothers.
Naturum phosphoricum: Paleness of face .Menses too early, pale, thin and watery.
Kali phosphoricum: Weak and tired, menstruation too late or too scanty in pale, irritable, sensitive females. Slightest labour seems a heavy task.
Acidum citricum: Useful in haemorrhages.
Acidum phosphoricum: Debility is very marked in this remedy. When system has been exposed to ravages of acute diseases, excesses, loss of vital fluids.

Size: 115/200/450Ml

Dosage: Adults 1 tablespoonful 3 times a day, Children – 1 Teaspoon 3 times a day
each tablespoon {15ml} of bakson’s ferrum plus contains 3.8 mg and teaspoon {5ml} contains 1.2nmg of available iron, which can help the physician decide dosage as per need

Tips: take bakson’s ferrum plus before meals and preferably with juice rich in vitamin c consume it 1-3 hrs. before or after products containing caffeine like coffee, tea, cola, & chocolates.

STROAGE: replace cap immediately after use. protect from heat, moisture & direct sunlight

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9 thoughts on “Baksons Ferrum Plus Iron Tonic corrects anemia, improves appetite”

  1. Is will we get any side effects while using this, because when I start using this, I understand that I reduced my weight and my stomach also reduced, and the hungry also reduced….so only I got doubt….is there anything like that…..

  2. Is it safe to taķe homeopathic iron tonic ferrum plus while having intravenous iron injections?

    1. Why do you want to do both? unless directed by your doctor. While there are no contra indications we advise you pls consult a homeopath in the matter

    1. Ferrum Plus is a family tonic and can be taken by all age groups. Adult – 1 Tsp 3 times a day, Children -1 Tsp 3 times a day or as prescribed by your physician

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