Bakson Wart Aid for warts, corns & epithelial tumors

Bakson Wart Aid-homeopathic wart remover, also for corns & epithelial tumors

Baksons Wart Aid homeopathic tablets is indicated for warts, corns and epithelial tumors. It is a combination of Causticum and Thuja, which are well known, clinically proved specific homeopathic remedies for all types of warts.

Baksons Warts aid is the safest and effective method to get rid of warts

Ingredients -Baksons Wart Aid Contains: Causticum 2002.5% w/w, Thuja occ. 200 2.5% w/w, excipients to 550mg.

Dosage-Adults: 1 tablet of Baksons Wart Aid thrice daily. Children: 1 tablets twice daily or as prescribed by the physician


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