Bakson Hair Aid Drops-Twin pack Homeopathic Hair Tonic

Bakson Hair Aid Drops-Twin pack hair tonic. homeopathy medicine for hair fall, Grey Hair, Dandruff, broken hair

Bakson Hair Aid Drops is an ideal hair tonic that comes as a twin pack of internal medication and external application. The internal medication checks dandruff, premature greying of hair and split ends. The external preparation conditions scalp and hair and also nourishes the hair roots.

Bakson Hair Aid is inevitable for natural growth of healthy hair and an effective homeopathy medicine for hair fall and grey hair

Composition of Bakson Hair Aid Drops (twin pack)
Internal preparation: Acidum phos 6x, Lycopodium 3x, Jaborandi 2x, Natrum mur. 3x,.
External preparation: Cinchona off., Arnica montana , jaborandi, cantharis.

Dosage-Adults: External preparation: Mix with oil & apply twice daily. Adults: 40-45 drops.
Internal preparation: Dilute with half tablespoon of water.Adults: 10-12 drops twice daily.

: External preparation: Mix with oil & apply twice daily.Children: 20-25 drops.
Internal preparation: Dilute with half tablespoon of water.Children: 5-6 drops twice daily.


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Other Top Homeopathic Combo medication for Hair Loss/Hair Fall control

Allens Arnica Plus & Triofer – A Triple action hair vitalizing tonic that comes in tablet (internal) and Oil (external) application. It promotes hair growth, controls hair loss and prevents dandruff

The combined action of Arnica plus arrests excessive falling of hair, prevents premature hair greying, removes dandruff, vitalizes hair roots, promotes new growth of healthy hair, adds longevity to hair. Triofer cures liver and stomach troubles, corrects constipation and anemia, supply mineral and tissue salts, thus removes root causes of hair problems.

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14 thoughts on “Bakson Hair Aid Drops-Twin pack Homeopathic Hair Tonic”

  1. After applying I get headache after one hour
    How much time I should keep it before shower??
    And why my head is paining??

    1. Harsh and long standing condition of thyroid problem i.e, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can lead to rapid hair loss, symptoms of hair thinning, copious amounts of hair falling on the floor in the shower or sink, along with changes in the hair’s texture, making it dry and rough. Bakson Hair aid (internal) contains Natrum mur 3x which in a different potency (200) is indicated for treating exopthalmic goitre. Pls consult your doctor with this information and proceed accordingly

    1. Doctors do not recommend any form of internal medications during pregnancy and breast feeding. So we recommend you otherwise, if any you may do so under the prescription of a homeopath

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