Bakson Dr.Bakshi’s NASAL AID – Nasal Spray, Breathe Free

Nasal aid Breathe Free drops for Nasal congestion, Allergy relief

Baksons Dr. Bakshi’s Nasal Aid Spray is a Homeopathic Nasal Aid drops help you breathe free. This homeopathic formulation is effective in clearing up nasal blockage, stuffy nose due to cold, congestion, dust allergies etc

Nasal congestion also known as blocked nose or stuffy nose is the blockage of the nasal passage usually due to membranes lining the nose becoming swollen from inflamed blood vessels. It has many causes like common cold, allergic reaction, sinusitis or even deviated septum.

Ingredients:Baksons Dr.Bakshi’s Nasal Aid Contains: Arsenicum Alb 12x, Calcarea Carb 30x, Hydrastis Can. 12x, Kali. Bichromicum 12x, Pulsatilla Nig 12x

Usage: Adults1-2 sprays every 4 hours. Children: 1 spray every 6 hours. Or as advised by the physician.


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5 thoughts on “Bakson Dr.Bakshi’s NASAL AID – Nasal Spray, Breathe Free”

    1. Adenoids can enlarge and cause nasal blockage, its symptoms are similar to sinusitis and include congestion and nasal sounding voice. Nasal Aid will help in this condition

    1. यह आपको नाक बंद को साफ़ करने में मदद करता है, यह साइनस उपचार का दवा नहीं है

      1. The composition contains medicine for sinusitis. In my opinion it would help cure sinusitis too.

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