Bakson Super Tonic for erectile dysfunction, impotency, sexual weakness

BAKSON Super Tonic for erectile dysfunction, impotency, sexual weakness. Homeopathic sexual wellness product

Bakson Super tonic is an effective and safe male restorative tonic that helps to fight sexual disorder like premature or delayed ejaculation and relieves sexual neurasthenia, thus restoring lost vigor and vitality. It enhances the physical and mental well being, relives nervous tension, anxiety, fatigue and general debility without any side effects. This is a Homeopathic formulation developed especially for men.

Bakson Super Tonic is made up of a potent homeopathic ingredients like ; Damiana, Acid Phos. 3x, Avena sativa 2x, Yohimbinum, Agnus castus 2x, Lycopodium 4x, Cinchona off(China) 2x, viburnum opulus 3x.

बैक्सन सुपर टॉनिक – असमाधानकारक लैगिंक जीवन के लिए असरदार होमिओपॅथीक दवाई|ये सेक्शुअल दुर्बलता, नसों का कमजोर होना, नपुंसकता और थकावट को दूर कस्ता है|ये सेक्शुअल ईच्छा को उत्तेजित करती है और लिंग के तनाव में उपयोगी है। < < आन लाईन आर्डर करें!! Check out the complete list of Homeopathic sex medicines similar to Baksons Super Tonic here

The mode of action of ondividual ingredients in Bakson Super Tonic is as follows
Damiana: sexual neurasthenia, Impotency, sexual debility from nervous prostration, incontinence of old people, Chronic prostatic discharge which leads to functional weakness.
Acid. Phos
: remedy for debility, mental debility, first then physical debility. Grief, mental shock and loss of vital fluids.
Avena sativa: best tonic for debility after exhausting diseases. Nerviuos exhaustion, sexual debility , nerve tremors of the aged. It is the most useful nutrient where the body vigour is low.
: congestive conditions of sexual organ, Excites the sexual organ.
Agnus castus: premature old age, nervous depression.
: Presenility, functional power weakening. Regulates glandular secretions.
Cinchona off: debility from exhausting discharges and from loss of vital fluids, nervous erethism and mental weakness. Viburnum opulus: General remedy for cramps and depressed mind.

Above References :Materia medica with repertory by boericke

Dosage: One Teaspoonful of Bakson Super Tonic twice daily after meals. Or as prescribed by the physician. For best results takes super tonic with water.

Size: Comes in 115Ml, 200ML,& 450Ml presentation.
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15 thoughts on “Bakson Super Tonic for erectile dysfunction, impotency, sexual weakness”

    1. Even high BP patients can take it as there are no contra indications. Since blood pressure has an adverse effect on sexual performance, it is advised that you keep it under control.

    1. Super Tonic is not contra indicated for any condition, so you may take it. You can continue to enjoy a happy and healthy sex life even if you have a heart condition. People with active sex life are less like to develop heart disease

    1. Super Tonic from Baksons is a Homeopathic male restorative tonic for regaining lost vigor and vitality i.e., it brings in enthusiasm and energy for having sexual activity by removing exhaustion, fatigue and weariness thereby making sexual life pleasant or pleasurable. Baksons has not indicated this product as ‘Sugar Free’, hence doctor advise suggested if you are a diabetic

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