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SBL Homeopathy medicines is a popular name synonymous for quality homeopathic medicines in India. And, you get a wide range of clinically proven homeopathic medicines made in collaboration with Boiron laboratories (France) since 1983. The company has been pursuing  ‘Excellence at no extra cost‘ as its motto, with non negotiable focus on Quality, and high tech GMP manufacturing units that are ISO certified. Download a free PDF Booklet of SBL Homeopathy medicines here

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For benefit of vernacular readers, we have listed SBL Homeopathy Medicines List in Hindi here


SBL Homeopathic Tablets (triturations) List

SBL AF-Tabs (for cold and flu) SBL AF (AF means anti-flu) Tablets assists the body in producing antibodies to fight the virus. To be taken at the first sign of flu, cold and symptoms like sneezing, watery nasal discharge, coryza, running nose, fever, body ache, headache, cough, fever, flushing of face with redness of eyes. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL FP Tabs (for Anal Fissures & Piles) FP Tabs has pain-relieving, anti-constipation, and haemostatic (stops bleeding) properties which help in curing anal fissures and piles (hemorrhoids) by reducing pain and venous congestion around the anus Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Denton Tablets  (for delayed & difficult dentition) SBL Denton tablets are indicated for teething problems in infants and children. It is useful for symptoms like gum swelling, baby refusal to feed, loose stools, abdominal pain, irritability, drooling of saliva and vomiting. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Dysmin Tablets (for dysmenorrhoea & painful menstruation) Dysmin tablet gives relief from painful menstruation effectively, is indicated for symptoms like pain in abdomen with cramps, pain in legs, pallor of face, headache, nausea, vomiting during menstrual cycle. No contra-indications. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Homeocal Tablets (for Osteoporosis) Homeocal helps in the absorption of calcium reducing the risk of osteoporosis and improves bone health. Indicated for calcium depletion, decreased bone density, weak bones. Useful in pre & post-menopausal periods, when symptoms like aches and pains in joints appear, cracking in joints, back & neck pain. Presentation: 25gms/450gms, Price:125/-
SBL Femin Tablets (for Anaemia) SBL Femin treats anemia by improving absorption and by directly enhancing the nutrient binding capacity of cells. Indicated for tiredness & muscular weakness. Recommended for girls during menarche (onset of periods)  & pregnant women, for anemic persons (male & female). Not to be taken during pregnancy & lactation. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Scalptone Tablets (for internal care of hair roots) SBL Scalptone helps in improving circulation in the scalp and absorption of minerals required for hair growth. Indicated to check falling of hair, premature graying and dandruff, strengthens the roots of hair. Scalptone reduces itching, irritation, and dryness of scalp, thinning and splitting of hair, dandruff. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Phytolacca Berry Tablets (for obesity, weight reduction) Phytolacca Berry Tablets are indicated for general obesity and post-natal weight gain (weight gain after delivery/childbirth). This is a clinically proven medicine which helps to improve metabolism and fight obesity. No side effects, Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Rite-Hite Tablets (for growth promoter) SBL Rite-Hite Tablets is a homeopathy height promoter for optimal growth, ideal for children who do not grow or develop properly. It promotes height increase, checks anemia and improves poor memory and lack of concentration. Also, indicated for imperfect assimilation, feeble digestion. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Relaxhed Tablets (for headache) Relaxhed tablets are indicated for headaches from heat of sun, indigestion, nervousness, mental stress, migraine, headache associated with nausea and vomiting. Also available in drops form. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Pimplex (for removal of pimples & black heads) SBL Pimplex tablets improve skin nutrition and treats pimples and comedones (blackheads) effectively thereby preventing pitting and scarring on the face. It is indicated for acne vulgaris on face, back of neck, upper back, and chest, reddish pink spots, whiteheads, painful pustular eruptions on face and back, blackheads. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Pelvorin Tablets (for leucorrhoea) Pelvorin is indicated for leucorrhoea (white vaginal discharge) and associated symptoms like pain in the leg, back, and abdomen, itching, redness, burning while passing urine. It strengthens the female reproductive system and relieves symptoms of vaginitis. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Tonsilat Tablets (for tonsillitis) SBL Tonsilat prevents symptoms of tonsillitis and treats infection of tonsils that may result in earache, hoarseness of voice, swallowing difficulty. Indicated for tonsillitis, sore throat, pharyngitis (inflammation of Pharynx), etc. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Tranquil Tablets (for mental stress, anxiety & depression) Tranquil tablets are indicated for relieving anxiety, tension, depression, sleeplessness & restlessness. It raises the brain threshold to help cope with stress and provides s sound sleep. This natural de-stressing agent is free of narcotics, non-addictive. No side effects. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Nixocid Tablets for Acidity and Indigestion SBL Nixocid is a homeopathic antacid and is indicated for relief from burning sensation in the stomach and chest (heartburn), it reduces gas formation and sour belching thereby, relieving signs and symptoms of acidity effectively. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL AT- Tabs (for trauma and injuries) AT (AT means anti trauma) Tablets can be used as first aid in accidents, surgical conditions, dental (teeth) extraction. It controls bleeding, pain and inflammation and helps the body to heal faster. It is indicated for fractures, post operative pains, sprains, arthritis, sports injuries, muscle and joint pains, lumbago, gout, rheumatic joint pains. Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-
SBL Sleeptite Tablets for sleeplessness SBL Sleeptite Tablets relaxes the mind and facilitates sound sleep. It is indicated for Insomnia (disturbed sleep), sleeplessness, difficulty in falling asleep due to anxiety, restlessness. Other symptoms are irritability, drowsiness during day, aching muscles, headache, prostration, peri-orbital puffiness, poor concentration, confusion.  Presentation: 25gms, Price:125/-

SBL Homeopathic Medicines (Dilutions/ Liquids)

SBL Alfalfa Malt (a family health tonic in chocolate flavored malt base) Alfalfa malt is a nutritious food supplement indicated for general debility, weakness, emaciation, loss of appetite, poor or retarded growth, for anxiety states, stress and nervousness, sleeplessness, tiredness from worry, tension and overwork. Helps in weight gain for underweight patients. This energy stimulant is enriched with proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins and malt made from germinated barley. Good for pregnant ladies and lactating mothers. Complete family tonic. Presentation: 250ml, Price:235/-
SBL Clearstone Drops for Kidney stones SBL Clearstone provides relief from renal colic (kidney pain). It is indicated for stones in the kidney (renal calculi), ureter, bladder, pain while passing urine. Pain is felt in flanks extending to groins with painful urination, blood in urine. Presentation: 30ml, Price:100/-
SBL B-Trim Drops (for obesity) B-Trim Drops is a clinically proven homeopathy medicine for weight loss. It helps body shed weight by improving metabolic rate and also removing excess water content in the body. It is indicated for general obesity, post-natal (after childbirth) weight gain. It is contra indicated for children and pregnant ladies. Side effects – some may have mild diarrhea for few days but will settle down. Presentation: 30ml, Price:145/-
SBL Drops No.10 for hot flashes SBL Drops No.10 is for hot flashes in women with symptoms like anxiety, palpitation, and perspiration during change of life in women. Contains Cimicifuga racemosa 3x, Arnica montana 3x, Crataegus oxyacantha Q, Janosia ashoka 3x, Sanguinaria canadensis 3x
Buy SBL Ache Nil for Viral Infection, Immunity builder Ache Nil is a Homeopathic medicine that is indicated to treat viral infections accompanied by fever, headache, body ache, pain in joints, cough, fatigue, cold & rashes. This medicine is free of any contra indications and is safe to use. Contains Belladonna 3x, Rhus Toxicodendron 6x, Eupatorium perfoliatum 3x:, Bryonia alba 3x, Ipecacuanha 3x, Tinospora cordifolia Q
SBL Drops No.1 for hair fall SBL Drops No.1 checks hair fall and promotes hair growth. It is indicated for excessive hair fall, thinning of hair, dandruff, itching, and irritation on scalp. Contains Arnica montana 3x, lycopodium 3x. Presentation: 30ml, Price:125/-
SBL Damiagra Drops (for erectile dysfunction) Damiagra is a clinically proven sexual dysfunction product of SBL helpful in conditions of poor erectile power (erectile dysfunction or ED), premature ejaculation, lack of libido, depression, loss of confidence. Contains damiana, lycopodium clavatum, selenium, agnus castus , caladium seguinum. Presentation: 30ml, Price: 275/-
SBL Diaboherb Syrup for Diabetes SBL Diaboherb is indicated for diabetes that contains extracts of 5 potent herbs to bring down blood sugar levels. It is indicated for frequent urination (polyuria), increased thirst (polydipsia), increased appetite (polyphagia), diabetes related cardiovascular problems. Diaboherb is alcohol free and can be taken safely with oral hypoglycemic agents (DHA) Presentation: 180ml, Price:85/-
SBL Stodal Cough Syrup (complete cough syrup) Stodal syrup relieves all types of cough associated with bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis and in whooping cough. Well suited for all age groups and safe for pregnant women, children and elderly persons. Also indicated for wheezing & irritation in throat. Free of narcotics like codeine and therefore does not cause drowsiness. Presentation: 60ml, Price:40/-
SBL Ferrumsip Syrup (for anaemia) SBL Ferrumsip Syrup is formulated to improve absorption of iron in food by enhancing cellular capacity to absorb nutrients. It is indicated for anemic condition, anaemia during pregnancy and lactation, anemia due to heavy menstrual bleeding. It increases hemoglobin count and removes debility. Presentation: 115ml/180ml,  Price: Rs.75/115 resp
SBL Drops No.2 for dysmenorrhoea Drops No.2 relieves abdominal cramps during menstruation (periods) and associated symptoms like  backache,  pain in thighs, nausea, vomiting, mood swings, generalized weakness. Presentation: 30ml, Price:125/-
SBL Relaxhed Drops (for headache) SBL Relaxhed drops reduces tension and digestive problems leading to headache. It is indicated for headache caused by heat of sun, indigestion, nervousness, mental stress, migraine, headache associated with nausea and vomiting. Free of side effects. Presentation: 30ml, Price:90/-
SBL Prostonum Drops (for enlarged prostate problems) Prostonum is indicated for benign prostatic hypertrophy, useful for symptoms like urine urgency (leakage or dribbling), difficulty in starting urination (hesitancy), frequent urination, frequent awakening at night for urination, sensation as if bladder is not fully emptied, burning sensation while urinating. Clinically proven product. Presentation: 30ml, Price:100/-
SBL Mullein Ear Drops SBL Mullein Ear Drops helps in relieving painful symptoms that originate in ear, it is indicated for pain in ear due to inflammation of middle ear (otitis media), painful eruptions of external ear, fungal infection, itching and irritation of the ear, dry scaling of inner ear with a sense of obstruction, Swimmer’s ear. Presentation: 10ml, Price:40/-
SBL Liv T Liver Tonic (for liver disorders) Liv T combats various liver problems caused by chronic gastric habits, bacterial & Viral infections, drugs, chemicals and alcohol.  Liv T treats liver conditions like jaundice, hepatitis and indigestion. Protects and improves liver functions and helps clear toxins. Well known Fatty liver treatment product  in homeopathy. Presentation – 115ml/180ml/500ml. Price – Rs. 70/102/238
SBL Nixocid Syrup for Acidity and Indigestion SBL Nixocid is indicated for relief from burning sensation in the stomach, sour eructations, heartburn, heaviness, hyper-acidity, it reduces gas formation (flatulence) thereby, relieving signs and symptoms of acidity effectively. Presentation: 115ml, Price:75/-
SBL Alfalfa tonic with Ginseng (Regular & Paediatric) A well-balanced product enriched with nutrients, natural amino acids, vitamins and minerals to restore your physical and mental well being. Well indicated for nervousness, anxiety, neurasthenia, general debility, insomnia, loss of appetite, during recovery from illness. It builds immune system, tones up body systems. Also in Sugar-Free pack.Presentation: 250ml, Price:235/-
SBL Denton Syrup (for delayed & difficult dentition) SBL Denton relieves all signs and symptoms associated with dentition. It helps in absorption of calcium and phosphate, indicated for gum swelling, refusal to feed, loose stools, abdominal pain(colic), irritability, drooling of saliva and vomiting. Presentation: 115ml, Price:130/-
SBL Dibonil drops (for diabetes) Dibonil helps manage commonly associated problems of maturity onset Diabetes. Indicated for increased thirst, frequent urination, hyperglycaemia, weakness, cramps and muscular pain. Free of any side effects (no contra indications)Presentation: 30ml, Price:85/-
SBL liv-T (Paediatric) (in mix fruit flavour) (for various liver disorders especially for children) SBL liv-T (paediatric) is indicated for anorexia, jaundice, enlarged liver, protects liver, restores appetite. Presentation: 115ml, Price:130/-
SBL Sativol (nervine tonic) Sativol is a dependable rejuvenating tonic for nerves. A general restorative & nervine tonic in conditions of neurasthenia, tired & strained muscles, fatigue, nervous debility, sleeplessness and as a appetizer in convalescence. Free of side effects. Presentation: 100ml, Price:130/-
SBL Tonicard gold drops for symptoms of heart problems SBL tonicard is a dependable heart tonic for preventive and curative action in cardiac problems. It contains minerals that purifies and maintains viscosity of blood. It can be used along with other cardiac therapies. Tonicard increases heart effort tolerance, prevents arteriosclerosis, relieves palpitation, breathlessness, tachycardia, increases force of myocardial contraction, improves coronary circulation, tones up heart muscles Presentation: 30ml/100ml, Price:130/280
SBL Utrofyne syrup (for menstrual irregularities) Utrofyne syrup controls excessive bleeding and regularizes the menstrual cycle. It is indicated for Menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding), metrorrhagia (abnormal bleeding from womb), menses last longer, prolonged bleeding due to hormonal imbalance & associated symptoms like backache & weakness. Presentation: 115ml, Price:130/-
SBL Orthomuv Syrup (for muscle & joint pain) SBL Orthmuv treats inflammation thereby reducing pain and swelling  and making movements possible. It is indicated for arthritis, muscular pain, joint pain, back ache, sprains and cramps.  SBL orthomuv syrup taken orally and orthomuv massage oil applied externally is the ideal combination to treat stiffness and pain in joint. Presentation: 180ml, Price:120/-
SBL Zerogrype Drops for gas and colic in children Zerogrype drops brings relief from indigestion, flatulence and colic in children. Indicated for poor appetite, gas, abdomen hard and distended, restless sleep. Painful cries (or colicky cries) are urgent, discomforting and irritable. These are difficult to ease with regular means. This homeopathic gripe water is Safe for Infants, children. Presentation: 30ml, Price:50/-
SBL Rinsout Drops Mouthwash (for mouth ulcers) SBL Rinsout is blended with homeopathic medicines that have anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties that helps heal mouth ulcers quickly. Indicated for Mouth ulcers with pain, burning, redness and swelling, appearing in the mouth affecting cheeks, gums, tongue, lips and roof and floor of mouth often make eating and talking uncomfortable. Presentation: 30ml, Price:90/-
SBL Wormorid Drops (for deworming) Wormorid Drops is a clinically proven, well-balanced composition of homeopathic medicines which act as vermifuge agent for almost all types of worms (tapeworm, pinworm, roundworm, hookworm). Indicated for itching anus, grinding of teeth, irritability, pica (desire to eat mud, chalk), abdominal pain and distention, restless sleep. Presentation: 30ml, Price:95/-
SBL Drops No 3 for Kidney infection SBL drops no.3 is an effective homeopathic formulation for treatment of Urinary tract infections (UTI) or Bladder infection, Indicated for burning sensation while urinating, pain in lower abdomen, blood in urine, frequent unsatisfactory urination, bladder infection. Take adequate fluids, and maintain hygiene.  Presentation:30ml, Price:125/-
SBL Drops No. 4 for Blood Pressure SBL drops No.4 treats symptoms of hypertension. It helps in regulating blood pressure, symptoms of anxiety, headache. No contra Indications. Presentation:30ml, Price: 125/-.

SBL Homeopathic Eye care drops

SBL Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia eye drops (for eye irritation, opacity of lens) Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia helps keep the eye free form infections and curb onset of cataract.  These eye drops can be used by diabetic people, is useful in conditions of redness, irritation, watering of eyes. Indicated for opacity of lens, clouding of vision. Presentation: 10ml, Price:110/-
SBL Euphrasia 10% Eye Drops (for eye strain, conjunctivitis) SBL Euphrasia homeopathic eye drops indicated for eye tiredness or strain due to long hours of working on a computer and excessive TV watching, Dryness of eyes due to prolonged exposure to computer, Irritation in the eye due to air pollutants, for the treatment and prevention of conjunctivitis. Good for lachyrymation (watering of eyes). Presentation: 10ml, Price:100/-
SBL Cineraria maritima (10%) for Cataract, opacity of lens Cineraria maritima is indicated for the clouding of vision, first sign of cataract, corneal opacities, early cataract in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. Made from quality mother tinctures. Presentation: 10ml, Price:110/-

SBL Homeopathy Complexes

SBL Five Phos Tablets Five Phos Tablets is an excellent homeopathic remedy for nerve and brain. It promotes tissues building and provide the necessary nutrition to nerves, brain and bones. It is considered an excellent tonic for all anemia, general debility, chronically wasting diseases, women weakened by frequent child bearing, general exhaustion with lack of vitality in all people. Five Phos is also beneficial in neurasthenia, anxiety states and impaired memory. Presentation: 25gms, Price:80/-
SBL Orthomuv Massage Oil Orthomuv massage oil enriched with Gaultheria extracts and other tinctures swiftly penetrates to areas of pain and stimulates circulation, relieves stiffness and tense painful tissues . Presentation: 180ml, Price:120/-
SBL Stodal cough lozenges SBL Stodal cough lozenges is indications sore throat, smoker’s cough, dry cough, pharyngitis, irritation in throat. Presentation: 500units, Price:1000/-
SBL Orthomuv ointment (for muscular and joint pains) Orthomuv ointment is indicated for joint pains, sprains, sport injuries stiffness, backache and ecchymosis (discoloration of skin due to bruises). Presentation: 25gms, Price:65/-
SBL Orthomuv gel SBL Orthomuv gel is indicated for joint pains, sprains, sport injuries stiffness, backache and ecchymosis (discoloration of skin due to bruises). Presentation: 25gms, Price:60/-
SBL Homeodent Gel Tooth Paste ( Blue ) SBL Homeodent Gel Tooth Paste (Blue) is indicated to prevent formation of tartar, gingivitis, reduces bleeding gums, bad breath (halitosis), sensitive teeth to hot or cold drinks. Presentation: 100gms, Price: 55/-
SBL Homeodent Tooth Paste (Saunf flavour) Homeodent Tooth Paste (Saunf flavour) an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, toothpaste. It prevents caries and tartar, fights bad breath, significantly improves the condition of gums, reduces bleeding. Presentation: 100gms, Price: 55/-
SBL Woundwell Calendula Spray (First aid in injuries) SBL Woundwell Calendula Spray is a safe and quick -acting antiseptic spray which is an excellent healing agent. Calendula helps heal injuries, ulcers, cuts, bruises, chapped surfaces and wounds. It promotes healthy granulation and rapid healing. Presentation: 50ml, Price;80/-
SBL Arnica Act Spray (Quick acting pain reliever) Arnica Act Spray is formulated with well-chosen Homeopathic medicines to stimulate body natural ability to quickly relieve pain in conditions of bruising, muscle soreness and stiffness caused by injuries. Presentation: 50ml, Price;80/-
SBL Thuja Roll on for warts SBL Thuja Roll on Warts are small, usually painless growths on the skin caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). Presentation: 10ml, Price;30/-
SBL Orthomuv Massage oil (Roll On) Massage Oil Roll On anti- rheumatic, anti inflammatory, anti neuralgic (quick acting & easy to use). Presentation: 10ml, Price;30/-
SBL Orthomuv Spray for muscle pain, strain SBL Orthomuv Spray is indicated for Joint and Muscle pain, acute and chronic muscle and joint affections like arthritis, bursitis. Injury to tendon, ligaments. Joint pains. Lumbago. Presentation: 50ml, Price;80/-

SBL Homeopathic Cosmetic Range

SBL Silk’n Stay (Berberis Soap) Silk’n Stay (Berberis Soap, TFM 72%) is indicated for a clear glowing skin. It clears complexion by removing pimples and acne. Leaves the skin smooth and rejuvenated. Presentation: 75gms, Price:45/-
SBL Silk’n Stay (Calendula Soap) SBL Silk’n Stay (Calendula Soap, TFM 72%) is an antiseptic soap, it has properties that keep the skin clean and free from infections. Presentation: 75gms, Price:45/-
SBL Silk ‘n Stay Glycerine Soap (Berberis aquifolium and calendula soap with glycerine base) SBL Silk ‘n Stay Glycerine Soap contains the  ideal combination of berberis and calendula which, makes this an excellent soap for cleaning the pores and keeping the skin free from infections and clears pimples and acne, resulting in clear complexion, leaving the skin smooth, rejuvenated and radiant. Presentation: 125gms, Price:50/-
SBL Silk’n Stay Aloevera Cream (Moisturizing, Anti-aging & Anti-wrinkle)
SBL Silk’n Stay contains aloevera and calendula to keep skin supple, smooth and young. Is a natural antiseptic for skin protection. Indicated for dryness of skin, wrinkles and aging due to exposure to UV radiation, pollution and stress. Dark circles under eye, darkening of facial skin, burning and irritation of skin after shave. Presentation: 50/100/200gms, Price:50/90
SBL Silk’n Stay Talcum Powder SBL Silk’n Stay Talcum Powder provides all round skin care and comes in a soothing fragrance. Calendula and Neem extracts provide all day freshness and protection from sweat and body odor. It is indicated for itching, rash, prickly heat. Presentation: 100gms, Price:50/-
SBL Silk’n Stay Moisturizing Body Lotion SBL Silk’n Stay Moisturizing Body Lotion a light, non greasy body lotion that soothens, nourishes, moisturizes and helps protect skin from everyday damage. Skin feels naturally smooth and healthy. Presentation: 100gms, Price:90/-
SBL  Hair color (Black) SBL Hair Colour is a henna based herbal hair color with the goodness of rich natural Indian herbs like aloevera (restores shine), amla (improves color of hair making them darker) and hibiscus (mild cleanser and color toner). This product is Ammonia free and provides  long lasting 100% Gray coverage leaving your hair silky and Shiny.  Presentation:120gms, Price:420/-
SBL Silk n Stay Bar with Glycerine  (Aloe Vera & Cucumber) SBL Silk n Stay Bar with glycerine with aloe Vera and cucumber for all round skin care and protection. Presentation:75gms, Price:70/-
SBL Silk n Stay Baby Soap  SBL Silk n Stay Bar Baby Soap is a treaure trove of natural oils to protect and nourish your baby’s tender skin. Presentation:75gms, Price:60/-
SBL Triple-O-massage oil  SBL Triple-O-massage oil Massage with Triple “O”, Olive Oil is an excellent source of vitamin E, fortified with well known herbs (Daru Haldi, haridra, manjishtha and Arjuna) not only helps to tone the muscles, relieve the pain and tension of muscles, also soothes the nerves and improves circulation. Presentation: 100ml, Price:55/-

SBL Hair Care Range (Oil & Shampoo)

SBL Cocconica Hair Oil for grooming and maintaining natural hair shine Coconica Hair Oil has Arnica (stimulates hair growth, clears dandruff), Calendula (acts as antiseptic for scalp infections), China (helps improve blood circulation in scalp and acts as stimulant), Jaborandi (makes hair darker).  Coconut oil is a natural conditioner, strengthens damaged hair and restores lost hair luster. Crowning glory of a woman. Presentation: 100ml, Price:95/-
SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil  contains extract of jaborandi herb, which helps checks hair fall by strengthening hair roots and restoring lost hair and also preventing premature graying. Presentation: 100ml, Price:95/-
SBL Arnica Montana Fortified  Hair Oil (For prevention & cure of various hair problems) SBL Arnica Montana Fortified Hair Oil is indicated for falling of hair, premature graying, dandruff, itching and inflammation of scalp. Presentation: 100ml, Price:90/-
SBL Jaborandi Plus Hair Oil – natural therapeutic way to curb hair loss SBL Jaborandi Plus hair oil is indicated for excessive hair loss, thinning and splitting of hair, itching, irritation & dryness of scalp. Contains Jaborandi (stimulates hair growth, makes them darker), Cochlearia (clears dandruff), Brahmi is known to arrest hair fall by strengthening hair roots (follicles) and prevents split ends, Thuja (induces growth in hair folicles, reduces scaly dandruff). For best results take scalptone Tablets orally. Presentation: 100ml, Price:110/-
SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil (for healthy and strong hair) SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil is indicated for falling of hair, premature graying, dandruff, itching and inflammation of scalp. Arnica stimulates hair growth, Cantharis strengthens hair and controls hair fall, China helps improve blood circulation in scalp and acts as stimulant, Jaborandi makes hair darker, Thuja induces growth in hair follicles. Presentation: 200ml, Price:70/-
SBL Arnica Montana Herbal Shampoo with Conditioner for dry and coarse hair SBL Arnica Montana Herbal Shampoo with Conditioner cleans hair, checks hair loss, dandruff & scalp dryness, gives lustre to the hair. Contains Arnica (stimulates hair growth, clears dandruff), Calendula (acts as antiseptic for scalp infections), Jaborandi (makes hair darker), Thuja (induces hair growth in follicles) Presentation: 100ml, Price:95/-
SBL Arnica Montana Herbal Shampoo for Oily hair SBL Arnica Montana Herbal Shampoo cleans hair, checks hair loss, dandruff & scalp dryness, gives lustre to the hair. Contains Arnica (stimulates hair growth, clears dandruff), Calendula (acts as antiseptic for scalp infections), China (helps improve blood circulation in scalp and acts as stimulant), Jaborandi (makes hair darker), Thuja (induces hair growth in follicles)Presentation: 100ml, Price:90/-
SBL Glowing Beauty fairness cream SBL Glowing Beauty fairness cream contains unique herbal formulation that helps to lighten and even the skin tone. It reduces dark spots and blemishes. The cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Presentation: 50ms, Price:80/-

SBL Biochemics List

SBL Calcarea Fluorica Calcarea Fluorica is indicated for varicose veins, piles, cataract, gumboils, arteriosclerosis. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-
SBL Calcarea Phosphorica SBL Calcarea Phosphorica is indicated for dentition, growth supplement for children, puberty, pregnancy, old age, fractures. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-
SBL Calcarea Sulphurica Calcarea Sulphurica is indicated for cystic tumours, fibroids, hastens suppuration, eczema. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-
SBL Ferrum Phosphorica SBL Ferrum Phosphorica is indicated for anaemia, feverish condition, catarrhal condition of respiratory tract. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-
SBL Kali Muriaticum Kali Muriaticum is indicated for controls affections of middle ear, throat, glandular inflammation. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-
SBL Kali Phosphorica SBL Kali Phosphorica is indicated for prostration, weakness and exhaustion, mental and physical weakness, back pain, depression, sleeplessness, examination fear. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-
SBL Kali Sulphuricum Kali Sulphuricum is indicated for catarrh with yellow discharge (bronchitis, pharyngitis, chronic supp, otitis media), itching of skin & seasonal rashes. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-
SBL Magnesium Phosphorica SBL Magnesium Phosphorica is indicated for muscular pains, cramps, convulsions, flatulent colic. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-
SBL Natrum Muriaticum Natrum Muriaticum is indicated for intermittent fever, sun-stroke, headache, toothache, stomach-ache, diabetes. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-
SBL Natrum Phosphoricum SBL Natrum Phosphoricum is indicated for sour eructations & vomiting, heartburn, indigestion with acidity, nocturnal enuresis. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-
SBL Natrum Sulphuricum Natrum Sulphuricum is indicated for gastric billousness, liver diseases, uric acid diathesis. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-
SBL Silicea SBL Silicea is indicated for growth disturbances of hair, nails, diseases of bones, caries, skin does not heal easily, weeping eczema, pyorrhea. Presentation: 25gms 6x, Price: 75/-

SBL Bio-Combinations List

Bio-Combination No.1 for Anemia SBL BC1 is indicated for anaemia due to continuous loss of blood from any part of the body, general wasting of tissues, children with poor digestion. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No. 2  for Asthmatic Conditions BC2 is indicated for bronchial asthma with yellow sputum, worse in the evening, asthma accompanied by cough or troublesome flatulence, asthma aggravated by food or exertion. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.3 for Colic SBL BC3 is indicated for intestinal pain relieved by pressure, flatulent colic, colic due to inflammatory conditions and colic in children during teething or due to flatulence or constipation. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.4 for Constipation BC4 is indicated for bowels constipated without apparent cause, dry, hard, dark coloured stool associated with dull headache, foul breath, coated-tongue, torpid liver, alternate diarrhoea and constipation. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.5 for Coryza (Nasal Discharge) SBL BC5 is indicated for coryza with headache & sneezing, continuous thick, white discharge from the nose or bronchial tubes due to inflammation of the mucous membranes. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.6 for Cough, Cold & Carrtah BC6 is indicated for acute febrile catarrhal (feverish, inflammatory) conditions, headache, painful respiration, bronchitis, rattling cough. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.7 for high Blood Sugar SBL BC7 is indicated for increased micturition, excessive thirst & dryness, cramps, prostration & sleeplessness. Helps better assimilation of glucose. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.8 for Diarrhoea SBL BC8 is indicated for thin, watery stools with undigested food. White coated tongue, loose morning stools which are at times involuntary while passing flatus. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.9 for Dysentery BC9 is indicated for stool with mucus and blood and also for stools like rice water, for inflammation of intestines with low grade fever with constant urge to empty bowels. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.10 for enlarged Tonsils SBL BC10 is indicated for inflammed tonsils, follicular tonsillitis, painful with white coating or greyish white patches on tongue or tonsils, bad breath with loss of or lowered appetite. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.11 for Pyrexia (fever) BC11 is indicated for febrile conditions associated with initial inflammatory conditions like chill, sudden rise in temperature and in conditions that tend towards suppuration. it generally covers all mild febrile conditions. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.12  for Headache SBL BC12 is indicated for headache due to sun heat, headache due to congestion, over exertion, lack of sleep, or because of low functioning liver. nervous headache due to stress, worries & anxiety. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.13 for Leucorrhoea (White Vaginal Discharge) BC13 is indicated for all forms of leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge) like white of an egg, acrid & watery. Leucorrhoea during puberty, pregnancy & climacteric, in states of general weakness. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.14 for Measles (Rubeola) SBL BC14 is indicated for sneezing and thin discharge from nose, eyes are watery, cough & febrile condition. It is a good help in all stages of the disease. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.15 for Irregular Periods BC15 is indicated for irregular menstrual cycles, scanty and late in young women, early long lasting & profuse in elderly women, dysmenorrhoea. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.16 for Nervous Exhaustion SBL BC16 is indicated for extreme lassitude, depression, nervousness, irritability, confusion, sleeplessness, ill effects of grief, weakness of heart. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.17 for Piles BC17 is indicated for bleeding haemorrhoids, fissures, internal piles with backache, helps in all kinds of piles, external piles with stinging pain, bleeding piles with or without pain Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.18 for Pyorrhoea (dental problem, pus in gums) SBL BC18 is indicated for spongy and inflamed gums that bleed easily, pus in gums, foul breath, toothache, teeth sensitive to cold and hot drinks. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.19 for Joint & Muscle Pain BC19 is indicated for joint and muscle pains with or without inflammation, muscle cramps, stiff neck, shoulder pains, Writer’s & player’s cramps, lumbago & sciatica. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.20 for Skin diseases SBL BC20 is indicated for acne, chaps and cracks, whitlow, eczema, eruptions on the scalp, seborrhoea, psoriasis, herpes and similar eruptive diseases. it is also indicated in post-operative adhesion and sycotic excrescences. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No. 21 for Teething Troubles in children BC21 is indicated for tardy dentition and teething trouble in children. children who are crying, obstinate, peevish during dentition. improves appetite and digestion, thus helps to build the body Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.22 for Scrofula (Enlarged Glands) SBL BC22 is covers all symptoms of both dry and suppurating scrofulous glandular abscesses, it also covers acne, erythema and vesicles containing a thick white content. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.23 for Toothache BC23 is indicated for neuralgic pain or toothache due to unnatural loosening of teeth. It checks swelling and bleeding of gums and strengthens teeth in their sockets. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.24 for Debility & Exhaustion SBL BC24 is indicated for wasting diseases, anaemia, general debility, exhaustion, lack of vitality, for women weakened by frequent child bearing Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio Combination No.25 for Acidity, Flatulence, Indigestion BC25 is indicated for gastric disturbances, hyperacidity, sour eructations, flatulence, flatulent colic, dyspepsia, bilious vomiting with associated headache in such conditions. It is also indicated in heartburn and jaundice. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.26 for Parturition (Easy Delivery) SBL BC26 is indicated for the entire pregnancy period, it helps relieve labour pains and promotes easy delivery. improves health of mother and assists development of the child. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.27 for Lack Of Vitality BC27 is indicated for lack of vitality, general debility, weakness, nocturnal emissions, nervousness. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-
Bio-Combination No.28 Health Tonic SBL BC28 is helpful for persons suffering from consumption & wasting diseases. During convalescence builds up entire system by providing necessary tissue nutrition, improves resistance to disease. Presentation: 25gms, Price: 75/-

SBL Homeopathy Pomades (Cream & Gel base)

These products are well known for their quick action, deep penetration and better absorption properties for that extra healing touch

Anti-Fungal & Anti Bacterial Creams

SBL Acid Chryso Ointment SBL Acid chryso is indicated for psoriasis, ringworm & itching eczema Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Graphites Cream Graphite is indicated for eczema / dermatitis / dryness of skin Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Petroleum Ointment SBL Petroleum is indicated for dry chapped skin, cracking of soles & palm Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Sulphur Cream Sulphur is indicated for as all purpose antibacterial  cream Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Thuja Pomade Ointment SBL Thuja Pomade Ointment is indicated for polyps, tubercles and warts. Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Urtica Urens Ointment Urtica Urens is indicated for eruptions on skin, nettle rash, itching Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-

Anti Inflammatory Cream/Gel

SBL Arnica Gel/Cream Arnica Gel is indicated in the cases of sprain and other traumatic injuries, neuralgias, muscular pain, localized pain due to excessive work and haematoma. Presentation: 30gms, Price:50/- Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Hypericum Ointment Hypericum is indicated for injury to nerves Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Rhus Tox Cream/Gel Rhus Tox is indicated for rheumatic and sciatica pain Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Ruta Ointment Ruta is indicated for swelling of the joints Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-

SBL Antiseptic Cream range

SBL Calendula Cream Calendula is indicated for cuts, bruises and scalds Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Curoplus Cream/gel SBL Curoplus is indicated for dry skin condition, abrasions, cuts & bleeding, boils, painful acne, pimple, darkening of skin due to exposure to sunlight Presentation: 25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Echinacea Cream Echinacea is indicated for boils and chronic ulcer Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-

SBL Ointments for Burns

SBL Cantharis Cream Cantharis is indicated for burns and scalds Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Cicaderma Cream Cicaderma is indicated for minor burns and injuries Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-

SBL Colorectal Creams

SBL Aesculus Cream Aesculus is indicated for painful piles and fissures Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Apis Mellifica Ointment Apis Mellifica is indicated for piles with stinging pain and insect bites Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL Hamamelis Cream SBL Hamamelis is indicated for bleeding piles, sore lips & cracked heels Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-
SBL FP Ointment (for Anal Fissures & Piles) FP Ointment acts as anti haemorrhagic (stops bleeding) and has pain relieving properties giving soothing effect. FP-Tabs taken orally and FP ointment applied locally is an ideal combination to cure piles & fissures. Presentation: 25gms tube, Price:50/- Presentation:25gms, Price:55/-

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