Buy SBL Diaboherb Syrup, Homeopathy Medicine for Diabetes Mellitus

Homeopathy medicine for Controlling Blood Sugar Levels, SBL Diaboherb Syrup for Diabetes

SBL Diaboherb Syrup is a homeopathic medicine indicated for complications associated with diabetes. A clinically proven research product found effective in treating the type II diabetes patients with positive outcome on the quality of life like Polyuria (frequent urination), Polydipsia (increased thirst) and Polyphagia (increased hunger)and myalgia. It helps control sugar levels effectively and in reducing complications which may lead to serious consequences

SBL’s Diaboherb Syrup is a clinically proven formulation and is composed of well balanced combination of extracts of five potent herbs that bring down blood sugar levels. Diaboherb is alcohol free and can be taken safely with Oral Hypoglycemic Agents (OHA). Blood sugar level in the blood is controlled by insulin, a hormone produced by pancreas. When pancreas produces inadequate amounts of insulin or fails to produce any insulin, the blood sugar levels start increasing in the blood. this condition is known as daibetes mellitus. If uncontrolled, this can affect almost every organ in the body like the heart, kidneys. eyes nerves muscles etc. Symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, increased hunger, frequent urination, fatigue or tiredness, slow healing wounds. SBL’s Diaboherb helps to stimulate the pancreatic cells and assists in controlling the blood sugar levels.

Introduction: People with diabetes need medications to manage insulin levels in the body or improve body sugar absorption. Type 1 diabetes is treated with exercise, insulin shots, and a diabetic diet. Type 2 diabetes is treated first with weight reduction, a diabetic diet, and exercise. The goal in treatment of diabetes is to minimize any increase of glucose(blood sugar) without causing abnormally low levels in the body. Know more about Homeopathic treatment of Diabetes and top medicines for Diabetes here

Diabetes treated with Homeopathic Diaboherb – Clinical Report: Diaboherb was found to have the effect of Insulin in clinical trial report. It was found that the investigational product Diaboherb was showing significant percentage of increase in reduction of Fasting Blood Sugar(FBS), Post Prandial Blood Sugar(PPBS) levels and HbA1c levels with no adverse effects, which was considered as an important parameter in diabetic controlling

Ingredients: SBL Diaboherb Syrup contains: Abroma augusta, gymnema sylvestre, cephalandra indica, syzygium jambolanum, crataegus oxyacantha.

Dosage of SBL Diaboherb Syrup: SBL Diaboherb Syrup one teaspoonful 3 times daily, Half an hour before meals. Or as prescribed by the physician.

Contra-indicationsof SBL Diaboherb Syrup: No known contra-indication.

Manufacturer: SBL Pvt.Ltd
SBL is India’s prominent Homeopathic brand known for its quality & efficacy of medicines. SBL medicines undergo extensive clinical trials and are ISO 9000:2000 quality & GMP certified. The result is a product like SBL Diaboherb Syrup that delivers the healing that it promises. SBL’s motto is “excellence at no extra cost”

Presentation: SBL Diaboherb Syrup comes in 180ml sealed bottle

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12 thoughts on “Buy SBL Diaboherb Syrup, Homeopathy Medicine for Diabetes Mellitus”

  1. Dear sir I take lantus slostar insulin everyday55unit but not control can I use all medicine plz advise me thx

    1. I understand you are using a man made form of Hormone that is produced in the body (Lantus)…these are actually long acting form of hormone insulin which works by helping your body to use sugar properly. But if it is ineffective and want to replace with Diaboherb or any other Homeopathic medicine to control your Diabetes, do so gradually by tapering off your Lantus medication. Best advised under the guidance of a homeopath

  2. Sir, does the diaboherb recreates beta cells in pancreas, to root out the diabetes for ever.
    Please reply.

    1. Beta Cells are the important cells in the islets of Langerhans that are responsible for insulin production, storing and release. The hormone that brings about effects which reduce blood glucose concentration. Diaboherb clinical trial report has published the mean values of FBS, PPBS and HbA1c levels and there is no mention of recreating beta cells.

    1. FPG (fasting plasma glucose) test is a commonly preferred test to detect diabetes and prediabetes. The blood glucose range that you should target is as follows: A normal fasting blood glucose target range for an individual without diabetes is 70-100 mg/dL (3.9-5.6 mmol/L). The American Diabetes Association recommends a fasting plasma glucose level of 70–130 mg/dL (3.9-7.2 mmol/L) and after meals less than 180 mg/dL (10 mmol/L). SBL Diaboherb will be a useful supplement in that effort.

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