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SBL Biochemic Tablet Kali Phosphorica for mental and physical weakness, back pain, depression, sleeplessness (insomnia), nervine tonic

SBL Bio- Chemic Tablet Kali Phosphoricum 6X (ferroso-feric Phosphate)is a nerve remedy, and is useful for mental fatigue, depression, muscle and nerve weakness (that leads to sexual weakness). It is a safe and natural way to treat prostration, weakness and exhaustion, mental and physical weakness, back pain, depression, sleeplessness (insomnia), examination fear.

About Biochemic There are 12 Biochemic tissue salts and each tissue salt covers numerous systems and symptoms. Biochemic salts enable better absorption of other nutrients and serve to “fortify” and energize living tissue. These come in various potencies and are widely used amongst children, infants and adults without any side effects. Safe for the entire family with no worries of any drug interactions.

Why Biochemics should be taken? Biochemics are also known as tissue salts or cell salts and are recommended in low decimal potencies for correcting deficiencies at cell level. The principle aim of Biochemic salts is to stimulate the body to harmonize the disturbances, and compensate for deficient absorption of minerals. These salts help to activate the healing processes and facilitate regeneration of body tissues and stabilize health. These natural salts are physiologically and chemically similar to the cell minerals in the human body and penetrate cells more easily than heavier minerals. So they play an active role in reorganizing disturbed molecular motion or cure imbalance of the respective minerals in cells thus restoring health.

Etiology: Kalium phosphoricum also known as Potassium phosphate is present primarily in the tissue fluid of the brain and nerve cells. Nervous exhaustion, head fatigue, general neurasthenia, incapability of doing mental work, general restlessness, irritability, depressions and anxiety neurosis. Nervous forgetfulness despite mental alertness. Nervous foetid diarrhoea. Leukorrhoea. All secretions are putrid and offensive. Neurasthenia, general exhaustion (particularly after infectious diseases), mental and muscular fatigue occurring together with pains in the back. Depressions, nervous sleeplessness, agoraphobia (morbid fear of open spaces). psychoses, nervous gastro-intestinal catarrhs, colitis mucosa, leukorrhoea and dysmenorrhoea. Important remedy against all highly feverish conditions (except tuberculosis, for which Ferrum phosphoricum should be preferred).

SBL Bio- Chemic Tablet Kali Phosphorica Contains:
Kali phosphoricum.

Health Benefits of Kali Phosphorica
Kali phos is referred to as the nerve cell mineral. This tissue salt is indicated in cases of impatient, weak, and emotional individuals. Kali Phos. is a nerve nutrient. It is the remedy for ailments of a truly nervous character. School children often need this tissue salt; it helps to maintain a happy, contented disposition and sharpens the mental faculties. Early symptoms may be very slight, scarcely noticeable in fact, except to a mother’s watchful eye. There may be fretfulness, ill-humour, bashfulness, timidity, laziness and similar indications; indeed, any display of what is sometimes described as “tantrums” may be regarded as a symptom of Kali Phos. deficiency. Kali Phos. is the remedy for nervous headaches, nervous dyspepsia, sleeplessness, depression, languid weariness, lowered vitality, grumpiness and many other conditions which may be summed up in the modern colloquial phrase, “lack of pep”. But do not regard Kali Phos. as merely a pick-me-up; this tissue salt is an important constituent of nervous tissue and consequently has a wide and powerful influence on the bodily functions. It covers those ailments comprehended by the term “nerves”. Kali Phos. is also indicated in the treatment of irritating skin ailments, such as shingles, to correct the underlying nervous condition. It is helpful for breathing in nervous asthma. The symptoms are usually worse from mental and physical exertion and from cold. They are ameliorated by rest, warmth and sometimes by eating.

Dosage: Adults: Four tablets 3-4 times a day. Children: Half of the adult’s dose or as prescribed by the physician.

Size: SBL Bio- Chemic Tablet Kali Phosphorica comes in 25gms and 450gm sealed bottle.

Manufacturer: SBL Pvt.Ltd
SBL is India’s prominent Homeopathic brand known for its quality & efficacy of medicines. SBL medicines undergo extensive clinical trials and are ISO 9000:2000 quality & GMP certified. The result is a product like SBL Biochemic Tablet Kali Phosphorica that delivers the healing that it promises. SBL’s motto is “excellence at no extra cost”

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