Buy SBL Biocombination 27 (BC27) Tablets for Lack of Vitality

SBL Biocombination 27 (BC27) Tablets for Lack of Vitality, general debility, weakness, nocturnal emissions, nervousness

SBL Biocombination 27 (BC27) Tablets is biochemic salt indicated for lack of vitality, general debility, weakness, nocturnal emissions, nervousness.

About Biochemic: The human body contains 12 Biochemic minerals present in every cell whose correct balance is essential for the proper functioning of body tissues. Noted German biochemist Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler propounded that deficiency in any one mineral would lead to a disturbance in the cell life that creates a favorable environment for bacterial growth and thus illness is created. Tissues salts restore health by removing the mineral imbalances in the body.

SBL Biocombination 27 (BC27) Tablets Composition/Ingredients
• Calcarea phosphorica 6x
• Kalium phosphoricum 3x
• Natrum muriaticum 6x in equal proportion.
• Excipients q.s to 1 tablet of 100 mg.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in SBL Biocombination 27 (BC27) Tablets
> Calcarea phosphorica: It is vital for bones, cartilages, used for weakness uterine region and for increased urination with a feeling of weakness.
> Kalium phosphoricum: It is used for conditions arising out of nerve weakness, diminished sexual power, nocturnal emissions, utter prostration after coitus. It lowers irritability and sensitivity in females due to disturbances in menstrual cycle or flow rate. It is indicated in debility, nervousness, trembling and weakness.
> Natrum muriaticum: It is used for symptoms like those of impotence, retarded emissions or emission even after coitus. For irregularity in vaginal mucosa like dryness or leucorrhoea or bearing down pains and irregular menses.

Dosage: 4 tablets of SBL Biocombination 27 (BC27) Tablets every three hours or four times a day.

Presentation: SBL Biocombination 27 (BC27) Tablets comes in 25gms and 450gms.

Manufacturer: SBL Pvt.Ltd
SBL is India’s prominent Homeopathic brand known for its quality & efficacy of medicines. SBL medicines undergo extensive clinical trials and are ISO 9000:2000 quality & GMP certified. The result is a product like SBL Biocombination 27 (BC27) Tablets that delivers the healing that it promises. SBL’s motto is “excellence at no extra cost”

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9 thoughts on “Buy SBL Biocombination 27 (BC27) Tablets for Lack of Vitality”

  1. i want to use BC 27 & BC 28 both at a time..will it side affect..plz reply..i want to buy today.and also suggest doses for the same

    1. You can take more than one bio-combination, no side effects because they are absolutely safe. Dosage is indicate in above page

    2. Dosage: 4 tablets of SBL Bio Combination No.27 Tablets every three hours or four times a day for both the BC.. plz suggest the duration…

      1. i am taking only BC 28 with Alpha Apha with Ginsen for the last 8 to 10 days..i m happy..i really feel energetic and feeling something better than before…should i continue this combination for the six months as my immunity power is very poor…if wet in rain or eaten cold food like curd ice -cream. cold-drinks or
        refrigerator food then after few hours or mints i felt headache or nose blocking or running even fever.
        Pl sir suggest..waiting for response.

  2. Can 27 no Help in nervousing I means to say a boy nervous to see girls or romantic sceen
    It loss thiier sperms
    If not what your advice

    1. Having precum or night fall (wet dreams) means loss of vital body fluids. You can take BC27 to help gain vitalty bacl. Five Phos is also good

  3. Sir,I have some problem,-nocturnal emissions, wet dreams, sexual sensitive daily time,

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