SBL Drops No 1, Top Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Loss, Hair Fall

SBL Drops No 1 homeopathic medicine for hair loss, hair fall control remedy with lycopodium arnica

SBL Drops No.1 is a clinically researched and proven homeopathic medicine for hair loss, hair fall. It helps in restoring damaged scalp & hair follicles thereby improving quality of hair.

SBL Drops No.1 contains Arnica Montana 3x that stimulates hair growth, Acidum phosphoricum 3x for hair thinning & grey hair, Lycopodium clavatum 3x for premature baldness & grey hair. This is one of the most popular medicines for hair regrowth in the market, it has a potent formulation of ingredients known to arrest hair fall and correct body imbalances that lead to it. Customer reviews and feedback in general has shown good results when the recommended course is taken (as per homeopath advise & consultation)

About Premature hair loss is primarily due to metabolic causes, eating too much cooked food, stress, lifestyle factors. Hair fall is also caused by factors like body illness, weak hair roots, scalp issues,pregnancy, or simply by excessive combing especially of wet tender hair. Hair Fall is normal, you dont have to worry about it unless you are facing excessive hair fall.  Remember about 100 hair is shed daily & new hair takes over, this cycle is repeated for over 100000 hair follicles in the scalp. Know more about hair fall prevention and its most effective homeopathic treatment with best medicines in our popular hair loss guide here

This is a clinically proven homeopathic treatment for hair loss by SBL and is solution to prevent different types of hair loss. Its well balanced formulation promotes good hair growth naturally and the product comes in the drop form (30ML pack) and has no side effects. Its other health benefits comes in the form of curing dry scalp conditions and itching problems. Check out R89 – another top selling Homeopathic specialty formulation for Hair loss in India

Introduction: Hair fall is a normal process but when it becomes excessive, it becomes a matter of concern and even distress for some. Hair fall maybe accompanied with dandruff, splitting of hair and itching on scalp. SBL drops No.1 is a clinically proven product, composed of well balanced homeopathic medicines, which checks hair fall and promotes hair growth.

SBL No.1 drops Indications: Excessive hair fall, thinning of hair, dandruff, itching and irritation on scalp.

SBL Drops No 1 Ingredients: : arnica montana, acidum phosphoricum, lycopodium clavatum, alcohol and purified water.

Therapeutic action of ingredients in SBL Drops No 1 in controlling hair loss
Lycopodium shows remarkable hair regrowth in cases of alopecia or baldness and acts effectively with baldness on the sides and on top of the scalp. It is covered extensively in homeopathic pharmacopoeia and is prescribed successfully by Homeopathic practitioners for baldness that is premature or in women after childbirth. Lycopodium is derived from a fungus (club moss). The curative powers of this fungus are derived after potentisation and offered as a deep acting homeopathic remedy for hair fall, premature baldness and premature greying of hair (white hair at young age)
Acid Phosphoricum : A transcendental remedy employed as homeopathic treatment for hair fall and prepared from `potentisation` of Glacial Phosphoric Acid. Phosphoric acid finds widespread usage in Hair fall from grief, general debility, Ailments arising due to loss of vital fluids from the body and after acute illnesses. Hair that is inclining to fall out from the eyebrows, scalp, genitals, etc also call for a dosage of this homeopathic drug for treatments.
Arnica Montana : Arnica flowers is a storehouse of goodness, it contain carotenoids (for producing Vitamin A in the body), flavonoids (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties), insulin, and essential oil of thymol (antiseptic), sesquiterpene lactones (antimicrobial active plant chemicals). Arnica is excellent for hair loss since it has the ability to stimulate blood flow and increase its circulation beneath the scalp thereby nourishing hair follicles in its anagen phase.

All the three are natural medicines with no toxicity or contra indications, free of side effects

Dosage: Take 10-15 drops of SBL No.1 drops in 1/4 cup of water, 3-4 times a day. no contra indications. For best results use this SBL Jaborandi plus/Montana fortified hair oil.

Size: SBL Drops No 1 comes in 30ml sealed bottle.
Manufacturer: SBL Pvt.Ltd
SBL is India’s prominent Homeopathic brand known for its quality & efficacy of medicines. SBL medicines undergo extensive clinical trials and are ISO 9000:2000 quality & GMP certified. The result is a product like SBL Drops No 1 that delivers the healing that it promises. SBL’s motto is “excellence at no extra cost”

Price/Rate: MRP: Rs.160 (Get upto 15% OFF), Buy Online at best price

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Other Top Homeopathic medicines (internal & external) for Hair fall control

Internal Homeopathic medicines for Hair Loss/Hair Fall control
Contains essential Fatty Acids that counteract the bad effects of excess male sex hormones,  and addresses build up of toxic agents caused by improper fatty acids & fat metabolism. Contans Juglans (blood purifier), Lecithinum & Oenothera biennis (anti hormonal effects), Testes (glandular action), Kali Phos (biochemic cell salt for hair restoration) Dr. Reckeweg R 89 Drops, German Homeopathic best seller
Popular German formula for Hair loss; Thinning of Hair. Addresses metabolic causes that lead to premature & circular loss of hair.  Contains Cynara scolymus (detoxification agent), Natrium Carbonicum (stimulates oxidative works , metabolic cleaning process), Sarothamnus scoparius (for allergic reaction that causes hair to fall in bunches), Thallium aceticum (alopecia areata, persistent state of hair loss)  ADEL 9 CRI-regen drops 
Swiss formula hail fall & thinning. Contains Lycopodoium Clavatum 3x (eczema of scalp), Jaborandi 2x (hair loss), Wiesbaden 3x (weak hair roots), Acidum Phosphoricum 6x(thinning of hair) BioHair (Blooume 4) 
Tablets that address early loss of hair, greying, loss due to child birth, long illness, mental exertion.  Contains Badiaga3x, Arsenicum Alb 3x, Natrium Mur 3x, Calcarea Phosph 3x, Acidum Phosph 3x, Acidum Fluor3x Dr.Raj Super Hair Care 
The Hair Growth stimulator, Baldness, Hair fall Baldness, Premature graying in patches.  Bals Tablets 
Homeopathic Tablets that improve functioning of connective tissues in the body and theerby address hair growth problems. Contains Silicea , awell known Biochemic salt for strengthening Hair follicles Schwabe Silicea pentarkan
Tablets that provide essential nutrition for collagen and Keratin build up, improve blood circulation, and imparts texture, tone as well as strength to hair follicles.  For Luxurious glossy hair & healthy nails Baksons Hair & Nails Aid 
Homeopathy medicine for sensitive scalp prone to eczema, it strengthens hair roots & contains Ustilago maydis (loss of hair), Wiesbaden (hair regrowth), Kali Phos (hair loss due to fatigue), Acid Phos (loss of hair on head, eyebrows, genitalia) Allen A53 Drops
External Homeopathy Medicines for Hair Loss/Hair Fall control
Strengthen Roots of Hair, Prevents Hair, Prevents Hair Loss Due To Mental Strain, Prolonged Dandruff, Split Hair & Premature Greyness,  Hair Mont 
the hair nourisher application that checks dandruff, prevents Hair Fall, arrest Premature greying of Hair & acts as a Scalp Conditioner. Contains Arnica Mont, Cantharis, Jaborandi & Brahmi Fourrts Hairgro gel 
A medicated Gel containing Cantharis, Jaborandi, Brahmi & Arnica montana that not only helps you in hair styling but also helps remove dandruss, grey hair & loss of hair. Bakson Hairaid Gel
Top Herbal Shampoo that is indicated for Hair Fall, Splits Ends, Dryness. Contains Arnica (stimulates hair growth), Calendula (antiseptic for scalp infections), Thuja (induces growth phase in hair follicles). For better results take scalptone orally SBL Arnica Montana Shampoo 
Medicated Hair Oil For Hair Fall, Dandruff, Premature Greying of Hair.  Contains Quinazarine Green, Cantharis, Arnica Mont. Bahola Arnicated Hair Oil 
Enriches hair bulbs and nourish hair shafts, Prevents hair falling and premature whitening of hair. Contains PilocarpusQ, Chinchona Off, Calendula Off, Cantharis, Arnica Montana  HSL-Jaborand Hair oil lotion (concentrate) 
Combo medication for Hair Loss/Hair Fall control
The internal medication checks dandruff, premature greying of hair & split ends. The external preparation conditions scalp & hair and also nourishes hair roots. Internal preparation contains (Acid Phos 6x, Lycopodium 3x, Jaborandi 2x, Natrum Mur 3x), External preparation contains (Cinchona Off Q, Arnica Montana Q, Jaborandi Q & Cantharis Q) Baksons Hair Aid Drops (perfect hair tonic), 30ml Twin Pack
A Triple action hair vitalizing tonic that comes in tablet (internal) and Oil (external) application. It promotes hair growth, controls hair loss and prevents dandruff Allens Arnica Plus & Triofer


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15 thoughts on “SBL Drops No 1, Top Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Loss, Hair Fall”

  1. My hair fall has risen considerably is tie or open even while washing hair hair falls.and now my forehead hairline is also loosing hair. Plz suggest me some very good medicine that can effect fastly.

    1. Women don’t suffer receding front hairline like men (only rare cases). But like men they can lose hair on short or long term basis, it begins by thinning and center part could get wider and wider. You might suffer even a bald spot at the crown of your head. You have not indicated your age but remember it can begin as early as age 11, caused by a hormonal imbalance in which the ovaries produce too many male hormones. In females any kind of physical trauma triggers rapid hair loss like a car accident, surgery, or a severe illness, even the flu could trigger temporary hair loss. Apart from SBL drops No.1 which is a specialty hair loss homeopathy medicine, you can look at other remedies here

    1. A homeopathic hair loss specialist may combine scalptone tablets with SBL drops No.1 because many people have hair and scalp problems and they are interlinked. A dry flaky scalp is known to accelerate hair loss and therefore a holistic approach to address both the issue is needed.

  2. i use SBL’s arnica montana shampoo..everyday i loose 50-60 hair…when i do shampoo hair fall increases…its about 100….what should i do….?

  3. Day by day my hair is getting white , and hair fall problem pl suggest what to do.

      1. Is dis work??? Is it helps in grow new hair??? Plsss suggest

        Can jaborandi Mt helps in growing new hair???

    1. R89 use to hair fall and hair growth
      and also use trifala powder with onion juice for white hair…
      and wash with amla powder and get any more inquiry contact my what’s app no. 9782198920

  4. day by day my hair is becoming very thin and also suffering from hair fall. please suggest me something.

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