SBL Drops No 3 for symptoms of Uriniary Infection (UTI)

SBL Drops No 3 for symptoms of Urinary tract infection (UTI)

SBL Drops No 3 is a homeopathic medicine for symptoms of Urinary tract infection (UTI).

SBL Drops No 3 is a clinically proved formulation of well balanced homeopathic medicines for the treatment and management of Urinary tract infection (UTI).

About Urinary tract: Urinary tract is the body drainage system for removing wastes out of the body. UTI is an infection in the urinary tract which is commonly caused by Escherichia coli (E.coil), a type of bacteria found in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. UTI occurs more commonly in females than males. Sign and symptoms of UTI. Persistent urge to urinate. Burning sensation while urination. Passing frequent and small amounts of urine. Cloudy, red-colored urine. Fever with nausea and vomiting.

Indications of SBL Drops No 3: For Burning urination, Hematuria, Pain in loin with fever and chills, Pain in lower abdomen, Persistant or frequent urge to urinate, Dribbling of urine, Offensive urine.

SBL Drops No 3 Ingredients/Composition is a well balanced formulation of Homeopathic ingredients like Berberis Vulgaris Q , Sarsaparilla Q, Ocimum Can. Q, Pareira brava Q, Senecio aureus Q, Cantharis 3x

SBL Drops No 3 Dosage 15 -20 drops of SBL Drops No 3 in ¼ th cup of water, 4 times a day OR as prescribed by physician.

Manufacturer: SBL Pvt.Ltd
SBL is India’s prominent Homeopathic brand known for its quality & efficacy of medicines. SBL medicines undergo extensive clinical trials and are ISO 9000:2000 quality & GMP certified. The result is a product like SBL Drops No 3 that delivers the healing that it promises. SBL’s motto is “excellence at no extra cost”

Size: SBL Drops No 3 comes in 30 ml sealed bottle

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8 thoughts on “SBL Drops No 3 for symptoms of Uriniary Infection (UTI)”

  1. I have been using the medicine for the treatment of urine infection..

    How much time it would take for the relief

  2. I have very bad itching in my vagina and continues with white thick discharge is this med. Is helpful

  3. I have taken these drops after 2 days uti.. now more irritation while passing urine.
    I want to know about the side effects of these sbl drops.

    1. No side effects indicated for SBL drops #3, hope the diagnosis of your problem is correct.
      As the bladder empties during urination, the muscles contract to squeeze the urine out through the urethra. Apart from UTI other bladder problems that could cause this pain are cystitis & bladder cancer. A burning sensation with urination can also be caused by infections (including sexually transmitted infections, or STDs such as gonorrhoea & chlamydia) and noninfectious conditions, but it is most commonly due to bacterial infection of the urinary tract affecting the bladder. A proper doctor consultation & investigation is suggested

  4. Nice share. Homeo medicines is a credible alternative treatment, many natural remedies can help prevent and treat UTIs in which bacteria take control of your bladder and urethra. Urinary tract infection or UTI commonly occurs when the bacteria present in the urinary tract is pushed back into the kidney, bladder or urethra
    > Take plenty of lemon or lime juice for vitamin C, and you’ve got a powerful bacteria killing solution that can dry a UTI right up
    > Cut Bladder Irritants From Your Diet. Go Ahead, empty your Bladder regularly, diuretics are helpful.
    > Consider Herbal Remedies, avoid antibiotics that kill of the helpful bacteria in your gut.

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